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Keckingen, the Prince of Condé and Ge. Ayles Master, from Sunderland, bound neral Frolich, who had united at Viilin, to Weymouth, which the Telemachus gen, and were still there on the 17th, will retuok, and sent into this part. Inby this time have been obliged molt pro. closed is Lieutenant Crispo's leiter, bably to fall back,

giving an account of the capture, and General Wartensleben withdrew the gara recapture above-mentioned. rison of Frankfort on the 14ih inst, as that Telemachus, at Syithead, Aug. 9, 1796. place is not capable of defence; and he

SIR, arranged with General Jourdan a partial

I Have the honour to acquaint you, armistice for two days, to give time for that yesterday morning, being off the carrying off what kill remained there be, Needles, I ftood in fhure after a hoop longing to the Austrians. On the 16th, and cutter; soon after the cutter made finding that the enemy were detaching fail to the eastward, and at eleven com. round his right, through the bishopric of ing up with the floop, recaptured the Fulda, his Excellency continued his retreat John of Weymouth, William Ayles towards Wurtzburg, in the neighbour. Master, loaded with coals, who had been hood of which place he was with his whole taken in the morning early by the cute force when the last accounts came from ter. After making all posible dispatch in him : so that Wurtzburg upon the Mein, taking poffeffion of her, I immediately Canstadt and Ellingen on the Neckar, and gave chace to the cutter, which had got a Sigmaringen on the Danube, may be con- great distance; but the fast failing of fidered at this moment as nearly the prin. the Telemachus brought us up with her cipal points of the Austrian position. at a quarter past two in the afternoon,

I have the honour to be, &c. being then off the Owers, when firing (Signed), C, CRAVFÚRD, a shot at her, she ftruck, and proved to

be the Marguarita, French cutter priva; ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, AUG. 6. teer, mounting four guns and four swi. Goey, of a Letter from Vice-Admiral vels, and manned with 40 men. She Kingsmill, Commander in Chief of bus had been three days from Cherbourg, Majelly's ships and Vefsels at Cork, 19 and had only taken this foop but I M. Nepean, dlated L' Engageanis, Cork have the fatisfaction to add, that by Harbour, July 31, 1796..

taking her five other vessels escaped be. Sir,

ing capiured. PLEASE to inform my Lords Com.

I am, &c. millioners of the Admiralty, that his

JOHN CRISPO, Majesty's ships Cerberus and Seahorse

Lieutenant and Commander, arrived here yefterday afternoon : Dur- Admiral Sir Peter Parker. ing their cruize they captured a Erench privateer cutter, called the Calvados, ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, AUGUST 20. mounting fix guns, ten swivels, and A LETTER, of which the following shirty-eight men, which had been out is a copy, has been transmitted by Ado ten days from Brest

, but not nade any miral Sir John Jervis, K.B.Commander prize, and they sent her to Plymouth. in Chicf of his Majesty's thips and ver. I have the honour to be,

sels in the Mediterranean, to Evan Ne. Sir,

pean, Esq. Secretary of the Admiralty, Your most obedient humble servant, in his letter, dated on board his Majer. R. KINGSMILL, ty's thip Victory, off Toulon, July 18,

1796. ADMIRALTY OFFICE, AUG. 8. 1796.

Captain, Porto Ferrajo, Exna& of a Letter from Aedmiral Sir Pe.

July 10, 1796. ter Parker, Bart. Commander in Chief I Have the pleature to inform you, of bis Majesty's ships and Veffels at that the troops under the command of Portsmoub and Spitbead, to Mr. Ne. Major Duncan took pafletion of the pean, dated Royal William, at Spithead, forts and town of Porta Ferrajo this Aug. 6,1796.

day at ren o'clock. THE Telemacbus cutter returned On my joining the convoy from Basthis morning from a cruize, with the tia yesterday afternoon, Major Duncan Marguarita I French privateer, of four having done me the favour io coile on guns, and 40 men, which the captured board, we concerted the most proper early yesterday afternoon off the Owers: methods for speedily, executing the the faid privateer had, the same morn. Viceroy's instructions to the Major. 10g, taken the Noop John William The troops were landed lag night,




