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the infantry of his right wing, advanced Kirpen, and formed two principal atinto the wood that bounded the plain below tacks; the one with this lines of cavalft.e heigits of Kirpen, and into the inclo. ry, supported by his right wing of in. fures and villages tha: exien.ded fiom fantry, againit Gentral Kay's left, and thence herween the two positions, and the the other with nine Battlions of in. caralry of that wing marched in the rear fantry, supported by a large body of of the infantiv, ready to advance and at. cavalry again at the center, whilft his left tack General Kray's left, as foon as the advanced sufficiently to keep the Auflater (viz. the intantry) Mould have trian right in check, etahlilhed if-lf along the edge of the plain. The enemy now attacked General A finall part of the infantry of this lett Kray's left ring, and defeared his cawing advanced through the ravines against ralry, as their great superiority of num. General Kray's right, ir order to prevent bers gave them an opportunity of gainhis de:aching tiom thence, whilft his prin- ing its Aank. But the battalion and the cipal body of cavalry, fupported by ninc hartery, which occupied a height on the batalions of infantry, and a great pro: left of the infantry position, changed portion of heavy artillery, marched from their frurit, and kept up such a heavy his centre again it the heights of Kirpen. fire on the flank of the French cavalry The Anftrian cavalry, which was posted as checked their pursuit. The Austrian near Kirpen, attacked the French cavalry cavalry rallied under the protection of as they were forming at the head of the this able manoeuvre, and returning to ridge before described; but partly fron the the charge, supported by four squadrons fire which they received in their left flink of Saxons who had just arrived, drove from the wood, and partly from the very back the French into the villages and great luperiority of nuinbera, they were defiles from which they had advanced, repulsed. However, the battaljon of u'al and decided the affair' on that fide. loons and Sclavonian lig'ir infantry kept Whillt this was going on, the nine bata their ground, the cavalry rallied under talions, and the cavalry that were formed their protection, and in this simnation the at Kirpen, advanced again the center of alvanced guard waited the enemy's at- the Austrian position, supported by a most tack. The French cavalry, as loun as its forinidable fire of artillery. This point furnisation was coinpleted, advanced agai: 11 was occupied by three battalions and some the heigh's of Kirpen, anit, fupported by Squadrons of cavalry in the first line, 10 a part of their intantry, drove back the which the advanced guard that had been Austrian cavalry, the Sclavonian Data- .obliged to abandon Kirptn, formed, as lion, and the artillery, all of whom retired has been before obf.oved, a ficond line. behind the line of ine polition in the rear. These mno? gallant troops allowed the The Wallon battalion, commanded by Prench to approach them within a hun. Colonei Brady, lood hirm, repulfed the dred paces, without firing, except froin repented and combined attacks that were their cannon. The fit line of infantry marle upon it, and at lat finding ittilf then gave a general discharge, and charged furroureded, began its retreat throngia the wish their bivonets, This decisive mo. * village towards the poi ion, which it ef. ment produced the defir d etF-E!; the fected in a minuer that deserves to he French gave way; Genera! Kay's cavalry repwefenied as an example of havery and pursued them into the village, and the dilcipline, woich may be equall d, nur can Austrians proved finally victorious. They

Pever be turp liet, The French verlow were not, however, in futficient foice io · maiters of the vilage and heighs of Kr. profit of this victory in the manner they

pens; per right wing had eitabsediteit might otherwise have done, especia ly as on the enge of the incloluies, and in the the enemy's broken troops were received villages ihal burder the plain, and their iett hý a strong referer, and as their right still cxler det from Kirpen in a prallel line to remained in the villages and inclosures the Auftrians, with whole riglie it was which they had tak n poflumun of in the already engaged in a distant müketry fire. beginning of the action ; General Kray

Generi hray formed his advanced was therefore obliged to enntent himself guard again behind his center as a re. with forcing the enemy !o abandon the forve, and remained upon his position to heights of Kiipep: To the evening Gereceive the formidable attack that the neral Kleber retired his right wing into snemy were now preparing to make up his position: bur a battalion at the exon him.

treinity of his left, that had advanced to General Kleber brought a great

turn the right of the Auftrians, was comquantity of artillery on the height of plete y cut off.



