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wak most thoroughly verled in; but I precepts of philofophy, untaught always really believe his ciallic eruditionextendcd. io vanquish the pallions which were hislittié, it any farther.

frequent errors ; Burns makes bis own The perchant Mr. Burns had uni- arthe's apology in terins, mur juicible formly acknowledged for the festive plei-, than all the argumentary vindications in. fuit of the table, and towards the laser the world ciuld, in one of his poems, and ifter objects of Naiare's creation, where he delineates with his uual limhas been the rallying point where the ata plicity the progreis of his wind, and its tacks of his ceniors, both pious and ino- firit expansion to the legions of the Tum. ral, have been direcied; and to theic, it telary Mute."

vol, i must be.confefled, he newed himself no

, 118 Stoic. His poetical pieces blend with

" I saw thy pulse's maddening play, is: alternate happiness of dc.cription the fro-. Wild send thee Pieature's devious way, lic.spirit. ot the joy-.inipiring bowl, or Mined by Fancy's meteor ray, de seci ile heart to the ierder and impallion

By Pallion drived ated sentiments in which beauty always But yet the light that led astray taught hin to pour forth his own. but

Was light irom heaven.. who will wish to reprove the feelings he

Vid." The Vilion." Duan II, has, consecrated with such lively touches of nature ? Ard where is the rugged mo

I have already tranfgreffe far beyond ralist that will periuade us far to

the bounds I had proposed to myself on “ chill the genial current of the foul," firtt committing to paper thefe, iketches, as to regret that Ovid ever celebrated his which comprehend at lealt what I have Corinna, or that Anacreon lung beneath been led to decin the leading features his vine?

of Burns's mind and character. A cri. I will not however undertake to be tique, either literary or ma:al, I cannot the apologist of the irregularities even of aim at; mine is wholly fulfilled it, in a man of genius; though I believe it is thee paragraphs, I have been able to as certainly understood that Genius never delineate any trong traits that didinwas fice of inregularities, as that their ab- guished him, ot thoie talents which raised folution, in great meatures, may be juitly hin from the plough, where he palled daimed, înce it is certain, that the the bleak morning of his lite, weaving world had continued very stationary in his rude wreathis of poely with the wild its intellectual acquirements, had it never , field flovers that sprung around his coisa given birth to any but mcp.of pluin fenje. tage, to the enviubic eninence of literary Evenneis of ecduct, and a due regard to fame, where Scotland will long cherina the deeorums of the world, have been to his menory with disligiit and gratitudes Tartly seen to move hand in hand with and proudly remember, that beneath bega Genius, that some have

gone so far as to coid iky, a genius was ripened without fay,—thougti ibere I cannot acquieice, care or culture, that would have done that they are even inçoinpatible: Be honour to the geniai temperature of lides, the traiities that cait their shade climes better adapted to cherishing its over splendor of superior merit are more gems, to the perfectioning of those duxconspicupully glaring ihan where they are uriarcies, that warnith of tancy and the attendiuis of mcre mediccrity; it is coicuring, in which he fo uiminently ex- : only on the gem we are difturbsd to fee.cellod! the duft. The pebble may be foiled, and Frem several puagraphs I have nowe never regard it. The eccentric intu- ticed in the public prints, even, tince itions of Genius too often yield the soul the idea of lending these thither was to the wild effervescence of desires always formed, I find private animofities ar not unbounded, and fometimes equally dan- yet lublided, and envy has not yet done gerous to the repole of others as fatal her part, I still truit, however, that lion tu its own. No wonder then it Virtue neft tame will be affixed to Burns's repubestelf is fometimes lost in the blaze ot tation which he will be found to have kindling animation, or ikut the calm mo. merited, by the candid and impartial, bitions of realon were not invariabiy anong his countrymen ; and where a foumd fufficient to fetter an imaginatica kindred bolcro is found, that has been which, icorned the parlow lirits and taught to ylow with the fires that mi. reitions that wouldchain it to the level matad Burns's, thould a recollection of of ordinary minds.

