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Several battles which he had gained gislative Body to avail themselyes of the in La. Vendee, and two skilful cam, mor favourable opportunity to conclude paigns on the banks of the Rhine, had with the Belligerent Powers a General obtained him a distinguished rank Peace. ." I demand, says he, chat among our most eminent commanders message he sent to che Directory, so in the present war. On the retreat by exprels the wish of the French people, the Sieg, he was charged with covering and to invite them to employ all be it, and Stopping the enemy while the means compatible with the glory and Frencli columns defiled by Altenkirchen. intereft of the Republic, to put an end It was there he received his death to the war." wound. Some chasseurs were skirmish. Matthieu thought it would be indir. ingin a wood with the Anfrian hussars. creet and injurious to make this propoMarceau, to reconnoitrc the ground, fition to the Direitory. He had to entered the wood, accompanied by an doubt but that peace was the dohre of officer and some orderly mco. A every French Citizen, and ine deareft Tyrolian chaleur (who are esteemed with of the Legislacive Corps ; but it the best marksmen in Germany), bid would be a wancon insule to suppose that behind a tree, knew him by the dinince she Directory would continue the was tive marks of his rank, aimed at him, either through caprice os ambition, and thor him through the body, · Mar. however glorious it might be for the ceau retired some paces, and fell from arons of the Republic. It is fill an. his horse. He was carried along the ocber consideration," added the Speaker, column, supported by grenadiers ; the " which thould operate with us to reject liveliest grief spread through all ranks: this propofition, which is, that through General Jourdan and a crowd of officers irs publicity iz may be prejudicial to the came to him; all med tears; Marceau negociations alrcady begun, with the alone preserved tranquility, braving principal of the Belligerent Puivers. If death. When he was about to be re- these Powers lould hear of the means moved to the left bank of the Rhine, he used to force she Directory to make requested to be left at Altenkirchen peace, they will, of course, be more re• with the Prussian Commandant. The luctant in the concessions which our following day the Auitrians took por- military fuccefes give us a right to at: Sellion of Altenkirchen. As soon as peet. I demand the Order of the Day: the Austrian General Haddick was in. This proposal was supported by the formed of this circumstance, he sent a Mountain, who expreffed their persua. fafeguard to Marceau, end General Lion, that done, would be against the Kray himself came to see him. This measure, but suck only as w

wished to retain old warrior wept at the right. He had their power in a date, of, war and been opposed to Marceau for the two calamity, last years. The fire furgeon of Prince Boiffy d'Anglas, who spokenext, opCharles attended hint, by the Prince's poled the motion of Pelet, and at tengib orders, with the mo inceffant care, but the Council palled to the Order of the he died at fix o'clock in the morning of Day. clie 21st.

Ferna, Sept. 27. (From tbe Cout The body of General Marceau was Gazelle.) The folwwing advices, dated

. buried in the entrenched camp of Co- the 13th ion. have been received from blentz, amidst the complimentary, fire Mantua, relative to the proceedings of of both armies.

che army under Field Marthal Wurmler. Paris, Sept. 22. It was yesterday, . On the urth inat army, was in full about one o'clock, after mid-day, that motion so advance to Mantua, by San.

the confpirators bf Grenelle were thor, guinetto and Cafteilano. The advanced at the head of the camp: li was the guard, which had begun is unarsh wo • first time that any one had been Roc in hours before the main body, we led by

Paris fince the Revolution. The the Gen, Mezaros aud Oito; and when twelve convicts were conducted in two it arrived in the vicinity ( teren, was carriages, in the midst of a strong armed vigorously attacked by a corps of the force, and a vait concourse of citizens. enemy, nf. about 6003 men, advancing They had. it is said, not only an air of from Verona, under the command of confidence, but of cheerfulness.

General Buonaparte himself the gre .-sar Paris, Sept. 24. Yesterday in the my had likewise alled all the houles of

Council of Five Ilundred, Pelet of la the place with meo. Our troops fup. Lozerre introduced a motion, the ten. Sported the attack with the greateft se; dicacy of which was, to induce the Leo Tolution, and attacked the village, out of

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which they drove the enemy with con- the place to prevent the inhabitants liderable loss; and forced them to re- from leaving'it, and in a bort time the triat precipitately, to Verona."" The borough was conserted into a heap of Auftrian troups, on this occasion, took afhes. 1.1 892 pripovets, among which was a lieu: Paris, 18.7." Perce between the rénant: Colonel and Iglother officers, French Republic and the Pope is ftill and feven pieces of cannon." Afret this liable to many dificulties, because his fuccess, the troops continued their Holiness is awwilling to declare, thar matct', 'not with Landing fome faide at his good faith has been deceived in the umpis made by the enemy to oppose briefs which he has published relative chem, without further hinderance to to the affairs of i France. He fears lek Maptua; ivhere they tafely arrived, and, he Thould, by such a conduct, contradi&ti in conjunction with the garrison of that his infallibility,?" The French Govern placc, will proceed to further opera. ment, however, infits on this meafure, tions,

as proper to refore peace between us, According to the fame advices of the by appealing the differences of religious işth from Mantua, the enemy on that opiniou. day, about ten in the morning, had ac- The infamous Collor d'Herbois téru Lacked the Auftrian army in their camp, minated at Cayenne his execrable cas under the walls of Mantua, berwcen recr. He has been carried off by Formigola and the låtburb of St. violent illness, which generally befalls George. Field-Marlhal

