Slike strani

daughter of Sophia Lavalciare; the sponsors were Armand

Pinaguy and Catharine Bedu. BUCHEY, Eugene Peter, born Feb. 12, 1797, of Peter Buchey

and Victoria Sire; the sponsors were John Seguin and Ann

Seguin. Gallon, John Louis, born May 1, 1793, of Louis Gallon and

Louisa Genevieve Barlatier; the sponsors were John

Francis Gajolli and Louisa Sophia Barlatier, widow Chabot. TALVIDE, Joanna Mary Rose, born Nov. 1790, of Nicholas

Talvide and Mary Rose Losie; sponsors, John Baptist

Amavour and Mary Joanna Trevant, widow Dumesnil. M'CORMICK, Eleanor, born May 12, 1797, of Hugh M'Cormick

and Ann M'Laughlin; sponsors, Patrick Harcon and

Catharine Donnell. GRANDEDIER, Joseph Cherry, born Dec. 30, 1793, of John

Baptist Joseph Grandedier and Susan Parpet; sponsor,

Robert McMenomy. GRANDEDIER, Louisa, born Jan. 18, 1795, of John Baptist Joseph

Grandedier and Susan Parpet; sponsor, Robert McMenomy. LYNCH, Louisa, born May 17, 1797, of Dominick Lynch and

Joanna Lynch; sponsors, Rev. Louis Sibourd * and Anas

tasia Lynch. BOUBIE, Eugene John Armand, born Sept. 27, 1796, of Anthony

John Mary Boubie and Mary Justina Guillon; the sponsors were John Mary Guillon, uncle of the child, by proxy of Anthony Boubie, paternal grandfather, and Margaret Lan

dry, wife of Chambon Duclaud. McNally, James, born May 17, 1797, of Martin McNally and

Bridget Flood; sponsors, Daniel Connor and Bridget

* Father Sibourd, whose name occurs on the register for the first time, was attached to St. Peter's 1807 and 1808. He was the pioneer priest of Pennsylvania, where he labored as early as 1794; he was afterwards a Missionary Apostolic in San Domingo; it would seem that at the time of the baptism he was on a visit from one of his Missions to New York, and was then a guest of Dominick Lynch, the most distinguished Catholic in the city, for whose child he was sponsor. See Hist. Rec. AND STUDIES, Vol. II., Part I., page 145.

LYNCH, Ann, born June 20, 1797, of John Lynch and Margaret

Browne; sponsors, Joseph Maxwell and Catharine Tierney. DE SEZE, Ellen Eugenia Adelaide, born May 5, 1797, of John

Baptist Alexis Mary de Seze and Mary Louisa Fortunata
Buron; sponsors, Joseph Eugene Lucet and Ellen Cotterel,

proxy for Sophia de Seze. FOUILLOLLE, Louisa Mary Clara Charlotte, born Nov. 21, 1796,

of Louis John Baptist Fouillolle and Mary Magdalen Teresa Bouge; baptized, June 8, 1797;* sponsors, Charles Rousseau

and Mary Henrietta Rubes. DUVIVIER, Cecilia Catharine Henrietta, born April 24, 1797,

of Charles Duvivier and Mary Henrietta Rubes; baptized June 8, 1797; sponsors, Charles Joseph Rousseau and

Cecilia Adelaide Rousseau. FITZPATRICK, Mary, born May 17, 1797, of Edward Fitzpatrick

and Eleanor Leonard; sponsors, Lawrence Byrne and Ann

Connor. O'BRIEN, Thomas, born May 13, 1797, of Murtaugh O'Brien

and Mary McAuley; sponsors, Patrick Darcy and Ann

Geoghegan. OLIVE, Mary Henrietta, born April 30, 1797, of Nicholas Mary

Peter Toussaint Olive and Mary Frances Marechal; was baptized June 13; the sponsors were Peter Henry Cheriot

and Mary Wilkes. NELLIGAN, John, born May 20, 1797, of Laurence Nelligan

and Sarah Betts; the sponsor was Andrew Ross. DOGHERTY, James, born May 24, 1797, of James Dogherty and

