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following Ships, whose Purfers arrived for an assault, riot, and, rout, in during the course of the morning : farcibly actempting to turn

Princess Amelia, Barwell, and Lon. , Griodicy out of a building attached eco

Cathedral of Bangor; Lord Thürlow, Francis, Hill Borough, to the polletion of which Grindley and Minerva, from Rengil and Madras. claimed to be entitled, as Depury. Res Rodney, from Madras.

gider coine Episcopal Conhítorial Lord Wallingham, Marquis of Linf- 'Church of the Bilbopric of Bangor. dovn, Earl of Oxford, Bellóna, Princess ... The whole originated in a queftion of Wales, llabella, Warren Hastings, as to the right of Grindley to rhe office Royal Chariotte, Duckingfield Hall, of Depury KigitterIt appeared that and Anna 2d, from Bengal.

both parties were actuated by no small Carron, Surat Cattle, Young Wil. degree of warmuth, The Judge, Heath, liam, and Anna zít, from China, in his fumıning up, Icemed io consider Sims, anu Edward, Whalers.

the Bishop in lume mesurs to blanc: in 9. A Cricket - Match was played having first miltaken the point of law by cleven Greenwich Pensioners with respecting the prosecutor's title; and one leg against eleven. with afterwards usių perfonal force, aílifted arm, for one thoufand guineas; at the by others, to turn hiin out of che builde new Cricke ground, Montpeilier Gar- ing: The Jury acquitted all the dedens, Walworth. - About nine o'clock fendants. the men arrived in three Greenwich The Prorecutor's behaviour had been Atges; about twelve the wickets were such in the course of the difpute as to pieched, and the match commenced. render him liable to an indictinent; and Those with but one leg had the first he feems to have acopied that mode of indings, and gee ninety-three runs; prosecutiçn agaioli the Bilhop, in order those with one arm got but forty-two to affect him with as much obloquy as runs during their innings. The one- poflible. It was hinied by the profecun legs commenced their fecond innings, tor's Counsel, that the diffention beand fix were bowled out after they got tween the parties arose from matters exty rurs, so that they left off one connected with the late General Elechundred and eleven more than those tion; but no evidence was admitted on with one arm.

Next morning the that head. march was plaved out, and the men with At Stafford Affizes an extraordinary one leg beat the one arms bv 10; incident rok place: One of the pri. runnings. After the match was finith toners (l'm. Corterell) was indicted ed, the eleven one-legged men run a for a burglary and rubbery in the louis sweepstakes of one hundred yards dir. of Mr. Furman, of Handsworth, to tance, for twenty guiocas, and the three which he pleaded Guiliy; nor could he first had prizes.

be persuaded to offer any other plea, 10. On Wednesday morning, about until the Judge threatened, in case he eleven o'ciock, one of the Dartford persificd, to order him for a speedy exco Powder Mills, about half a mile distint cutiun-He then pleaded Not Guilly, and from the place, blew up with a dreadful his trial proceeded. However, luf explosion. Four persons lost their lives. ficicnt evidence not appearing to con

The trial of the Bishop of Bangor, his vict hiin, he was, of course (though Claplain, and others, caine on at very unexpectedly), acquitted. Sarewibury Atfizes, on an indi&ment

M M A R R I. A G E . LORD Viscount Andover, son of the Earl Francis John Brown, efq. M. P. for the

of Suffolk, to Miss Coke, eldeit daugh- county of Dorset, to Miss Frances Richards, ter of T. W. Coke, efq. of Holkham, Nor. second daughter of the Rev. John Richards, folk,

of Longbridge, in the same county. William Wingfield, efq. to the Right Colonel Stephen Poyntz, of the first Hon. Lady Charlotte Digby, daughter of the regiment of life guards, to Mrs. Whitfield, late and fifter to the present Eari,

widow of John Whitfield, esq..of Watford, Lieutenant-Colonel Pigot, to Miss Mary, Herts. Ann Monickion, fecond daughier of the Hon. The Right Rev. the Bishop of PeterboJohn Monskion, of Fine shade, Northamp. . rough, to Miss Vyse, oftes of General wnshirt,



Captain Hankey, of the first regiment of in his Majesty's service, to Milo Feire, guards, to Mlls Handey, cfl'edford square. aughtrr of Lord Petra.