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about one mile to the westerard of the captured the French privateer Vulcan, town, under the direction of Captain wwthat Capt. Rood, of the Bonetra, had Stuare, of the Petcrci, and the Major caprored another French privateer, immediately marched close to the gare named the Poiffon Volante, formerly on the west side; and at five o'clock this tho Flying Fith, in his Majesty's fer. morning sent to the Governor the Vice. vice ;-and that his Majesty's kircd roy's letter, containing the terms which armed cutter Lion, cogc:hier with the would be granted to the town, and give Swallow Revenue cutter, brad recap bin two hours for his anfier. At tured a soup, and taken a French prihalf past five I came on hore, when we vatter, with swivels and smalt arms, received a message from the Governor, and 17 men, 3 days from St. Valory's, dekring one hour inore to confule with which had not taken any ching but the the principal inhabitants. We touk above floop. ] this opportunity to allure the Tuscan. inhabitants, that they should rective 110 DOWNING-STREET, AUGUST 22. injury whatcvcr in their persons or THE letrers of which the following property.

arc copies, have been received from Colo Having ordered the tips into the nel Craufurd, by the Right Hon. Lord harbour io their several faticns, before Grenville. åppointed, the Major and myself deter- Hund Quarters of bis Royal Highness the mined, thould the terms offered be re. Aubuke Cisarles of Ausirii Eflinger, jected, to instantly open the fire of the July 12. thips, and to form the place at every

MY LORD, point from the land and fea.

News arrived this morning of Gene. I cannot conclude without expressing ral Wartensleben's having been attack my fullest approbation of the zeal and ed, on the roth in liant, by General good conduct of every captain, nfficer, Jourdan, at Friedberg, just as he was and man in the squadron ; and also that preparing to retire to Bengen, and af. during the time I was necessarily em· lemble his army in that camp. The ployed on shore, my first Lieutenant enemy were, according to all reports, Edward Berry commanded the thip, near four times as strong as the As. and placed her opposite the grand bal. firians; and the latter, after having retion, within half piftol-hot, and in such pulsed three succeflive attacks, were a manner as could not have failed, had obliged to retire to Benger, with the we opened the fire, to have had the loss of leveral hundred imcu, and one greatest effect.

I have the honour to be; &c. &c. General Warrensleben's army bad (Signed) HORATIO NELSON. been divided into three corps along the Sir Yolu Jervis, K. B.

Lahn, all of which were directing their N. B. The place is mounted with one march towards Bengen; bur neither of hundred pieces of cannon, and garrisoned then was Tufficiently strong to make a by four hundred regulars, bolide militia. ftund of any consequence, with a pra:

bability of success. The enemy, there ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, ALG!'ST 20. fore, having arrived at the point of

BY a letter from Sir John Borlase Friedberg, by rapid marches, the moru. Warren, commanding a squadrou of hising of the day that the Austrians inMajesty's frigares, 'dated the 7ıh inft: tended to quit chat port, found a force by information is received that he had no means adequate to refitt the in, and cliaced into Dovarnenez Bay near Breft, propted by the circumftance. a French convoy, under the protection Proper garrisons are left at Mavence, of a frigate of zo guns, and a brig of Manheim, Philipbourgh, and Ehren18, which were driven on thore, and breitltcina the latter bilged; as were also a trans. I have the honour to be, &c. &c. port of 600 tons, and a schooner of 80

C. CRAUFURD. tons; and that five brigs of 250 tons Head.Quarters of his Royal Highnefa sbe each, two chasse marees of 99, and a Arebduke Cbarles of Austria, Gemund, dogger' of too, were abandoned by

July 24. their crews and burnt.

