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A privateer of eight guns and 40 men, a garrison was thrown into it. The co. from Rochelle, by Sir Hyde Parker's lunan that passed at Neuburg was comsquadron.

manded by Lieutenant-General Hotze. The Turot privateer, from Havre, 0.1 the 18ch the troops halted. with 25 men, by the Lion.

The intention was to proceed from The Bon Esperance privateer, from hence with the right coluion from Ingul. Cherbourgh, with 25 men (and the re- stadt towards Bellugriefs, and Lieutenant. capture of a vesel laden with naval General Hotze's considerably further to and ordnance Stores, which the Efpe- the left; but, in the night from the 18th tance had taken) by the Childers iluup. to the 19th, intelligence was received, that

Gen. Wartensleben had been obliged to DOWNING-STREET, sept. 20. quit the position of Amberg and return THE Dispatches, of which the follow. behind the Nab. ing are copies, liive been received from The above-mentioned projected move. Robert Craufurd, Esq. by the Right Hon. ment of the Archduke's corps now became Lord Grenville, his Maje?ty's Principal very dangerous, as its cominunication Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. with Gen. Wartensleben would have been Head-uarters of his Royal Highness in the greatest degree precarious, and its

tbe Archduke Charles of Auftriu, retreat, in case of defeat (being cut off, as Laufen, Ang. 27, 1790.

it might have been, from the road to RaMY LORO),

rifbori), extremely difficult. His Royal I HAVE the honour to inform your Hignness therefore directed his march Lordhip, that the main body of the more to the right, and arrived on the 20th Auitrian army of the Upper Rhine paf- inst. with his right column at Hemman. fed the Danube at Donawert on the i3th From this time Major-General Nauen. inst. ani halted near that place on the dorf's corps, which advanced the same 14th ; the rear guards still occupying the day to the Heights of Taswang, formed road leading from Norlingen and Hock- his Royal Highness's advanced guard. ffadt to Donawert, the former at the defile Lieutenant General Hotze's corps marched of Haarbarg, the latter at a village about towards Bellugriess. á league eastward of Blenheimi.

By this march the Archduke fecured On the 15th, his Royal Highness, the road io Ratisbon, and the right fank leaving General La Tour with a consider- of Jourdan's army was equally threatened, able part of the army of the Upper Rhine, he having advanced to the Nab. to defend the Lech, marched with the A heavy cannonade, heard in the di. rénainder down the right of the Danube, rection of Schwartzfeld on the 20th inst. with an intention of recrofling ir, in order and other reasons, made it necessary to proto operate against General Jourdan's right ceed but fowly until more certain intelliflook, whill General Wartensleben should gence of General Wartenleben's fituation advance and attack his front. The rear could be obtained, and a cornbined plan guards were of course withdrawn from of attack finally arranged. The abovethe above mentioned posts, and Donawert mentioned cannonade afterwards proved evacuated in the courle of the day. to have been an affair of nu importance.

When his Royal Highness commenced On the 22d the enemy's corps, which this mancuvre, General Wartenleben had advanced from Neumark, and taken was in the position near Amberg. To pult behind a deep ravine, through which turn the left of this position, General The great road passes wear the village of Jourdan had detached a confiderable co. Teining, was aitacked by the advanced lumn on the great road leading from guard under General Nauendorf

, and obe Nureinberg, through Neumark, to Ra. liged to quit its potition, and retreat to. tilbon; and, in order to oppote this co- wards Neumark. lumn, Major-General Nacendorf was ad. On the 23d the Archduke And Lieu. vancing from the latter place with a corps tenant-General-Heize's corps, having reof four of the battalions newly arrived froin united, advanced in several columns, and Austria and fome light tro-p3.

drove the enemy from their position behind On the 17th the troops, which the Neumark. Gen. Hoize pursued them to Archduke had brought from the army of within a league of Altdorf, and at the the Upper Rhine, repassed the Danube, in same tine pushed forward a considerable two columns, at Neoburg and Ingolltadt, column of cavalry, and fome light infan. and encamped near thote places, the latter try, under Major General Prince John of which, being capable of defence, and of Lichtenstein, on the great coad toward important from its lituation on the river, Nuremberg,

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The right column of the Archduke's your Lordship how much the Archduke, corps encamped near Neumark.

