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10" 54. IN Friendship's femblance gullefully attir'd,

FROM ANACREON. Love cama,ia weleome unfuspected guest;

*ODE 20. Fond simple. I his cordial warmth admir'd, : "Η Ταντάλου ποτ' έση, &c, And clasp'd the faithless traitor to my

ON Phrygian Şipy’lus while he mounid, brcait,

Niobe to a Slone was curn'd;
For Friendship formid, in pure affection true, From Tcreus' rage while Prognè fied,

In Delia all a friend could wish I found ; A fleeting Swallow she was made .
Her tender, kind, unchanging truth I knew ; I, for your sake, my girl, would be
I low'd the frier.d, nor me that love dir. A Mirror where you yourself might see
Or, to enjoy a place more dear,

:re But foon the Power had doff'd his mild dif.

A Petticoa: for you to wear. guise,

I would be Water, might I have is
Lowonted tumults all my soul poslels'd ;

The bliss your lovely limbs to lave;'
Hopes, Tears, despair, alternate tears and lighs I'd for your bosom be a Wreathe,
My heart distraught, and ravimid all my

Or Oixtprent on your charms to breathe';

And 0, what luxury were mine,

A Collar round your neck to thine ;
What boots that to regain my peace I ftrove ?
To know, and be her friend, what is it but To tread on me alone but deiin!

Or even a Slipper, would you then
to love?
R. J*M**sn.

R. )*M**S*N.

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OPFICIAL Note, published by the pation, and to throw all the odium of it

FRENCH DIRECTORY, respecting the upon the Freoch Government. Such Reports spread, chat an Esyox from was also the object of Mr. Wickham's the British CABINET had arrived Note, and such is the view of the pre with Proposals of Peace to the sent publications in the English Papers. DIRECTORY.

This object will appear evidenc, if we DIFFERENT Papers have advanced only reficct how difficult it will be for

that ap English Plenipotentiary had the ambitious Government of England arrived at Paris, and had presented to wish for a peace, which will take himself to the Executive Directory, but from it its maritime preponderance, reu that his propositions not being satisface establish the liberty of the feas, gire a Cary, he had received orders to quit fresh spring to the Spanish, Dutch, and France directly.

French Navies, and carry the indury All these atfertions are equally false.

and commerce of the two nations to the The mention made in the English highest pitch of prosperityish Papers of the sending of a Minister to But no further credit will be given to Paris to treat for peace, recals to mind the pacific intentions of the Britith Mi. the overtures made by Mr. Wickham to niftry, when it is evident thar Epglish the Ainbassador of the Republic at Balle, gold, the intrigues and infinuations of and the reports spread respectivg the the British Cabinet, prevail more than million of Mr. Hammond to the Court ever at the Court of Vietina, and form of Prullia.

one of the principal obhaches to those We have not forgot the insignificancy, pacific negociations whith That Court or rather the duplicity and the Punic (if left to itfelf) would willingly enter style of Mr. Wickham's Note. Ac- into.. cording to the partisans of the Englith Another motive, not to believe Min:ltry, ir, was at Paris that Mr, Ham. Pacific intentions of the Britina mond was to come tu talk of peace, and is, the moment they have chosen to when it was known he was going to spread such reports. The English Prullia, the fame persons afserted ihat Nation are, impatient under the conginu. he was going to accelerate peace; and ation of the war. Some answer muft yet the object of that negociation is now be given to their complaints and reknown to have been to engage Pruffia proaches. The Parliament is" going to 10 break ihe Treaty with the Republic, meet. Some means must be found to 2nd rejoin the Coalition. The Court of shut the mouths of those Speakers who Berliv ffaithful to its engagements)'re are againk the war. The tevying of pulled those perfidious proposals. The new taxes mot be juftifed; and to obBritih Ministry, however, by calling tain all these ends the Britim

Miñitry that intrigue a million of peace, added must have to announce, that the Fronch so the hope of giving a new enemy to Government refuses all reasonable pro.