My LORD, [This Gazette likewise contains a His Royal Highness the Archduke, letier from Admiral Murray, on the upon receiving intelligence of the eneHalifax station, giving an account that my's intention to dislodge the corps at Capt. Evans, in the Spencet floop, had Elingen, and thus make themselves





wafters of the great road from Stutgard venspurg, and a corps under General

Ulmreinforced that important poft Wolf at Bregen; the Subians were in the night of the 20th, and made the ftill at Burberach, to wbich place they

cellary dispositions for a most vigo- had reured upon the conclusion of their tous defence

armittice. -General Wartendeben kept On the 21f the enemy made several his petition near Bambergh, having a feints on the right, and along the whole small body of light irorps Derweer front of the camp of Feibach, whilft they Nuremberg and Anspach, for the pure marched against the heights of Eningen pose of communicating with the Archa with a very fuperior force. Their ar, duke. On the 29th Geperal Froliche tack commenced there about leven in compliance with an order from the o'clock in the morning; and, after five Archduki, marched to Bciberach, lur. oofuccessful efforts, they were obliged rounded and disarmed the $uabiau to retire to Hohenheim near Siutgard. corps, obliging them to difperle immer

The skill with which this polition diateiy, and retire, behind the line of was defended, and the vigour diiplayed operations.--After which he took his in repulhing the reiterated and severe pulition in that neighbourhood, and the attacks on grounds to interfected and Prince of Conde marihed to Waldsee, woody, that neither cavalry nor artillery leaving an advanced guard near Reven. could act with efficacy, du equal honour fpurg. Froin the 26th to the zoch lere19 Geocral Horze, who commanded, and rallkirmithes happened between the the gallant troops that executed his or- advanced poils; in all these the Austrians ders. The exceflive heat of the day, had the advantage; and a detachment and the great fatigue that they experi of Huliars a large French recaiced, as they had all been under arms, connoirring party near Hohenstadt, beand most of them marching the whole tiveen Blanicuren and Geillengen, preceding rusht, did not prevent them every man of which was either killed of froni contending most courageously with taken. near double their puinbers, uili cight On she zile, as the magazines on o'clock, when victory rewarded tuch the Danuit were placed in safety, and exemplary conduct. I have not the as the enemy began to man@uvre to. leaft ioteation of making any diftinction wards the Archduke's righi, nis Royal betweea the merits of those brave mtu, Higineis dceermined to conccatrate his who are all eptiiled to 10 great a fare principal turce. Ile thorefore moved, of praife, bur I cannor help observingie on the ilt of Auguli, with ris mala your Lord ship, that the first battalion of army, to Haydenhein, on the 2d to the Hungarian regiment of Spleny Nurheila, and on the 34 to Nurdlingen, fought from the beginniog of this a&tion the detached corus retiring graduaily. without being relieved, and though it to as to cover his warch, loft between 3 and 400 mul, remained His Royal Higliness's general position in fire till nighe put a ftop to its un. is now as follows; the main army at common exertions. This circumstance Nordlingen, with an advanced guard at is fo much talked of in the army, that Nerineit; two small corps near BopI feel called upon not to pass it over pingen and Weiltengen, to observe the In filence.

roads leading from those places; and a The total loss of the Austrians on corps of luperior force ar Gundelfingen, this day was about 1000 men, including for the purpose of covering the left, and feveral officers ; that of the enemy keeping up the communication with amounted, according to the best estimates General Frolichaodthe Prince of Conde, which can be obtained from deferters the former of whom is at Wiffen: and prisoners, to near 2000.

horn, on the Both, and the latter at I have the honour to be, &c. Mimmingen, with his advanced guard

C. CRAUFURD. at Wurtzach. Heat-Quarters of bis Royal Higbness ibe The enemy having discovered the

Arcbduke Cbarles of Austria, Nordlingen, channel by which the water was con. Ang af 4.

veyed into the fortress of Koningstein, MY LORD,

cut off the supply, and by that means His Royal Highness the Archduke reduced the garrison, confiling of about marched from Gemund on the 26th of 500 sen, to the necessity of furrenderJuly, and encamped with one part of ing. The troops marched out with his main army at Bobmenkirchen and arms and baggage, and they returned another at Urspingen. General Frolich inco the Emperor's dominions, on condi, was on the south of the Danube scor tion of not serving till exchanged. Waldfec, the Prince of Conde near Re.