and, I may lay, all the principal Officers On the 24th the long-intended combined of the army, have shewn themselves in operation took place against General Jour- terested about Colonel Craufurd ; nor can dan's army, 'This operation was per. I conclude without alluring your Lordlhip formed in seven columns. That on the that his being taken was not owing to any right of General Wartenfleben's army ad. imprudence; thougli, indeed, his convanced towards Weger ; another column duet, ever fince he has had the honour of proceeded from Schwartzfeld, having a being attached to the Austrian army, has third smaller force to its left, and a fourth been marked by that conspicuous zeal, advanced from Swandorf towards Am- activity, and courage, which he cannot berg, in the neighbourhood of which help displaying, even when only a spectator place the three latter columns were to of military operations. unite, and that of the left to form a junction I have the honour, &c. with the Archduke's right, which pro- (Signed) ROBERT CRAUYURD. ceeded from Neumark, by Castell, to Amberg, having two strong corps to the Head Quarters of bis Royal Hig breis ibe left, of which the one under Lieutenant.

Archduke Cbarks of Austria, Bamberg General Staray advanced to Herschpruck,

Aug. 31, 1796. and the other under Lieu:enant. General MY LORD, Horze to Lauffen. This excellent dis- I HAVE the honour to inform your posicion would certainly have been fol. Lordthip, that after the affair of the 24h lowed by a very decisive batile, had not inft. General Jourdan continued his retreat the enemy, alarmed at the menacing move- in several columns through Velden, Pego ments of the Archduke's corps, retreated nitz, &c. &c. in the general direction so precipitately as to make it impossible. of Ebermanstadt and Porcheim, He has Their loss must, however, have been con- been closely pursued by the Archduke's fiderable; and two battalions of their rear army, under which denomination I coitia guard, which defended as long as posible prise that lately commanded by General the defile of Amberg, were compleatly Wartensleben, as well as those troops annihilated by some squadrons of Auttrian wlich bis Royal Highness brought with cavalry. The different corps encamped him from the Danube. in the evening in the neighbourhood of On the 25th inft. the advanced guard, Amberg, Herschpruck, Lauffen, &c. under Lieutenant-General Kray, marched General Jourdan is continuing his retreat by Sultzbach to Hohenstadt, and a conk. towards Forcheim.

derable column of the enemy's baggage Whilst these operations were carrying was taken or destroyed in the defile beon, General Moreau. crossed the Danube tween that place and Velden. The troops at Donawer!, and acted with his whole which had 'encamped the preceding evenarmy against General La Tour, who has 'ing near Anibery, followed General been obliged to quit the position of ile Kray's march, and the Archduke took Lech, and on the 24th took another behind his head-quarters at Sultzbach. the Ifer. General La Tour's loss has been On the 26:h Lieutenant-General Kray very inconsiderable, although the great pursued the enemy in the direction tofuperiority of the enemy obliged him towards Græffenberg, and Lieutenant-Ge

neral Hotze advanced from Lauffen 10. Thus, my Lord, have I endeavoured to wards Erlangen on the Rednitz; the forgive your Lordihip an accurate account of nier having his right covered by Major the late events and movements; and it is General Ellnitz, in the neighbourhood of with the deepest concern I must conclude it Velden, Nenhang, Blech, &c. as 'had the by informing your Lordliip, that my latter his left by Major General the brother, Lieutenant Colonel Crauford, was Prince of Lichtenitein, who had passed unfortunately wounded and taken on the through Nurenberg. The Archduke's 2 gth init.

columns marched from the camp of Sultza The Archduke has been pleased to bach to Herfpruck on the Pegnitz. write to General Jourdan, reclaiming On the 271h Licutenant-General Horze, bim; and I have no doubt of their giving having crossed the Relnitz, moved tohun up, as it would be contrary to every wards Hochladt on the Aisch, Prince File to detain a person as prisoner of war, Lichtenstein's corps forming his advanced who was not, at the time of his being guard ; Lieutenant Generat Kray's corps teken employed in a military capacity. marched to Givitenherg, Betzensteid, &c.

It is impoffible for nie to expreíš to and the army from Herspruck to Lauffen.


