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Wilhelmpoad, near Haran, Sept. 3,-1796. had abandoned Frankfort the preceding

In consequence of the late actions the night, the advanced guards, were palhe army of Jourdan is retreating in the molt ed on fuccellively to the Kiutzig and the

Nidda rections. About three thousand

On the oth his Royal Highness marchpatted this place since yesterday morning, ed to Dettingen, and on the soch ta aimoit all of their without arms, and drce Windecken; ihe advanced corps occu. goons and huslars on tout, having lott their pying the important point of Friedberg. borfes. The pealants have alınot every Ten thousand men, drawn from the where risen upon them, ani, when in finall garrison of Mayence, have advanced numbers, either killed or disarmed, and towards Kenigstein, (which was aban. plodered them. A great many have doned by the enemy on the 8th) and pätied Steinheiin, coming from Aschaffen. will be a very effential reinforcement of bourg; but the greater part of the arıny infantry to the army. feems to be direcung its retreat by Fielde, The confequcnces of these rapid and towards Wettlar, in order to pa.s the decisive movements have exceeded the Lihu.

expectations of the most fanguine, and At Frankfort, and every where in the have uniformly frustrated the deagns neighbourhood, the enviny seem to be pre- and efforts of the cnemy. paring for their departure. They have Juurdan, who after the action of the agaia taken hoitures from several places 3d, had directed his retreat on ta Falda, belonging to the Elector of Mayence. was still in hopes of gaining before the

Archdukethe Itrong position of Bergen, DOWXING-STREET, SEPT. 22. where, reinforced by the two divitions DISPATCHES, of which the follow. which had been left behind in the ing are copies, have been received from neighbourhood of Frankfort, he might Capt. Antiruther by the Right Hon. have checked for a time the progress of Lord Grenville, his Majetty's Principal the Auttrians. In this view he arrived Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. by foreid marches at Schluiriterii, on Head- Quarters of his Royal Highness ibe the great road from Fulda to Hanau, in

Ar ciunke Charles, Iliadecken, Sept. 10, the evening of the 6th ; but finding that 1796.

the Duke was already matter of AlchafMY LORD,

fenbourg, he gave up his attempt, and, I Have the satisfaction of informing turning to the right directed his march your Lordlhip, that the progrels of the across the Vogelsberg towards Wetzlar, Auftrian arms continues to be marked where, it is reported, he is endeavour by brilliant and uninterrupted success. ing 12 assemble his army.

His Royal Highness the Archduke Fron information of the most au. having quitted his camp near Wurtzbury thentic narure, relative to the present on the sth, pushid on a strong advanced situation of the French troops, I can guard, under the command of Lieute

to assure your Lordihip, that napr-General Kray, to secure the De they are in a state of the utmost con• Bouche of the Spefart. That Officer fulion and despondency. A great part arriving in the neigt:bourhood of Al of the infantry have thrown away their chaifenvourg in the afternoon of the arus, and are almost naked. Their 6th, found the enemy, to the ruinber retreat has lost all semblance of order, of two thoutand men, posted to as to and has become a tumultuous fight. difpute the pats from the forest. After Exceffive fatigue has probably destroyed a levere cannonade, which lasted a con. more of them than the sword; and the fiderable time, he attacked them with continual dread they entertain: of a much fpirit, druve them from their ad- general rising of the peasantry in the vantageous pofition, and his cavalry countries they traverse has spread a pursuing them without hesitation thro' panic among them, which renders them the town, dispersed them in the woods deaf to the commands of their Officer's, on the other lide of the Meyn, The The loss which Jourdan has sustained, lots of the enemy on this occasion since he advanced from the Lahn may amounts to above a thousand men, of be estimated, without exaggeration, at whom fix hundred are prisoners. twenty thousand men; a number wbich

The Archduke advanced on the oth must be daily encreased by desertioit, in? to Aschaffenbourg, where the main the present state of his army. body haired on the 8th; but intelli- The conduct of the Frencb, duting gence being received that the enemy their abode in this country, has exhi.


