Critical Issues in American Religious History: A Reader

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Robert R. Mathisen
Baylor University Press, 2001 - 659 strani
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On many occasions Americans as a religious people have experienced tension and indecision as they have wrestled with a variety of critical issues crossing their paths. How to implement their religious creeds and ideals in an ever-changing society is recorded in the religious language of the people as they have sought to articulate their identity and destiny.

Critical Issues in American Religious History identifies fifteen key, chronologically arranged issues that have prompted considerable debate and discussion over the years. The distinctive element of this work is the singular thematic thread which runs from cover to cover: America's religious experience reflects four interrelated dimensions of religious tension. The carefully selected primary and secondary materials speak to the tension between the secular and sacred, beliefs and behaviors, inclusion and exclusion, and conflict and consensus. Each chapter theme is woven around a particular critical issue pertaining to one or more of these four tensions.

Ideally suited for classroom use, Mathisen's work enlarges the reader's critical thinking through an examination of primary and secondary sources of America's religious past. Special features in each chapter include:
-- Introductory commentary
-- Primary and secondary source readings
-- Questions for reflection and discussion
-- Suggested readings for further study

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1 Interpreting Religion in America
2 Religion in Early America
3 The Era of the Great Awakening
4 Religious America in the American Revolution
5 American Religion in the Middle Period
6 American Religion in the Antebellum Frontier West
7 Slavery and American Religion
8 Religion and Americas Civil War
10 Religion in Industrializing America
11 Religion and American Empire Building
12 Fundamentalism vs Modernism
13 American Religious Ferment During the Depression Era
14 American Religion from World War II to Vietnam
15 Religion and the Civil Rights Movement
16 Religion and the Search for American Stability
Additional Resources

9 Religion Science in Confrontation

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