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University of California Press.(TC#170194), 1917

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Stran 46 - tis of thee, Sweet land of liberty, Of thee I sing; Land where my fathers died, Land of the Pilgrims' pride From every mountain-side Let Freedom ring. My native country, thee Land of the noble free, Thy name I love; I love thy rocks and rills, Thy woods and templed hills; My heart with rapture thrills Like that above. Let music swell the breeze, And ring from all the trees Sweet freedom's song; Let mortal tongues...
Stran 47 - State which may take and claim the benefit of this act, to the endowment, support, and maintenance of at least one college where the leading object shall be, without excluding other scientific and classical studies, and including military tactics, to teach such branches of learning as are related to Agriculture and the Mechanic Arts...
Stran 45 - A thousand ages in Thy sight Are like an evening gone, Short as the watch that ends the night Before the rising sun.
Stran 47 - ... remain a permanent fund, the interest of which shall be applied to the support of said university, with such branches as the public convenience may demand, for the promotion of literature, the arts and sciences, as may be authorized by the terms of such grant. And it shall be the duty of the legislature as soon as may be. to provide effectual means for the improvement and permanent security of the funds of said university.
Stran 98 - The fee, which should accompany the application, should be remitted by postal order, express order, or draft on New York, to the order of the College Entrance Examination Board.
Stran 99 - June, 1915, will be published about March 1. Requests that the examinations be held at particular points, to receive proper consideration, should be transmitted to the Secretary of the Board not later than February 1.
Stran 50 - Acts amendatory thereof ), subject only to such legislative control as may be necessary to insure compliance with the terms of its endowments, and the proper investment and security of its funds.
Stran 87 - At the end of the advanced course the pupil should be able to read at sight, with the help of a vocabulary of special or technical expressions, difficult French not earlier than that of the seventeenth century ; to write in French a short essay on some simple subject connected with the works read ; to put into French a passage of easy English prose ; and to carry on a simple conversation in French.
Stran 49 - Act of 1862; from the sale of salt and marsh lands granted by the legislature; and from the sale of the College of California property in Oakland. In 1887 the State legislature rendered the income of the University more secure and permanent by providing for the annual levy of an ad valorem tax of one cent on each one hundred dollars of taxable property in California.
Stran 99 - The applications and fees of candidates who wish to be examined in the United States at points east of the Mississippi River or on the Mississippi...

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