"bited a scene of depravity, which is de artillery men passed this place yesterday, grading to human nature. Robbery and without even fide arms: they said they peculation bave been univerfal in every were disarmed and ill-treated by the rank and in 'every department of the inhabitants of the Spelleft. It appears army.

that great numbers of the enemy had : Every species of violence has been been killed by the Peasants; they fell exercised on the persons as well as on upon the Quarter-Mafter-General Er. the properties of individuals. Many nouff, who was retreating with what is villages have been reduced to ahes, called the Grand Etat Major of the Aro without the existence of even a pretext my, killed the greatest part of the cscort, for this act of barbariry; and the coun- feized the military cheft, and divided tries, through which their army has pas, the money they found in it. General led, exhibit every where a spectacle of Ernouff, who is arrived at Frankfort, the utmost desolation and dintrefs. only escaped by the swiftness of his harle.

I have the honour tu be, &c. As soon as the French appear, the alarm

R. ANSTRUTHER, is given by the ringing of bells, when

Captain 3d Guards. the Pealanıs immediately assemble Iliad. Quarters of bis Roral Highness the where they think they may be able to Archduke Charles, Il'indecker, Sepi, 11, attack the enemy to advantage. 1796.

[HERE END THE GAZETTES.] MY LORD, By reports received from General (FROM OTHER PAPERS.) La Tour it appears, that on the IQ and Letters from Genoa of the 6th Sept. ad instant Moreau attempted, with his announce, that three English men of Tight wing, to make himself master of war have infringed the neutrality of the bridge on the Yfer at Munich. rhat harbour, by capturing a French After a very obstinate combat, which bombevested under the very harteries. lasted the whole of both days, he was An Englith boat afterwards entered the repulsed by the Prince of Furstenberg harbour, when the French attacked the with confiderablc lofs.

crew; the Piedmontere troops were General La Tour, in the mean time, obliged to interfere, and a French eusign having formed a junction with the was killed in the contest. The French corps of General Nauendorf, atracked, Minister, on hearing of this violation of on the 211, the left wing of the enemy,

the neutrality, made his complaint to and drove it belore him the space of the Government, which affembled the fix leagues. In the neighbourhood of Great and Percy Counci's, who resolved, Langenbouche, however, the enemy by a great majority of votes, that the having received confiderable reinforce- port of Genoa ihall be mut to the Enge Dients, posted himself so advantageously, lith, and that the English vefsels in that t5a General La Tour, after several port fall be sequestrated till proper Irunless attempts to disodge him, judg,

Tatisfaction shall have been obtained. ed it expedient to retire to his original Ra'ishon, Sept. 12. Last night a poft bend the Yfir; haring, however, courier was sent off from the division of fucceeded in the object of his operation, the Imperial army near Munich, to Ichich' was to weaken the cneiny's at: Vienna, with the importane intelligence, Luck on the Prince of Furstenberg. that yesteruty Generals Frolich and

There is as yet no positive informa. Prince de Furstenberg attacked the rion inat Moreau has begun his ictreat, French army near Munich, repulled although from the late movements them, after having killed and wounded there is reason to apprehend that he is 2000 of them, and made 1500 prisoners, taking preparations for it.

General Horze and the Prince of Pure I love thic honour to be, &c. stenberg, by cruffing the Danube with (Signed) ROBERT ANSTRUTHER, a considerable davision of croops, rendere

Captain 3d Guards. ed the victory decisive. The former, Wilbelmad, near Handu, Sept.6, 1796. with the greatest courage, attacked the

Jourdan continues his retreat in the French nicar Ingolaftadt, drove them me disorderly manner: numbers of back with great lors, and relieved that Aragglers pafs by Hanau; and likewife fortrefs. The whole of the French on the other fide of the river by Stein- army is retrcating. heim ; 'bur the principal part of the are General Marceau was wounded or my feems fum io dire&to its' march by the 19th of September: He died two Fulda and Gettenhausen'i About 200 days after. He was in his 17th year. -VOL. XXX. OCTOBER 1796.



