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On the 28th the Prince of Lichtenstein's mul have wished to take, may ultimately light troops approached on the left bank have as happy an effect upon the of Rednitz, very near to Bamberg, Lieu. issue of the campaign, as they, at all tenant-General Kray marched to Neu- event, will be honourable to his Royal kirch, and the Archduke tu Heroldsberg. Highness.

On the 29th, upon the approach of the I am not yet enabled to inform your advanced guard, the enemy abandoned pre- Lordship of the number of prisoners made cipitately the strong fort of Furcheim, let by the different columns : a considerable ting fire to the 'mills and bridges on the number were taken on the 230 in the Wisent to cover their retreat. Their rear- affair near Neumark, and in the attiuir of guard, confifting of nearly a division, tonk Amberg there were between 900 and poft in the night with its left to the Of what has been taken fince, I heights of Egglesciin, and its right to the fall have the honour to acquaint your Rednitz, on the road from Forcheim 10. Lordship in my next. wards Bamberg. The army encamped be. A corps, under Major-General Nauentween Baitridorf and Forcheim.

dorff, was detached on the 25th initant to Early on the morning of the zotli, Lieu. reinforce General Latour, who is behind tenant. General Kray inoved forward to the Ifer. attack the enemy in their positions near On the 27th Colonel Craufurd was left Egglelheiin; but they abandoned it to behind by the French, with a safeguard, quickly, that no serious affair could be at Betzenstein, they having found it in. engaged, nor could the column, which possible to transport him any further had been fent through the mountains to without endangering his life ; they exturn their left, arrive in time to fall upon acted his parole not to serve againt the cheir retreat, so that their loss was not Republic till exchanged, which will, I confiderable. Lieutenant-General Kray believe, take place immediately;' He has pursued theni towards Baniberg, and the been most severely wounded in the head by Archduke took his head-quarters at a mukket ball, but I have the happinels Hırschald. On the left of the Rednitz to inform your Lordhip, that the Arch. Lieutenant-General Horze advanced to duke's own surgeon, wirom his Royal Burg Eberach, pushing forward his ad. Highness (whole goodness on this occavanced guard under the Prince of Lich- fion has been great indeert) was pleased to tenstein to Eltman on the Meyn. Lieute. fend to him, as well as the other surgeons nant-General Staray's corps, which had who at:end hiin, give me the greatert followed General Hotze's march, advanced seafon to hope for his recovery. to Closter Eherach. Very early on the In case of my absence from the army morning of the goch, Jourdan's army, for a few days, Captain Anttruther, of that is, the heavy artillery, &c. began the guards, who came lately from Berlin, to cross the Meyn, at Hallitade.

will have the honour of informing your During the whole of the operations Lordihip of every thing that happens. I which I have had the honour of describing have the honour to be, &c. to your Lordihip in this and my last dil

ROBERT CRAUFURB. patch, his Royal Highness's great aim has been to bring General Jourdan to a de- DOWNING STREET. SEPT. 21, 1796. cisise battle ; but the bad roads and defiles DISPATCEES, of which the follow. the troops had to pass between the Danube ing are Copies, have been received from and Ainberg considerably retarding their Captain Auftruther, by the Right Hon. march, gave Jourdan time to get off; Lord Grerville, his Majelty's l'rincipal and he has since succeeded in avoiding Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. a general engagement, wherein he has been Head-quarlers of bis Royal Highness the greatly favoured by the nature of the coun. Archduke Charles, Zil, near Buriz, try, which is so extremely hilly, woudy, burg, September 4, 1796. and interfected, as to make it impracticable MY LORS, to employ the cavalry.

