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I cannot exactly ascertain the ene- ADMIRALTY. OFFICE, JOINE 28. my's lors, as they ulioutlı endeavour Eurait of a Letter from Admiral Sir to suppress it, but have reason to think 76x Jervis, K. B. Commander 1.3 it conliderable. They have suffered Chi-f of bis Maieffy's Ships and Viftels very much frem fome powder faksand in the Medurrrunean, .. Mr. Nepean, comburitibles taking tire which they do:ed on board the Victory, of Zoulon, had prepared with an intent to board us. Mizy il, 1796. Several of their men jumping overnard I DESIRE you will communicate to were drowned, and many others misera. the Lords Conimillioners of the Admi. bly burnt, some of whom have since died. rally, the enclosed letter from Commo. The damage ther fuaired we rery dori N.lon, addrified to me : and the great, her mop masts being mot away', fatisfaction I feel in having an Officer and her rigging, both fanding and run. of such Zcal and local knowledge on the ning, cut to pieces. The Souncer's (ex. important ftation he occupies. cepe her mizen-mast badly wounded, 4;omennon, sf Lana, April 25, 1796. and some of the running rigging ren- SIR, dered useless) is not material.

This morning having received in. I have judged ie proper to make this formation that a convov laden with port to land our prisoners, whore num. ftores ens the French army had anchor. bers far exceed our own, as well as to ed at Louna, I lof no time in proceed. rest and complete our waiti: I am,

&c. ing, H har place, with the ships named

8. F. EVANS. in the margins. I was sorry to observe, Hon. A. F. Cochrane, Commander

on my approaclı, that, inftead of a con. of bis Majesty's ship Tboies,

voy, only four vesels were lying under and Senior Omier ai Durinuda.

the bactcrics, which opened on

approach, and their fire was reruined ADMIRALTY OFFICE, ILVE 21, as the thips got up: under cover of Extrail of a Letter from Vice Admral which our boats boarded the four refo Kingful 10

Mr. Nepean, dat is fels, and hrought them off. The retsels L'Enzageanie, Gork Harbitr, June 15, lying very near the thore, a heasy fire 1796.

of mufquetry was kept on our boats, MY letter of the 13h instant ac. and it is with the greatest grief I hire quainted you. for the information of my to mention, that Lieutenant James No. Lords Committuoners of the Admiralty, ble, of the Agamemnon, a most worthy that I had sent out La Trompeuse floop and gallant Omeer, is, 1 fear, niortally to meet the Unicorn, and her pr ze La wunded. The fire frain the thips Tribune, and afford them any aliistance keeping under the fire of the batteries, they might need; vou will now please we luitained no damage; the Agamen. to communicate to their Lordships.thit, nou was, I believe, the only ship struck in executive of these orders, La' Trima hv shor. The principal part of this ferpievic, within a fu' hours after failing rice fel! on our boats, whose conduct from hence, on the i3ih inítant, disco and gallantry could not on any occasion vered two briys, the nesreit of which, a have been exceeded, and I wis fully to collier, having been just before captured express the sense I entertain of the by the other, was immediately retaken, gallantry of every Officer and man em. and Captain Warfun proceeded in chace ploved on this occasion. Herewith of the privateer, which he had the gond transmit a list of wounded, and of the fortunéto come up wiin, and to capture vefleis taken, none of which had any about ten o'clock the fime evening, colours hoifted, or men on board when clore in shore, between Bally Cotion and taken, Cable illand. She proves to De L'E- I have the honour to be, &o. veille, mounting !ix guns, four of which

HORATIO NELSON. were thrown overboard during the chace, 5. Jobs Jervis, K. B. but carrying one hundred men; had

Troudrd. been out ten days froni Breft, and had Lieutenant James Noble, of the Again the morning, weil to the frothward, taken a Newsoundland Cuisvard-bound Two seamen of the Meleager. brig, which our oibre cruizers are

List of Wols taken, ikely to intercept.