Several battles which he had gained. gisative Body to avail themselyes of the in La Venelee, and two skilful cam, mof favourable opportunity to conclude paigns on the banks of the Rhine, had with the Belligerent Powers a General obtained him a diftinguished rank Peace. ." I demand, says he, chat among our most eminent commanders message be sent to che, Directory, to in the present war.. On the retreat by express the wil of the French people, the Sieg, he was charged with covering and to invite them to employ all the it, and stopping the enemy while the means compatible with the glory, and French columns defled by Altenkirchen. interef of the Republic, to put an end It was there he received his death to the war." wound. Some chasseurs were skirmish.

Matthicu thought it would be indiringin a wood with the Außrian husfars. creet and injucious to make this propoMarceau, to reconnaitre the ground, fition to the Diretory. He had no "entered the wood, accompanied by an doubt but that peace was the dehore of

officer, and some orderly meo. A every French Citizen, and ine deareft Tyrolian ghaleur (who are efleemed with of the Legißacire Corps; but it the best marksmen in Germany), bid would be a wanton insule to suppose char behind a tree, k neso him by the diQinco the Directory would continue the war tive marks of his rank, a med at him, either - through caprice os ambition, And thor him through the body. : Mar. however glorious it might be for the ccau retired some paces, and fell from aros of the Republic. « le is fill anhis horse. He was carried along the other coniideration," added she Speaker, column, supported by grenadiers ; the " which should operate with us to reject liveliest grief fpread through all ranks: this propofition, which is, that through General Jourdan and a crowd of officers its publicity it may be prejudicial to the came to him; all led tears ; Marceau negociations already begun, with the alone. preferved tranquility, braving principal of the Belligerept Powers. If death. When he was about to be re- there Powers lould

hear of the means moved to the left bank of the Rhine, he used to force ihc Directory to make requested to be left at Altenkirchen peace, they will, of course, he more with the Pruffian Commandant. The luctant in the concessions which our following day the Auitrians took pos- military fuccefles give us a right to a: .Sellion of Altenkirchen, As soon as peét. 1 demand the Order of the Day: the Austrian General Haddick was in. This proposal was supported by the formed of this circumstance, he sent a Mountain, wha exprefled their perfua. fafeguard to Marceau, and General lion, that done, wauld be again the Kray himself came

to see liim. This measure, but fuck only as wished to retain old warrior wept at the fight. He had their power in a face of war and been opposed to Marceau for the two calamity, laft years. The firit furgeon of Prince Boiffy d'Anglas, who (pokenext, opo Charles attended hint by the Prince's poled the motion of Pelet, and at Jengta orders, with the mot ihcessant care, but the Council palled to the Order of the he died at fix o'clock in the morning of Day. tlie zift.

Fienna, Sept. 27. (From the Cat The body of General Marceau was Gazelle.). The following advices, dated buried in the entrenched camp of Co- the szthiof. have been received from blentz, amidst the complimentary fire Mantua, relative to the proceedings of of both armies.

the army under Field Marthal Wurmler. Paris, Sept: 22. ' It was yesterday, . On the ith anat army was in fult about one o'clock, after midday, that morion so advance to Mantua, by San. the confpirators of Grenelle were thos, guinetto and Cafteilano. The advanced at the head of the camp. It was the guard, which had begun irs, inash two first time that any one had been fot in hours before the main body, wus led by Paris fince the Revolution. The phe Gen, Mezaros aud Orto; and when twelve convids were conducted in two jt arrived in the vicinity. Ceren, was carriages, in the midft of a strong armed, vigorously attacked by a corps of the force, and a vast concourle of citizens... enemy, of about

9000 men, adrancing They had, it is said, not only an air of from crona, under the command of confidence, but of cheerfulness. General Buonaparte himself to the ene; Cal Paris, Sept.24. Yesterday in the my had likewise filled all the holles of

