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. bigh ground; and fome of the battalions sen, to keep up the direct communicai" of the right wing having given way, fell tion with that on the left bank of the in with those of the left wing not yet Danube commanded by General Riete, pofted. . This unfortunately created who was now encamped near Dallengen, confufion, and obliged the Field Mar- General Wartensleben had moved to hal to retreat to this place. Lieut. the mean time to Frock heim, on the Gen. Mezaros, who was on his way River Rednitz, and from thence to Lauf from Borgoforté to join the army, arrive on the Pegnitz. General Frolich, the ed to-day at Goit. There are no ac- Prince of Condé, and General Wolf, counts yet of Licutenant General remained nearly in the same portion Quafdanowich, so that it is probable he as mentioned in my dispatch of the 4th. is ftill among tne nountains, and the The enemy attacked che Auftrian cnemy being collected in such force Guards of Generals Horze and Ricle on near the South end of the Lago de the 8ih; but, by a display of much kill Garda, it wil be very difficult for him and hirmness, the first of those Generals Row to form a junction that way. managed co lose to little ground, that I have the honour to be, &c.

the change of pofition, which was er: THO, GRAHAM. dered for the next dav, took place witb.

out interruption; and the lanter, from ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, AUGUST 25:

his fituacion being more advantageous, THE Speedwell cutter is arrived at completely repulsed the attack that was Spitnead with La Brave cutter French made upon him. privateer; carrying one fix-pounder, On the oth at night, information was two swivels, and 25 men ; oniy 12 hours received that the Prince of Condé had from Cherbourg, and taken nithing.- buen obliged to retire to Minderheim, The Fly floop has alio fent on Spithead on the Mindel, and General Wolf into. La Furet French privateer lugger, of the defile of Bregentz, where, izowever, swivels and 27 men,-- Andine Rufe he had poftcd himself in luch a manner Jan Roop Disparch has carried into is to check the enemy's mapeuvre in Yarmouth the Nelly of Sunderland, and that quarter. General Wartunik ben allo L'Auguftine French schooner prin alto reported, that his pofirioa was fa vateer, of guns, 4 fwivels, a < 35 imen, bad as lo make it highly imprudene for which had cap-ured the Rely. She him to await the acrack whick Geuerad, had also taken three or her prizes, and Jourdan, from lis late moxements was on tos passage from Norway to the seemed to be meditating; and the same Texel.

day General Moreau arrived in great,

furce opposite the center of his Royal DOWNIXO-STREET, AOG 30, 1796. Highnels's extensive line, forming wih

THE Letters, of which the following his left on the Heights of Umenhein, are copies, have been received from his center in point of Catzenfein, and Colonel Crauturd, by the Right Ho. his right on thie Heights of Dungelkinnourable Lord Grenville, his Ninjesty's gen near Deschingen, with a corps 10. Principal Secretary of State for Foreign cover his flank near Laningen, on the Airs.

Dinube. His riserve was between Hrad. Quarters of his Royal Highness ibe. Nersheim and Konigsbron.

Archduke Charles of Auflria, Meringen, On the joth the enemy advanced a : Aug - 1241796.

strong part of their first line into the MY LORD,

woods in their front, where they estaI Have the honour to inform yoor blithed themselves firmly, and the Lordihip, that the Archduke marched famic evening, about fix o'clock, they on the geh inftant with the Main Army attacked General Horze's left, at Eglio. from Nordingen, and took a pofition gen and Amerdingen, with great imacross the Eger Rivulet, with his r give purnolity. They succeeded in driving towards Allertheim, the center in point back his advanced pofts, but they made. of Metingen, where the Head Quarters. no imprefhion on his left pofition, not were dixed, and his left towards Hohe did they interrupt the attack that his naltheim, for the purpule of covering Royal Highness intended to make upos more effe&tually the roads from Norde them ine next morning, of which the lingen and Horringen to Donwert. The following was the difpofition. corps which had been posted at Nor- An advanced guard, commanded by heim, under General Horze, hnd alrede Prince Jotin of Lichtensteia, supported, dy fallen back to Forchem and Aufhau. by a small corps under General Staray.

