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Yosemite Falls and Valley,
Map of North America,
Sir Francis Drake in California, in 1579,
Spanish Ship of Seventeenth Century,
The Golden Gate and Bay of San Francisco, in 1769,
Montgomery Street, San Francisco, in 1849,
Mission of San Carlos, in 1770,
Mail Service in the Sierras,
Sherman, Summit of the Rocky Mountains,
A Buffalo Hunt on the Plains,
Monterey, California, in 1846,
Mission Rancho, California, in 1770, .
Mission of Santa Barbara, in 1786,
Father Garzes and the Indians in 1775,
James Marshall, Discoverer of Gold in California,
“Honest Miners " going Home,
Gold Mining in California, in 1849,
Interior of " El Dorado” Gambling House, in 1849, .
Emigrant Train-Gold Hunters in 1849,
Chinese, Gold Mining in California,
Miners around their Camp-fire,
Map of California,
“ Big Trees,” Mariposa Grove,
· Big Trees," Calaveras Grove,
Nevada Falls, Yosemite Valley,
The Pioneer's Cabin, .
Lake Tahoe, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
First Glimpses of the Sierras,
Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley,
Sentinel Rock, Yosemite Valley,
Donner Lake, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Tunnel in the Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Lakes in Anderson Valley,
The Golden Gate, Bay of San Francisco,
Mount Tamalpais, from the Bay of San Francisco,


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Farallone Islands,
Sea Lions, vicinity of the Golden Gate,
Seal Rock and the “ Cliff House,”
Near View of the Yosemite Falls,
Section of Mammoth Tree,
A Cotillion Party on the Stumps of Mammoth Tree,
South, or Half Dome, Yosemite Valley,
El Capitan, Yosemite Valley,
Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite Valley,
Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite Valley,
North Dome, and Royal Arches,
The Great Geyser of the Fire-Hole Basin,
The Bee-hive,
The Giantess Geyser, Yellowstone Region,
Horse Raising in California,
Bull and Bear Fight,
Lassoing Horses in California,
Rodeo-Cattle Branding,
Cape Horn-Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Summit of the Sierras,
Pleasant Valley, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Interior of Snow-Sheds, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Giants’ Gap, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
American River, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Crossing the Plains,
Moving on the Plains,
Lincoln School House, San Francisco,
First School House in San Francisco,
Custom House in 1849,
Post Office in San Francisco, in 1849,
Dennison's Exchange in 1849,
Island and Cove of Yerba Buena in 1847,
San Francisco in 1849,
First Fourth of July in San Francisco,
San Francisco Destroyed by Fire,
San Francisco from the Bay in 1847,
First Hotel in San Francisco,
Grand Hotel, San Francisco,
First Protestant Church in San Francisco,
Rush to the Gold Mines in 1848,
Old Mission jurch, San Francisco,
General w of the Almaden Quicksilver Mines,

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The Ford of the Yosemite,
View of Mount Shasta,
Night Scene on the San Joaquin River,
Night Scene on the Sacramento River,
Sutter's Mill, Place of the First Discovery of Gold,

Front Street, Sacramento City, in 1850,
Hydraulic Mining, California,
Snow-Sheds, Sierra Nevada Mountains,
Map of the Pacific States and Territories,
Falls on the Columbia River,
View on the Columbia River,
Deer Hunting in Oregon,
Catching Salmon, Columbia River Oregon,
Mount Hood, Oregon,
Scene on the Columbia River,
Dale Creek Bridge, Rocky Mountains,
Frontier Fort,
Mule Team going into the Silver Mines,
Star Peak, Nevada,
View of Great Salt Lake and Ogdon,
Finger Rock, Weber Cañon, Utah,
General View of Great Salt Lake City,
Indians Horse-Racing on the Plains,
Shooting Mountain Sheep in the Rocky Mountains,
Indians Gambling,
Pulpit Rock, Echo Cañon, Utah,
Monument Rock, Echo Cañon, Utah,
Joseph Smith, Founder of Mormonism,
Brigham Young, Head of the Mormon Church,
Joseph F. Smith, one of the “ Twelve Apostles,”
Mrs. Alice Young Clawson, Brigham Young's Daughter,
George A. Smith, “Church Historian,”
Orson Pratt, one of the “ Twelve Apostles,”
Orson Hyde, one of the “Twelve Apostles,”
Brigham Young's Harems,
Street Scene in Salt Lake City,
A Wagon Load of Mormons at Ogdon Cañon,
Witches Rocks, Echo Cañon,
Starting for the Silver Mines, Utah,
Brigham Young and a portion of his family,
The Mormon Temple, Salt Lake City,
A Mormon Family:

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Interview with a Grizzly,
Apache Squaw Scalp Dance, Arizona,
Procuring Poison for his Arrows,
Council with Friendly Indians,
Emigrants Fording the Snake River,
Shoshone Falls, Snake River, Idaho,
Crater of the Great Geysers, Yellowstone Region,
The Fan Geysers, Yellowstone Region,
Bathing Pools, Yellowstone Region,
The Grotto Geyser, Yellowstone Region,
Castle Rock, Columbia River,
Mount Rainier, from Puget Sound,
Indian Encampment, Puget Sound,
Indian Canoe Race on Interior Lake,
Old Fort Walla-Walla, Washington Territory,
Great Cañon and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone,
The Devil's Slide, Montana, Yellowstone Region,
Shale and Slate Rock and Tower Falls, Yellowstone,
Great Spring, Fire-Hole Basin, Yellowstone,
Yellowstone Lake, Wyoming Territory,
Elk Hunting, British Columbia,
Indian, Interior of Alaska,
Native of British Columbia,
Mud Volcano, Yellowstone Region,
Lower Falls of the Yellowstone,
Map of Alaska and British Columbia,
Sitka, Capital of Alaska,
Natives House-building, Alaska,
Skin Canoe and Indians, Alaska,
Moose Hunting in the Yukon River, Alaska,
Icebergs as seen off the Northern Coast of Alaska,
Whale Fishing off the Coast of Alaska,
Aurora Borealis, as seen in Northern Alaska,
Aurora Borealis and Trading Station, Alaska,

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