Your Lordship is acquainted with the Notwithstanding it is much to be re- unfortunate circumstances which have gretted that it was not possible to bring obliged Colonel and Mr. R. Craufurd the enemy to a general battle, yet there are to reinain for a line at a ciutance froin the Itrong reafuns to hope that those maiterly scene of operations. The absence of these rancuvres, by which the Archduke las Gentlemen, at a moment fo particularly forced them to to sudden a retreat, and has interesting as the present, must be regretted already driven them considerably out of as a lois to the public service, whilin the direction which Jourdan undoubtedly though at their request I now attempt to



detail to your Lordship the late proceedings His left wing, consisting alm:aft entirely of the Army, I feel myselt inadequate to of tavahy, was placed in the spaciou fupply.

plains in front of Kornach, Hut confidertaw Your Lordship is already' informed of bly town back, in order to receive the the movements of his Royal Highness more effe&ual fu; part from the infintig the Archduke up to the siit vltimo, at in the wood. A numerons artillery wils which period the Right Wing of the distri suted on the most effequal points Army was afsemi-led in the plain betwixt along his fiont. The division if Leferte Forcheim and Bamberg, and the left, remained poited behind Schweinfurt, to confitting of upwards of twenty batra- cover the great road to Fulda, and a linall lions and fifty Squadrons, under the con- intermediate corps maintained his com. mand of Lieutenant-General Sızaray, had munication with the amy.' Teached Eberach, and threatened at once, His Royal Highnets halled the 2d in his by detachments, the point of Schweinfurt camp of Oher Schwarizach, whilft a and of Wurtzbourg.

hridge was thrown on the Meyn, near *** Early on the 31st, the Archduke ent-red Dentelhach, which was not finished till Bamberg, and, from the information late in the evening. General Kray re. there received of the movements of the mained at Geroltzhuffen. enemy, determined to puih or with the General S:záray, in the mean time, whole ariny towards Wurtzburg, as being judging from the force and usuat conduct the point, on the cccupation of which of Jourdan, that he would soon renew depended the possibility of forcing Joudan his efforts to render himself master of to abandon the Meyn, and take his re- Wensbourg, einbraced the spiriied veidly. treat through the country of Fulda, on tion of rather advancing against him than the Lahn. His Roval Higliness proceedled of waiting for him in his position. The in the evening to Bourg Eberich. Ge. Archduke approved of this idea, and de. neral Kray took post at Eilnavn, and termined to facilitate the exechtion of it, General Śtzaray 'advanced to Klotter by making a combined attack on the eneSchwarizach.

my, to take place early in the morning of On the iit of September, the Arch- the 31. The intention was, thiat General duke marched to Ober Sch: artzach, Ge. Stzaray should move forward against the neral Kray to Geroleshiffen, and General Corps which was oppoted to him that Sizuray :o Kiiz ngen, where he patled the the main hodi, under the command of Meyn. His advanced guar:!, under Ge. General Wartenfleben, paffing ihre vridge neral Hot?e, took pontefion of the town at Dertlebach, skorld attack the centre of of Wurtzburg, the French garrison re- the enemy, whilft General Kray, crośling tiring into the citadel,

the river at the point neareit Gerolizheiten, In the mean time, the enemy strained should turn his left wing. every nerve to reaca Wurzburg before Soon after day-break, accordingly, Ge. the main body of the Alitian ariny nasal Stzaray advancei, and drove back fhould come up; and, by forced marcies, the pults of the enemy: as, however, the arrived at korechi, within three leagues other two columns had a contdecable anarch of the town, the lame day on wnica Gc. to make,and met witho uchunexpected delay neral Hotze took poflion of it. Vext in the passage of the river, he soon found hini. day (the 24) Jourdan attackexi, with the telf engaged, alone, by very fuperior num, utmost impciucüty, the corps under Ge. bers; and was obligel, not only to reline neral Straiay ; but, rongi he fucceeded quid the ground he had gained, but had in loicing some of his polis, he was not niuch difficulty in maintaining his original able to make any impieztion on the main poficio!. Atihis critical instant his Royal polition, and retired in the evening 10 his Highnets fent orders to General Warrea, camp near Kornach. There he resolved fleben to ford the river with the whole of io abide the event of a barele, and, in his cavalry, and advance directly against that view, puiteri himself in the following the lets of ihe enemy. His judicious ma. manner,

ræuvre had the desired effect. Joudan, His right wing, extending to the Meyn leeing himself menaced in the mak ciental a live below Wurizburg, leited on a very point of his position, withdrew from his commanding eminenca, in front of which right che troops with which he was puelling a deep siver rendered, the acce's extreinely General Sizaray, who thus gained, supe to difficule. The fort line of biscount oce re-establish bimself in his pott. cupied a long yakow woul, kuiing the . The cavalry now charged the left of the bou of a chain of neiztis, on le enemy, and diave... Ijom. 1 Saecond uge

sich his second hilje vms. puwited. but the enemy retiring behindile yhüved, she jagavad