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nosals for peace


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HOUSE OF LORDS. ON Tuesday, Sept. 27d the first Sel. charge the important trust which has a

fion of the New Parliament was pretent beer committed to my care and opened by a Commiffion from his Ma- management.: jesty. The Committionrs were the The Lord Chancellor addocked hár. Lord Chancellor, the Archbithnp of Addingtop nearly as follows: Canterbury, and the Lord President of "MK, ADDINGTON, the Council. . Mr. Hariel and the “ His Majet y having already receive other Clerks, with several Members of “ed the most ample and abundant tefti. the Houle of Commons, attended, and monies of the very abie, honcfi, and the Lord Chancellor informed them, honourable manner in which you have that his Majesty deferred acquainting filled the high and important Kation to them with the important fabjects which which you are now called for the third induced bim at that present moment to tine, and the talents and integrity with call his Parliament, until they had which you have performed the various chosen & Speaker. For this purpose arduous duties attached thereto, has they retired to their own House, and all commanded us to signify unto you, that the Lords that were then pretent took he is perfectly farisfied with the choice the necessary oaths,

of ihe Commons, and that through the

medium of Ibis Commillion, be, in the WEDNESDAY, SEFT. 28. The Lord Chancellor, and the other

fullest manner, gives his approbatios to Commillioners being feated

you as their Speaker."

the Throne, the Uther of the Black Rod

The Speaker being approyed of, ad(Sir Francis Molyneux) was tent to the

dressed the Commillioners in his official House of Commons, to cominand their capacity vearly to the following effea :

* MN LORDS) 07 juli auendance in the Lords, in order to

“ Since the choice of the Commons fignity their choice of a Speaker, and to

of Great Britain has received his Mareturn the perlon lo choron, 'In a few minutes the Black Rud returned, fol. jufty's royal afsent and approbation, I lowed by, about 300 of the Commons,

feci it peculiarły my duty at this montent with Mr. Addington at their head. bonour cupferred on me, and at the

to declare the high fenle to feel of the Being come to the bar of the Lords, fame rime to return my amb grateful Mr. Addington addrefled their Lord and humble acknowledginents, tobis tips to the following purport:

Majetty, for this laft and Auditional mark * MY LORDS,

of ttis Roral and most gracious tavuur. " la cbedience to the commani's of Amidst the various qualifications which his Majesty, signified through the me. the high and important tsugn · 10 dium of this Cummillion, the Members which I have had the honour to be of his Majesty's House of Commons called, demands from the person who have proceeded to the choice of a fills it, I hope I may faiter in Midf Speaker, to act as their organ during that co-integrity at lealt I ean lay elain; the continuance of the prefewe Parlia and that a sir and steady artachment, ment, and it is 'now niy duty to inform and ardent love for the Constitution of your LordAripsi that such choice has this country, and the moft zealous and fallen upon me, and that I now ftand Audious eniltavours to anain a thorough here returned by the Commons of Grear knawledge of the laws, cuftops, and Brirain as their organ for the purpose "usages of Parliament, have been the unof fubmitting their choice to his Majesty remitting and invariable objects of my for his moft gracieus approbation. If in attention. In the course of the various úliat has been done, any thing thould duties I thall have to fulfil in the extcube deemed amiss, or in any manner not tion of the great truit pow committed to • agreeable to the wish or desire of His Ma- my charge, I have to entreat and hope,

jesty, it is farther my duty so request, that that whatever language I may chance to In fighifying his M jeftv's disapprobation ufe, his Majesty will always be plealed

thereot, he will be graciously pleased to to put tire most favourable contruction remit back again to the Commous their on my words. lim.IO Yight, and signify his 'cemimandis, "that WMY LORDS ortopedis thevchuft atteither Speaker who may si " }w'farther conformity tnimy doxy! be inore dovtenant to this Majesty's plea here; by petition to his Majetty.sfloor and fure, and who may be more able to dif- claim all the ancient and various sights ind prisileges of which the Commons of 61 have omitted no endeavours for fete Great Britain have been, time out of ting on foo: negociations to restore peace mind, pole tod, and have invariably to Europe, and to secure for the future claimed, and do now humbly petition the general tranquillity. bis Majesty, that he will be pleased to “The steps which I have taken grant the same; that their persons and this purpose have at length opened

