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Transactions of the Royal Historical Society. New Series, Vol. XII. London: Longmans, Green & Co. 1898. 8vo. 289 pp.—This volume of Transactions includes, among other papers, the Presidential address of Sir M. E. Grant Duff; Marston Moor (dealing with questions concerning the numbers and order of the opposing forces) by Mr. C. H. Firth ; The • National Study of Naval History' (in which Prof. J. K. Laughton speaks chiefly of colonization and sea power and Mr. Hubert Hall deals with the exigencies of research); and “The Sheriffs' Farm' (an interesting paper concerning the method and the results of calculating the farms of Henry II) by Mr. G. J. Turner.

Memorials : Part II. Personal and Political, 1865-1895. By ROUNDELL PALMER, Earl of Selborne, Lord High Chancellor. Two Vols. London: Macmillan & Co. 1898. 8vo. xii and 496 pp. ; vol. II, vii and 502 pp. (258. net.) The interest of these volumes, as might be expected, is more political than professional; but the chapters devoted to the Alabama arbitration and the Judicature Act, and the series of appreciations of Lord Selborne's powers as an advocate and a judge which appears at the end of the second volume under the head of 'In Memoriant,' may be singled out as of particular interest to lawyers, and more or less professional anecdotes and estimates of persons occur throughout the book. There is a grotesque misprint at p. 482, where Horace, as Englished by Lord Selborne, is made to address Venus as ' Thor (1. thou) if willing, Queen of Grace.'

The Origin and Growth of the English Constitution. An Historical Treatise. By HANNIS TAYLOR. Part II, The After-growth of the Constitution. Boston & New York: Houghton, Miftin & Co. London: Sampson Low & Co. 1898. 8vo. xliv and 645 pp.—This book has reached us too late to enable us to do more than acknowledge its receipt. Part I was published so far back as 1889, and was reviewed in L. Q. R. vi. 223.

Modern Political Institutions. By SIMEON E. BALDWIN. Boston, Mass. : Little, Brown & Co. 1898. 8vo. 387 pp. Besides discussion of various points in American constitutional law and history, there is a chapter on American Jurisprudence.'

Le régime économique de Russie. Par MAXIME KOVALEVSKY. Paris : V. Giard & E. Brière. 1898. 8vo. 363 pp.-An appendix contains some details of customary land tenure reprinted from the Nouvelle Revue Historique du Droit.

Handbook of certain Acts affecting the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge and the Colleges therein in the sale, acquisition and administration of property. By W. B. SKENE. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. London: Sweet & Maxwell, Lim. 1898. 8vo. iv and 152 pp.

Accidents to Workmen, being a Treatise on the Employers' Liability Act, 1880, Lord Campbell's Act, the Workmen's Compensation Act, 1897, and matters relating thereto. By R. M. MINTON-SENHOUSE and G. F. EMERY. London : Effingham Wilson ; Sweet & Maxwell, Lim. 1898. 8vo. lii and 378 pp. (158)

The Law and Practice under the Patents, Designs and Trade Marks Acts, 1883 to 1888, with the Practice in actions for infringement of Patent, dc. By WILLIAM Norton Lawson. Third Edition of the Author, assisted by CHARLES SHARP and M. D. WARMINGTON. London : Butterworth & Co. 1898. 8vo. lxxx, 636 and 70 pp. (278. 6d.)

Roman Canon Law in the Church of England.

Six essays by FREDERIC WILLIAM MAITLAND. London : Methuen & Co. 1898. La. 8vo. vi and 184 pp. 78. 6d.) --Review will follow.

The Criminal Eridence Act, 1898, with introductory chapter and practical notes. By A. R. BUTTERWORTH. London : Sweet & Maxwell, Lim. 1898. 8vo. xv, 207 and 10 pp. (58.)

Studies in International Law. By Thomas ERSKINE HOLLAND, D.C.L. Oxford : at the Clarendon Press. London & New York : Henry Frowde. 1898. 8vo. viii and 314 pp. (108. 6d.)-Review will follow.

The Criminal Evidence Act, 1898 (61 & 62 Vict. c. 36). With Notes by WILFRED Baugh ALLEN, and a short history of the Act by Sir Harry B. POLAND, Q.C. London: Butterworth & Co.; Shaw & Sons. 1898. 8vo. xxvi, 60 and 12 pp. (58.)