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Auftrians remained exposed to a fire of The army passed the night on the field mulquetry and grape, which obliged them of batile, and the next day, crolling the to abandon the advantage they had gained. Meyn at different points, encamped acap A fecond attempt of unfaipe nature had this place. a similar fare ; and, after truitless endea. I irave the honour to be, &c. vours to draw the enemy into the plain, (Signed) ROBERT ANSTRUTHER, his Royal Highnels resolved to await the

Captain 3d Guards. arrival of the rest of General Wartensle. Head Quarters of bis Royal Highness in ben's column, without which it was evident Arcbatuke Charles, Zeli, near Wurizburz, the position of the enemy could not be Sept. 5, 1796. forceda

MY LORD, At length the infantiy appeared ad- Yesterday the Citadel of Wurtzburg vracing from Detilebach, and General capitulated; the garriton, to the number Stzaray moving forward at the same time, of 700 inen, surrendering themselves pria combined attack was immediately forined soners of wir. General Belmont, Chief again the wood which covered ihe ene- of the Frencia artillery, is amongst the any's front. Eight baitalions of grenadiers number. advanced for this purpose with equal order A prodigious quantity of stores, of and impetuosty i regardless of the fwarin ammunition, and p: ovisions, has been found of Tirailleurs who harrassed them, they in the town and citadei, partly left there gained the wood without firing a thoi, and by the Anitrians, partly collected by rein a few minutes drove the enemy, not quifition from the neighbouring country. only from thence, but from the heights Intelligence is received, that the enemy beyond it. This advantage, and the ap- has abandoned in Schweinfurt 70 pieces of pearance of General Kray's column on the artillery, which he was unable to transport. right, decided the fortune of the day. From the reports of the cops in tront, Jourdan made no attempt to recover the there is every reason to believe thai the ground he had lost, but began his retreat enemy has decidedly quitted the Meyn, and ou every point: this he for fuine time directed his retreat to Fulda. The light conducted with much regularity; his ca- troops which have been tent in pursuit valy preserving considerable countenance, continuaily bring in prisoners and bagand forming repeatedly, under protection gage: and the pea aniry, exalper ated at of their light artillery, to check the pur. the unheard-of outrages of the enemy, has fuit of the Austrians. At length however, riten in many parts, and deliver up.or decontinually harrafied by the hufars, and stroy all the traggiers who fall into their overfowered by a prodigious fire of ar

hands. tillery from the heights, the confusion be- His Royal Highness, determined to per- , came general; the excessive fatigue of the severe in the faine line of operations, this Autrims, and the coining on of niglie, day detaches Colonel Count Meerfelang alone saved them from total deftruétion. with ten squadrons of light cavalry, to

The loss of the Austrians on this occa- form a junction with the garnisons of Manbon amounts at molt lo eight bundied heim and of Mayence, by which means men, amongtt whom are no Officers of a corps of twelve or tiriten thousand men distinction. That of the enemy is by far will be enabled to act in the rear of the more considerable. Two thousand prifo. enemy. From the diltingovbed abikties ners are already brought in, and the numm.

of the Oncer to whom this enterprize is ber of killed and wounded cannot be entrusted, the greateit hopes are entertained fnialler

. One colour, fix pieces of cannon, of its success. and a great number of ammunition and The army inoves this day towards Wer. baggage waggons, have fallen into the theim, and the head-quariers will be 10

morrow at Renlir.gen. The success which on this occasion has By the lateft accounts received from the attended the Austrian armies is to be other side of the Danube it appears, that afcribed chiefly to the personal conduct of General La Tour itill maintained himself tis Royal Highness the Archduke. Present in front ct Munich; but the fuccelles on very where, where the danger was the this fide had not then produced the exmolt prelling, he animated the troops by peeted effect of furcing General Mureau bis example, and preferred them in order to a retreat. It hardly items poflible inat by the coolness and quickness of his ma- he hould now

venture to delay it. peuvres, and at length feized, with infinite I have the honour to be', &c. judginent , the irue point of attack which