for Tervants Dall be free from albarrests and wag to an immediate and direct negociamoleftarion ; that their words, speeches, tion, the issue of which muß either proand debates shall be free; that they shallduce the desirable en of a juít, hoc uninterrupredly, enjoy all such privio · nourable, and fulid peace for us and for leges” as Members of Parliament' have our Allics, or must prove, beyond dirheretofore enjoyed; and that in all casos pute, to what cause alone the prolongation whatever, the most favourable construc• of the calamities of war inult be ascribed. tion thall be put upon all their pro- " I Mall immediately send a person to ceeilings,

Paris with tull powers to treat for this The Lord Chancellor replied, to the object ; and it is my anxious with that following purport:

this measure may lead to the resto*** MR.SPEAKER

ration of general peace. But you must “ You having been by his Majesty's be sensible, chat nothing can so much con. pprobation, signified through this Come tribute to give effect to this desire, as miffion, fully empowered to act in the your manifefting that we possess both the exalred office to which you have been determination and the resources to opeslled, by the choice of the Commons of pose, with increased activity ard energy, Great Britain, we have his Majesty's the farther efforts with which we may commands, ac ihe same time, to assure have to contend. you, that his Majesty will at all times, You will feel this peculiarly necesas to your words uted in the fulfilment fary at a moment when the enemy has of your duties, por, as you have desired, openly manifested the intention of attemptthe most favourable construction; that ing a descent on these kingdoms. It the persons, ekates, and servants of the cannot be doubled what would be the

Commons; thall be free from all arrest issue of such an enterprize : bút it befits and molefiation; that their speeches your wisdom to neglect no précautions Thall be free; and that as to all the that may either preclude the attempt, or other rights and privileges of the Como secure the speediest means of turning ic

mons, which by your perition you have to the confulion and ruin of the enemy. werted and claimed, his Majesty has “ In reviewing the events of the year,

also coinmanded us to assure you he will you will have observed, thar, by the skill *'grabt them in as full and ample a mano' and exertions of my Navy, our extenlive per as they have ever heretufore been and increasing commerce has been progranted, either by his present Majesty tected w a degree almost beyond exor by any of his predecessors.'

ample; and the fleets of the enemy The Speaker and the Commons then have, for the greatest part of the year, willidrew, and returned to their own been blocked up in their own ports. Houses

The operations in the East and Several Peers took the oaths and their West Indies have been highly honour. fears.' .

able to the British arms, and productive Adjeurned.

of great national advantage i and the THL'RSDAY, Oct. 6.

valour and good conduct of my forces, His Majesty went in the usual fatę both by sea and land, have been eminentto the House of Pears, where, being ly conspicuous. seated on the Throne with the accustom- " The fortune of war on the Continent & Lentities, and the Commons being has been more various, and the progress furninoned, and having appeared, his of the French armies threatened at one Majetty delivered the following mult period che utmost danger to all Europe. gracious Speech :

4. But from the honourable and digni. * My Lords and Genilemen, fied perseverance uf my Ally the Emperor,

6:11 * à peculiar kaistaćtion to me, and from the intrepidity, discipline, and 5 in the present conjunclue of affairs, to invincible fpirit of the Austriao forces

tecui no zour advice; after the recent under the aulpicious condu&t of the Arche opportunity which has been given for , duke Charles, such a turn bas lately been

collecting the fonte: ofl my People, enre given so like course of ihe war, as may in.. gaiged nin a difficult sands arduous contest Apiter. a well grounded confidenceai thac 24** for the prefervation of all, what is, most the fiual result of these

campaign will dari toz us..."£ !!!:41.