Thus, my Lord, ended an affair, which, dred dead on the field, and atcording to though lels important than that of the all reports had a very great number 15th, near Wetzlar, because the obiect of wounded. conten son was not of such magnude, General Keber retreated last night as may with justice be stiled equally usijansa suon as it was dark across the Sitgal particularly when we coulder that ile Siegbourg, from where he is directing French bad more than double the force his maich iowards Duffel'ort, and Genes of th: Austians,

ral Jourdan has recrified the Khine with General Kray lost between five and like all the reit of his army at Neuwied. hundred men. The enemy had above seven (HERE END THE GAZETTES.] hundred taken pritoners, left feveral hun,

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DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE, Dreadful Conflagration at Coarlefon. Igth of September, then to meet for the MONDAY Une 13th of June, at three ditpatch of bufiness.

o'clock in the afternoon, a room in Aug. 3. The Count de Montinort ar. Lodge.allcy was diíçuvered to be on rivel in town, being charged with difa fire, which in a few minutes communi, patches from Louis xviilih to the cated to the neighbouring buildings. Count d'Artois, at Edinburgh, The citizens soon allembled, but their This Nobleman brings advice, that exertions could not stop the devouring on Wednesdar the 19th of July, ar ten fames till three o'clock the next morn: o'clock at night, as the King of France ing, nor till a very considerable part of was looking out of the window of an the city was deftroyed. Every toure inn, at a town belonging to the Elector in Queen-street, from the Bay to the of Treves, called Dillingen, pear. Ulm, corner of Church-ftreet; two-thirds of on the Danube, he was wounded on Union-street; Church Street, from the upper part of bis forehead by a ball, Broad-frest to St. Philip's Church, fupputtu ia have been fired from a with only two exceptions; Chalmer's horse pistol on the opposite fide of the and Beresford's alleys; Kinlock's-courli ftreet, which was about 25 yards wide, and the north side of Broad-ftreet, from The ball took an oblique direction, and the State House to four doors below made a singular wound of three inches Church-ftreet; and five houses on the long, without penetrating the kull; no Bay, were burnt to the ground: Surgcon being iminediately at hand, one

The public buildings destroyed are of ine gentlemen of his fuite cut off the the French Church, and leveral ad. hair, and applied the first thing he met joining buildings. Sc. Philip's Churen with in order to top the bleeding, was on fire leveral times, and ultimately. The confusion was great, by which must have been destroyed, if a lpirited means the perpetrator of this innuman negro man had not afcended to the top decd made his clcape; he is supposed to of the cupola, next the yane, and tore he a Frenchman from the Republican off the thingles.

army, brived for this parport, and conThe private buildings destroyed, and nected with others who facilitated his the property they contained, are catio escape. The two has a wall round it, mated to exceed 250,000l.

but, perhaps, not more than four feet There is reason to suppose that this high in many places. This aflaliin misfortune was the work of some must have been particularly acquainted : wicked incendiary.

with the King's perfon, as the Duke de 28. One of the Powder Mills on Flecra was standing close by him at the Houp Now Heath blew up about eleven. time, in a varrow window, and is nearly Four unfortunate perfons perihed, but as corpulent in his perfon. The ball no others were hurt. It is remarkable, was found on the Hoor, Hattened

by that this Mill had been lately erected, having struck the wall afterwards. The on the Scite of that blown up on the king was uut materially hurt, and in 24th of January, and was used for the three days afterwards pursued his journey 1aine purpose, that of corniog, the tu ingoldstadt, in his way to Saxony, powder.

4. Yelterday a special Coure of DiJury 30. This night's Gazette contains rectors was held at the India-House, a Proclamation for prorozving the l'as. for the urpose of opening the dispatches ne from the szi la of August to the received from India and China by the





following Ships, whose Pursers arrived for an assaule, rios, and mout, in during the course of the morning : forcibly actiņpting to

Princess Amelia, Barwell, and Lon. ,Griodicy out of a building attached 'éco, from Boubay,

to the Cathedral Church of Bangor; Lord Thurlow, Francis, Hillsborough, to the pollition of which Grindley and Minerva, from Rengal and Madras. claimed to be entitled, as Depury. Res Rodney, from Madras.

guter' co the Episcopal Confitorial Lord Wallingham, Marquis of Lanf- Church of the Bithopric of. Bangur. down, Earl of Oxford, Bellona, Princess The whole originaced in a question of Wales, llabella, Warren Hastings, as to the right of Grindley to the office Royal Charlotte, Duckingfield Hall, of Deputy Rigitter, It appeared that and Anna 2d, from Bengal..