the iisprudence that lullied his brighter The Child of Nature, the Child of. quidifications jaterpole, remember at: Sinability, unbruke to the refrigerative relative time this imperfection of all


human excellence, and leave those incon- source.but what fie máy hope from puba Ekencies which alternately exalted bis lic syinpathy, and the regard due to the nature to the seraph, and. Tunk it again memory of her husband. Need we fay any into the man, to the tribunal which alone thing more to awaken the feelings of can investigate the läbyrinths of ihe hu- Benevolence? Burns, who himfekt eretta man heart,

ed a monument to the memory of his

unfortunate peetical predeceffor Fergue “ Where they alike in trembling hopes re- fon, has left in his distressed and helpless pole,

family an opportunity to his admirers and « The bolom of his father and his God.'!. the public, at once to pay a tribute of

respect to the genius of the poet,' and He has left behind a wife, with five to treat a fabftantial monument of their infant children, and in the hourly ex. own beneficence. pcctation of a lixth, without any re- 1

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Written in the Years 1790-1 and 2:

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11. THE next article under contem- exerted to delight an admiring multi

plation with me, and to which, nude with a much-ado'about norking. permit me, my dear Louisa, to requeft The utirof licence that can be allowed your particular attention, is that poro to a performer in the delivery of a tion of the fubjeet in Music Composi. Adagie is,' that of closing it with a zion, called ADAGIO. The Adagio Cadenza ad libitum; but in which judg movement is the grand object of regard" ment and feeling should guide him to with the Compofcr-equally fo with the be gracefully plaintive, and not floridly Performer; it is the uliimatum in Rudy trivials for that having delighted the ear and in practice; it is, in either, the and foothed the foul, he may leave the fummit of perfecl ion, and therefore as mind in tweet tranquillity; and receiver Aained by few. To acquire excellence as a grateful required, the plaudirs due herein as a performer, demands a share to superior skill and modeft merit; it of application and perseverance very will inake its way to the heart, and its feldom belowed by any arnareur praco' imprethon should there semainzitioner ; a chatte ear, a retined rafte, paure, therefore, an Adagio, thus exeo and feelings of the moft oxquitite kind, cuted, and thus closed, vught to take are also requifitis indispensible to the place ere the Gavet or Rondeau com delivery of a well computed Adagio, inences ; fut, furely, it is moft abfurd, a wirb that delicacv, fweetness, energy, mert quibble in mufie, to run diffimi and pathos, which belong to it. In the larm veinents into each other, and thus Adagio the car is but a channel of pafluye connect together things in themselves to ibe foul-here the performer fuld totally different and diftinet; it is fpeak to his auditors with folemnicy, equally ridiculous with whar HORACE and here should he be ftri&tiychafteto his remarks "Suppole a painter to an hué text. He thould likewise be audible, ar- man head should join a horse's neck; tjaplate, and emphatic in the utterancé or, to a beauteous inaid abovexhe wait of <$sy note, And here it is that thote annex a mermaid's tail, who would true grnces, tone, expreffion, and easte,

not laugh, such a picture to behold" are belt bronght forward to notice; and Or, who would hoc defpife 'the bufe what execution truly is, in its strictest foonery of Lingo, close following and sente, becomics. : manifeft; for I do not brraibing tinie allocord," a thalte delle conceive the common phrase, exccutron; very of 11 A MOET's Soliloquý on Death belongs alone to those passages where and Futurity? And might we not here divisions and subdivisons abound, ve here on parity of reafoning, call this, and in is much found without any meaning, many other beautiful speeches of this 2.d wheruin much colérity of tinger is dirme author, this pride and otdiment

