His Level Best: And Other Stories

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Roberts, 1885 - 293 strani

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Stran 238 - Know that on the right hand of the Indies there is an island called California, very close to the side of the Terrestrial Paradise; and it was peopled by black women, without any man among them, for they lived in the fashion of Amazons.
Stran 293 - I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy; and nothing shall by any means hurt you.
Stran 238 - Amazons. They were of strong and hardened bodies, of ardent courage, and of great force. The island was the strongest in the world from its steep rocks and great cliffs. Their arms were all of gold ; and so were the caparisons of the wild beasts which they...
Stran 236 - He thinks these words are thus applied, because within Cape St. Lucas there is a little cove of the sea, towards the western part of which rises a rock, so worn out that on the upper part of the hollow is seen a vault, as perfect as if made by art. Cortes, therefore, observing this cala, or cove, and this vault, probably called this port California, or cala and fornix—speaking half in Spanish, half in Latin.
Stran 110 - To go, if you observe, would require that a man envelope himself thickly in asbestos or some similar non-conducting substance, leap boldly on the rapid Flies, and so be shot through the earth's atmosphere in two seconds and a fraction, carrying with him all the time in a non-conducting receiver the condensed air he needed, and landing quietly on BM by a pre-calculated orbit. At the bottom of our hearts I think we were all afraid. Some of us confessed to fear ; others said, and said truly, that the...
Stran 107 - Hale's school, when it should be announced that geography, in future, would be confined to the study of the region east of the Mississippi and west of the Atlantic,— the earth having parted at the seams so named. No more study of Italian, German, French, or Sclavonic,— the people speaking those languages being now in different orbits or other worlds. Imagine also the superior ease of the office-work of the ABCFM and kindred societies, the duties of instruction and civilizing, of evangelizing...
Stran 246 - They were of strong and hardy bodies, of ardent courage and great force. Their island was the strongest in all the world, with its steep cliffs and rocky shores. Their arms were all of gold, and so was the harness of the wild beasts which they tamed to ride ; for in the whole island there was no metal but gold.
Stran 34 - Pole, if you had given it sufficient power to get half round the earth without touching, that pea would clear the earth forever. It would continue to rotate above the North Pole, above the Feejee Island place, above the South Pole and Greenwich, forever, with the impulse with which it had first cleared our atmosphere and attraction.
Stran 41 - But we do not get on ! Seventeen years after, I say, or should have said, dear Orcutt entered my room at Naguadavick again. I had not seen him since the Commencement day when we parted at Cambridge. He looked the same, and yet not the same. His smile was the same, his voice, his tender look of sympathy when I spoke to him of a great sorrow, his childlike love of fun. His waistband was different, his pantaloons were different, his smooth chin was buried in a full beard, and he weighed two hundred...
Stran 99 - Of course, they never had lost their identity with us, so far as our rotation and revolution went: our inertia was theirs; all the fatal Fly- Wheels had given them was an additional motion in space of their own. This was the last despatch before daylight of Sunday morning; and the terrible snow-storm of March, sweeping our hemisphere, cut off our communication with them, both at Tamworth and No. 9, for several days. But here was ample food for reflection. Our friends were in a world of their own,...

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