prove inore disastrois

to the enemy,

܂ ، ، : :in_i_



than its commercement and progress for from the haughty demeanour and ex. a time were favourable to their hopes. travagant'terms of the Directory, it could

" The apparently hittile difpofitions and not be effected, he was persuaded Hie conduct of the Court of Madrid have led whole nation would unite to antan, in to discussions of which I am not yet en. sehifting and bringing, if posible, to i abled to acquaint you with the final result; ftare of reafin, a furious and implacable but I am confident, that, whatever may marion.' The fortitude and perlivet be their fue, I Mall have given to Eu- anec of the Emperor, and the brave and rope a fărther proof of my moderation politic conduct of his victorious brother, and, for bearance. And I can' hare no the Archduke, were the theme of his doubt of your determination to defend, Lord kiip's praise; who concluded by against every aggression, the dignity, moving an' Addrels, the 'echo, as usual, rights, and inierelts of the British Empire. of the King's Speech. " Geritieme of the House of Com- The Earl of Upper Offory feconded

the motion. " Irely on your zeal and public spirit Earl Fitzwiiliam then rose. He obe for such supplies as you may think ne- ferved, that at different periods of the celfary for the service of the year.

war, he had always heard it as the prin" It is a great fatisfaction to me to ciple of our conduct, and the object of observe, that, notwithstanding the tempo- Minifters, that there should be eftablith. rary embarrassments which have been ex- ed in France a Government with which perienced, the fate of the commerce, we could rrear with confidence, and at manufactures, and revenue of the coun. tain general futurë security. He rrem: try, proves the real extent and soliditybled when he found not a word of this of our resources, and furnishes you such principle in the Speech; but that, on means as must be equal to any exertions the contrary, it seemed all at once which ille present crisis may require. abandoned, and we were going meanly * My Lories and Gentlemer,

to submit to the arrogant and

declared ** The dittrelles which were in the last enemies of established order, not only year experienced from the scarcity of corn, in their own, but in all other countries.

are now, by the blessing of God, happily He defired their Lord thips to reflect removed, and abundant harvert how the French domineered in Italy, affords the pleasing prospect of relief in Spaio, and wherever they found admirthat important article to the labouring tance; and he asked if they were preclaffes of the Cormimity. Our internal pared to submit to the mandates of the tranquillity bias also continued undifturhed. Directory. At their command were

“ 'The general attachunent of iny Deo. they to let losse thote putished for fepie to the British Conftration has appear. dition and attacks on the Conftitution, to ed on every occasion; and the endeavours send for the jacobins back again frem

of those wilo wished introduce Botany Bav, and leate our Colonies and anarchy and confusion into this country landsco French regeneration ? . He have been represied by the energy and asked if France was to retain a! her 'wildom of the laws.

conquests. If so, with Spain, Holland, • To defeat all the designs of our and Italy in her poffeffion, or as tier enemies, to restore to my People the triburaries, he declared our commerce bhellings of a secure and honourable would be gradually annihilated; and he peace, to maintain inviolate their re.. did not think it was the difpofition of ligion, laws, and liberty, and to de. such rulers as France noip had, to fur: liver down unimpaired to the latest render any thing they had leized. In posterity the glory and happiness of these short, he was sure they did not defire kingdoins, is the constant with of iny peace, for at this very period that 'neheart, and the uniform end of all my gociation was opening, they had officially actions. In every meafire that can con- published a most insulting libel on the duce to these objects I am confident of Government and people of this country. receiving the firm, że ilous, and affection. He had given the war his fanction and ale fupport of my Parliament."

support, on the principle that it was for His Majesty having retired, and the the maintenance of civilized order and Lords being unrobed, Earl Bathurst morality, and for the defeat of revolurole to move the ADDRESS.

tionary politicians and doctriness and His fpeech was replete with approbabile therefore he should move the followingo Ministers, and particularly that for ob- * Thracithis House, strongly imprefraining a safe and a folid pcaee which, if, sed with the justice and accettiry of