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of our nation, the Aiagios of Sbake- performer. To a professional musician, lipcare? I am not only unaufait in mufie whole aita is to taile adiovation, to eb Seal kaowledge, but unconversant also tain applause, and wacquire popularity, with every polite accomplithment į they may, in this age of frivoliey, be ala xherefore my opinion on music, or any lowed; but very little of attention other matter, can have very ditole claim hould they have from an Amateur, whose to attention, yet, allow me to ohtrrve, task ought to be, by carefut Rudy, by ibat were I to luperintend a mutical ens correct and chalte practice, to acquire a tertainment, I would, as a trial of its knowledge of music on its rudimental efce on the company, both with re- and scientific principles. Decorations in {pet. to composition and performance, music, like Hour thes is penmanthip, make an entire clofe of one act with being no part of che subject matter, can PLEYELL'S charmiog Adagio, and of only be tolerated when executed in the another with YANIEwicz's execution highest degree of perfection, and then of " Lord, remember David!" the first even, if too frequent in their recurrence, a moft sublime composition; the other they furfeit the ear, for these fingera as correet and pathetic a delivery as the tricks have a fameness, a tautology in violin, the sweetest of all inftruments, is them; like certain temporary ornaments capable of. You will, perhaps, with in dress, they appertain to no fuit in my Lord HAMLET, say, " Something particular, but ferve alike for, and may, "too much of this !" on my shaving occasionally, be tacked to any thing. dwelt so long on this my darling theme; They are, at all times, ready for use, I will therefore quit the subject, and whether Adagio, Andante, Minuet, or proceed to offer you my sentiments on Hura-pipe, and are thus indiscriminately live mere manual part of music; first, employed by the light-fingered tribe of howeves in treating your indulgence to thele days, who, regardless of the series one ward more as a close to my discourse and meaning of composition, are intent on the Adagio Ainong the many cele, opiy, oq rapidity, Rourila, and convobrated performers we have on the vio. Jured cadence: Indeed, for: fuche lin, comme are distinguished for spirit and trickists, such variation (pinners, ang animation, come for neatņels; others for thing does, for a fubject, in itfelf fimple rapidity, few, however, have been ade and melodious, under their hands bemired for pathos, . Qur sombrous friend, comes so transformed, fo enveloped in YAXIEVIçz,is among the few--his Adae redundancies, as to be hardly recogglosarelolemn,plaintive, and interesting; nizable by its author. And in this via and his countenance during that time iš tiated manner do many concerto players in Adagio maad. Would it, my Louisa, be of repute debase their talents by aca out of point, were you to ark of Mr.J. Leading only to the manual, the ignoble maha is killed in music, as well as per part of their profession. But cenfure fect in all that relates to motion and po. Ihould not fall wholly on them for what Sition of the body, whether the minuet in great mtasure owes its rife and preDe la Cour especially may not be termed dominance to the levity and frivoliry of L'Adagio de dance. Certainly it com- the times. To produce that effect prizes a fecies of the mot elegant move, which, however unmeaning and tranfie ments which can adorn and give dignity ent, will gracify any of the lenses, divert to the buman form divine.

the present momeor, expek ennui," and 12. Of Graces, Embellishments, carry us in spirits, and without reflec Flourishes, Shakes, Brilliancy, Rapidi- tion, though the day, is all that is now

Cadepzas, and a variety of Tuch required of the Alts, the Sciences, or parases, worn out with common ufe, even of Philosophy itfelf. much is fajd, and little is meant, becaute, 13. Among the professors of music respecting theni, very little is under there are, doubtless, men of discernment, food by the generality of those who of knowledge, and of refined taste; whe base then, Nippant on the tongue. are yet, aga init their better judgment, And what, indeed, are they, as con- coatrained to sacrifice at the thrine of tondy pradired, but the offspring of Fashion, and to bow fubmiffive to its

on a vitiared tastesine ex. dictates. For;" they who live to please crescences, she weeds only of that Hea-: mute please to live.". But here only vensboro exalted science, Mufae; astuch, let us allow of this degradation of bar they are, a discredit to barmany, and are møng and abute of talent, while the in napred and introdąced byg as dight-of. dependent amateur, the volunteer, and Salts so thew dex erity in the true disciple of APODLO, glowing with