Council of Five flundred, Pelet of la thc place with men. Our troops fup. Lozerre introduced a motion, the cene ported the attack with the greaceat re dcacy of which was, to induce the Le- folution, and attacked the village, out of

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which they drove the enemy with con, the place to prevent the inhabitants Siderable loss; and forced them torte froni lcaring it, and in a bort time the triat precipitately, io Veron. The borough was converted into a heap of Auftrian troops, on this occafion, took afhes. 892 prifonéts, imong which was a lieux Paris, 08. 7. Peace between the renant Colaniel and" 12 other officers, French Republic and the Pope is fill and lesen pieces of cannon." Afret this liable to many dificulties, because his fuccess, tht croops continued their Holiness is verwilling to declare, that matcli, 'not writlikanding fome faibeat- his gove faith has been deceived in the tempts made by the enemy to oppose briets which he has published i relative them, without further hinderance to to the affairs of ifrance. He fears left Maptua, ivhere they tafely arrived, and, he Thould, by such a conduct, coneradi&ti în conjunction with the garrison of rhat his infallibilísy, "The French Govern place, will proceed to further opera. ment, however, infifts on this meafure, tions, According to the fame advices of the by appcaliug the differences of religious

as proper to refore peace between us işth from Mantua, the enemy on that opiniou. day, about'ten in the morning, had ac The infamous Collor d'Herbois tér. iacked the Austrian army in their camp, minated at Cayenne his execrable cas under the walls of Mantua, between reer. He has been carried off í by ** Formigala and the Tuburb of St. Violent illness, which generally befalls George. Field Marlhal' Wurmser im- those who do not feel the least indispos : mediately haftened to the place with his frion on their arrival in that climate, accustomed'àđivity and resolution, and and against which no remedy has as yet. thic Auftrian troops received the enemy been discovered. A few days before with such bravery, that they were his death, he made another actempt ta obliged to yctrčat in hafts and disorder; poffels himself of the authority of a and, when there accounts came away, D &ator at Cayenne, and toʻkir up an though the battle tvas nor ended, as the insurrection among the negroes; but Auftrian troops were ftill

pursuing, they his projects having failed of success, he had already taken, and brought into was thrown into a dungeon, and there Mantua, more than 1500 prifoners, 'most terminated his detekable existence. of them french grenadiers. The artillery made great havoc among the Letter from tbe Minifter for Foreign Af,

enemy, who lett a confiderable number * fairs to ibe National Inftitule. ? of dead in the field of battle. The

“ Citizens, Aukrian troops had likewise taken ten pieces of cannon, and leveral ammuni.

“ Į Haften to have the honour of io. Over when the dispatches were sent off

, at Philadelphia, purposes coming and tjon waggons. As the battle was not forming you, that Dr. Priefiley, now a more circumstantial official account of settling in France. This Philofopher, this apparently successful action is to be not lels valuable from the purity of his expected.

principles than conspicuous for the brile Frankfort

, oa, s. The Borough of liancy of his talents, in apprising one Sauerlich wabenheim, in the Palatinate, of his friends in Paris of his intention, experienced on the 28th ult. a most announces a new discovery which he dreadful face, The French Officer has made on the properties of air. He who commanded at Obberringelheim,

has communicated the result of his ex. after the skirmish which took place on

periments to our Minister to the United

States, with a request that he would dered four inhabitants of that place

to transmit

is to France. When it docs ar. be brought before him. He accused rive. I hall immediately forward it to them of having fired on the French, the Society, You will, I Aatter myself, which was not true; condeinned two of Citizens, be highly gratified by Dr. titem so be shot on the spot, ordered the Priefley's determination, and it is his borough to be given up to pillage for only wish to be more immediately.comfour hours, and afterwards to be set on nected with you. Are at every quarter. Aftrong decach.