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was to march from the camp of Mectin- tages. Just as the Archduke was make gen along the road that leads from ing his disposicions for strengthening Nordlingen to Northeim, and endea. and bringing forward his right agaili, vour, by manævring to the enemy's he received a report from General Warleft Hauk, to dislodge them from the tenleben, purporting that he was Heights of Umenhčim. The rest of obliged to retire to Anberg; and chat a the main army was to allembie at For- column of General Jourdan's army cheim, Aufhausen, and Amerdingen, had already arrived at Nuremberg, for, from whence it was to maren in three the purpose f co-operating immediately columns ; that of the right under Gene- with General Moreau. His Royal ral Hutze ; that of the center under the Higiineis now judged, that even if Prince of Furftenberg; and the left victorious on this point he would prounder General de la Tour, and attack bably still be obliged to retreat to Dona. the -enemy's center and right, whilft wert, by the movements that the enemy General Riese, strengthened by part of were making on his right, and, lhould he General Froiich's corps, drove them be fu unfortunate as to experience a defrom the neighbourhood of Laningen, feat, the consequences from the same and marched towards Giengen and Hay: reaton might be most disastrous. Hethere. denheim, in order to come into the rear fore fufpended his attack, and contented of General Moreau's position. This himfilf with remaining master of the larter movement was to be covered on principal part of the field of batile; a i's right by a small intermediate corps decision tivwever taken with the utmoft under General Mercantin, who was to reluctance, because General Riese had preferve the communication between succeeded to the extent of his most fan. General Riese and the main army. As guinc hopes, and had advanced about che enemy had a great fuperiority of four o'clock in the afternoon, nearly to numbers, it was resolved to attack by Haydenheim. Carprise, and for this purpose the The Auftrians loft, on this occasion, marches were so arranged, that the from 12 to 1500 men. The French loss culumns were to be formed on the diffe. in killed and wounded is estimated at rent points, from whence they were to above 2000, besides more than 1200 pria advance, just before day-break, and pro- Soners already brought in, four pieces ceed immediately. However, a most of cannon, and several ammunition violent storm, which lasted several hours, waegons. made the night lo extreinely dark, and This morning the whole army of his the roads to bad, that the troops and Royal Highness has taken exactly the artillery were above double the time (ame position that it had on the roth. they would otherwise have been in per

I have the honour to be, &c. forming their movements, and therefore

C. CRAUFURD. the attack was necessarily deferred till Right Hon. Lord Grenville, feven o'clock. This enabled the enemy 60. &c. &c. to discover the whole plan, and prepare Head Quariers of bis Royal Hig bress ihe for their defence.

Arcbanke Charles of Austria, Donaweri, - Notwithstanding so unfortunate a Aug, 14, 1796. circumstance, which deprived the Arch- My Lord, duke of the great advantage of surprise,

I Have the honour to inform your his Royal Highness perlevered in his Lordship, that the Archduke marched resolution. Ine three columns of the with his main army to this place on the center were successful in dislodging the 13th, where he was joined by Generals enemy's advanced guard from the Horze and Ricle. The enemy did not woods, and they drove it back to the attempt to interrupe this movement, heights of the principal position; but though it was made in the day, nor have the coluinn chat marched towards they advanced since, which is a conUmenheim, finding itself taken in Aank vincing proof that the affair of the irih by General Moreau's reserve, which had checked very materially their intended advanced for that purpose as soon as the plan of operations. affair commenced, was obliged to retire. The pifs of Bregentz continues to be This lant General Hotze's righi Aank defended by General Wolf, and that of open, and forced him also to fall back Freussen will be covered by General La to the pofition of Porcheim, from Tour's left. whence he had marched in the morning; I have the honour to be, &c. but the Prince of Furstenberg and Ge

C. CRAUFURD. Aeral La Tour maintained their advan. Right Hon. Lord Grenville, 6, 61. So



ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, AUG. 30, 1796. about thirev pieces of cannon. - That

