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ety to enable him to fill the range of charac: 6. Mr. HARCRAVE (whefe feá ters intended for him, with credit to himself believe to be Snow) appeared at Covent and justice to his employers His perfor- Garden in the character of Odav en in The mance of Shylock, in some parts, exceeded the Montcineers. This gentleman formerly per. bounds of moderation; but his conception for ined one night at this Theatre without any of the whole proved him to be perfectly mas. fuccess. He has since employed himself at ter of his author. His representation of Ba- the Theatre in Dublin, and returns much gatelle was not inferior to the forrer. In improved, and capable of filling at least a de. parts of that sort de is likely to become very cent cast of parts on the London Stage. His aysefol, leaving abrhat Theatre no competitor. figure is good, his voice powerful ; but she

OCT. 1. THI TRIUMPH OF Love, an former is not recoinmended by graceful de. Operaticał Baltet, was acted the first time at poitment, nor the lat: t by artful m.cdulation.

Drury Lane, in which MADAME PARISSCT, He did ntly displayed il rong fenfibility and a from the King's Theatre in the Haymarket, warm polfillion of the character, in the permadeler first appearance. Thos: who remem- forinianut of which he followed, though nåt berthe perfor nances of Garrick, Barry, Powel, fervilely, the n.o tel ot Mr. Kemble. He was Henderson, . Mos Cibber, Pritchard, Clive, received with great appl use. Yates, and other performers cf eminence,

THE Wicklow Mor XTA INR, a now no more, on this (pot, will lament the fartc by Mr. O'Keeft, was acted the first conversion of a theatre where gomus excitid time at Cuvent Garden. This is taken, wich its powers, and sense and mcrality improved alt rations, f;on 'I'HE LAD OF THE Hills, the mind, to the purposes of exlulitng a acted 1,8 Tesfun (See Vol. XXIX, p. 274). spectaclę which, to say the leait of it, cught It was receiver with applause, never to incrude itself on either of the regular : Mr. Di wton, from Tunbridge, ap. theatres. T'e enlar,ement of the houie, peared the first time at Drury Lane in Shaus however, having in some measure deprived the Jew, This gentleman is said to have been the audience of fieing to advantage the per- brought to the London Theatre by the recomformances of the Drama, we suppose these mendation of the Author of the Play. It is exotic entertainments have been had recourse difficult to lay what lus figure may be when to, though slien to the manners and to the out of the disguise of thie éhsaraer, His taite of an English audience. The approach voice apparent to be weak, but his conof winter, we truft, will sweep thein away ciption of the claracter just, and his exeću. to their proper Itarin. Madame Paritfot in- tion of it'entitled lom id expe&t, what he troduces movements and attitudes which received, a confiderable dare af excite wonder and admiration, in defiance of 13. Nalemet wus revived at Covent Garden the common laws of dancing, and which Theatre ; Mshomet by Mr. Pope; Alcanor, hitherto hod rot been imagined within the li. Mi. Muriay; Zaphna, Mr. Hargraves and mits of anatomical poffibility. She balances Palaiird, Miss ALL INCHAN, being her first "her-figure with ease, delicacy, and elegante, a; pearance on any Stage. impracticabie to other performers, and to be Cf the laciy much expectation on ay be attempted generally at the expence of deco. fcraicd. Her perfun is net 'above the mid* rum and grace. The Ballet was well com- de height; her face handiume and expres. poled and well executed, and in its proper five ; her voice, when not trained, appeared theatre would be entitled to applaule. milical and impreifive; and, theogh dhe

5. Mr. WANDY, from the Norwich 'i heatre; managemene of her person at times was hardly appeared the first time at Covent Garden, in graceful, yet on the whole, her perlotitiane the charaâer of Comoliy in Tbe Shool for 1'ities, appeared to be the result of much'1tudy and

This gentieinnah has long been the faveur te attention. She seemed less embari affed than Li low comedian in the range of the Norwich young performers usually are, and tome doubts

Company, and perlormed the part aligned may be entertained whether her powers at

him with judgment, force, and cife ct. prefent are equal to lo large a Theatre. On a qYSA futwards a young lady of the name of small one her fuccefs would almost be cer

TOWNSEND, nic ce of Mrs. Huard, of Drury rain. Lane Theatre, appeared the first time on rry Mr. Murray's Alcanor was an excellent Slage in Refina. She is very young, her periormance, and Mr. Hargrave in Zaphna, perfodelele ant and beautivl, anit her voica, and Mr. Pope in Malionei, bous deferved apo though nok poweriul, livees wod miladiqus. place.