One thip of eight guns (four of which Melcager, Diadem, Peterell.


were brass) and ewenty brass pattera. marched towards the Sieg; and, after

Toes, laden wich corn and rice. some fevere kirmishes, forced the Prince One kerch, laden with musquets and of Wirtenberg's advanced posts to quit cales of ammunition.

that river on the rit. His Serene HighOne galley, laden with wine.

nets then took a position at Crobach, Doe ditto, laden with corn.

near Hackenburg, having an advanced Oficer's employed in the Bortis.

guar i at Altenkirchen. Lieutenants Suckling, Noble and Comp. On the 3d the enemy attacked the ton, of the Agamemnon.

post of Altenkirchen, and carried it with Leutenant Calverhouse, of the Me- great lofs, after experiencing the most leager:

obitinare resistance that it was pollible to Licutenant Ryder, of the Diadem. make. Nothing could furpass the braHORATIO NELSON. very that was dilplayed by the Austrian

troops, but they were obliged to yield DOWNING-STREET, JUNE 30. to the superiority of numbers, the eneDispatches, of which the folloiving are my waving brought the principal part of copies and extracts, have been received the force which they had un she right from Lieu'. Col. Craufurd, by the Right bank of the Rhine against that one Honourable Lord Grenville, his Majef. point. it's Principal Secretary of State for Head Quarters, Hockheim, June 10, Foreign Aifairs.

1796. Baumholder, June 1, 1796. My Lord, My Lord,

I Have the honour to inform your I Have the honour to inform your Lordihip, that on the 6th inftant Prince Lordship that hulliries commenced Ferdinand of Wirtemberg, upon finding yesterday morning at half an hour pait that the enemy was nianæuvring to turn ten o'clock. The enemy attacked the his right Hank, retired from ine Syn. village of Walhaufen, situated near the bach Rivulet to the Lahn, and took a source of the Nahe, and occupied by position near Limburg, having a corps che Auftrians as an advanced poft ; bue upon his left at Nallall, and one upon they were repulsed, loling from fixty to his right at Weilberg; the larcerdeterenty killed, and pear four hundred tačbed live fquaderns of light cavalry to taken priloners.

the neighbourhood of Wetzlar, for the The' Antrian General Schellenberg purpose of oblerving the enemy's move. teok potierlion at the same time of Kern, ments on that lide. The first reinforce. upon che Nane. The enemy made les ments that were sent to the Prince of Feral unsuccesful efforts to dislodge him Wirtemberg joined him on the 7th.' from that pott, and sustained a confide. Several other troops have since arrived rable lors.

in the pulition of the Lahn, and the Tuday a part of the Austrian Hu- further progress of the enemy is ef. lans, and the Salkbourg light infantry, fectually ropped by the active and enero attacked and defeated one of the enc- getic measures which the Archduke has my's pofts near Steinberg, towards the employed upon this important occasource of the Buss. There have been fion. other triling kirmishes that are not General Jourdan, immedia:ely after the worth noticing, in all which the duo success of General Kleber again't the ftrians have had the advantage. In the Prince of Wirtenberg, threw bridges course of yesterday and to day, their lols over the Rhine at Neuwied, and he is af. has been four officers, and between ie. fembling with the utinoit diligence the venry and eighty non-commissioned principal part of his arniy on the right officers and privates.

bank of ihe Lahu. His filt intention I have the honour to be, &c. &c. ei.!:ly was to advance tu Frankfort ;

C. CRAUFURD. but, as the Archduke has completely Ober Mufcbel, June fo, 1796. twiled him in tiat project, he seems now Ou the 4ch and sth reports were io confine bis views to whe liege of Ehreceived from Prince Ferdinand at renbreiritzin, which fortrets he has inveited. Wirtemberg, who comınanded the corps The Archduke is now marching againk upon the Sieg. They itated in fubitance him with his main arniy, having left a as follows:

confiderable corps under General Mercan. The two divisions of the enemy's lin in the polinion behind the Seliz rivulet troops that were in the neighbourhood between Mayence and Alizey. His Roya! of Duffeldorf, being considereny rein. Higinels's head-quarters were novel, on forced from the army of the North, the bit inttani, from Obermuíchel to



