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Law Times.

119 & 120, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.O. 7 CONVEYANCING-continued. Palmer's Company Precedents.- For use in relation to Companies subject to the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1890.

Part I. COMPANY FORMS. Arranged as follows:-Promoters, Prospectuses, Underwriting, Agreements, Memoranda and Articles of Association, Private Companies, Employés' Benefits, Resolutions, Notices, Certificates, Powers of Attorney, Debentures and Debenture Stock, Banking and Advance Securities, Petitions, Writs, Pleadings, Judgments and Orders, Reconstruction, Amalgamation, Special Acts. With Copious Notes and an Appendix containing the Acts and Rules. Seventh Edition. By FRANCIS BEAUFORT PALMER, Esq., Barrister-atLaw, assisted by the Hon. CHARLES MACnaGHTEN, Q.C., and ARTHUR JOHN CHITTY, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1898. 368.

"No company lawyer can afford to be without it.”- Law Journal.

Part II. WINDING-UP FORMS AND PRACTICE. Arranged as follows:--Compulsory Winding-Up, Voluntary Winding-Up, WindingUp under Supervision, Arrangements and Compromises, with a Chapter on Debentures, and Copious Notes, and an Appendix of Acts and Rules. Seventh Edition. By FRANCIS BEAUFORT PALMER, assisted by FRANK Evans, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Roy. 8vo. 1897. 32s.

“Palmer's Company Precedents' is the book par excellence for practitioners. There is nothing we can think of which should be within the covers which we do

not find."- Law Journal. Prideaux's Precedents in Conveyancing-With Dissertations on

its Law and Practice. 17th Edit. By John WHITCOMBE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 2 vols. Royal 8vo. 1899.

31. 108. “Prideaux' is the best work on Conveyancing."-Law Journal.

“ Accurate, concise, clear, and comprehensive in scope, and we know of no treatise upon Conveyancing which is so generally useful to the practitioner."CORONERS.-Jervis on the Office and Duties of Coroners.

The Coroners Acts, 1887 and 1892. With Forms and Precedents. Sixth Edition. By R. E. MELSHEIMER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo. 1898.

10s. 6d. “In all respects adequate and exhaustive.”- Law Times. CORPORATION. – Campbell's Ruling Cases. Vol. VII.- Vide

“ Digests.” COSTS.-Johnson's Bills of Costs in the High Court of Justice

and Court of Appeal, in the House of Lords and the Privy Council; with the Scales of Costs and Tables of Fees in use in the Houses of Lords and Commons, relative to Private Bills; Election Petitions, Parliamentary and Municipal. Inquiries and Arbitrations under the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act and other Arbitrations. Proceed. ings in the Court of the Railway and Canal Commission, in the County Court and the Mayor's Courts. The Scales of Costs and Tables of Fees in use in the Court of Passage, Liverpool, and Conveyancing Costs;

with Orders and Rules as to Costs and Court Fees, and Notes and Decisions relating thereto. By HORACE MAXWELL JOHNSON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1897. 11. 128.

“It is difficult to conceive how any costs clerk or solicitor can go wrong with a work of this kind to guide him."-Law Times.

“We consider the book marvellously accurate, and we are able to commend it in all confidence. On the law of bills of costs the practitioner, let his business be as wide as it may, wants nothing but such a work as the one before us."-

Law Notes. Summerhays and Toogood's Precedents of Bills of sts.


and C. GILBERT BARBER, Solicitors. Royal 8vo. 1896. 11. 108. Webster's Parliamentary Costs.—Private Bills, Election Petitions,

Appeals, House of Lords. Fourth Edition. By C. CAVANAGH, Esq.,
Barrister-at-Law. Post 8vo. 1881.

208. COUNTY COUNCILS.-Bazalgette and Humphreys, Chambers.

-Vide “Local and Municipal Government.'
All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

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COUNTY COURT APPEALS.-Chamier's Law and Practice re

lating to County Court Appeals; Mandamus, Prohibition, and Certiorari. By DANIEL CHAMIER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1896.

108. COUNTY COURTS. – The Annual County Court Practice, 1899.-By His Honour Judge SMYLY, Q.C. 2 vols. Demy 8vo.

(Ready in January.) 11. 58. COVENANTS.-Hamilton's Concise Treatise on the Law of

Covenants.-By G. BALDWIN HAMILTON, Esq., Barrister-at-Law.
Demy 8vo. 1888.

78, 6d. CRIMINAL LAW.-Archbold's Pleading and Evidence in Criminal

Cases,— With the Statutes, Precedents of Indictments, &c. Twentyfirst Edition. By WILLIAM BEUCE, Esq., Stipendiary Magistrate for Leeds. Royal 12mo. 1893.