both parties were actuared by no small Carron, Surat Castle, Young Wil. degree of warrut: The Judge, Heath, liam, and Anna ift, from hina, in his sumining up, Icemed io consider Siins, anu Edward, Whalers.

the Bishop in lume ms furs to blame : in 9. A Cricket - Match was played having first oiltaken the point of law bý eleven Greenwich Pensioners with respecting the prosecutor's title; and one leg against eleven , with afterwards uld perfonal force, allifted arm, for one thoufand guineas; at the by others, to turn hiin out of che buildnew Cricke ground, Montpelier GarsingThe Jury acyuitted all the dodens, Walworth. - About-nine o'clock fendants. the men arrived in three Greenwich The Prorecutor's behaviour had been Atges; about welve the wickets were such in the course of the difpute as to pitched, and the match commenced. sender him liable to an indictment; and Those with but one leg had the first he feems to have gropied that mode of indings, and gee ninety-three runsi prosecutiçn against the Bilhop, in order those with one arm got but forty-two to affect him with as much obloquy as runs during their innings. The one's poftible. It was hinted by the proleculegs commenced their second innings, tor's Counsel, tint the diffention beand fix were bowled out after ihey got tween the parties arose from matters kary rurs, so that they left off one connected with the late General Elechundred and eleven more than those tion; but no evidence was admitted on

Next morning the that head. mach was plaved out, and the men with At Stafford Aflizes an extraordinary one leg beat the one arms bv 10; incident rok place: One of the prirunnings. After the match was finith toners (I'm. Corterell) was indicted ed, the eleven one-legged men run a for a burglary and rubbery in the houle sweepitakes of one hundred yards dis. of Mr. Furman, of Handsworth, to tance, for twenty guincas, and the three iwhich he pleaded Guiliy; nor could he firit had prizes.

be perfuz'ed to offer any other plea, 10. On Wednesday morning, about until the Judge threatened, in case he eleven o'clock, one of the Dartford perfificd, to order him for a (peedy exco Powder Mills, about half a mile difunt cutiunlle then pleaded Not Guiliy, and from the place, blew up with a dreadful his trial proceeded. However, rufe cxplosion. Four persons lof their lives. ficicnt evidence not appearing !Q con:

The trial of the Bishop of Bangor, his vict hiin, he was, of course (though Claplain, and others, caine very unexpectedly), acquitted. Sarewsbury Allizes, or an indi&tment

with one




M A R R I. A G E S. LORD Viscount Andover, son of the Earl Francis John Brorvo, esq. M. P. for the

of Suffolk, to Miss Coke, eldeit daugh- county of Dorset, to Miss Frances Richards, ter of T. W. Coke, ela of Holkham, Nor. second daughter of the Rev. John Richards, folk.

of Longbridge, in the same county. Wiliam Wingfield, efq. to the Right Colonel Stephen Poyntz, of the first Hon. Lady Charlotte Digby, daughter of the regiment of life guards, to Mrs. Whitfield, late and after to the present Earl,

widow of John Whitfield, esq..of Wattord, Lieutenant-Colonel Pigot, to Miss Mary, herts. Arn Monckton, fecond daugh:er of the Hon. The Right Rev. the Bithop of PeterboJom Monchton, of Fine hale, Northamp-, rough, to Miss Vyse, after of General wnshire,



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Captain Hankey, of the first regiment of in his Majesty's service, to Miss Foire, guards, to Miis Hansey, of Medford, cquar.. daughtrr of Lord Petra.

Frederick Keppe!, eiq only lon bi the Joseph Mavbey, efq. ion nf Sir Joseph late Hithop Keppel, to M & Clive.

Mawbes, but to Mifs Herchman, dauna The Rev. George Henry Storie, Recor et of 'Thomas Henchinar., Esq. cfw Bus. of Stowe ip Effex, to Midtliza jekyl Chał Ington.street. mers, youngest daughter of Lieut. Caloni Nicholas Cxfar Corallis, eiq. of C.Ichef. Chalmers, of Chelsea.

ter, 10M:6 Mary Bond, daughter of the late The Hon. William Hay Carr, brother to John Bond, ifq of Grange, Dorfetthie. the Earl of Errol, to Miss Elivt, third At Greenwich, Mujor hamlon, of the daughter of Sansuel Eliot, cq. of the inarid Rryai Artillery, to Miss Charlotte Hardy, K Antigua.

gourgest daughter of ihe late Jotiah Hardys Denzil Ondow, erg. Lieutenang.Colonel ela. Consul at Cadiz,



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funt !9.