Wonheim, on the road from Cruizenach which was covered on the right by the to Alizey ; on the Sh 10 Nider U.In, and Rune; and as ibe hiilis on the righi bank on the gth to this place, whicie they remain of the Dille are ve.y feep, woody, and All that part of his army, which difficult of access, it was cilincial for the is deitined to act inn, diately against enemy to occupy them, but mure elveci General Jourdan, has paslcd the Rhine at a.lyów, to take the polition between Here Mayence, and is advancing towards the mánitein.on that river and Altenbourg enemy, full of fpints and confident of the Lithin, as the Austrians would victory.

llien have been completely prevented from Marshal Wurmfer has detached to the colling at Wetzlar, and obliged co maUpper Rhine a tutticient number of troopsnævre, by Giefiill, towards Elurbura to put his lett fi..nk in fccurily againit and Diclenburg. any attempts which General Moseau might The Arctiduke ordered General Were now be induced to make on that fide, and neck to push his advanced fots across his Excellency still maintains a position, the Lalm and the Dilie at Weizlar on the with a part of his army, on the left bank 141h, and to pais, on the 15th, with iris of the Rhine, tion Réh Hutte to Frane whole corps; to support which mancuvre, kenthal, the left of which is coveried by the Saxons were directed to advance to the lower part of the Rehhach rivulet, and Weizlar the same day, and General Kray the front and right by the canal called the to occupy the beig bis he:ween Brauntels Florebach, ihai interjects plain from and Lennon on the Lahn, The French the Rehbach in Fraukenthal, and runs General Le Fevre was in inarch wilh a from thence through part of the wood of large corps for the lime ohjeet at the time Fricienheim into the Rhine.

time. The lie.ds of his columns atracked I hope toon to have the honour of General Werneck's advanced guard, tranlimiiting to your Lordihip, accounts whiclı, after making a very long and muk of his Royal Highnets's suc.els againit obtinuit relittance, was obliged to yield General Jourdan, and the contequent to the great-fuperiority of neinbers. The relief of Ehrenbrei dein; events, which enemg ihen occupied the abovernentioned the vigorous offensive inentures that will polizion, with his right 'o the Lahn and be iminediately purtued in ihai quiller iseir Heft to the Dille, and began a levere fee: to infurt.

Caimonade on the Austrians, whau, I have the honour to be, &c. &c. though at the foot of the big is, with

C. CRAUF RD. the rivers cluse in their rear, la tormed Head Quarters of his Rosul Higéni isibe again, and stood firm. His Royal

Arabulieke Charles of tuina, ilueken. Highness the Archduke having arrived burg, June 18, 1796.

jut as the advanced guard was reliring, III. ive the honour in inform you Lord. ordered the Suixons 10 accelerate their ship, that the Archocikt's headquarters march, ard particularly their cavalry to were inoved froin Hockheim: to Schwal. advance with as much expedition as pulli. bacli, near Koningitein, on the irih in. ble. His Royal Highneis kikewitc oritant, to Htse Homburg on the 12th, and dered that part of General Werneck's io Giuffin Witbach ite 73'li, where they corps, which had semained in referve on remained the 14th : on winich, day bis the left brink of the Lahn, to join their Royal Highnels completed the neceílary advanced guard, and left the detachments arrangements for the defence of the Lahn, on the lefi opposite Alienbourg, and on between Braunfels and the Rhine, which the right at Allar near Hermauitein, as chvetiy contilted in poling a large corps at they had been ai tift polied, in order 10 Limbourg, with iwo owners of intuior fecive the flanks. Tin this very critical force near Natiau and Weilbuig. On the potiuion his Royal Highness remained, 14th a contiderable corps, under the com- antwering the enemy's ca..r Olinde troin mand of Lieutenadi-Gineal Wernick, a baucy of twelve-pounders, and die arrived at Weiziar, the S2*4.45 at Busz. fuminei 10 attack as loin as the head bach, nearly louth of Wetzlar. Another of the Saxon coluinn Bould have pasied Itrong column, commanded by General Wetzlar. Kay, marched the tanie day loilie neigii- The position that General Le Fevre ocbou hood of Brauniels, and a parulan cupied, was composed of a range of neights, corps pushed across the Lahu to Konings- which, troni che broken ground in their berg, which lies between Giellen and Here front, are difficult of accets. There was burti on tbe Dille,

a projecting point of a wood that formed The river Diile formed the natural upon the face of these heights a falient leli tunk to the enemy's line of defence, angle to the rest of his line ; and this


wood, returning through the center of ihe but upon endeavouring to continue the , position, ex'ended to the right and left pursuit still further, they were received by behind each wing, to the Lahn and thic the fecond line of French infantry, who Diile.