före of this rational eneegtaininent, tience vet à little longer, and let us far: lience is derived fuch elevation of foul, ther deicant on this prevailing Ton, this fo much of ferene and permanent de- Bruiliaocy and Rupidity of Finger. Fight Righi, jindefatigable and fedtatt in called Execution, which, in ali compathe aequitition of a chaste, torre&, and nies, ive are cold is the pine qua non in emharic file. I am tedious, perhaps, Performance; and confequently we are on this point, 'as poshinly ! may have to believe, that those play beft who play been on Tome others; but it is iny ar- fafteft. Such is, we well know, the dene' with to affift your progrefs in the leading principle in some Schools, but Harinonic Branch of Education, as here to them I will not you to belong ? totore I have done, and thall continue to run orer a certain number of Nores for en do, in the various parts of your fiho, fpeedily that their utterance is too quick -aftic é xe reife's. Sumulated then, as I for the acuteft cor to catch the found, am, by landable motives, verbolity and or, if dilindrly heard, too trangent to circumlocution need not, I'trutt, le for make imprellion, be excellence, then an indulgence at your hands; for, as Dog. I, from organic defect, as well as from BER:#, in the play says. " Were I as want of taite, incapable of thence see tedious as a King, I could find in my ceiving any pleasure. This may rea heart to leftow it ail on your worship" quire much practice, and be difficult in It is, I believe, Dr. JOHNSON, The att inment; but I have said, that all wilth of modern sages, who oblerves difficulties are not worth surmountins that what is not worth the trouble of for fome, as in the present instance, are doing weil, is not worth doing at áll. in their nature so triling, that they des Surely this fententious remark must, by ferve not praile when subů ured, and much all true amateurs, be held as Gospel more profitably might har rime find em. truth when applied to the doctrine of ployment which is bestowed on then. mufic, and regarded as neceifary for RAPID Execution, in the extreme obedience in thele days, when many of has by hasty perseverance been arrived pour fex devote fo large a portion of at on the Briccato, the Jews Harp, and their time to musical kirdies, that me. the Salt Box But how much exceed. drecrity in performance is a point which ing every thing cffc would have beer will not procure the tezit attention the execution of the fained Horse from any one; for what were once CHILDERS; had he pace! caliud dilticulties, and heid' to be fur. keyed inftrument, when be ran a muntable by the rigid liudy of profeti in a minute! How many firokes fors onlv, are now fubdued at every found tvould then have elicited from his bearding.fibrol by youny Ladies hardly four hoofs beyond whatever were, in in their icensShe, therefore, who that time, ftruck from the 'ren fingers of Kars at excellence, musi lake a fight the most expert Performer that has yet through regions unknown in former appeared ! tracks, and serting atide alt regard for, 15. Among the Praxó: FORTE, RA. and all attention to the friroious and .CERS of the present day, many of them fuperficial, muft confine and dedicate are restricted to a few Pieces expressly Der Audies to what truly is the eflence, calculated to produce, as the Phrase is, the very fuu! c music, corre ti ntfs, fim: Etret; that is, to amaze usy with the plicity, 108c, and expreffion.

wonders of velocity and dexterity of 14. From what his already been feid, Finger; let us suppofe these Lefluns to fou will discover, that I am rather ini- be denied them, and that, in their fead, mical in the rage of the present day, or an efteemed Concerto of HANDLA,7 or what is now sermed Hunderful Execution. STANLEY, was placed on the Dek; e may hart its merits; it certainly has, with command that its Text only should in great' abundance, its Admirers and be the subject of Performance think is Disciples; but it accusus not with you not that Admiration would casey my Idea of Midfic,, I think, ever and Disappointment take placez while, exercited at the expence of Judgment perchance, fome ADC prefeaf, more and Feuting. How innnitely superior fumble, but better taught, would, with to kuch craviality is the chatte Cantabile Eale to themselves, and Delight asha file, in Vocal indeed as well as boaru. Company, accomplih the Pak vita Pediat det vese. wherein the Ear be: Preciñon, Exprellion, and an enforce comes subtervient to the Heart, and mept of the Motive or Sentiment of the

here Psihodi, not the Scafes, preside. Author in each Movement of the Piece Givt bie, my dear friend, your pas to which of the le Performers a welco

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mile fore us.


deserved Preference would be given, by to the Keys, is a!so uppleasing, and ra. all true Lovers of Harmony, need not ther ludicrous, for, in their whole be pointed oui to you,

length, they drop perpendicular on the ** Example more than Precept frways.Instrument with a laxity and iremulation

An old and trito Max'm inis, and to of cvery joint, as if they had been u etted which I cannot, without some reserva. and he was taxking them dry. It is, tion, subscribe; for Precepts are, in my I allow, eager far to point out Defcets humble conception, as Radicais, indir, than to give Instruction in the cale bepensible in every branch of Tuition.