Letitia Herbert; sponsors, Charles Dogherty and Elizabeth

Dogherty. SMITH, Mary, born June 20, 1796, of Guilbert Smith and Ann

Robertson; sponsors, Anthony May and Catharine Coffey. DEVINE, Thomas, born June 15, 1797, of John Devine and Ann

Magee; sponsor, Matthew Nowlan. O'CONNOR, Lawrence, born Feb. 11, 1797, of James O'Connor

and Jane Leonard; sponsors, Philip Magrane and Catharine McEvoy. * One of the few entries in which the date of the baptism is given.

WALSH, Lawrence, born June 19, 1797, of Thomas Walsh and

Bridget Walsh; sponsors, Thaddeus Tucker and Catharine

Gilmore. SMITH, Peter, born June 29, 1797, of Peter Smith and Haidwan;

sponsors, Thomas Malley, George McDermott, and Mar

garet Kirwan. FICTOR, Joseph, born Nov. 25, 1796, of Joseph Fictor and

Dorcas Peccarman; sponsor, Joseph Idley. FORGET, John Stephen (natural child), born May 25, 1797,

of Louisa Glodin Forget; sponsors, John Anthony George and

Louisa Adelaide Remopen. DUFFY, Rebecca, born July 13, 1797, of Cormac Duffy and

Margaret Low; sponsors, John Daly and Jane Crawford. RODERICK, Mary Ann, born June 10, 1797, of Francis Roderick

and Ann Roderick; sponsor, John Anthony Sousa. SEGUIN, Jane Mary Hortense, born July 23, 1796, of John

Baptist Seguin and Mary Sive; sponsors, Peter John Bap

tist Bacque and Victoria Sive. JOHNSTON, John, born March 31, 1797, of Robert Charles

Johnston and Esther Wall; sponsor, Walter Dowdall. MARTIN, Philip, born May 1, 1796, of John Martin and Bridget

Ferguson; sponsor, William O'Brien. LA FARGUE, Joseph, born Aug. 12, 1797, of Nicholas La Fargue

and Magdalen de la Porte; the sponsors were Bodoin

Joseph del Rue and Elizabeth Varozia. SHEEHAN, Daniel John, born Sept. 24, 1785, of Daniel Sheehan

and Mary Connor; sponsors, Lawrence Collins and Mary

Connell. SULLIVAN, Abigail, born July 18, 1797, of Murtagh Sullivan

and Elizabeth Griggs; sponsor, Catharine Walsh. SULLIVAN, Honora, born Sept. 9, 1792, of Murtagh Sullivan

and Elizabeth Griggs; sponsor, Jane Acheron. SULLIVAN, Catharine, born April 25, 1795, of Murtagh Sullivan

and Elizabeth Griggs; sponsor, Catharine Gilmore. PRICE, John, born March 8, 1797, of Thomas Price and Mary

Flaherty; sponsors, Charles Donnell and Catharine Donnell. FREEL, James, born Oct. 7, 1797, of James Freel and Margaret

McClusky; sponsors, John McHugh and Richard McHugh. DE NOILLE, Petronilla Ann Floreal Rose, born Aug. 28, 1797, of

Paul de Noille and Mary Vouck; sponsors, Philip Charpen

tier and Ann Hawkins. BRADY, Matthew, born Oct. 31, 1797, of Thomas Brady and

Letitia Boyd; sponsors, James McNaughton and Mary

Kehoe. GALLAGHER, John, born Oct. 18, 1797, of Patrick Gallagher

and Ann Gallagher; sponsors, Martin McNally and Bridget

McNally. TREPAN, Nicholas, born Nov. 9, of Anthony Trepan and Charity

Trepan; sponsors, Nicholas Duff and Catharine Duff. SHITTLEMUR, Valentine, born Jan. 16, 1798, of Valentine Shittle

mur and Elizabeth Marks; sponsors, George Fifor and

Catharine Fifel. GRAFTON, John, born Jan. 2, 1798, of Thomas Grafton and

Mary McDaniel; sponsors, John McGavil and Jane McGold

rick. BUCKLEY, Lawrence, born Feb. 13, 1798, of Denis Buckley and

Eleanor Walsh; sponsors, John King and Margaret Mahoney. COUZEAU, Mary Ann Zoe, born May 15, 1798, of Andrew Charles