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16: HT P 20.E.T.R Y.

Considers 03.3

1.6; 01 Dobnia: VERSES TO R. L. G. ISQ Friend of my youth; farewell! though fåte'uri


Thy presente to my figiit may till deny," WRAPT in Reflection's pause, the penfive Thy boyish form, familiar to my mind, mind

Still nils the gaze of Mem*ty's' faithful With Mem'ry's fervid eye the past scene


*T* "*" 19:53 views Thce, Gan, there my heart delights to

And whilf (remote from thee) my wild: Lays find,


ra! And, melting at the name, the pleasing

Whil languid Sorrow's mournful plaints thoughs pursues.

are mine,


Whilst my soul thrinks beneath its weight of I dwell upon the joys of tender age,

woe, Ab! joys too often mix'd with licart felt

May every bliss uncainted fill be thine!: ; pain;

Framgren on Severn, HORTENSIUS. When Qow we toil'd through Maro's polish'd

Grocefterfrire, oat. 6, 1796..?! (742 Die page, Or tighter ran o'er Ovid's playful train.

LINES FOR A TABLET;.1-** The happy moment come, from durance To be placed in the Cathedral Church at free,

Wills, in Memory of T, LINLEY, Esq. How lightly did we brush the verdant

and his two Daughters, Mrs. 'SHERIDAN

and Mrs. TICKELL, who are there interred. Or in the well-worn path beneath the tree We chay'd with eager nep the rolling Cir. IN this blef Pile, amid whole favoring

gloom cle's speed *

Fancy still loves to guard her Votary's Tomb, . These plays of frolic youth too quickly o'er Shall I wichhold, what all the Virtues cium, :(How blest if life could longer in this The sacred tribute to a Facher's name? stroene), ..

And yet, blefs d Saint ! the skill alone was With ardent.genius fraught wish classic lore,

thine. You left with (carful cye our little green. To breathe with truth the tributary line ; Far off from thee my lot does Fortune place,. The nem'ry of departed worth to save, Yet ftill my borom heaves with many a

And snatch the fading Laurel from the 5mA ngh,

Grave ! And t'te Toai tir'd'in Hope's delusive chace, And oh! my Sisters, peaceful be your rest, I with thy Tympathizing spirit nigh. Once more reposing on a Father's breaft;

You, whom he lov'd, whole notes fo soft, Ye love is beard (how grateful was the

so clear, Tip:1) found),

Would sometimes wildly Boat upon his ear, That in th: illumin'd page thy genius

As the soft lyre. he touch'd with: mourniul ** $$$* • breaches,


* N That warm with zeal you've trod the classic

And Recollection's tear bedew'd his face. WIL' ground,.. *sta

Yes, most belov'd! if every graceful care That Polly for thee bean faireit garland' To soothe liis hours, his ev'ry wish to Mare; vniu. Wreathes, die

If the fond Mother, and the tenden Wife, ! I've heard with raptur'd ear, that Beauty's Could add fresh comfort to his eve of life

If Youth, if Beautý, Elaquence could With grateful Love thy rifing years liaus


5. YIL 109 blert:

Genius delight him, or Affection warmir Than wit, or wealth, or fame, a happier Your's was the pleating tak from day to day, doom,

While Heavin approv'd, and Virtue led the I love' be thine, let folly take the reft.

Way: od istiqe 153nT

sades a WOL. Far off retir'd to thy paternal fields," And blessing (to be bleft) thy only aim ;


to this the fruits Ambition IN London - oncé ubere dwelt worthy yields,

cit, And, mean the wretched impotence of Solemn and Now, with far more wealth than Fame,

wit ;

Gray's Ode on a Prospect of Econ.