Defeats are obvivus, and strike lowever, for present purpofc, let us instantaneoufly; but to acquire a grace, give Admission to the Asage in its ut. ful deportment and a prop.: display of moft extent of mcaning; and, in Il- the Hands and Arms while at the Dekk, lustration of .my Delrine in favour of muf depend greatly on making these ch?! and simple performance, permis constant object of regard- and though me to have the honour of introducing to “ herein the Patient mult minister to pour particular police, on my hersell," yet can the skilful and accomEpilotary vilir, a moft diftinguilhed plished } allift you with fome preCharacter in the mi dern Corps Glarmo. Icriptions that will prové efficacious. 'To nique. Ai prifent, time allows me only me iş seems that the most proper and be to offer to your consideration a hint or coming inapoer is to bring the Chair two on the Subje&t yet untouched by near to the Instrument, to place the tare, and indeed bus seldom pointed out Body upright, the Shoulders back, the by any one.

Head as erect as a very little inclination It is a matter much deserving the at. of the Neck will admit of ; but in all, tention of a Lady, how she is to present this with so much of ease and áçxibility as and deport herself while at the Piano, will enable you gracefully to turn your Forte, I have repeatedly noticed Head on either side, the Body' and fome Capital Performers, who, while Shoulders still retaining their pofition. they highly gratified the Ear, have very The Arms should be on a level line with much oftended the Eye, by a most un, the Keys, neither hanging in tharp graceful, not to say diftorted, Position of angles bclow them, nor fo.e-Shortened their Body, and a disgustingy awkward in crippled state above them. motion with their arms and hands. I Fingers diverging a little, and the Hands know one Lady, whose demeanor, in rather convexed, while ine extreme general, is admired, but who places her Joints only of the Fingers drop on the Chair at a distance from the Inftru, Keys, and are constantly kept near to ment, like a Rustic leated ar the table of them, not high up.lifted and ever jump. his Lord wirb a plate half a yard from ing up and davn, in manner seleinbling him whence the Body, in either case, the motion of the Jacks withinside the is bent forward, and the Arms are on Inftrument, as you inust have noticed the fulftretch to reach their object. This during the Process of runing is. Lady's manner of applying her Fingers,

(To be continued.)




· SETT, 21.

which it is not necesary that the actres MR.ELLASTON appeared the fire time thould be perfectly amiabic. Stue was som

k Covent Garden in the character of ceived with applause. Sbewal in Tbe Jew. The popularity whicha 30. Mr. Murray, from the Bath Théatre, this gentleman had acquired at the Haymar- appeared the first time at Coveot Garden, in

et artended him to the Winter Theatre. His the opposite characters of Styluck in The Mer conception of the character was jutt, and his cbari of Venice, and Bag.ztetii, in Tie Fisr Sola performance correct and impreffive.. dier, and in cach was received with great ap

23. Mrs. NORTON (under the name of plaufe. Mr. Murray is a veteran actor of GnHiT), from the Birmingham Theatre, sterling mcrit, which makes it a matter of appeared the furit time at Covent Garden, in surprise that he has not been called to one of the character of Lady Weisfor i in The Dra. Che London Theatres much earlier. - His minift: Her figuré, voice, and expreffion, are figure is a goed one, his countenance exprefpertedly adapted for Stage effect, and are five, his conception juft, and, chough somesuch as qualify her to fill those characters in ching of a mannerist, yet with fufficient Varii svou - XXX. OCT. 1796,



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