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is uninhabited. The seventh world they found inhabited by the Cat People. They also met the Spider Man and Woman. The Cat People were evil shooters, (witches), who filled the bodies of their neighbors with evil shooting. First Man removes this power from them, and makes it his own property.

The eighth world is the home of the Salt Man and Salt Woman, and also of the Firegod. (In the legend of witchcraft the latter is introduced with First Man and his companions in the fourth world.) The Ant People, of whom mention was made first, also find another colony of Ant People with whom they immediately associate. The Snake People are also introduced here, together with the Yucca People, and Cactus People, the Big Fly, a beautiful bird (Owl), and the Kit-fox. First Man erects the first hogan here, the type for the present hogan. He then displays all the material for the future sacred mountains, for the dawn, the sky-blue, the twilight and darkness, the future winds, rains, lightnings, and so on.

To each and every one he presents some of his evil power, so that all are possessed of witchcraft. But he also designates various herbs as a remedy for all evils, poisons and diseases, which he has distributed, and designates the prayersticks and sacrifices necessary to remove them. All of the above mentioned peoples, therefore, require a sacrifice.


“When First Man and his now numerous companions entered the ninth world, they found it in possession of the very small Yellow Ants, who were in communication with the small Black Ants of the tenth world. By fraudulent means First Man and the Salt Man deprive them of their various juices or grease, their only possession and sustenance.

THE ELEVENTH WORLD. “The place of emergence in the eleventh world is called Whitish Earth. The peoples of this world are very numerous, counting among their numbers a group of Cat People, the Bear and Deer Families, Foxes, Badgers, Skunks, Birds, Fishes, and finally Water Monsters. The people of the land are subordinate to the Big Wolf chiefs in the east and west, while the Wildcat chiefs are spokesmen in the northern and southern villages. These direct their subordinates in farming and the chase. The domestic labors and functions are assigned to the female portion, and all spare time is devoted to various sports, as the bouncing stick game, dice, hoop and pole, football, etc.

“This happy and innocent life undergoes a change when First Man introduces generation, which until then had been unknown to these peoples. An altercation between the chief of the east, Big Wolf and his wife, over the neglect of her duties, is the cause of the separation of all men from the women. Accordingly, at the place where the waters flow in various directions, the men cross to the opposite shore in boats.

“The men now set about their duties of farming and hunting. The domestic duties of cook

ing and grinding corn are supervised by one of their number, an hermaphrodite. The ceremonial method of planting is observed here for the first time. Thus they had the circle, the square, the border, and additional forms. Hunting, too, is accompanied by various ceremonial observances. Venereal excess is punished instantly in mysterious ways, though it is always removed by the power of some ceremony. Respect for these is also drastically inculcated by making an example of a stray coyote.

“The women neglect their duties, while the men are thrifty. Their passions wax strong, and they become guilty of many immoralities. In seeking suicide, many drown themselves without having the hope of resuscitation by ceremony. From want and starvation they are finally driven to plead for mercy, after a period of about nine seasons of separation.

“The reunion is the occasion for a ceremony of purification, including sweat baths. The routine of labor is again harmoniously followed out as before the separation, the women assisting their husbands in planting and harvesting. Incest is pointed out as the cause of mental derangement. Witchcraft is deftly punished by First Man, and checked in

in this manner. Diseases of various kinds, such as blood-spitting, etc., are cured by the rites. Dreams are invariably considered as portending evil. Presently, too, it occurred that the Holy Girl, a virgin, who has been impregnated by some unknown stranger, gave birth to a shapeless mass, a gourd, from which sprang two male children.

These gourd children rapidly attain maturity and develop a love for retirement and roaming.


WORLDS. The coyote of the west, who joined the people below, was an inquisitive fellow. It happened that one of the children of the Water Ox was discovered one day floating on the waters near their camp. The Coyote unobservedly took possession of it, hiding it in his garments. Presently the waters from all directions threatened the People with destruction, which is averted by First Man, who hurriedly created four mountains for them, which he bids them ascend. The Turkey is charged with checking the rise of the waters, which he does by placing his tail in them. But when the waters had risen to the summit of these mountains, the Gourd children were asked to assist. (They had entered the camp shortly before the flood, each carrying a reed in his hand, one taken from the west, the other from the east.) The elder of the two boys then placed his reed on the summit of the mountains, and when the People entered, the twelve joints of the reed increased in size as they ascended, allowing them to gain a considerable height. The waters, however, still continued to pursue them, so that the reed of the younger brother was placed just over the other. But when, after travelling through the twelve joints of this reed also, the waters continued to rise, their suspicions are finally turned toward the indifferent Coyote. He is searched by the Locust, and the discovered child is replaced on the turbulent waters, which immediately become stationary. The hard roof or vault which they had reached is successfully pierced by the Wolf, the Bear, the Badger, and finally by the Locust, who is then sent to investigate this upper world.

Here the Locust encounters a monster from the east who challenges him to pierce his mouth and rear with arrows. The Locust, however, pierces his sides, afterwards removing his vitals, and obtains possession of the land. He is forced, in turn, to meet a similar challenge from monsters in the south, west and north, whom he defrauds in a like manner.

“Upon his return to his companions they dispatch Hunch-Eye, and the Bighorn, to remove the waters and make the earth inhabitable. The former discharges zigzag lightnings east and west, the latter straight lightnings north and south. The ensuing rush and uproar of waters force them to a hasty retreat into the opening, which is covered by the webs of the Spider Man and Woman.

Woman. And when the tumult has finally subsided, the Wind People are dispatched to dry up the surface of the earth. Thereupon, the exit is made by means of ladders which had been made by First Man for the occasion. The emergence is called moving upward.


“The earth was small in size, and here and there small bodies of water were observed. Some of the people camped at the shores or banks of these lakes, and were known as the

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