gave them a levere fre, and obliged shem, This falient point was strongly occupied to return out of the wood to form again. with intantry, as well as the heights and However, they brought off all the cannon village of Altenberg, and on the height and ammunition waggons that they had above Hermanftein the principal part of taken. The enemy Itill kept the heights the cavalry was formed, being lupported of Alienbourg, their line extending from by infantry posted in the wool in their thence towards Alsteden on the Dille. rear; the artillery was dillributed upon the The Austrian grenadiers now attacked spo?s mok favourable for raking the face and defeated the French infantry in the of the position. In this order General, wood. L: Fevre waited the arrival of the rest of his In the rear of the enemy's left fank, at corps ; had it come up before the Arch- the distance of about iwo English miles, duke acracked, the Auftrians must have lay, the village of Barghausen on the Dille. retired across the Laho at Wetzlasi. His In the vicinity of that village the wood Royal Highness, perfectly aware of this retires from the Dille in the form of a circuditance, résolved not to delay his af- half circle, leaving a considerable space , tack a moment after the Saxon cavalry of open grounds through this the road, hould have arrived; this did not happen by which the lett of General Le Fevre's. till feven in the evening, and the diipo. corps was obliged to retreat, partes and lition was then made in general as follows : enters the wood again over an height that Curee squadrons of the Austrian cavalry, affords an excellent position for infantry) the regiment of Carichy, fupported by not only from being so immediately on that of Nairau, were ordered to charge the the edge of the wood, but more especially left, and the Saxon cavalry the fiont of as the foot of it is covered, in the greatest the heights above Hermanitein, while the part of its exrent, by a savine that is Auftrian grenadiers attacked the enemy's very difficul to crossá center in the wood; the left wing was kept

It was on this height that the enemy back. The regiment of Carachy advanced had formed three battalions, with a bat. through the hollow ways and ravines, and, tery of artillery, to reccive their troops when arrived at the top of the height, that had been defeated by the Austrian charged the enemy with a degree of intre. cavalry and grenadiers; and at tiie lame pidity that must do them immortal bonour; tiine finding har viftory was declared in bur as thsy were very much bruken by the favour of ine Autrians, they retired their txire ne túdness of the ground, and as the right from the heights of Altenbourg, French cavalry was nuinerous, and drawn forming the troops that liad occupied that up in perfc&t order to receive them, they wing of the polition in the thick wood were repuisell. The regiment of Nusrau which was inimediately in their rear. hid, in ihe mean time; reached the luininio Four Squadruns of Saxon cavalry, as if and formed; they therefore received the determined to emulate the exemplary contegiment of Carachy, which allied under duet of the Imperial troops, together with their protection, charged the enciny again a {quadron of the regiment of Caracliy, with pure of the regiment of Nu un advanced through that part of the wood their Banks, and part as a second line, which iad been cleared by the grenadiers, and, after as regular a hock as could and, without waiting for further suppori, lake place, they proved victorious. This and not accompanied either by canron happened before the Saxon cavalry had or infantry, defiled along the road, and reached their point of attack, or the gre. lcrambled through the ravine under the nadiers tad arrived at the wond; and the enemy's fire, formed, and attacked the enemy finding themselves taken in Hank, height which I hare just described : After and mnott vigoiously purlued, retired; their futtering great loss, they bri ke the three firâ line with great precipitation abandon. battalions; cut down every man who could ing the falient point of their centie, and their not lave himself by flight in the wood, deteated cavalry threw itself in disorder and took the cannon. into the wood behind their infantry. Part

The night now came on, and put an: of the regiments of Carachy and Nailsu end to this very bilisant affair. Nothing ful:owed them, cut to pieces a battalion could furpass the st adiness and intrepidity, which had formed where the road leading with which the Austrian and S.xon troops froin Wetzlar to Grietfeostein enters the executed his Royal Highness's masterly wood, and took several pieces of cannon; and decisive manceuries. VOL. XXX. AUGUST 1796.