Aug oil


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Augaji 5. The eneiny attacked this remaining, which was a prize to L'Aigle, afternoon the advanced polis cu manuod. a brig laden with fhip rimber. Two ed by the Prince John of Lichtenttein, fmali privatcers endeavoured to cut her Dear Kirchheim ; but they were of, which obliged us to tack to support pulled with the lots of above 303 men her, and occafioned some few lho: being taken prisoners, and a great number exchanged, which however did no da left dead on the field. I have the honour, &c.

Cummodore Nelson, with the Captain C. CRUFURD. and Meleager, anchored here on the P.S. News has this woment arrived, 27th at ten o'clock, and the Commodore of General Erav's having obtained a added the Meltager to the convoy, confiderable advantage over the enemy which was of much importance, as the at Scuten, near Bainbery, in which enemy's im +'l privateers were numerous peighbourhood he had been left by Ģe, and enterprising, neral Wastenileten, upon the latter's All the thippiog, nearly the whole of marching to Forcheim.

the English property, and all his Ma. Fapr. Freemantle's report 17Sir Jobre Fer. jelly's daval livres and provisions, have ons of rio proceedings of ibr enemy lit

ocen faved; and every British person Tuteany, therriaking potezlion of Lege and Emigré desirous of leaving Tuscany, borx, and ibe reticuí of the Bruijo have been reccived on board fume of the Faci ry.

thips Sir, Ixconfiant at Sea, June 30.

Coinmodore Nelson, in the Captain, I Had the honour of acqua nting yout,

remained at anchor, off the Malora, and in my letter of the evening of the 231 will doubriefs ftop any English Dips inti. accompanied with d patches by the

who may not be informed of the French Blanc'ie, of the supposed forcible entry being in position of Leghorn, of the French troups into Tuscany,

I fccl inyfeli pirticularly peliged to and their intended invafun of Legnorn, Lieut. Grey, employed in ine vransport

onthe zer I attended a meeting of fervice, for his great exertions ip gero the Comiit and bacters, where the in- ung the cores, &c. off, and great credit fortunion that had buen received was

is due to Mr. Hearly, agent vi&tuailer, communicared, and having effured them who was indefatigable in faving the that I would remain at anchor in the privilioas, wine, &c. Yoad for their protection unit the ene.

I have caule to be satisfica with the my obliged ine to weig!!, the merchants unanimity and united efforts of every prepared ro embirkticir gunds on board Engluh luvject on this occasion, where merchants thips and iranipores, which fo little notice could be given; and, were ordered immediately out of the confidering that me certain accounts Mole, and I requefied Cuprain Crapen Ivere ever received that the Freich would use every dispatch in getting the

were absolutely in Tuscany uued the Jarge hips lower mafts, ipars,&c. 25th, I hope, Sir, you will believe that launched and fecured on board the nothing has been wanting to accelerate tranfparts.

the embarkation, or to accommodate On the 25th many of the merchant and proiect buih the persons and prius veficls, and the Elizabeth trantport, periy of his Majesty's lubjects and the which was thearning in the Inner Mole, unfortunate Emigrés, all of which i left were got out, and the matis lafheu along. safe off Cape Corse yesterday at noon ; fide inc larter.

Lord Garlies havivg promised to fte On the 26th the Gorgon arrived them in laitty inia San Fiorenzo, with about noon, and the remaining large the Lively, Meleager, Gorgon, Comer, fpars were launched and sent to the and Vanneau. tip, tv ham having got certain informa.