Captain 3d Guardi.

hands of the conqueror.

decided the victory

Wilhelmpoad, near Haran, Seft. 3,1796. had abandoned Frankfort the preceding

In consequence of the late actions the night, the advanced guards were potha army of Jourdan is retreating in the moft ed on fucceflively to the Kiutzig and the diforderly manner possible, in different dic Nidda. rections. About three thourind inen On the oth his Royal Highness march. patied this place since yesterday morning, ed in Dettingen, and on the joih ca ä.must all of their without arms, and dra. Windecken; ihe advanced corps occu. goons and husfars on tout, having lost their pying the important point of Friedberg. korfes. The pealants have alinutt every Ten thousand men, drawn from the where rilen upon them, an, when in full garrison of Mayence, have advanced rambers, either killed or disarmed, and towards Kenigstein, (which was aban. plodered them. A great many have doned by the eneiny on the Sth) and puted Steinheiın, coming from Aschaffen. will be a very essential reinforcement of bours; but the greater part of the arıny infantry to the army. seems to be direcing its retrcat by Fielde, The confequcaces of these rapid and fowards Weular, in order to pa.s the decisive movements have exceeded the Lihi.

expectations of the most fanguine, and Ai Frankfort, and every where in the have uniformly frustrated the deügns meighbɔurhood, the enviny Teem to be pre- and effures of the enemy. paring for their deparure.

They have

Juurdan, who after the action of the again taken hoitures from several places 3d, had directed his retrent on to Falda, belonging to the Elector of Mayence. was till in hopes of gaiving before the

Archduke the ftrong polition of Bergen, DOWNING-STREET, SEPT. 22. where, reinforced by the two divitions DISPATCHES, of which the foliow. which had been left behind in the ing arc copies, have been received from neighbourhood of Frankfort, he might Capt. Aniruther by the Right Hon, have checked for a time the progress of Lord Grenville, his Majesty's Principal the Auttrians. In this view he arrived Secretary of Statc for Foreign Affairs. by forces marches at Schluititern, on Head Cuarters of lais Royal Highritss ibe the great road from Fulda to Hanau, in

Alcihuke Charles, Windecker, Sept. 10, the evening of the 6th ; but finding that 1796.

the Duke was already matter of AlchafMY LORD,

fenbourg, he gave up his attempt, and, I Have the satisfaction of informing turning to the right, directed his march. gour Lordlhip, that the progrels of the across the Vogelsberg towards Wetzlar, Auftrian arms continues to be marked where, it is reported, he is endeavour. by brilliant and uninterrupted succeis. ing 2 assemble his army.

His Royal Highness the Archduke Fron information of the most au. having quitted his camp near Wurtzburgthentic narure, relative to the prelent on the sih, puthid on a strong advanced lituation of the French troops, I can guard, under the command of Icoute- venture to assure your Lordihin, that nant-General Kray, to secure the De they are in a state of the urlooft con. Bouche of the Spefart. That Officer fulion and despondency. A great part arriving in the neigt:bourhood of Ai of the infantry have thrown away their chaitendourg in the afternoon of the arras, and are almost naked. Their 6th, found the enemy, to the riunber retreat has lost all femblance of order, of two thousand men, posted to as to and has become a tumultuous fight. difpute the país from the forest. After Excettive fatigue has probably destroyed a levere cannonade, which lasted a con- more of them than the sword; and the fiderable time, he attacked them with continual dread they enterrain : of a much Ipirit, drive them from their ad- general rising of the peasantry in the vantageous pofition, and his cavalry countries they traverse has spread a pursuing them without hesitation thro' panic among them, which renders them the town, dispersed them in the woods deaf to the cominands of their officers, on the other bide of the Meyn. The The loss which Jourdan has fustained, lots of the enemy on this occasion since he advanced from the Lahn may amounts to above a thousand men, of be estimated, without exaggeration, at whom fix hundred are prisoners. twenty thousand men; a number which