Frederick Keppe!, efq only con mi the Joseph Mavibey erę. Con ne Sir Joseph late Bithop Keppel, o M Clive.

Mawbes, bort to Miss Herchman, daugia The Rev. George Henry Storie, Rector &T of 'Thomas Henclinar, Esq. of New Bus. of Scowe ip Effex, to Miss Kliza jekyl Chał lington-street. mers, youngest daughter of Lieut. Celoni Nicholas Cæfar Coikilis, era of C. Ichef. Chalmers, of Chelsea.

ter, 10ML Marge Bond, daughter of the late The Hon. William Hay Carr, brother to John Bond, fq. of Grange, Dorrethite. the Earl of Errol, to Miss Eliot, third Al Greenwich, Mojor hamkon, of the daughter of Saniyel Eliot, erg. of the idar: Rriyai Artillery, to Miss Charlotte Hardy, W Antigua.

yourgett daugiiter of the late Jotiah Hardy, Denzil Ondow, esq. Lieutenant.Colonel ela. Consul ai Cadiz,



June 49

At Dumfries, the calcbrated Scotch pect AT Cipe Nicholar Miches St. Domine Rahere Burinske pas 78.)

Alexander Crauford, Como Ae, Lardly, in Dublin, David Robinson, tfn counts to the Expedition renit so that idand. many years lendude captain of the Royal Irun

Latviy, on his postage to England, Thco. regimerç of artillery dore Corbett, erg. fate civil payirą ter in ing Lately, Willians Lindsay, erg. governor of kart India Company's fervice i Marrafs. obago, of the yellow fever.

JULY 11. Ar Madrid, the Right Honour- 22 Ac Clormell, ia bus zeth year, Dr. able the Countet's of Traquais, daugiter of the William Egan, tiçular birbcp of L.imcre and {ate George Ravencroft, cig. of Lincoly. Waterford 75 years. Bire.

At Glasgow, in her 94th year, Mrs. Ca. 13. At Croft in Herefordshire, in his 820 iherine Campbell, relict of Mr. Daniel year'itie Rev, Richard Sraith, M. A. Who Campbell, merchant there. had been 52 years rector of that place.

At Dare, near Mariborough, Wilts, in Thomas Taylor, at Birminghair, aged 103 bis S2d year, Maurice Hiller, 164. He had worked at his trade of a coller with a 23. At Glaigow, Mr David Weis, preache in a wick of his death.

Tof the gospek. 15 At Eotton, in his 67th year, Thomas 24. Mr. Alexander Ainge, at Pembroke. Bayley, wo had served the Dukes of Crafton 25. At Botrilham Hall, Can.bdkehirt, in 67 years

her 94th year, Mr. Jenjas, widow of the late 17. A Bath, Mr. Frappel, who had kept Swame Jinyus, eft. the Grove free Houf 25 years.

At Bath aged 79, Mrs. Hamar, relict of Tuncthy Oyton elc. iatu printer of the Admiral Hamar. Gazect at Darlin.

26. At Knight fridge, Willian Maxwell, Thomas Mills Riddell, efq. only con of Siç efq. late of Dalíwineca. James Ricdul, bart of Ardnamiurchan and At Mortyn Hall, Flinthire, Sir Roger Sunart

Mostyn, bart. menber for the county of 18. At Enfield Robert Kingfon, esq. Flirt, which he had reprefented in eighe lately anived fr. m Oporto.

parliaments. Lately, at Wate:turd, Mr Thomas Chap.. 27. Mr. Jolah Rpharts, of Mile End. man), niariner.

He failed with lond Ansun 28. Lady Dowager St. Aubyn,-in Weibeck. round the world in tre : cnturon

freet. Lately, al ine Hor Welis, ludio', William 29. At Stratford Place. Miss Cosway, only Builer, esa of Corvith in Fiinth relate daughter of Richard Cofway, clo. liculevant.colunal of the 3&th 5. of inot. Thonias Waie, ely. at Sheltord, in Can. *

Lately, at Wells, Maurice Lok d, erg. bridge Hire, in his Osth year, 19. 127. Valrer Brind, fen. of Fnitei lane. 30. A: Ktárocks house in Hampthire,

At Turnhım Green, William Lluyd, esq. ip h sahih yeur, I ho.nas Appk ford Woolls, admural of the White.

efq. cajitain of the Predown tioop of yconxo .Mr. Samued Palmer, lately a haberdatter cavalry, and formerly pre údent of the Aptie. in Ceria:d-free, Sulo.

cultur. 1 society of the division, ui wila be *!. At Sautiaitou, rear-admiral Richard was the original pinnoter. Carteret.

