Boylston Prize Dissertations for the Years 1836 and 1837

Sprednja platnica
C.C. Little and J. Brown, 1838 - 371 strani

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Stran 247 - How far are the external means of exploring the condition of the internal organs, to be considered useful and important in medical practice?
Stran 306 - ... neither do our diagnostics serve to ascertain exactly the seat of the disease; nor does the difference in the seat of the disease exhibit any considerable variation in the state of the symptoms, nor lead to any difference in the method of cure.
Stran 12 - In the mean time wee abound with such things which next under God doe make us subsist : as fish, foule, deere, and sundrie sorts of fruits, as musk-millions, water-millions, Indian pompions, Indian pease, beanes, and many other odde fruits that I cannot name ; all which are made good and pleasant through this maine blessing of God, the healthfulnesse of the countrie which far exceedeth all parts that ever I have beene in : It is observed that few or none doe here fal sicke, unless of the scurvy,...
Stran 171 - I venture to throw out an opinion, founded on the observations with which my experience has furnished me, that the disease is connected with some preternatural growth of bone, or a deposition of bone in a part of the animal economy, where it is not usually found, in a sound and healthy condition of it, or with a diseased bone...
Stran 113 - ... power, and now they are running the mills there at an altitude of 10,000 feet by electricity, and to a great advantage. Q. What have you to say of the extension of foreign markets, possibilities and methods? — A. I have looked some into that subject, but have not made a special study of it. I believe the time is not far distant when this section of the country will...
Stran 23 - I have not been dry night nor day, from the third day of the week unto the sixth, but so travelled, and at night pull off my boots, wring my stockings, and on with them again, and so continue. But God steps in and helps. I have considered the word of God, in 2 Tim. ii. 3. Endure hardships as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.
Stran 15 - I cannot well learn. Doubtless it was some pestilential disease. I have discoursed with some old Indians, that were then youths ; who say, that the bodies all over were exceeding yellow, describing it by a yellow garment they showed me, both before they died and afterwards.
Stran 11 - THE TEMPER of the air of New England is one special thing that commends this place. Experience doth manifest that there is hardly a more healthful place to be found in the world that agreeth better with our English bodies.
Stran 226 - It failed in two instances of diseased hip joint. It produced considerable relief of pain in a case of supposed disease of the spine, followed by paraplegia ; and likewise in one of cancer of the breast. It allayed materially the pain occasioned by an acute uterine disease. It was of great and repeated utility in a case of Tic doloureux, its utility in a second case of the same description was very doubtful, and in a third it entirely failed.
Stran 20 - ... been thought to be in the situation of the Plantations, that some of them have not been so well seated for brisk and wholesome air, either for want of judgment in the planters, or overlooking that in comparison of other inconveniences, yet therein (not denying the ordinary interest of second...

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