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Imprensa Nacional, 1891
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Stran 70 - ... masts, planks, boards and beams of what trees soever; and all other things proper either for building or repairing ships, and all other goods whatever which have not been worked into the form of any instrument...
Stran 51 - The solemn ratifications of the present treaty, expedited in good and due form, shall be exchanged between the contracting parties, in the space of six months, or sooner if possible, to be computed from the day of the signature of the present treaty.
Stran 62 - Liberty shall also be granted to bury the subjects of His Britannic Majesty who...
Stran 10 - Brasil, e dos meus domínios ultramarinos; ea todos os Ministros de Justiça, e mais pessoas, a quem pertencer o conhecimento e execução desta...
Stran 51 - ... and factitious population for the purpose of labour and industry within his South American dominions, has resolved to co-operate with his Britannic Majesty in the cause of humanity and justice, by adopting the most efficacious means for bringing about a gradual abolition of the Slave Trade, throughout the whole. of his dominions. And, actuated by this principle, his royal highness the Prince Regent of Portugal engages, that his subjects shall not be permitted to carry on the Slave Trade on any...
Stran 29 - Chancellaria, ainda que por ella não ha de passar, e que o seu effeito haja de durar mais de um anno, sem embargo da Ordenação em contrario: registrandose em todos os legares, onde se costumam registrar semelhantes Alvaras.
Stran 69 - Portugueze subjects in the Ports and Seas of Asia, is confirmed and secured to them by virtue of the sixth Article of the present Treaty. XXV. But in order to give due effect to that system of perfect reciprocity which the two high Contracting Parties are willing to establish as the basis of their mutual relations, His Britannic Majesty consents to wave the right of creating factories or incorporated bodies of British merchants...
Stran 51 - Mina), belonging to or claimed by the Crown of Portugal: His Royal Highness the Prince Regent of Portugal being resolved not to resign nor forego his just and legitimate pretensions thereto, nor the rights of his subjects to trade with those places, exactly in the same manner as they have hitherto done.
Stran 71 - ... incurred in the preservation thereof, according to the rate of salvage settled on both sides (saving at the same time the rights and customs of each nation, the abolition or modification of which shall however be treated upon in the cases where they shall be contrary to the stipulations of the present Article ;) and the high Contracting...
Stran 52 - Cumprilo inviolavelmente, e Fazelo cumprir e observar por qualquer modo que possa ser. Em testemunho e firmeza do sobredito Fiz passar a presente Carta, por Mim assignada, passada com o Sello Grande das Minhas Armas, e referendada pelo meu Conselheiro Ministro e Secretario d'estado abaixo assignado.

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