Couzeau and Mary Ann Saint; sponsors, Peter Julian

Meance and Mary Ann Adelaide Couzeau. VIALE, Mary Eulalia, born Aug. 15, 1797, of Augustin Viale

and Margaret Barbaroux; sponsors, John Peter Viale and

Victoria Baptista Eugenia Viale. COQUIET, Mary Adelaide, born April 30, 1797, of Peter Coquiet

and Mary Ann Emard; sponsors, John Emard and Adelaide

Vaginout Saint Germain Courbe. ARDONE, Jane Renata, born June 22, 1798, of German Ardone

and Mary Cadiot; sponsors, John Cadiot and Renata

Vanclopou. COGGAN, Elizabeth, born Aug. 3, 1798, of John Coggan and

Sarah Lonergan; sponsors, Joseph Idley and Mary Idley. BROWN, John, born Aug. 10, 1798, of John Brown and Margaret

Sellas; sponsor, George Johnston. MARY ELIZABETH, born Feb. 17, 1798, natural daughter of

Frances Guyon and Moses Sexas, Sr.; Moses declared under oath that he was the father of said child,

TOUCHIMBERT, Henry Dorotheus Peter Desideratus, born Jan.

25, 1795, of John Gabriel Prevost Touchimbert and Mary Aleth le Mercier de Vermont; was baptized April 22, 1798 by the Rev. James Charles Halbout; * the sponsors were Raymond Desideratus Godet, proxy for Peter Charles Prevost Touchimbert, paternal uncle of the child, and

Frances Dorothy le Mercier Vermont Godet. BAIMONT, Frances Sophia, born April 12, 1796, of Louis Gode

mar Baimont and Frances Antoinette Dovillard de la Bertandire, and was baptized by the Rev. James Charles Halbout Dec. 11, 1797; the sponsors were Francis Desideratus Godet and Frances Dorothy le Mercier de Ver

mont. TRUMEL, George, born Sept. 12, 1798, of Joseph Louis Trumel

and Margaret Carroll; sponsors, William Carroll and Mary

Devine. LAURY, Jane Barbara, born June 6, 1798, of Francis Laury and

Sarah Cardigan; sponsors, Marinus Le Brun and Charlotte

Le Brun. CAVANAGH, Thomas, born Aug. 19, 1798, of Thomas Cavanagh

and Catharine O'Donnell; sponsors, John Smyth and Mary

Devine. DE SAXCE, Louis Nelson, born April 29, 1798, of Robert de

Saxce and Louisa de Policuski; sponsors, Marcus Desaboye and Mary Antoinette Jouvin Desaboye; baptized by Mons.

Le Maire. DE SAXcE, Mary Jovic, born Oct. 28, 1796, of Robert de Saxce

and Louisa de Policuski; sponsors, Marcus Desaboye and Mary Antoinette Tausin Desaboye; baptized by Rev. John

Baptist Joseph Le Maire.t De SaxcE, Louisa Virginia, born Sept. 21, 1794, of Robert

* Rev. James Charles Halbout was not regularly attached to St. Peter's, whose pastor at this time was Father William O'Brien.

+ We have to remark about Father Le Maire, whose name appears on the register, that he was evidently a visiting clergyman, who was asked to officiate at the baptisms of a few children of French parentage. Neither his name nor that of Father Halbout is on the list of priests prepared by Archbishop Corrigan; nor do we find either name mentioned by Dr. Shea in his History.

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