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On the 28th the Prince of Lichtenstein's must have wished to take, may ultimately light troops approached on the left bank have as happy an effect upon the general of Rednitz, very near to Bamberg, Lieu- issue of the cumpaign, as they, at all tenant-General Kray marched io Neu- events, will be honourable to his Royal kirch, and the Archduke tu Heroldsberg. Highness.

On the 29th, upon the approach of ihe I am not yet enabled to inform your advanced guard, the enemy abandoned pre- Lordship of the number of prisoners made cipitately the strong fort of Furcheim, let- by the different columns : a considerable ting fire to the 'mills and bridges on the number were taken on the 234 in the Wisent to cover their retreat. Their rear- affair near Neumark, and in the atrair of guard, confifting of nearly a division, tonk Amberg there were between 900 and poft in the night with its left to the Of what has been taken fince, I heights of Egglelheiin, and its right to the Mall have the honour to acquaint your Rednitz, on the road from Forcheim 10. Lordfhip in my next. wards Bamberg. The army encamped be- A corps, under Major-General Nauentween Baieridorf and Forcheim.

dorff, was detached on the 25th initant to Early on the morning of the 30thi, Lieu. reinforce General Latour, who is behind tenant General Kray inoved forward to the Ifer. attack the enemy in their positions near On the 27th Colonel Craufurd was leit Eggletheiin; but they abandoned it to behind by the French, with a safeguard, quickly, that no serious affair could be at Betzenstein, they having found it in. engaged, nor could the column, which posible to transport him any further had been fent through the mountains to without endangering his life ; they exturn their left, arrive in time to fall upon acted his parole not to serve against the their retreat, so that their loss was not Republic till exchanged, which will, I confiderable. Lieutenant-General Kray believe, take place immediately.' He has pursued theni towards Baniberg, and the been molt severely wounded in the head by Archduke took his head-quarters at a mukket ball, but I have the happinels Hirschald. On the left of the Rednitz to inforın your Lordhip, that the ArchLieutenant General Horze advanced to duke's own surgeon, wirom his Royal Burg Eberach, pushing forward his ad. Highness (whole goodness on this occavanced guard under the Prince of Lich- fion has been great indeert) was pleased to tenftein to Eltman on the Meyn. Lieutes send to him, as well as the other surgeons nant-General Staray's corps, which had who at:end hiin, give me the greatest followed General Hotze's march, advanced reason to hope for his recovery. to Closter Eherach. Very early on the In case of my absence from the army morning of the 30th, Jourdan's army, for a few days, Captain Anttruther, of that is, the heavy artillery, &c. began the guards, who came lately from Berlin, to cross the Meyn, at Hallitade.

will have the honour of infornuing your During the whole of the operations Lordihip of every thing that happens. I which I have had the honour of defcribing have the honour to be, &c. to your Lordihip in this and my lait dir

ROBERT CRAUFURB. paich, his Royal Highness's great aim has been to bring General Jourdan to a de. DOWNING STREET. SEPT. 21, 1796. cisise bartle; but bad roads and defiles DISPATCEES, which the follow. the troops had to pass between the Danube ing are Copies, have been received from and Ainberg considerably retarding their Captain Auftruther, by the Right Hon. march, gave Jourdan time tu get off; Lord Grerville, his Majelty's l'rincipal and he has since succeeded in avoiding Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. a general engagement, wherein he has been Head-quariers of bis Royal Highness the greatly favoured by the nature of the coun- Archduke Charles, 2:1, near Nuriztry, which is to extremely hilly, woody, burg, September 4, 1796. and interfected, as to make it impracticable MY LORS, to employ the cavalry.

Your Lordihip is acquainted with the Nuiwiihstanding it is much to be re- unfortunate circumstànces which have gretted that it was not possible to bring obliged Colonel and Mr. R. Craufurd the enemy to a general battle, yet there are to reinain for a line at a ciutance froin the strong reasuns to hope that those maiterly scene of operations. The absence of these manoeuvres, by which the Archduke has Gentlemen, at a moment so particularly forced them to fo sudden a retreat, and has interesting as the present, muit be regretted already driven them conliderably out of as a loss to the public service, whilin the direction which Jourdan undoubtedly though at their request I now arrempt to