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15: 939 the present war, carried on for the

Bouffe 7 maintenance of civil and moral order

PROTES in che world, and for securing the balance of power in Europe, and the

EARE FITZWILLIAM indepeudence of all States, will continue to give lois Niajesty a vigorous support OF LORDS TO THE THRONE, ON H19 in alerting, the general cause of bis

MAJESIT '$ SPEECK, ANNOUNCING Majefy, and his Allies, and for preo THE OPENING OP'A NEGOCIATION serving the good faith, dignity, and

RE: FRENCH honour of the Crowd, in full assurance

REPUBLIC that no iteps thall be taken inconsistent with those principles, or wish the future

THE motion being made that the {afety and prosperity of these kingdon:s : Address in answer to his Majeity's and should the apparently hostile dif- Speech) do pass, it passed in te astirma

tive. positions of the Court of Madrid, infigated by the intrigues and menaces of

DISSENTIENT, the commou enemy, put his Majesty

ist, Becaule, by this Address, unae. under the neceßlicy of repelling force mended as it Itands, the fanation of the by force, his. Majesty may rely on the Lorus is given to a series of measures as determination of this Houfe give his ill-judged with regard to their object as Majefy the most aniple fupport in de thery, are derogatory froni the dignity of his fending against cvery aggrellion the Majesty's Crown, and from the honour dignity, rights, and ineteks ef she of this kingilon. The reiterations of foBritish Empire."

licitations for Peace, io a species of Power Lord Grenzille, after paying high with whole very existence all fair and equis compliments to Earl Bashurit

, for the table accommodation is incompatible, can ability with wich, he had introduced have no other effect than that which, it is the Address, replied to Earl Fitzwilliam. potorious, all our folicitations have hitherto He said, that if his Lordthip meant, as

Irad. They must encrcalo the arrogance he thought he did, tv infinuate that the and ferocily of the common eacmy of all war was undertaken by Ministers for nations; twy muft fortify de credit, and the direct purpose of eltablishing a fix the authority of an odious Government Monarchy in France, he must deny that over an enni vel people ; they mun unpair absolutely; they had expressed what the confidence of all giher Powers in the they, ftill believed, that the best issue to magnanimity, constancy, and fidelity of the cale would be the reaeftablih. the British Councils, and it is much to be Dhe ne of monarchy in France, but they apprehended it will inevitably tend to bad never pledged themselves, much break the ipring of that energy, and so less the Parliament, to an opinion 10 lower that Ipirit shich has characterised wild anii extravagant, chat without this in former times this high-minded nation, obje&t go peace could be attained. . Ihe and whici, far from ouking under mis, dixcrence of our situation from the fortune, have even risen with ibe difficukies countries where his Lordship had der and dangers in which our couixey has been tailed the infulting and domineering involveu. Spirit of the French nation, was surely

2d, Because no Peace, such as may be fufficient to dispel any fears on that capable of recruiting the Arength, vecoaccount. He thanked God we were nomizing the means, augruenting the re. prepared to repe! any ignominious de- sources, and providing for the latesy of this Wands; and as to the paper that had. kingdom and its inseparable connections, beon alluded to, it was a senseless pro- and dependencies, can be, had withi, the dublini, and such a disreputable pub- ufurped Power now exercising authority lication cugbt not to obstruct the pro- in France, considering the description, ciha grels of a negociation, which might tere character, and the conduct of those who minate, in conditions of peace, that it compose that Government, the wethods might be consistent with the dignity and by which they have obtained their porter, BACUE of the nation to accept. the policy by which they hold it, and

Lord Abiogdoo said a few words the maxims they have adopterled openly against she Address, and it was then professed and uniformly acted, uu, towards earried without a division's

the destruction of all Governuments not The following Protest was aftere formed on their model and jubler viene da vasta ensered

on their Lord Ships their domination, wt19 boscount priel Journals by. Eac! Fitzwilliam

3d, Because the idea that this kingdom

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