THE Telemachus cutter hasfent into the whole of the Auftrian army was not Spithead' a small French privateer, of engaged, out a considerable corps was four swivels and twenty-two men, and detached at the same time to Hurfpruch, also a small smuggling vessel ; both Lauff and Nuremberg, of which city taken at the back of the Isle of Wight. the Austrians took porteflion. Caprain Amos, of the Swallow revenue cutter, has fent into Rye a French pri. ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, SEPT. 5. vareer, called Petit Diable, fix tons bur. CAPT. Drury, of his Majesty's thip then, belonging to Calais, captured off Alfred, has captured the French pati. Farleigh, the crew of which conifted onal frigate, La Renommée, of 44 guns of the First and Second Captain and and 320

men, commanded by Citizen twelve ren.

Pitot, off the east end of St. Domingo.

She is a very fine frigate, only two years DRESDEN, AUG. 27.

old, and in every respect fic for his INTELLIGENCE has been receiv. Majesty's service. Captain Drury mened here of confiderable advantages har- tions his First Lieutenant, Mr. Joha ing been obtained by the unired armies Richards, his officers and company, with of the Archduke Charles and General great approbation : also the very able Wartensleben over that of General assistance of Captain Winthorpe, of Jourdan,

the Albicore floop, who was a palicoThese accounts rate, that after Ge.

ger on board. neral Wartensleben left Amberg, he re- [Two Proclamations also appear in treated to thc left side of the Nab, hav. the Gazette, permitting (not withitanding his main corps opposite tv Schwart- ftanding the late acts forbidding remitzenfeldt, with two different corps be. tances to the fubjects of the United ProSides towards Narbourg and Senwarr. vinces) the exportation of merchandise dorf, where he remained while General (those which form the finews of war Jourdan's army advanced near him on excepted) from this country, in neutral the opposite side of the river, in three bottoms, to Italy, Holland, of the Nsdivisions, of which he himself command. therlands, and authorising remittances of ed the centre. This was about the 20th money due to any of those countries. ] or 21st of August,

That the Archduke, after abandoning ADMIRALTY-OFFICÉ, SEPT. 13. Donawert, had retired behind the Lech, A LETTER has been received from and taken a strong position near its con- Sir John Borlase Warren, ftating, that fluence with the Danube; but under: the iquadron under his command had, Standing that, independent of General on the 23d ult. run alhore, taken posJourdan's grand army in face of Gene- settion of, and (as the could not be got ral Warrensleben, another division of off) burnt a fine large French frigate, the French, under General Championet, pierced for 48 guns, and manned with was advancing towards Ratisbon, his 300 men, at the mouth of the Garoppe. Royal Highnels, after leaving a strong None of the crew were left in her ; but corps behind the Lech to observe Gene: several were drowned in their attempt ral Moreau, marched along the Danute to got alhore. The Squadron allo with the remainder (about forty thou. burnt the following vefrols under conroy fand men) and patied that river at In- of the said frigate (and three others, golstadt about the 17th or 18th. That which escaped) viz. two merchantmen from thence he advanced by Dietfure to of 140 tons, two of 95 tons, one of 90, Teining, where he met the advanced and one of 80 tons; and captured two posts of General Championet's division, others, laden with wine and brandy, and beat them back, and followed them to- a floop loaded with canvass. wards Castel, on the way to Amberg. That by this time General Jourdan took ADMIRALTY-OFFICS, SEPT. 14. alarm, and recalled his troops towards LETTERS have been received at Amberg, and in proportion as hic retreated this Office, announcing the following Gen. Wartensleben advanced. That be- captures : rween Amberg and Sultzbach General A Freuch lugger privateer, with 20 Jourdan drew up his army, and a battle armed men, off Portland, by the Anteensued, in which the Austrians were vic- Jope custom cutter. torious. That the loss of the French on A Dunkirk privateer, with 18 men this occasion was supposed to be 5000 and buys, by the Argus, reredue cat killed and 2009 made prisoners, with ter.

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A privateer of eight guns and 40 men, a garrison was thrown into it. The co. from Rochelle, by Sir Hyde Parker's loman that paffed at Neuburg was come? squadron.

manded by Lieutenant-General Hotze. The Turot privateer, from Havre, On the 18th the troops balted. with 25 men, by the Lion.