CH. DELACROIX." mear of his troops formed a line round


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6 yd DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE, Duris at Extrait of a Lenee from Plymouth, Sepo Sheer Hulk, op whose deck he was is. 301 inter demberi 246

Rantaneously thrown, whereby lie toe ABOUT four o'clock in the after- ceived a fevere blow on one side of his

99 nuondlof, Thursday, the 22d, the head, and a contulion on dis ortalt, but fore, magazine of the Amphion, then is in a fair way of recovery. lying alongside claç Sheer Hulk in Haak. “Though the explofion was, as may moaze, refitting, by some accident took be expected, very great, yet it bad but fire, and blew up; which had such an a triling effect on thore, or indeed even effe&t as ta rip the upper works in the ou board the ships alongside which ibe fore part of the ship to atoms, and he lay. Her mafts, yards, &c. were this almostimmediately funk, in cen fathoms vered almost to picccs, and lified out of of water. Several of her crew were the thip (except the mizen-maft); fer blown up with her, ten or twelve of of her guns, twelve pounders, were wbom fell on board che hulk of which thrown in upon the hulk's deck, and the was alongside, mangled in a manner several bodies, pieces of the wreck, xc, toodreadful to describe ; many others were seen to be thrown as higli

' as bar fell in the water and perished, and a maintop-gallant-matt-head, few were taken up with bur Night ja- «The dead bodies and mangled jury. The number of the ship's con- Jimbs that were picked up, have bees pany, and the silicors (of which there conveyed to the hospital in order to be were several) unfortunately on board interred. Apparatus is prépanog ft at the time, are, from the best accounts, lifting the ihip, which will be done * ftated at no less than 250; out of which fooo as puilible, as the lies iminediately number, according to the most accurate in the track of the men of war gormig isto returns that have been made, only and conving out of the dock; pethes thirty-seven men and two women have when this is ettedted, the will presel been faved, and some of thoic leverely, such a speciacie, as poulibly was beca injured.

feldom feen or scarcely equalied, be * Captain Pellew had some 'officers greater part of the unfortunate luifelets of other thips on board to dine, wbo, being in the thip’s hold. with his own officers, were with him " The following is a list of thie'upfer in the cabin at the time of the acci. tunate officers who are kuoiphoto hart dent, out of whon, there is reason to perilled in the fip, viz. fear, only himself and his First Lieutenapt have escaped with life, both of

Captain SWAFFIELD, Commander whom are wouoded, the former flighely,

of the overysel, of 64 guns, the latter, it is feared, in a much more

Lieut. John HEARLE, Taid Laut dapgerous manner. As the names of

of the Amphion. all the officers wbo have perished cannot:

John MITCHELL, Mastera, yet be obtained with that accuracy

CHARLES MGOWAN, Surgeon which is necessary on fo melancholy an

Colin. CAMPBELL, Qaring. Qlacer. oceation, it is deemed prudent to stare Gunner, Carpenter, , and, feveral that only of Captain William Swafield,

Midfhipmen. Commander Af his Majesty's fbip Ove. 4 The cause of the accident is not rybel of 64 gning, now under tailing or nor in all probability ever will de dilders in this torosur ; who'was in the covered, as there is little reason is cabin with, Captain Pellew and other doubt but the person whose imprudence officers, ala is goede down in the ship; occafioned the diítalter, ballagd in in consequence of which the Overyttei che melancholy fate of his companions." is in

but le melancholy event. It isisihan

29. A Court of Common Council third Lieutenants of the Amphion have Lord Man Lord Mayur Eled, feated, Whar 'the second and was held Guildhall; prefeni, cel

, Shared a similar fate. Caprain Pediew Aldermen, civo Sheriff, Common Ser: had qu* et yio ništaculous eitape-2 is jeant, and a confiderable number of faid hantara a kitte of Tumbling noire Commonets. inomediately preceding the blowing up, After the docquets of cafes irers

ready which 48fme& winning ana hedire atij tan

pétitions and into the quarter gallery medtelt kehteson stated to the Court, chartis Majeni


reports, Mc Hoa


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