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TI detail to your Lordship the late proceedings His left wing, consisting almost entirely of the Army, I feel myself inačequate to of tavalry,, was placed in the spacious fupply.

plains in front of Körnåch, Aut confidera Your Lordship is already informed of bly thioen back, in order to receive the the movements of his Royal Highness more effc&val fu; port from the infinity the Archduke up to the ziit vltimo, at in the wood. A numerons artillery wis which period the Right Wing of the distriooted on the most eflenial points Army was assembled in the plain betwixt along his fiont. The division if Lefevre Forchein ard Bamberg, and the left, remained posted behind Schweinfurt, to confiting of upwards of twenty batrao cover the great road to Fulda, and a linall lions and fifty squadrons, under the com- intermediate corps maintained his com. mand of Lieutenant-General Sızaray, had munication with the amy. reached Eberach, and threatened at once, His Royal Highnet's halled the 2d in his by detachments, the point of Schweinfurt camp of Ober Schwartzach, whilst a and of Wurtzbourg.

bridge was thrown on the Meyn, near Early on the 31tt, the Archduke entered Dentelbachi

, which was not finished till Bamberg, and, from the information late in the evening. General Kray te. there received of the movements of the mained at Geroltzhuffcn. enemy, determined to puih or with the General Sizaray, in the mean time, whole army towards Wurtzburg, as being judging from the force and ufuat conduct the point, on the cccupation of which of Jourdan, that he would soon renew depended the pollibility of forcing Jourdan his efforts to render him felt master of to abandon the Meyn, and take his re- Wensbourg, einbraced the spirited sebolu. treat through the courtry of Fulda, on tion of rather advancing against him than the Lahn. His Royal Highness proceedled of waiting for him in his position. The in the evening to Bourg Ge- Archduke approved of this idea, and deneral Kray' took post at Eitnann, and termined to facilitate the exechtion of veg General Śtzaray advanced to Kloster by making a combined attack on the eneSchwarizach.

my, to take place early, in the morning of On the iit of September, the Arch- the 3d. The intention was, that Gentral duke marched to her Sch:artzach, Ge- Stzaray should move forward against the neral Kray to Gerolesh ffen, and General corps which was opposed to him; that Sizaray :o Kiiz ngen, where be patied the the main bod:, under the command of Meyn. His advanced guar:!, under Ge. General Wartenliehen, pafing the bridge neral Hovre, took portesion of the town at Dertlebach, atack the centre of of Wutzburg, the French garrison re. the enemy, whilft General Kray, crolling tiring into the ciradel,

the river at the point neareit Gerolizheiten, In the mean time, the enemy strained hould turn his left wing. every nerve to reaca Würzburg before Soon after day-break, accordingly, Ge: she mam boxy of the Autian arny naral Sızaray advancei, and drove back fhould come up; and, by forced marcles, the pults of the eneiny: as, however, the arrived'a Koracli, within three leagies other two columns had a conliderable in arch of the town, the same day on wnica Ge- to make and netwitha uch unexpected delay neral Hotze took pcffion of it. Vext in the partageof the river, he foon found him. day (the 24) Jourdan üctackeci, with the telf engaged, alone, hy very superior num, utmost impetuoitty, the corps under Ge. bers; and was obligel, not only to reling neral Straavi but, though he succeeded quith the ground he had gained, but had in forcing forre of his poits, lie was not much difficulty in maintaining his original able to make any imprezon on the main pofition, Atihis critical instant his Royal polition, and revied in the evening 10 his Highnets fent orders to General Wartea. camp near Kornach. There he refolved fleben to ford the river with the whole of io abide the event of a barele, and, in his cavalry, and advance directly against that view, poiteri himself in the following the letc of ihe enemy. His judicious ma. manner:

ræuvre had the desired effect. Jourdan, His right wing, extending to the Meyn leeing himself menaced in the mou essentia a lice below Wurzburg, reited on a very point of his position, withdrew from his commanding eminenc, in front of which right this troops with which he was pulling a deep siver rendered the accets extremely General Stzaray, who thus gained, sme to difficult. The first litect, bis senire oce re.establish bimself in his poft. cupied a long racow yorul kuiing the Tie cavalry now charged the defe of the beu of chain of neiztis, on the enemy, and drove it tjom 15 second We wbich bigsegons hlje viis poitev. bus the enemy retiring behindade kruvd, inter 1892728