Shaw's Manual of the Vaccination Law, containing the Vaccination Acts, 1867 to 1898, with Introduction, Notes, and Index. By a Barrister-at-Law. Sixth Edition. London : Shaw & Sons ; Butterworth & Co. 1898. 8vo. xii and 148 pp. (54.).

The Land Transfer Acts, 1875 and 1897, and Rules, with Introduction, Notes, Forms and Precedents, dc. By J. S. RUBINSTEIN and W. LEE-Nash. London : Waterlow Bros. & Layton, Lim. 1898. 8vo. xiii and 298 pp.

. Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence in Criminal Cases. Twelfth Edition. By A. P. PERCIVAL KEEP. London : Stevens & Sons, Lim.; Sweet & Maxwell, Lim. 1898. 8vo. lxii and 988 pp. (£1 118. 6d.)

I The Maritime Codes of Holland and Belgium. By His Honour JUDGE RAIKES, Q.C. London: Effingham Wilson. 1898. 8vo. 242 pp.—Review will follow.

The Law relating to Company Promoters. By W. NEMRHARD HIBBERT, assisted by FRANK W. RAFFETY. London: Effingham Wilson. 1898. 8vo. xv and 103 pp. (58.)

A chapter on Rules affecting distant Limitations. By A. E. CHAPMAN. London : Stevens & Sons, Lim. 1898. 8vo. 39 pp. (18. 6d.)

The Law of Easements, natural rights arising from situation and Licenses in India. By R. B. MICHELL. Second Edition. Madras : Lawrence Asylum Press. 1898. 8vo. xxvi and 373 pp.

Employers' Liability and Compensation to Workmen on the Continent. By A. PEARCE HIGGINS. Edinburgh: W. Green & Sons. 1898. La. 8vo. iv and 134 PP:

Digest LX. 2. Lex Aquilia. Translated with Notes, by C. H. MONRO. Cambridge: at the University Press. 1898. 8vo. 98 pp.

Redress by Arbitration : a digest of the Law relating to Arbitrations and Awards. By H. FOULKS-LYNCH, Third Edition. Revised by D. F. DE L'HOSTE RANKING. London : Effingham Wilson. 1898. vo. xv and 95 pp. (58.)

The Editor cannot undertake the return or safe custody of MSS.

sent to him without previous communication.

Volumes I to XX, with Index to Volumes I to X, £20.





Of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law,




Formerly Editor of the 'American Reports.'


The following Volumes have been issued :-
Volume I. Abandonment-Action.

Volume X. Easement-Estate.
II. Action-Amendment.

XI. Estoppel-Execution.
III. Ancient Light-Banker.

XII. Executor-Indemnity.
IV. Bankruptcy-Bill of Lading.

XIII. Infant-Insurance.
V. Bill of Sale-Conflict of Law.

XIV. Insurance-Interpretation
VI. Contract.

XV. Judge – Landlord and VII. Conversion-Counsel.

VIII. Criminal Law-Deed.

XVI. Larceny-Mandate.
IX. Defamation-Dramatic and

XVII. Manorial Right-Mines and
Musical Copyright.

Minerals. (Nearly ready.) Volume XVIII. Mortgage. (In the Press.) The price per volume bound in half-vellum, gilt top, is 25s. net.

Index to Volumes I to X (with Addenda from 1894 to 1896 inclusive), half-vellum,

price 20s. net.

Opinions of the press. One of the most ambitious, and ought to be, when it is complete, one of the most generally useful legal works which the present century has produced.'— Literature.

“The rapidity and fullness which mark this compilation are remarkable. As the work grows it is seen to be a perfect storehouse of the principles established and illustrated by our case law and that of the United States.'--Law Times.

* By this time this series has become so widely known, and doubtless appreciated, that it becomes unnecessary to do much more than chronicle the appearance of the new volume, 10 state the contents, and to say that its workmanship is quite up to the former level.'—Laiv Journal. * A work of unusual value and interest.

Each leading case or group of cases is preceded by a statement in bold type of the rule which they are quoted as establishing. The work is happy in conception, and this first volume shows that it will be adequately and success. fully carried out.'--Solicitors' Journal.

• The general scheme appears to be excellent, and its execution reflects the greatest credit on everybody concerned. It may, indeed, be said to constitute, for the present, the high-water mark of the science of book-making.–Saturday Review.