The intention was to proceed from The Bon Esperance privateer, from hence with the righe coluinn from Ingula Cherbourgh, with 25 men (and the re- stadt towards Beliugriefs, and Lieutenant. capture of a vessel ladon with naval General Hutze's considerably further to and ordnance ftores, which the Efpe- the left; but, in the night from the 18th rance had taken) by the Childers iluup. to the 19th, intelligence was received, that

Gen. Wartensleben had been ubliged to DOWNING-STREET, SEPT. 20. guit the position of Amberg and return THE Dispatches, of which the follow- behind the Nab. ing are copies, live been recrived from The above-mentioned projected move. Robert Craufurd, Esq. by the Right Hon. ment of the Archduke's corps now became Lord Grenville, his Maiety's Principal very dangerous, as its cominunication Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. with Gen. Wartensleben would have been Head-Cuarters of bis Royal Highness in the greatest degree precarious, and its

tbe Archduke Charles of Auftriu, retreat, in cale of defeat (being cut off, as Lauffen, Ang. 27, 1790.

it might have been, from the road to RaMY LOR!),

tifbor), extremely difficult. His Royal I HAVE the honour to inform your Hignness therefore directed his march Lordlip, that the main body of the more to the right, and arrived on the 20th Austrian army of the Upper Rhine paf. inst. with his right column at Hemman. fed the Danube at Donawert on the i3th From this time Major-General Nauen. inst. anu halted near that place on the dorf's corps, which advanced the same 14th; the rear guards still occupying the day to the Heights of Taswang, formed road leading from Norlingen and Hock. his Royal Highness's advanced guard. ftadt to Donawert, the former at the dehle Lieutenant General Hotze's corps marched of Haarbarg, the latter at a village about towards Bellugriess. á league eastward of Blenhein:.

By this march the Archduke fecured On the 15th, his Royal Highness, the road io Ratisbon, and the right flank leaving General La Tour with a consider- of Jourdan's army was equally threatened, able part of the army of the Upper Rhine, he having advanced to ihe Nab. to defend the Lech, inarched with the A heavy cannonade, heard in the di. remainder down the riglit of the Danube, rection of Schwartzfeld on the 20th inst. with an intention of recrossing it, in order and other reatons, made it necessary to pro. to operate again General Jourdan's right ceed but slowly until more certain intelliflank, whill General Wartensleben fhould gence of General Wartenfleben's fituation advance and attack his front. The rear could be obtained, and a cornbined plan guards were of course withdrawn from of attack finally arranged. The abovethe above-mentioned posts, and Donawert mentioned cannonade afterwards proved evacuated in the courle of the day. to have been an affair of nu importance.

When his Royal Highneis commenced On the 22d the enemy's corps, which this maneuvre, General Wartensleben had advanced from Neumark, and taken was in the position near Amberg. To polt behind a deep ravine, through which turn the left of this pofirion, General the great road passes wear the village of Jourdan had detached a confiderable co- Teining, was aitacked by the advanced lumn on the great road leading from guard under General Nauendorf, and obe Nureinberg, through Neumark, to Ra. liged to quit its potition, and retreat to. tilbon; and, in order to oppote this co- wards Neumark. lumn, Major General Narendorf was ad. On the 23d the Archduke and Lieu. vancing from the latter place with a corps tenant-General Heeze's corps, having reof four of the battalions ne xly arrived froin united, advanced in several columns, and Austria and some light trops.

drove the enemy from their position behind On the 17th the troops, which the Neumark. Gen. Hoize pursued them tu Archduke had brought froin the army of within a league of Aldorf, and at the the Upper Rhine, repassed the Danube, in same time pushed forward a considerable two columns, at Nauhurg and Ingoltadt, column of cavalry, and fome light infan). and encamped near thote places, the latter try, under Major General Prince John of which, being capable of defence, and of Lichtenstein, on the great coad toward important from its lituation on the river, Nuremberg.