At Dumfries, the celebrated Scotch peci A

T Cipe Nichola Mole, St. Domingo, Rahere Burns. (Step: 78.)

Alexander Crayford, Conniffáry ni Ae, Lardy, in Dublin, David Robinson, 117 counts to the Expedition ferit so that idand. piany years lenne captain of the Royal Irish

Latviy, on his pamage to England, Thco. Tegupers of artillery dore Corbett, erg. låte civil paytą ter in ing Lately, Williana Lindsay, els governor of Eart India Company's fervice Marraís. Tubago, of the yellow fever.

JULY 11. At Madrid, the Right Honour- 22. Ac Clormell, ia bus 70th year, Dr. able the Counters of Traquais, daugiter of the William Egan, titular birbcp of Limere and fate George Ravencroft, eig. of Lincoln.

Waterford 25 years. tire.

At Glasgow, in her 948h year, Mrs. Ca13. At Croft in Herefordihire, in his 821 iherine Campbell, relict of Mr. Dan.d year'; itie Rev. Richard Smith, M. A. wlio Campbell, merchant there. had been 52 years rector of that place.

At Dare, near Mariborough, Wilts, in Thomas Taylor, at Birminghairis aged 1034 his S2d year, Maurice Hiller, ifą. He had worked at his trade of a cotier with 23. A¢ Glaigow, Mc David Weir, preache in a wick of his death.

of the gospel. 15 At Euston, in his 87th year, Thomas 24. Mr. Alexander Ainge, at Pembroke. Bayley, wo had served the Dukes of Cratton 25. At Botritham Hall, Cambridkehirt, in 67 ye its

her 94th year, Mr. Jenjas, widow of the latę 17. A Bath, Mr. Frappel, who had kept Şuame Jinyos, eft. the Grove free Houf 25 years.

At Bath aged 79, Mrs. Harar, reli&t of Tuncthy Oyton etc. lati printer of the Admiral Hamar. Qazert at Darlin.

26. At Kniglie faridge, Willian Maxwell, Then is Mills Riddell. esq. only con of Siç esq. late of Dalíwinton. James Ricdul, bart of Ardnamurchan and At Mostyn Hall, Flint hire, Sir Roger Sunart

Mottyn, bart. member for the county of 18. At EnArd. Robert Kingson, erg. Flint, which he had represented in eighę lately anaved frm Oporto.

pasligi.ents. Lately, at Wate:tura, Mr Thomas Chap.. 27. Mr. Jonah Rpharts, of Mile End. m), nariner.

He raided with Lord Ansun 28. Lady Dowager St. Aubyn,-i1 Welbecke round the world iri tie i cnturon

frétt. Lately. aline Hoc Welis, botto, William 29. At Stratford rlace. Mira Cosway, only Builer, esqof Corwith in Flinth relate daughter c: Richard Cofway, cíq. lieutenant.colunil of the 3th : of inot.' Thonias Wale, esg. at Sheltord, in Can.

Lattly, at Welis, Maurice L. d, erg. bridgt hire, in his g5th year, 19. nr. Valrer Brind, fen. of Foite: lane. 30. At Kitarocks lioure in Hampthirs,

At Turnhum Green, William Lloyd, esq. in h sebih yeur, Tho.nas Appk ford Woolls, admure of the White.

efq. caj tain of the Preshown tioop of yeonseil „Mr. Samued Palmer, lately a haberdartice cavalr, and formerly preúdent of the Arts in Ceria.d-trees, Sulio.

culouri society ftha; division, ud wijn be *!. Ar Southatou, rear-admiral Richard was the original pronoter. Carteret.

Ar Mancl.ebcr, Rohre Dar!.y, M. D. dats phyfic:an to the Nianchester Infirmary.

Latels, Mr. Joseph Standith, of Austin Mr. Christopher Pivett, carver and gilder, Fryers, of the house of Gordons and Stanleys in York, aged 93. He was formerly in the Lime ftreet.

retinue of his Royal Highness William Duke Lately, William Wynne, esq. of Wem, in of Cumberland: He fought under the Earl Carnarvonih:re.

of Scairt the battle of Duttingen, and under 31. Captain Delgarno, of bis Majesty's ship the Duke of Cumberland in the battle of Leander.