‘A Cyclopaedia of law .. most ably executed, learned, accurate, clear, concise ; but perhaps its chief merit is that it impresses on us what the practising English lawyer is too apt to forget that English law really is a body of principles.'— The British Review.

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The following are a few of the advantages of these Reports:1. Conciseness and Accuracy.

On the question of accuracy the Law JOURNAL REPORTS have never been impeached. 2. Speedy Publication of the Cases.

This is now a leading feature, the Reports being published as speedily as possible, con

sistent with good reporting and editing; and the Weekly Edition includes Notes of

all Cases up to date. 3. Simplicity of Arrangement and Facility of Reference.

There is only One Volume in each year for each Division of the Courts. 4. Digests.

Mews' Digest of all the Reported Decisions of all the Superior Courts, including

a Selection from the Irish, with a Collection of Cases followed, distinguished, explained, commented on, overruled or questioned, and References to the Statutes, Orders and Rules of Court during the year (issued Quarterly), will be supplied to

Subscribers at the reduced rate of 6s. 5. Economy.

The Law Journal Reports and Statutes

£3 4 0 The Law Journal Reports, Statutes, and Mews' Annual Digest

3 10 0 (issued Quarterly)


and Law REPORTS from Michaelmas, 1890, to Trinity, 1895. Uniform in size with the

Reports. Price 30s. To Subscribers to LAW JOURNAL REPORTS, net, 5s. SYNOPSIS OF CONTEMPORARY REPORTS, 1832-1895. Printed on

linen paper and bound in boards. Uniform in size with the Reports. Price, net, 55. To Subscribers to LAW JOURNAL REPORTS, post free for cash, net, 2s. 6d.

Subscribers to the LAW JOURNAL REPORTS have the additional advantage of

obtaining, for a further Subscription of £1 per annum,

THE LAW JOURNAL NEWSPAPER, Published Weekly (price 6d.), containing the best weekly Notes of all decided Cases of the week, New Orders and Rules of Court, Cause Lists, Articles by Eminent Specialists, Personal Information, Notices of all new Law Books, &c.


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A Catalogue of Modern Law Works, together with

a complete Chronological List of all the English, Irish, and Scotch Reports, an Alphabetical Table of Abbreviations used in reference to Law Reports and Text Books, and an Inilex of Subjects. Demy Sro. 1899 (120 pp.),

limp binding, post free. Acts of Parliament.Public and Local Acts from an

early date may be had of the Publishers of this Catalogue, who have also on sale the largest collection of Private Acts,

relating to Estates, Enclosures, Railways, Roads, 8c., &c. ADMIRALTY.— Roscoe's Admiralty Practice.-Third Edition. By

E. S. Roscoe, Assistant Registrar, Admiralty Court, and T. LAMBERT
MEARS, Esqrs., Barrister-at-Law.

[In preparation. ADULTERATION.- Bartley's Adulteration of Food.-Statutes and

Cases dealing with Coffee, Tea, Bread, Seeds, Food and Drugs,
Margarine, Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs, &c., &c. By DOUGLAS C.
BARTLEY, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Roy. 12mo. 1895.

68. Cripps-Day's Adulteration (Agricultural Fertilisers and Feeding

Stuffs).–By FRANCIS H. CRIPPS-Day, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
Royal 12mo. 1894.

58. ADVOCACY.-Harris' Hints on Advocacy:-Conduct of Cases, Civil

and Criminal. Classes of Witnesses and Suggestions for Crossexamining them, &c., &c. By RICHARD HARRIS, one of her Majesty's Counsel. Eleventh Edition, with an Introduction. Royal 12mo. 1897.

78. 6d. “ Full of good sense and just observation. A very complete Manual of the Advocate's art in Trial by Jury."-Solicitors' Journal.

“ Deserves to be carefully read by the young barrister whose career is yet before him."--Law Magasine. AFFILIATION.- Bott's Manual of the Law and Practice in

Affiliation Proceedings, with Statutes and Forms, Table of Gestation, Forms of Agreement, &c. By W. HOLLOWAY Bort, Solicitor. Demy 12mo. 1894.

68. AGRICULTURAL LAW.-Dixon.-Vide“ Farm." ANGLO-INDIAN CODES.-Stokes's Anglo-Indian Codes.-By WHITLEY STOKES, LL.D. 2 Vols. Demy 8vo. 1887–88. 31. 58.

First and Second Supplements to the above. 1891. 6s. 6d. All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.


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