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The right column of the Archduke's your Lordship how much the Archduke, corps encamped near Neumark.

and, I may fay, all the principal Officers On the 24th the long-intended combined of the army, have thewn themselves in. operation took place against General Jour- terested about Colonel Craufurd ; nor can dan's army, 'This operation was per. I conclude without assuring your Lordship formed in seven columns. That on the that his being taken was not owing to any right of General Wartensleben's army ad. imprudence; though, indeed, his convanced towards Weger ; another column duct, ever fince he has had the honour of proceeded from Schwartzfeld, having a being attached to the Austrian army, has third smaller force to its left, and a fourth been marked by that conspicuous real, advanced froin Swandorf towards Am- activity, and courage, which he cannot berg, in the neighbourhood of which help dilplaying, even when only a spectator place the three latter columns were to of military operations. unite, and that of the left to form a junction I have the honour, &c. with the Archduke's right, which pro- (Signed) ROBERT CRAUTURD. ceeded from Neumark, by Castell, 10 Amberg, having two strong corps to the

Headquarters of bis Royal Higbaejstbe Jeft, of which the one under Lieutenant.

Arcbauke Cbarl's of Anfiria, Bambergs General Staray advanced to Herschpruck,

Auz: 37, 1796. and the other under Lieu:enanr. General

MY LORD, Horze to Lauffen. This excellent dir. I HAVE the honour to inform your position would certainly have been fol. Lordship, that after the affair of the 24th lowed by a very decisive batile, had not inst. General Jourdan continued his retreat the enemy, alarmed at the menacing move- in several columns through Velden, Pego ments of the Archduke's corps, retreated nitz, &c. &c. in the general direction fo precipitately as to make it impossible. of Ebermanstadt and Porcheim, He has Their loss must, however, have been con- been closely pursued by the Archduke's fiderable; and two battalions of their rear army, under which denomination I comte guard, which defended as long as posible prise that lately commanded by General the defile of Amberg, were compleatly WartenNeben, as well as those troops annihilated by some squadrons of Auttrian wllich bis Royal Highness brought with cavalry. The different corps encamped him from the Danube. in the evening in the neighbourhood of On the 25th inst. the advanced guard, Amberg, Herschpruck, Lauffen, &c. under Lieutenant-General Kray, marched General Jourdan is continuing his retreat by Sulzbach to Hohenstadt, and a cona. towards Forcheim.

derable column of the enemy's baggage Whilst these operations were carrying was taken or destroyed in the defile beon, General Moreau crossed the Danube tween that place and Velden. The troops at Donawer!, and acted with his whole which had encamped the preceding evenarmy against General La Tour, who has 'ing near Anibery, followed General been obliged to quit the position of ile Kray's march, and the Archduke took Lech, and on the 24th took another behind his head-quarters at Sulzbach. the Ifer. General La Tour's lors has been On the 26:1 Lieutenant-General Kray very inconsiderable, although the great pursued the enemy in the direction 10fuperiority of the enemy obliged him to wards Græffenberg, and Lieutenant-Ge

neral Hotze advanced from Lauffen toe Thus, my Lord, have I endeavoured to wards Erlangen on the Rednitz; the for. give your Lordihip an accurate account of mer having his right covered by Major, the late events and movements, and it is General Ellnitz, in the neighbourhood of with the deepest concern I must conclude it Velden, Nenhang, Blech, &c. as 'had the by informing your Lordliip, that my latter his left by Major-General the brother, Lieutenant Colonel Cranford, was Prince of Lichtenitein, 'who had palled unfortunately wounded and taken on the through Nuernberg. The Archduke's 2 gth init.

columns marched from the camp of Sulze The Archduke has been pleased to bach to Heripruck on the Pegnitz. write to General Jourdan, reclaiming On the 27ih Lieutenant-General Horze, bim; and I have no doubt of their giving having croised the Reuniiz, moved tohun up, as it would be contrary 10 every wards Hochstadt on the Aisch, Prince rile to detain a person as prisoner of war, Lichtenstein's corps forming his advanced * who was not, at the time of his being guard; Lieutenant General Kray's corps taken employed in a military capacity. marched to Geitenberg, Betzoniteio, &c. It is imposfible for nie to expreis 16 and the army from Heripruck to Lauffen.



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