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Him Heaven, inpity to his annpat prayer,

Gavo (to prefere the breed) a fon and heir.
But why to distant elimes for teaching roam? VARUS, 'twixt vanity and thyme,
'Tis Madain's will to educate a hoine.

Neglects his thop in evil time,
A reverend Tutor plies; the place he gains: Til foundering in poctic mire,

And parts for future clory: To please his patron, most he hacks his

His detes grown high, bis lodgings higher's brains, And quick refolves, on entering is abode

He gains the attic story. (So wills the fire bis offspring's wit to gout) Thus the gay lark falutes the mom, To celebrate Tom's birth-day by an Ode. Thus foars aloft when upward born This important day arrived, cach takes his On Fancy's futtering wings ; : place,

Each moment fees him higher rife, And mute attention dwells on every face. With added vigour to the skies,

The Tucor now, to make his Ode complete, And as he mounts he sings. • Invokes the Mules from their hallow'd seat ;

CAICS FITZURBAN. Poetic pomp presides o’er every line, And thus the Bard begins : " Hail facred Nine!''

The fullowing Lints, with fome Love Sox. “ Hold I cries the fire, " You're wrong,

R!1s, were presented, by their AUTHOR, as I'm alive!

t0 JULIA. “ Hail facred Nine 2-Why zounds the boy's WHILE Bards sublime on nervous pinicos but Five."


And aim to reach that fame which never SONNET

dies ; O Lord bow glaricus are tły works, thy sbaugbes Whofe blaits proclaim the horrid din of wat ;

Sound the harsh epic trump Joud heard afar, sr¢ very deep. Psalm xcii. Ver. 5.

To ruthlefs Despots awful leffons fing, E XPRESSIVE fentence from the regal " A State fubverted and a murder'd king :'

bard, Worthy our praise and worthy our regard :

While ethic poets in didaktic ftrains, The love of deep philofophy we find

Polish th' instructive verse which Vice rea Engrafted ftrongly upon David's mind; Swid his research this air, through carth Praise mental peace, fair Virtue's matchlets and leat,

meed; And thus he 'fums up all: “ Who's like to

Or tune to rural themes their Dorick reed: thee,

While the keen Satirist, in humour strong, My God, my King! Ah who of human race

Points his Tharp gibe, or Smacks the Bloody Çan e'er explore th' infinity of Space?

thong ; How far the universe extends below,

Goads Aum bring Conscience 'til the reari Or where the coiners rise, or white shey

her creft, 89

And Arikes with venom'd fangs the guiky What

at the sun ist; fx'don th’eternal tlırone, breast, 'Is known to thee, gieat Goal, and live alone! Glerjous thiy works, through all Creation feen, So Egypt's prieks the deadly ferpent charm,

Then turns the poifon to a healing belm; How vast thy knowledge ! and fruil man o

'Till round their heads the harmless reptiles how mean!"


And superstition hails their fears divine : MULTILST Ausliian cagles on her tygers Whike comic Sards to decent mirth invite, woop,

Or with bald farce the roaring croud delight; To Gallia's apes, lo! Britih lions stoop 1!' While Tragedy in regal ftate appears, Salid fol

An OXONIAN. And cultur'd minds luxurious melt in cears, The Aftronomy of Comets is at prefent very imperfe&t, and, from the greateft part

of their course being beyond the reach of mortal cyé, it appears likely to remain focions

74 Anaxagoras, we ase informed by Jofephus, declared the fun to be a red-hot font, and Pripfered death at Athens for his opinion. Newton imagines it to be a great earth'niade" hot by internal fires of the volcanic kind. Profeffor Wilson and others fuppare it to be a valt dark globe, surrounded by a Mining atmospheric matter ;. but all their opinions are con. ;jectural,

Aluding to modern negociations. Voitaire oblerves, La France est un pais où des harbag-aarepe dea searis."


trains ;

به اون .