11. 118, 6d. Chitty's Collection of Statutes relating to Criminal Law:-(Re

printed from “Chitty's Statutes.") With an Introduction and Index.

By W. F. CRAIES, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1894. 108. Disney and Gundry's Criminal Law.-A Sketch of its Principles

and Practice. By HENRY W. DISNEY and HAROLD GUNDRY, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1895.

78. 6d. “We think we have here just what students want. The work is based upon a perfect knowledge of the statute law, and is compiled from the best and most

recent authorities." - Law Times. Kershaw's Brief Aids to Criminal Law.–With Notes on the Pro

cedure and Evidence. By HILTON KERSHAW, Esq., Barrister-atLaw. Royal 12mo. 1897.

38. Mews.-Vide “Digest." Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence in Criminal Cases.

Twelfth Edition. By A. P. PERCEVAL KEEP, Esq., Barrister-atLaw. Demy 8vo. 1899.

11. 118. 6d. “To the criminal lawyer it is his guide, philosopher and friend. What Roscoe says most judges will accept without question.”Law Times. Russell's Treatise on Crimes and Misdemeanors.- ,- Sixth Edit.

By HORACE SMITH, Esq., Bencher of the Inner Temple, Metropolitan Police Magistrate, and A. P. PERCEVAL KEEP, Esq., Barrister-atLaw. 3 vols. Roy. 8vo. 1896.

51. 158. 60.; "No library can be said to be complete without the new edition of Russell on Crimes."-Law Times.

“Indispensable in every Court of criminal justice here and in our Colonies." -The Times.

"No more trustworthy authority, or more exhaustive expositor, than 'Russell' can be consulted."--Law Magazine and Review. Shirley's Sketch of the Criminal Law.--Second Edition. By CHARLES

STEPHEN HUNTER, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1889. 78.6d. Warburton.-VideLeading Cases.” Thring.–VideNavy." DEATH DUTIES.-Freeth's Acts relating to the New Death Duty,

called the Estate Duty, with an Introduction dealing with the other Death Duties, A Digest, Copious Notes, and an Appendix containing the Estate Duty Forms, and the Rules regulating Proceedings in England and Ireland in Appeals under the Acts. Second Edition. By EVELYN FREETH, Esq., Deputy-Controller of Legacy and Succession Duties. Demy 8vo. 1897.

12s. 6d. “The official position of the Author renders his opinion on questions of procedure of great value, and we think that this book will be found very useful to solicitors who have to prepare accounts for duty."-Solicitors' Journal. Harman's Finance Act, 1894, so far as it relates to the Death Duties.

With an Introduction and Notes, and an Appendix of Forms. By

J. E. Harman, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 12mo. 1894. 58. DECISIONS OF SIR GEORGE JESSEL.-Peter's Analysis and

Digest of the Decisions of Sir George Jessel ; with Notes, &c. By APSLEY PETRE PETER, Solicitor. Demy 8vo. 1883.

16s. All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.


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119 & 120, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.O. 9 DIARY.- Lawyers' Companion (The) and Diary, and London and

Provincial Law Directory for 1899.-For the use of the Legal Profession, Public Companies, Justices, Merchants, Estate Agents; Auctioneers, &c., &c. Edited by EDWIN LAYMAN, Esq., Barrister-atLaw; and contains Tables of Costs in the High Court of Judicature and County Court, &c.; Monthly Diary of County, Local Government, and Parish Business ; Oaths in Supreme Court; Summary of Statutes of 1898 ; Alphabetical Index to the Practical Statutes since 1820 ; Schedule of Stamp Duties; Legal Time, Interest, Discount, Income, Wages and other Tables ; the New Death Duties; and a variety of matters of practical utility: together with a complete List of the English Bar, and London and Country Solicitors, with date of admission and appointments. PUBLISHED ANNUALLY. Fifty-third Issue. 1899.