At Manchelier, Robert Dar!.y, M. D. late physician to the Manchester Infrinary.

Lately, Mr. Joseph Standin, of Austin Mr. Christopher Pivett, carver and gilder, fryers, of the house of Gordons and Stanleys, in York, aged 93. He was formerly in the Line Atreer.

retinue of his Royal Highness William Duke Lately, William Wynne, esq. of Wern, in of Cumberland: He fought under the Eart Carnarvon th re.

of Staise the battle of Dettingea, and under jl. Captain Delgarno, of bis Majesty's ship the Duke of Cumberland in the battle of Lander.

Fontenoy; was at the siege of, and ACGUSTI. A: Wells, Mr. Walter Brown, the battle of Culloren; he went to York the furgcon, of Bradford.

latter end of the year 1745 : His habitation At Thorp Arch, in his 77th year, Peter having been burnt down, he took the fingu. Johnion, efq. commiffary of the Prerozative lar resolution ct not lyitig in a bel, which he Court of York, and late recorder of that bad not done for the last 38 years of his life o Cty.

He used to asep upon the fivor, or upon a Ac Patthul, in Siaffordhire, General Sir chair or chairs with his cloatia on. During Robert Pigott, bait ini diis 77th year.

the while of this penot he lived alone, cookMir. William Windaw, engine maker to the

ed his victuals, and feldom admitted any pera Prince of Wales and Duke of Clarence. I lon into his habitation, carefully concealing James Collis, esq. of Enfield.

the place of his birth, or to whom he was 2. At St. Murpirci's Bank, Rocheftet, related. It is supposed that he was born in Captain Orrock, of the Royal Navy.

or near London, and that bis relations refide Mr. Holm of Whittable, aged 88 there. He appeared to have had a liberal FeaT

education ; was fond of having receipts for 4. In Conduit. ftreet, Mr. John Allen, money in the name of Sir Christopher Pivett, feward to the earl of Eglingtown.

and was remarkable for many fingularities : John Bell, elq many years first coirmiffio. Amongst other uncommon articles which bet bor fick and wounded learen, and after. composed the forniture of his apartment were Firds under secretary of State to the late

a homan skull, come old swords and armour, Marquis of Dwinshire.

on which he let great value. Heretained his On hus pa.Tage from the Wert Indics, faculties to the last, declined to be indulged Captain Drummond, aide de camp to Gene. with a bed or even a mattress, and refused ral stewatt.

all medical aisance. He was an ingenious S. Lady Gordon; wife of Sir William Gor- artist, and an honest man. don, K.B.

Lately, at Greenly Grove, Cardiganshire, A: Worcester, Blizabeth Hunt, aged 100 Edward Vaughan, eiq. júltice of peace for years. She wis horo at B.fropriaftis, and that county. enjoyed a good state of health to the day of Lately, in the 711t year of his age, the Rev. her death. Her inother lived to the extraor- Over Bonnet, of bapworth, Warwickshire, dinary age of io8 years.

45 years curate of that parih, 6. Mrs. Elis.bcih Adam, Albemarie. jl. The Rev. Mathew Feilde. M. A. rec. freet.

tor of şi Ann, Alderígate, and under grammar Mr. Capper, house steward to the Duchess master to Chit Church Hospital. He is faid Diwager of Beautort, in wiofe service he had to have been the author of Viruumnus and

Pomona, a pastoral acted one night at CoventNear Edinburgh, Mt. David Allan, history Garden Theatre in 1782. puitter.