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The infe&ion spreads, and, seizes foon the The cottage Smiling health aroundsH mi'i

4 The crystal Aloud, the mountain breeze, Hark! that deep groan and half convulfive Has ett been chang 'd for gleamo profound;

For curioil, noife, and pale difcafe! air: I in a lower sphere contented move, When by the magic of the 'pt 11, 1973:*** My Mufe can raise her voice to nought ?u! And all thy fufe seducing power; of love.

Thou bid'it the reftless passions (well, But Mould dear Julia view with fond re- And blackt'n ev'ry palfing hour; lobo

gard The humble efforts of her tender Bard,

E'en Love forfakes bis folver throne, Should the approve my unambitious lays,

When from his bow you twang the' dart, More prita than fame would be ter artless

And Beauty to thy Court is fiown,

To lure from conftancy the heart »
The height of ev'ry wish I then thould gain, Yet oft' well pleas'd, I now retrace
Nor have I trung my lyre rror fung in vain; The white-wing' hours as they few,
Beyond a world's applause her voice would : Beguii'd by thy aceractive grace,

To youthful fancy ever new.
Who taught me firf the worth of virtuous

The deep-mark'd hrow of age maturé. Warmd my fond bufom with the pureit Thy fading garlands will disclaim, fiame,

For love well cry'd, and friendthip pure,
And bade esleem the moddefi faljen tame. All changing lustre will disdain.
From Friendship's hallow'd rises roe lurt 'Variety, then ceale thy ire,

If at thy Maine no more I bend;
So thrinks the tiger from an ladian's fire, Thy altars fair gay youth admire,
Stokes the deep jungte's dark embarrass' way, But, ah! to age thou art no friend.
And lernes 'unlarm d his blt ating beauteous


MARIA E prey

THE TEMPEST. The threat'ning growl now ends in doleful whine,

Froni METASTASIO. His breast and Gicles transfixt with many a spine;

OH, frown not, Julia; never will I more The helplets lamb its tender hepherd leads

Force on thine car, the cender tale of 'In fafer pasture in more open meadis ;

love; Feeds the funk pile or makes the embers. I would but warn thee, that with fullen roas glow, :

The threat'ning form already makes the

"; grove. And waits prepaid wipear the savage foe. 08. 6.


I come to help thee, drive thy theep to fold

Though much I love, I court not thy disODE. TO VARIETY.

dain ; OM thou! who, whether nymph or maid,

The tender tale of love is yet untold,
Variety the poets name,

But the rough tempeft cages o'er the plain. For thy fantaftic playful made

The duft in whirlwinds violates the sky, * Men many fly the paths of Fame !

Already see the forked lightnings glare, Pse thee the fnug domestic fire,

The scattered birds in wild amazement dy, The Mauon clad in frugal charms,

“ And horror broods upon the croubled Are fadły Icft, for new defire

air." To revel in thy wanton arms.

At think not on thý filock, but halte away, Yet not the wily luring and

And fick for fafety inyon sheltering grove! With whicli che thoughtlefs you enslave, Still, Atill thou panteft; with thee I will stay, San ever heal the wounded heart,

Shield thee from danger, but not speak of Can ever brave Lise's stormy wave.

love. Liko fomc bright meteor's faithless light Heed not the thunder; with thee I'll remain; **That leads the trav'ler far astray.

My lovely Julia, there's no danger here ; So thou, deceiv's the roving light.

Soon will the troubled sky be calm, again, Of thosc entangled in thy way.

And I will fileno vanith with thy fear. To calm content a fecret roe, 'i... pet Aill thou tremblert'in thy circling arms !

Yet wouldnt thou to thy children cell Oh fear not, Julia, I will quit thy fide; The only bliss we own below

Encheckd i gaze in rapture on thy charms, Amid thy fairy bowers dwell;

And terror gives ine what tby love denied.

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Chafe not away the fond delufive joy,


? Still thus enfold thy trembling hand in Compofed in early Sprino.

mine, Tho' the calm sky cach tender bliss destroy, UNMOV.D I see the sun his course

perform, Bids me despair, and every hope relign.