(Now ready.) Issued in the following forms, octavo size, strongly bound in cloth :1. Two days ou a page, plain

58.0d. 2. The above, INTERLEAVED with plain paper or blotting paper 70 3. Two days on a page, ruled, with or without money columns 4. The above, with money columns, INTERLEAVED with plain paper or blotting paper

8 0 5. Whole page for each day, plain

7 6 6. The above, INTERLEAVED with plain paper or blotting paper 9 6 7. Whole page for each day, ruled, with or without money columns 8 6 8. The above, INTERLEAVED with plain paper or blotting paper 10 6 9. Three days on a page, ruled blue lines, without money columns . 3 6 10. The above, INTERLEAVED with blotting peper

4 6 The Diary contains memoranda of Legal Business throughout the Year, with

an Index for ready reference. A new feature in this issue is that the Diary can be

obtained interleaved with blotting paper. "The amount of information packed within the covers of this well-known book of reference is almost incredible. In addition to the Diary, it contains nearly 800 pages of closely printed matter, none of which could be omitted without, perhaps, detracting from the usefulness of the book. The publishers seem to have made it their aim to include in the Companion every item of information which the most exacting lawyer could reasonably expect to find in its pages, and it may safely be said that no practising solicitor, who has experienced the luxury of having it at his elbow, will ever be likely to try to do without it.”—

Law Journal. DICTIONARY.-The Pocket Law Lexicon.-Explaining Technical

Words, Phrases and Maxims of the English, Scotch and Roman Law, to which is added a complete List of Law Reports, with their Abbreviations. Third Edit. By HENRY G. Rawson and JAMES F. REMNANT, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Fcap. 8vo. 1893.

68, 6d. "A wonderful little legal Dictionary.”—Indermaur's Law Students' Journal. Wharton's Law Lexicon.-Forming an Epitome of the Law of Eng.

land, and containing full Explanations of the Technical Terms and Phrases thereof, both Ancient and Modern ; including the various Legal Terms used in Commercial Business. Together with a Translation of the Latin Law Maxims and selected Titles from the Civil, Scotch and Indian Law. Ninth Edition. By J. M. LELY, Esq. Barrister-at-Law. Super-royal 8vo. 1892.

11, 18s. “On almost every point both student and practitioner can gather information from this invaluable book, which ought to be in every lawyer's office.”- Law Notes.

* One of the first books which every articled clerk and bar student should procure.”- Law Students' Journal. Au standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.


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DIGESTS.-Campbell's Ruling Cases.-Arranged, Annotated, and

Edited by ROBERT CAMPBELL, Esq., Barrister-at-Law, Advocate of the Scotch Bar, assisted by other Members of the Bar. With American Notes by IRVING BROWNE, formerly Editor of the American Reports. Royal 8vo. 1894-1898.

Half vellum, gilt top, net, each 258. The following Volumes have been published :1.-Abandonment-Action.

IX.- Defamation -- Dramatic and 11.- Action - Amendment.

Musical Copyright. III.--Ancient Light-Banker.

X.- Easement-Estate. IV. - Bankruptcy-Bill of Lading.

XI.- Estoppel - Execution.

XII.- Executor-Indemnity. 1,-Bill of Sale-Conflict of Laws.

XIII.-Infant-Insurance. VI.-Contract.

XIV.- Insurance - Interpretation. VII. Conversion-Counsel.

XV.--Judge --Landlord and Tenant. VIII.- Criminal Law-Deed.

XVI.-- Larceny-Mandate.
XVII.- Manorial Right-Mines and Minerals. (Nearly ready.)

(In the press.)
The Volumes are sold separately.
An Addendum, containing, under the appropriate title and rule, Notes of
Cases published since the issue of Volume I., together with a complete Inder
of Cases and a general Index to the first 10 l'olumes, thus bringing all the
Volumes up to date. (Now ready.) Royal 8vo. 1897. Half vellum, net, 208.
Vols. 1 to 20, with Index to Vols. 1 to 10, net, £20.

PLAN OF THE WORK. It is intended in this work to collect and arrange in alphabetical order of subjects all the useful authorities of English Case Law from the earliest period to the present time on points of general application.

The matter under each alphabetical heading is arranged in sections, in an order indicated at the commencement of the heading. The more important and Ruling Cases are set forth at length, subject only to abridgment where the original report is unnecessarily diffuse. The effect of the less important or subordinate cases is stated briefly in the Notes.

The aim of the Work is to furnish the practitioner with English Case Law in such a form that he will readily find the information he requires for ordinary purposes. The Ruling Case will inform him, or refresh his memory, as to the principles; and the Notes will show in detail how the principles have been applied or modified in other cases. It is estimated that the Work will be completed in 25 Volumes.

One of the most ambitious, and ought to be, when it is complete, one of the most generally useful legal works which the present century has produced.”Literature.

“A perfect storehouse of the principles established and illustrated by our case law and that of the United States." - Law Times.

“ The general scheme appears to be excellent, and its execution reflects the greatest credit on everybody concerned. It may, indeed. be said to constitute, tor the present, the high-water mark of the science of book-making."--Sat. Rev.

