The Annual of Scientific Discovery, Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art, Količina 8

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Gould, Kendall, and Lincoln, 1857

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Stran i - WASHINGTON STREET, BOSTON, ANNUAL OF SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERY ; or, Year Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, etc.
Stran 258 - ... the metal most thoroughly from the silica and other earthy bases \ which are combined with the crude iron, while the sulphur and other volatile matters which cling so tenaciously to iron at ordinary temperatures are driven off, the sulphur combining with the oxygen and forming sulphurous acid gas.
Stran xvi - ... other plants, adapted to the latitude and climate of the State of Maryland, and cause to be carefully noticed upon the records of said institution the character of said experiments, the kind of soil upon which they were undertaken, the system of cultivation adopted, the state of the atmosphere and...
Stran 260 - ... in the result that never could have been arrived at by the use of a multiplicity of small furnaces. While the manufacturer has shown himself fully alive to these advantages, he has still been under the necessity of leaving the succeeding operations to be carried out on a scale wholly at variance with the principles he has found so advantageous in the smelting department. It is true that hitherto no better method was known than the puddling process, in which from 400 Ib.
Stran 400 - Gift of the State of New York. 13034, 0. 5. Sixth annual report of the Regents of the University of the State of New York on the condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, &o.
Stran 144 - He remarked that a part of the theory communicated by himself to the Royal Society last May, and published in the proceedings, shows that a wire of six times the length of the Varna and Balaklava wire, if of the same lateral dimensions, would give thirty-six times the retardation, and thirty-six times the slowness of action.
Stran 342 - It was in full sight — the mighty crystal bridge which connects the two continents of America and Greenland.* I say continents, for Greenland, however insulated it may ultimately prove to be, is in mass strictly continental. Its least possible axis, measured from Cape Farewell to the line of this glacier, in the...
Stran 342 - ... whole extent by a deep unbroken sea of ice, that gathers perennial increase from the water-shed of vast snow-covered mountains, and all the precipitations of the atmosphere upon its own surface. Imagine this moving onward like a great glacial river, seeking outlets at every fiord and valley, rolling icy cataracts into the Atlantic and Greenland seas ; and, having at last reached the northern limit of the land that has borne it up, pouring out a mighty frozen torrent into unknown Arctic space.
Stran 258 - ... accompanies the boil. The rapid union of carbon and oxygen which thus takes place adds still further to the temperature of the metal, while the diminished quantity of carbon present allows a part of the oxygen to combine with the iron, which undergoes combustion, and is converted into an oxide. At the excessive temperature that the metal has now acquired, the oxide, as soon as formed, undergoes fusion, and forms a powerful solvent of those earthy bases that are associated with the iron ; the...

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