48::$213.33%) Au

Auftrians remained exposed to a fire of The army passed the night on the field mulquetry and grape, which obliged them of batile, and the next day, crolling the to abandon the advantage they had gained. Meyn at different points, encamped acar A second attempt of 1 laipe nature had this place. a similar faie ; and, after fruitless endea. I itave the honour to be, &c. vours to draw the enemy into the plain,


ROBERT ANSTRUTHER, his Royal Highnels resolved to await the

Captain 3d Guards. arrival of the rest of General Wartenfle. Head- Quarters of bis Royal Highness lise ben's coluunn, without which it was evident ArcbstukcCburles, Zeli, ncar lurizburg, the position of the enemy could not be Sept. 5, 1796. forced

MY LORD, At length the infantiy appeared ad- Yesterday the Citadel of Wurtzburg vaacing from Denilebach, and General capitulated; the garriton, to the number Stzaray moving forward at the same time, of 700 inen, furrentering themselves pria combined arrack was immediately forined soners of war. General Belmont, Chief against the wood which covered ihe ene of the French artillery, is amongst the my's front. Eight baitalions of grenadiers nuniber. advanced for this purpose with equal order A prodigious quantity of stores, of and impetuosty ; regardless of the fwarin ammunition, and p. ovisions, lias been tound of Tirailleurs who harrassed them, they in the town and citadei, partly left there gained the wood without firing a thoi, and by the Auitrians, partly collected by rein a few minutes drove the enemy, not quisition from the neighbouring country. only from thence, but from the heights Intelligence is received, that the enemy beyond it. This advantage, and the ap- has abandoned in Schweinfurt 70 pieces of pearance of General Kray's column on the artillery, which he was unable to transport. right, decided the fortune of the day. From the reports of the corps in tront, Juurdan made no attempt to recover the there is every reason to believe thai the ground he had lost, but began his retreat enemy has decidedly quitted the Meyn, and o every point: this he tor fume time directed his retreat to Fulda. The light conducted with much regularity; his ca- troops which have been lent in pursuit vaky, preserving considerable countenance, continuaily bring in prisoners and bag. and forming repeatedly, under protection gage: and the peasantry, exafperated ac of their light artillery, to check the pure the unheard- of outrages of the enemy, has fuit of the Austrians. At length however, rilen in many parts, and deliver up.or decontinually harrassed by the hufiars, and stroy all the tragglers who fall into their overfowered by a prodigious fire of ar. hands. tillery from the heights, the confusion be- His Royal Highness, determined to per- , came general ; the excessive fatigue of the fevere in the faine line of operations, this Autrims, and the coming on of niglit, day detaches Colonel Count Meertelding alone saved them from total deftruction. with ten squadrons of light cavalry, to

The loss of the Austrians on this occa. form a junction with the garrisons of Manhon amounts at molt to eight bundied heim and of Mayence, by which means men, arnongtt whom are no Officers of a corps of (welve or titicen thousand inen distinction. That of the enemy is by far will be enabled to act in the rear of the more considerable. Two thousand priso. enemy, From the diftinguibed abilities Ders are already brought in, and the nuın. ot the officer to whom this enterprize is ber of killed and wounded cannot be entrusted, the greattit hopes are entertainid faller. One colour, fix pieces of cannon, of its success. and a great number of ammunition and The army inoves this day towards Wer. baggage waggons, bave fallen into the them, and the head-quariers will be 10e

morrow at Renlir.sen. The success which on this occafion has By the latelt accounts received from the attended the Auftrian arnuies is to be other tide of the Danube it appears, that afcribed chiefly to the personal conduct of General La Tour itill maintained himself kis Rayal Highness the Archduke. Present in front ct Munich; but the fucceties on every where, where the danger was the this fide had not then produced the exmolt presling, he animated the troops by pected effect of furcing General Moreau bis example, and preferred them in order to a retreat. It hardly icems posible that by the coolaels and quickness of his ma- he should now venture tu delay it. Feuvres, and at length seized, with infinite I have the bonour to be, &c. judgment, the irue point of attack which


Captain 3d Guardi.

hands of the conqueror.

decided the victorya

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