"A Cyclopedia of law : : .. most ably executed, learned, accurate, clear, concise; but perhaps its chief merit is that it impresses on us what the practising English lawyer is too apt to forget - that English law really is a body of prin

ciples."'-- The British Review. Dale and Lehmann's Digest of Cases, Overruled, Not Followed,

Disapproved, Approved, Distinguished, Commented on and specially considered in the English Courts from the Year 1756 to 1886 inclusive, and a complete Index of the Cases, in which are included all Cases reversed from the year 1856. By Chas. Wm. MITCALFE DALE, and RUDOLF CHAMBERS LEHMANN, assisted by Chas. H. L. Neish, and HERBERT H. Child, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law.

Royal 8vo. 1887. (Published at 21. 108.) Reduced to net, 258. Marsden.-Vide “Shipping."

All standard Law Works are kept in Slock, in law calf and other bindings. 119 & 120, CHANCERY LANE, LONDON, W.C.



Mews' Digest of Cases relating to Criminal Law from 1756 to

1897, inclusive.-By John MEWS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal
8vo. 1898.

258. MEW3' DIGEST OF ENGLISH CASE LAW.-Containing the Reported Decisions of the Superior Courts, and a Selection from those of the Irish Courts, to the end of 1897. Under the general Editorship of John Mews, assisted by W. F. BARRY, E. E. H. BIRCH, A. H. BITTLESTON, B. A. Conen, W. I. Cook, E. W. HANSELL, J. S. HENDERSON, A. LAWRENCE, J. M. LELY, R. C. MACKENZIE, E. Maxson, R. G. MARSDEN, H. J. NEWBOLT, A. E. RANDALL, J. RITCHIE, J. SMITH, J. F. WALEY, T. H. WALKER, and W. A. G. Woods, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. In 16 vols. Royal 8vo. $20

Bound in half calf, gilt top, £23. This, the most important LAW Work ever undertaken in England, is now ready for publication.

Under the Editorship of Mr. Mews and a large staff of Members of the Bar, the work is, not only an amalgamation, but a thorough revision of the well-known “ FISHER'S COMMON LAW DIGEST” and “CHITTY'S EQUITY INDEX,” and forms a complete Digest of all reported Decisions down to the end of the year 1897.

Lists of Cases followed, overruled, questioned, &c., have been omitted from this DIGEST, but the Publishers intend to bring out a Supplemental Volume to Date and LEIMANN'S “ OVERRULED Cases," which, together with the original volume, will form a complete Digest of such The Annual Digest for 1897. By John Mews, Esq., Barrister-atLaw. Royal 8vo. 1898.

158. This Digest is also issued quarterly, each part being cumulative.

Price to Subscribers, for the four parts payable in advance, net 178. Law Journal Quinquennial Digest, 1890-95.- An Analytical

Digest of Cases Published in the Law Journal Reports, and the Law
Reports, from Michaelmas Sittings, 1890, to Trinity Sittings, 1895.
By GEORGE A. STREETEN, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 1896. 11. 108.
To Subscribers to the Law Journal Reports, net 58., postage 6d.

“Extremely well done, with abundance of headings and cross references
could not be done better."

."-Law Times. Talbot and Fort's Index of Cases Judicially noticed (1865–

1890); being a List of all Cases cited in Judgments reported from Michaelmas Term, 1865 to the end of 1890, with the places where they are so cited.-By GEORGE JOHN TALBoT and HUGH FORT, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1891.

258. “This is an invaluable tool for the worker among cases."-Solicitors' Journal. DISCOVERY.-Sichel and Chance's Discovery:— The Law relating

to Interrogatories, Production, Inspection of Documents, and Discovery, as well in the Superior as in the Inferior Courts, together with an Appendix of the Acts, Forms and Orders. By WALTER S. SICHEL.

and WILLIAM CHANCE, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1883. 128. DISTRESS.-Oldham and Foster on the Law of Distress.-A

Treatise on the Law of Distress, with an Appendix of Forms, Table of Statutes, &c. Second Edition. By ARTHUR OLDHAM and' A. LA

TROBE FOSTER, Esqrs., Barristers-at-Law. Demy 8vo. 1889. 188. DISTRICT COUNCILS.-Chambers' Digest of the Law relating

to District Councils, so far as regards the Constitution, Powers and Duties of such Councils (including Municipal Corporations) in the matter of Public Health and Local Government. Ninth Edition. -By GEORGE F. CHAMBERS, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. Royal 8vo. 1895.

108. All standard Law Works are kept in Stock, in law calf and other bindings.

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