I have the honour to be, &c. sion of the intension of the enemy, wha (Signed) dept at Pantedera, only 18 miles from

THO.FRA. FREEMANTLE, Leghorn, I ordered the whole of the convoy, amounting to 33 fail of square

DOWNING STREET, AUG. 17, 1796 rigged vessels, and 14 tartans, to be got DISPATCHES, of which the folunder weigh at day-hy he on the 27th ; lowing are copies, have been received a lirsle afternoon on that day she French from Colonel' Graham by the Right entered the town of Leghorn, and began H.n. Lord Grenville, his Majeliy's firing at the Inconstant about one, imem Principal Secretary of State for Fureign Igor under weigh with the only veręt Afars in

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Head- Quarters of Field- Marshal Wurme weather, retard the progress of the are fer's army, Valaggio, in Italy, Ako my. No further report is yet received gullt.

from Lieutenans.General Quardang MY LORD,

wich. I have the honour to be, &c. I I Have the honour to inforin your

THO. GRAHAM. Lordship, that the fiege of Mantua is P.S. No reports having been as ģtt railed, the French having retreated last received from ihe different divifions, I night with the utmoft precipi'atiun. cannot mention the loss of the Imperiai

I can now send only a very hasty dc- army; but I am happy to be able to count of the operations of the I'mpe- ftare, from general information, that it rial armiy, which have been attended is inconsiderable, in comparison of what with such signal success. The great might have been expected from ihe difs exertions the enemy were making ficulties that were furmounted. against Mantua determined his Excel- Hrad Quarters, Guidozolo, Ang. 4. lency Field Marshal Count Wurmforto MY LORD, make difpofitions for artacking the Field-Marthal Wurmser, with a enemy; without waiting for the artival view of allitting the operations of of further reinforcements. Accordingly, Lieurenant Geiteral Quaidanowich, on the 28th'ult. the different corps were having fent General Liptaye with an allembled ac obeir respective destinations, advanécd guard on the ad, tu Castiga the army formed four divifions, which lione delle Steviere, marched a body of were to advance by the different palles troops early yefturday morning front from the mountains of Tyrol.

Grico to fupport him. Major-General Spiegel entered Ve. General Liptave had been forced to Tona,' which the enemy abandoned. retire from caftiglione, and was nearly On the zift Major-General Pittoni oc. surrounded on the heights between it cupied Villa Franca, and the head and Solforino. The cavalry disengaged quarters were fixed here without oppo him, and the regiments forming as they Sition ; a corps of observation being left came up, the affair became generals the near Peschiera, under the command of Imperialtroopis maintained their ground, Major-General Bajolitz. These well. notwithstanding the great fuperiority of concerted and rapid movements deter. numbers of the cnemy, till night pur mined General Buonaparte to an im- an end to the combat. Too much mediate retreat across the Po and the praise cannot be given to those regie Mincio.

mens which had sustained, alone, the I'have the honour to be, &c. attack of three divifions of the French

THO. GRAHAM. army, nor to the cavalry, which repeacHead Quarters, Goiro, Aug. 2. edly repulsed the French cavalry, conMY LORD,

hining of 3000 horte. The whole Austrian Since I had the honor of writing to force engaged confifted of about 13,009 your Lord'hip yesterday, the Field. infantry, and 1,500 cavalry. All is quiet Marshal has received accounts from hitherto today, both armies remaining General Canto D'Irlas, commandant of oppoliec to one another in the same poMantua, which state that the enemy, ftion as yesterday. having marked their retreat hy continua I have the honour to be, &c. ing to hire as usual on the place during

THO. GRAHAM. the night, he could only lend his cavairy Head Quarters, Vallegg10, Aug. s* in purluit of them yesterday morning, MY LORD, and that they had already brought in The French army having yesterday. about 600 prisoners, among them a great received very considerable reinforcea bumber of artillery men; that he was ments from the Milanois, and a frong in pofleffion of aú their mortars and column, from Bozolo and Marcarias cannon, amounting to about 140, with having advanced this morniog by $ti 190,000 shells and balls, and great quan. Martino towards Medoli, threatening tities of other fores of all kinds. The the rear of the left wing of the Imper head quarters were removed here to. rial army, which extended into she day, and the army will continue the plain, the Field Marshal ordered that pursuit of the enemy ; but the exceffive its front fonid be changed, by being fatigue ite troops have undergonie, the thrown back towards the high ground difficulty of fupplying thero at forft on which the righe wing was postwhere no magazines could be previoufly ed. During this movement the enes formoed, and the exceflive heat of the wy atcacked in great force on the


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