The Archduke advanced on the 7th must be daily encreased by defertio, in ? to Aschaffunbourg, where the main the pretene ítate of his army. body haired on the sch; but intelli- The conduct of the Frencb, during gence being received that the enemy their abode in this country, has ex


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bited accene of depravity, which is de- artillery men paffed this place yesterday, grading to human nature. Rubbery and , without even fide arms: they said they peculation have been universal in every were disarmed and ill-treated by the rank and in every department of the inhabitants of the Spelleft. It appears

that great numbers of the enemy had Every species of violence has been been killed by the Peasants; they fell exercised on the persons as well as on upon the Quarter-Mafter-Gencral Er. the properties of individuals. Many "nouff, who was retreating with what is villages have been reduced to alhes, called the Grand Etat Major of the Arwithoue the existence of even a pretext my, killed the greatest part of the cscort, for this act of barbariry ; and the coun- feized the military cheft

, and divided tries, through which their arny has pass the money they found in it. General fed, exhibit every where a spectacle of Ernouff, who is arrived åt Frankfort, the utmost defolation and dintrefs. only escaped by the swiftness of his harre.

I have the honour to be, &c. As soon as the French appear, the alarm

R. ANSTRUTHER, is given by the ringing of bells, when
Captain 3d Guards.

the Peafanıs immediately afsemble Iliad. Quarters of bis Roral Highness the where they think they may be able to

Archduke Charles, l'indecken, seps. 11, attack the enemy to advantage. 1796.

(HERE END THE GAZETTES.] MY LORD, By reports received from General (FROM OTHER PAPERS.) La Tour it appears, that on the il and Letters from Genoa of the 6th Sept. ad inftane Moreau attempted, with his announce, that three English men of right wing, to make himself master of war have infringed the neutrality of the bridge on the Yfer at Munich. that harbour, by capturing a French After a very obftinate combat, whick bomb-veffel under the very hatteries. lafted the whole of both days, he was An English boat afterwards entered the Te pulled by the Prince of Furstenberg harbour, when the French attacked the with confiderablc lors.

crew; the Piedmontere troops were General La Tour, in the mean time, obliged to interfere, aod a French eusign having forincd' a junction with the was killed in the contest. The French corps of General Nauendorf, atrácked, Minister, on hearing f this violation of on the 211, the left wing of the enemy, the neutrality, made his complaint to and drove it before him the space of the Government, which allembled the fix leagues. In the neighbourhood of Great and Perry Counci's, who resolved, Langenbouche, however, the enemy by a great majority of votes, that the Having received confiderable reinforce port of Genoa ih all he shut to the Eng. pients, posted himself so advantageously, lith, and that the English vefsels in that

5a General La Tour, after several pore Mall be fequitrated till proper frinless attempts to dislodge him, judg. fatisfaction shall have been obtained. ed it expedient to retire to his original Ra'ishon, Sept. 12. Last night a poft pend the Yfir; having, however, courier was sent off from the division of ficceeded in the object of his operation, the Imperial army near Munich, to

Izbich was to weaken the enemy's at: Vienna, with the important intelligence, . Tick on the Prince of Furstenberg. that yesterday Generals Frolich and

There is as yet no positive informa. Prince de Furstenberg attacked the ron inat Moreau has begun his retreat, French army near Munich, repulsed although from the late movements them, after having killed and wounded there is reason to apprehend that he is 2000 of them, and made 1500 prisoners. baking preparations for it.

General Horze and the Prince of Furs Itove the honour to be, &c. Stenberg, by crolling the Danube with (Sighed) ROBERT ANSTRUTHER, a considerable devision of troops, rendere

Captain 3d Guards. ed the victory decisive. The former, Wilbelmad, near Harau, Sept. 6, 1796. with the greatest courage, attacked the

Jourdan continues his retreat in the French tocar Ingolaftadt, drove them bwe disorderly manner: numbers of back with great lofs, and relieved that fragglers pafs by Hanau, and likewise fortrefs. The whole of the French on the a other fide nf the river by Stein- army is retrening. heim ; 'bur the principal part of the ar.

a my feems fun to dire&

tits' march by the 19th of September: He died two Fulda and GetrenhaufenAbout 206 days after. He was in his 29th year. VOL. XXX. OCTOBER 1796.



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