And all the various change of fearon bring;

The sky, once blotced by the wintry form, The storm is past, yet still my Julia fighs,

Now glows to welcome mild and genial Nør does the yet my raih caress reprove; Ah sure 'tis pity glistens in thine eyes,

spring; And thy feigned terror but conceals thy But ah! to me, pale Sorrow's child, in vain love.

He rolls in heaven his golden fire' along, Then frown ye skies, ye ceasuless tempests

And calls the flowers to deck clie mead again,

And wakes the sweetnefs of the feathery Foar, Amidit your rage a fieartfelt calm I've

throng. found ;

Others may joy to See the purple Morni Nov will I fing of smiling spring no more, Spread with her role ate tints the castern Of Thepherds pipe, nor violet painted

skies; ground.

J. G.

Inhale the fragrance of the scented thorn, THE PRODIGAL.

And view the fow'rers clad in various dyes; OH! world! thy dipp’ry turns •!' I, But, by pate Care and Love alrernate torn, who of late

How du!l they seem unto my humid eyes!

Carljle. Rang’devisy.wilere so volatile and gay,


Confin'd in this drear cell-ah, cruel face
In vain regret pats each returning day. E RE fair Eliza's face I knew,

Contentnient crown'd my cot uitd “It was not always thus t—when fortune Smild,

My cares of life, alas! seem'a lewy, Then friends pri teis'd attachmenç firm

Vain pomp I envicd not ; and true:

The Tory hours flew (wift away, But I, alas! am not the first beguild

pip?d with merry glee;


No lark, that ħail'd the riling day, Falle friends too, inany have sud caufe to


Was hialf fo gay or free. naniu To affluence born, with prospects gay and

Remembrance paints the pleasing soene, Blithe ant stert I criter'd on Life's stage ;

When first he won my heart; js 03776 But those gay visions have deceiv'd my fight,

Her beauteous (ace, her graceful micrant And scenes of darker hue my hours engage.

Shone unadornd by art.

Now lonely ward'ring thro' the grove, From infarity indulg'a in every thought,

My bolom fill'd with care, 153110 38 Each 'with prevented by parental care,

I cone my pipe to hapless love, insi, h Wisdom has dearly and too late been bought,

And mourn my abfent And Folly yields her place to black Depair!

The wretch enllav'd on Afric's coast Devoted to the joys of Youth and Health,

More freedom knows than 1, 911 01 To all my palions a subunistive Nave,

Content is Aed, blest peace is lolt, Soon I contum a chat copious store of wealth,

In vain I heave the figh. A generous, bet too lavish father gave,

Come then, (iveet Hopel and southe my griet; Ere, (wo and twenty years Iliad o'er me Thy smiles oft chear my breaft; 9' my passid

-१ (fate; "Tis thou alone canst give relief, That father bow'd beneath the stroke of

And make a loves blest, Poslels:d of all che riches he amassidy


R. A. I aeed all the farce of pomp and ftate.

SONNET Hounds, botres, equipage, all'fed my pride : IMITATED FROM X LATIN

VERSION SY y. Whate 'opwas cortly, and whate'er was GRAY; AN ITALYAN ONZ or Oj 19101: rare,

SIG. ABBATE BUON DELMONTE. My Mort-lived riches, for a time, fupplied,

L - The meteor's bright, but transitory glare !

USIT amicitiæ interduna velatus amidu,

Et benè compofita vefte fefellit Amor. The ardent, fascinating love of play, Mox ira alluinpat cultus, fáciemqae nie Completed foon what tolly bad begun ;

nantem, Thus thoughtlessness to ruin paves the way! Inque adeum versus, verfus, et in lachry, Thus Pleasure's, lawless course, is quickly

mas: 1
Ludentem fugę, nec lachrymanti

, nec crede WP, TAYLOR,

furent apprvilisg stond Carfreich, Sept. 15:5 a 27.96.13d: linn Idem oft ditinili semper, in ore Densorid not shakelpeare's a Carloiaríus. ** si dobil

+ Jane Slone.

Jestens 6 Di JHUD! 'IN !


to hatit 990871

rue !



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