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It of the Most Rev, John M.

Funey, D.D., Archbishop of

M.w York..
Archbis :p Corrigan ...
The Fin Map Bearing the Name

Charles feu" lingos y no

1'118 full of Pope Marcellus II, and

1. Relation to the Voyage of

Viazano, with Notes on the

riscovery of the Hudson. (With

..Dr. Berk in F. Dhe Porta
tiet. j eter Tissot, S.J

... Thoma: 7 affney luiste PK)..

14T with the Army of the Poto-

Diary of the Reverend

Fiter Tissot, S.J., Military



ist. nduwr's College, Fordham, in 1859.
Ill tih Illustration.).

.Rev. Tunas J. Nimwili.

Uniti nal Freedom of Religion

32lche Revivals of Religious In-

ance. II...

.... Peter (1.doi....

ave 2 iss First Catholic Newspaper.

Wh Illustrations.). .... Thoma, Ver? IR AN....
The Bar of Dr. Stiles...

.Rev. Jokes I O'Donne

tract: from Early Records of St.

Peter's Church, New York City. Reo. Jokes ll Miliear...

11 Bedini's Visit to the United

stos. The Official Correspond-

Contrilted by Prt, y corris ...
Pirov. Alony Cauvin. (With Por-

.... Peter (n.lon..

mite, Papers from the Annales

: Propagation de la Foi.

di eigneur Portier's Account of

Hi frip from Pensacola to St.

i istine. (Continued.) Translt by John ',


T! N'imen in America. (With

. CharlerorçInhem ni...

1:31: from Early Catholic Jour-

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