Fontenoy; was at the siege of Carl De, and Augusti. Ai Wells, Mr. Walter Brown, the battle of Culloren; he went to York the furgcon, of Bradford.

latter end of the your 1745: His habitation At Thorp Arch, in his 77th year, Peter having been burnt down, fie took the lingua Johnson, efq. commiffary of the Prerogative lar resolution cf not lyitig in a bet, which he Court of York, and late recorder of that had aot done for the last 38 years of his life $ cty.

He used to deep upon the fiuui, or upon a At Pathud, in Siafforshire, General Sir chair or chairs with his cloathis on. During Robert Pigott, bart in his 77th year.

the whole of this perio1 he lived alone, cookNr. William Windaw, engine maker to the ed his victuals, and feldom admitted any pera Prince of Wales and Duke of Clarence. lon into his habitation, carefully concealing James Collis, esq. of Enñeld.

the place of his birth, or to whom he was 2. At St. Margaret's Bank, Recheitet, related. It is supposed that he was born in Captain Orrock, of the Royal Navy.

or near London, and that his relations refide Mr. of Wliettable, age] 88 there. He appeared to have had a liberal gerire.

education ; was fond of having recciprs for 4. In Conduit- ftreet, Mr. John Allen, money in the name of Sir Christopher Pivett, Reward to the earl of Eglingtown.

and was remarkable for many fingularities : John Bell, esq many year's first coinmiffio. Amongst other uncommon articles which Ct7 lur fick and wounded scenen, and after composed the forniture of his apartment were raids under secretary of State to the late a homan kull, come old swords and armour, Marquis of Dwnshire.

on which he let great value. Heretained his On tus paisage from the Wort Indies, faculties to the last, declined to be indulged Castain Drummond, aide de camp to Gene- with a bed or even a mattress, and refused ral Stewatt.

all medical alifance. He was an ingenious Ş. Lady Gordon; wife of Sir William Gor- artist, and an honest man. don, K. B.

Lately, at Greenly Grove, Cardiganshire, A: Wwicefier, Dlizabeth Hunt, aged 100 Edward Vaughan, ciq. justice of peace for years. She was horn at B.fropruanis, and

that county. lijoyas a good stale of health to the day of Lately, in the 2010 year of his age, the Rev. her death. Her another lived to the extraor. Owen Bonnet, of bapworth, Warwickshire, dinary age of io8 years.

45 years curate of that parith, 6. Mrs. Elisabesh Adam, Albematis- II. The Rev. Mathew Feilde. M. A. reco freet.

tor of Sc Anti, Alderízate, and under grammar Mr. Capper, house fteward to the Duchess master to Christ Church Hofpical. He is said Dowager of Beautort, in wiiofe service he had to have been the author of Virtumnus and been de* 60 years.

Pomona, a pastoral acted one night at CoventNear Edinburgh, Mr. David Allan, history Garden Theaţre in 1782. painter.

12. Richard Becklord, esq. a Wert - India Mr. Crimmwced, nursery and seedsman, at merchant, and luce member for Leomin. Ktoungton.

Iter. M. Francis Goodwin, surgeon, of Ath. 13 John Rofier, esq. many years clerk of bourne, Derbyshite.

the fees, and one of the four committee clerks 3. William Drake, efq. in Grosvenor of he House of Commons. Square

14 R.chard Crop, siq. at Taplow. Mr. J'hn Nicholsun, bookfellet, ac Cam. 23. Ridutt Willing, cfq. ist St. Giles's Sridge; better known by the name of Maps; Square, Northampton. His picture, painted hy Reneagle, is to be seen Af Harlow, in Ellix, in his 67th year, In the staircase of the Univerfiiy library. Mr Jona Wenham, of the Poulity

At Bexley Houré, in Keni, in liet 75ch 1-6. At Steyning, Montgomery Campbell, fear, the Honourahle Mrs. Marshamn, lister sig. a director of the East India Company. of the lare Lord Romney.

in Now Bioad-street, Mr. Thomas Cham. Mr. Henty Mitchell, lieutenant and furgeon pion, lately arrived from Bombay. is the Cambridgeshire Militia.

17. Jeremiah Wacion, efq. Great Periland. Itreet.

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