The apo

The loss of the Austrians and $38. order to give time for his reserve, aththt. ons amounted to about five hundred men, nition, and baggage, to pass the Sieg: including several officers ; that of the he therefore occupied the very advantage; French, judging from the number left dead ouis position that these heights afford, wilk on the field, and from the accounts given about 24,000 men. The front of both by deserters and prisoners, and by the his wings, as well as his flariks, were co. inliabitants of the country through which vered by two deep ravines, that could only they passed in their retreat, must have been be passed at a very few points. very greai. It is reported that General proach to his centre was about 300 yards Le Fevre, who commanded in person, was broad, and ran along a ridge that connected wounded badly in the arni.

this position with the heights of Kirpen, Having failed in his attempt to make and in which the two tavines above men. himself master of this important pofition, tioned take their fource. At the village of General Jourdan determined to raise the Kirpen there is another range of advantablockade of Ehrenbreitstein, and recross gecis heights, parallel to those where the the Rhine. Four of the six divisions which enemy was posted; their righr (lvoking composed his army have direčied their towards Ukareth) terminales in a deep march towards Neuwied, the two others ravine; their left on a plain oppofire to towards Seigburg, Cologne and Dusiel- the enemy's centre. This plain is bounded dorf.

on its left by a finall woud that extends On the 16th the Archduke marched in' towards the ravine which covered the enepursuit of General Le Fevre to Greiffen. my's right wing, leving the approach to Itein, where he was joined by General their centre clofe on its right. From this Kray, who had crossed the Lalin that wood a lorg range of inclofures and small morning at Leun.

copres, intermixed with two villages and On the 17th his Royal Highness march- several scattered houses, extend in a parallel ed to Renderodt; his advanced guard direction to the right of the enemy's poli. pushing on to Altenkirchen, and on the rion, nearly on a line with the heights 18th to Hackenbourg, The corps at of Kirpen. Limbourg, Nassau, and Weilburg crossed On the Altenkirchen side of Kirpen, the Lahn, and pursued General Jourdan about seven hundred yards from the by Montabauer and Thierdort, whilst the latter, is a third range of heights, which partizan corps on the right advanced 10 rake exactly the same direction as thote The Sieg. But notwith ttanding the utmolt I have just described, their right being diligence has been made use of hy the Au- covered by a deep ratine, their center Atrians, nu zffair of consequence has taken and left falling gradually into a plain place fince the 15:11, as the enemy have that is bounded by Kirpen, and by the retired on all sides with the utmott preci.. inclosures and small villages above menpitation.

tioned. Intelligence is just received that Marthal General Kray's corps confifted of Wurmler's ports in the front of Manheim about eleven thousand men, viz. thirty. were attacked on the 14th indt. and that his

tio squadrons of light cavalry, two Excellency defeated the enemy, and took battalions of grénadiers, fix battalions of from them several cannon.

fuficers, two battalions of Sclavoniari Head quarters of bis Royal Highness the light infantry, with a corps of riflemen, Archduke Charles of Auftria. Hacken. and a proportionate number of heavy bow g, June 20.

and horse artillery. I HAVE the honour to inform your The Austrian hullars fell in with a Lordhip, that his Royal Highness the large patrole of the enemy at the village, Archduke's advanced corps, commanded of Weyerbusch, and drore it back to by General Kray, marched yesterday Kirpen; there they.came up with Gemorning at day break in pursuit of that 'neral Kleber's ports, which they ima part of the enemy's army which, after mediately forced back toward his po., un ting at Alterkirchen,' was retiring, fition, and General Krag's advanced under the orders of General Kleber, 10- guard, consisting of one Sclavonian light wards Siegburg on the Sieg, with ihe in. infantry, and one Walloon bartalicn, tention of proceeding from thence to Co. with several squadrons of light caralry, logn and Duffeldorf.

and some horse artillery, formed upon General Kleber found himself under the heights of Kirpen. the receility of halting that day on ile General Kleber, who could easily difo heighes tha: lay between Kirpen and Ukacover General Kray's strength, immedi. seth on the great road to Siegburg, in ately determined uport attacking part of

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