12. Richard Beckiord, esq. a West India Mr. Crimuced, nursety and seedsman, at merchant, and lie member for Leomia. Ktoungtoo.

ster. Mr. Francis Goodwin, surgeon, of Ah. 13 John Rosier, esq. many years clerk of boume, Derbyshite.

the fees, and one of the four committee clerks 3. William Drake, efq. in Grosvenor of the House of Commons. Square

14 R.chard Crop, efq. at Taplov. Mr. J hn Nicholson, booksellet, ac Carma 25. Rount Willing, fq. urt St. Giles's Bridge; better krown by the name cf Maps; Squafe, Northampton. His picture, painted hy Reneagle, is to be resa At Harlow, in Edix, in his 67th year, In the staircase of the Universiiy library. Mr John Wenham, of the Poulity

At Bexley House, in Kent, in liet 75ch 1-6. Ar Siejning, Montgomery Campbell, fear, the Henourable Mrs. Marshain, lister esq. a director of the Eart-India Company. of the late Lord Romney.

in New Bioad-itreet, Mr. Thomas Cham. Mt. Henty Mitchell, lieutenant and surgeon piun, lately arrived from Bombay. de the Cambridgeshire Militia.

17. jeremiah Watson, efq. Great Periland. Itreci.

been ocat 60 years.

Stock Reduc. Consuls Scrip. 1777. Ann Ann. 1778. Stock. Ann. Ann. 1750. Stock. Scrip. Bunds. Navy. Bilis. Lott. Tick. Ditto. 6.1% 60% af

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For SEPTEMBER (Embellished withi, 1. A Portrait of James PETIT ANDREWS, Esq. And, ž. A View


Page Memoirs of James Pesit Andrews, Efq. 155

LONDON Rtytzw. On Pope's Homer (continued),

ibid. Agatha ; or, A Narrative of recent Table Talk, including Characters and Events, a Novel,

Anecdotes of the Duke of Portland Miss Hamilton's Translation of the Letters Sir Samuel Garth - the late Viscount of a Hindoo Rajah, written previous to Falmouthebe Pretender - Duke of and during the Period of his Refidence Wharton- Owen Cambridge, Esq.

in England,

181 and Dr. Johnson,

158 Robertson's Tranflation of the Adventures Same Particulars concerning Waller, and of Telemachus, the Son of Ulyffes, 189

the small Pieses by him not inserted in Esays by a Society of Gentlemen at Exeo his Works, 161 ter,

199 On Scandal,

162 Miscellaneous Works of Edward Gibbon, Particulars of the Family of the Craggs's. Esa [continued),

193 Copied from a manufcript of Thomas Marthall's Rural Economy of the Welli of Baker, which had formerly belonged to England, including Devon hire, and Dr. Zachary Grey,

Parts of Somersetfaire, Dorsetihire, and Dr. Gooch's Account of King James's

Cornwall (concluded),

197 Attempt of the Conversion of his With yarious other Articles, on the Plan Daughters to his own Religion, occa

of a MONTHLY CATALOGUL, 202 fioned by a Passage in Dr. Kennet's Theatrical Journal,

203 History of England,

167 Poetry: including, An Impromptı-A Description of Annecy,

168 free Tranflation of the Tenth Elegy Madame de la Fayette's Letter to the of Ovid's Tristium-Against the Fear Commandant of Olmutz,

ibid. of Death - Sonnet written among the Account of 7 homas Phillips, Author of Ruins of Lanercost Priory, Cumber. the Life of Cardinal Pole,

169 land-Sonnet to the Lark Lines Observaticns on the Temperature of some written on Viewing the Ruins of Parts of the Peninsula of India, and on


Abbey-The Shield of the Medium Heat of the Coast of Innocence, from Agatha, á Novet

Coromandel, by Dr. Francis Duncan, 174 To Tranquility, from the Same, &c. Account of St. Helen's Conyent, 177

&c. &c.

2014 Thoughts on collecting Substances for Droffiana, Number LXXXIV. Anecdotes Manure, addrefled to the Members of of illustrious and extraordinary Persons, the Agricultural Society of Manchester, perhaps not generally known. [Conti, by T. B. Bailey, Esq.

ibid. nued); including, Mr. Pope -- and Desultory Remarks on the Study and Edward the Sixth,

246 Practice of Mofe, addressed to a young Foreign Intelligence, from the London Lady while under the Tuition of an Gazetfes, &6. &c. eminent Mafter { continued), 179 Domestic Intelligence, Lycophron's Cassandra, L. 88,

181 Marriages, Sir Hugh and the Maiden, an ancient Monthly Obituary,

182 | Prices of Stocks.


Printed for J. SEWELL, Cornhill,

and J. DEBRETT, Piccadilly.



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