' Wurmser im- those who do not feel the least indispos: mediately haftened to the place with his frion on their arrival in that climate accustomed a&ivity and resolution, and and against which no remedy has as yet the Auftrian troops received the enemy been discovered. A few days before with such bravery, that they were his death, he made another attempt to obliged to retreat in hate and disorder; poffets himself of the authority of a and, when thcfe accounts came away, D &tator at Cayenne, and toʻRir'up an chough the battle was not ended, as the insurrection among the negroes; but Auftrian troops were still

pursuing, they his projeêts having failed of success, he had already taken, and brought into was thrown into a dungeun, and there Mantua, more than isoo prisoners, 'moft terminated his deteftable existence. of them French grenadiers. The artillery måde great havoc among the letter from the Minifter for Foreign Af.

enemy, who left a confiderable number :: fairs to ibc National Inffitute." of dead in the field of battle. The

“ Citizens, Aufrian troops had likewise taken ten pieces s" of eannón, and leveral ammuni.

“ | Haften to have the honour of in. ijon waggons. As the battle was not forming you, that Dr. Priejiley, now over when the dispatches were sent off,

aPhiladelphia, purposes coming and a more circumstantial official account of settling in France. This Philolopher, this apparently successful action is to be not lels valuable from the purity of his expected.

principles thaa conspicuous for the brila Frundfort, oa, s. The Borough of liancy of his talents, in apprising one Sauerlichwabenheim, in the Palatinate, of his friends in Paris of his intention, experienced on the 28th ult, a moft announces a new discovery which he dreadful face, The French Oficer has made on the properties of air. He who commanded at Obberringelbeim, has communicated the result of his exo after the skirmish which took place on

periments to our Minister to the United the's 7th in the vicinity of Mentz, ore

States, with a request that he would b dered four inhabitants of that place

to transmit is to France. When it docs ar. be brought before hina. He accused rive, I shall immediately forward it to them of having fired on the French, the Society. You will, I Aatter myself, which was not true ; condeioned two of Citizens, be highly gratified by Dr. ettem to be shot on the spot, ordered the Priestley's determination, and it is his borough to be given up to pillage for only wish to be more immediately con-. four hours, and afterwards to be let on nected witht you. Are at every quarter. A strong detach.

CH. DELACROIX." mear of his troops formed a line round


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wi 6 yol bistegoorwok bara DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. siis viis et Extract of a better from Plymoutby. Sep. Sheer Hulk, op whose deck he was tgo Katoer deuben 24

ftantaneously thrown, whereby tie te ABOUT four o'clock in the after- ceived a fevere blow on one side of bis

2. nuon. iof, Thursday the 22d, the head, and a contulion on bis ortas, ba fore, magazine of the Amphion, then is in a fair way of recovery, lying along side chę Sheer Hulk in Hari. “ Though the explofion was, as may

" moaze, refitting, by some accide or took be expected, very great, yet it bad but fire, and blew up; which had luch an a trifting effect on thore, or indeed even effe&t as ito rip the upper works in the ou board the ships alongside which ise fore past of the ship to atoms, and the lay. Her mafts, gards, &c. were thi almost immediately funk, in ten fathoms véred almost to picces, and lified out of of water. Several of her crew were the thip (except the mizen-matt); fer blown up with her, ten or twelve of of her guns, twelve pounders, were whøm fell on board the hulk of which thrown in upon c!i2 hulk's deck, and! the was alongside, mangled in a manner several bodies, pieces of the wreck, át too dreadful to describe ; many others were seen to be thrown as bigli' as bet fell in the water and perished, and a maintop-galant.maft-head, few were taken up with bur fight in- “ The dead bodies and mangle! juryo- . The number of the ship's con-' Jimbs that were picked up, have beet pany, and the silicors (of which there conveyed. ta the hospital va order to be were several) unfortunately on board inrerred. Appara us is preparing for at the time, are, from the best accounts, lifting the thip, which will be done u ftated at no less than 250; out of which soon as puilible, as the lies iminediately number, according to the most accurate in the track of the men of war goñig into returns that have been made, only and coming out of the dock; pethics thirty seven men and two women have when this is effected, the will present been faved, and some of thote severely such a speciacie, as posibly has been injuredes

feldom fien or fcrrcely equalitd, ibo Captaio Pellew had some officers greater part of the unfortunate fuifcret of other thips on board to dine, who, being and in the thip’s hold. with his own officers, were, with bim "Toe following is a list of the unfere in the cabin at the time of the acci. tunate offi:ers who are kuown to hart dent, out of whon, there is reason to perilled in the flip, viz. fcar, only himself and his First Lieute.. napt have escaped with life, both of

Captain SWAFFIELD, Commander whom are wouoded, the former flightly,

of the overyfiel, of 64 guns. the latter, it is feared, in a much more

Lieut. John Heartle, Toid Licut dapgerous manner. As the names of

of the Amphion ally the officers who have perished cannot

John MITCHELL, Maferen' yet be obtained with that accuracy

CHARLES M'GAWAN, Surgeon which is necessary on fo melancholy an

Colin. CAMPBELL, Maring. Qlcer. occafionių is deemed pructent to stare Gunner, Carpenter, , and, leseni zhpt only of Captain William Swafield, Midhipmen. Commander of his Ni ajesty's foip Ove. • The cause of the accident is not, ryhelo 64 gning, now under tailing or nor in all probability ever will be difders in this barbour, whorwas in the covered, as there is little reason is cabin with Captain Pellew and other doubu but the person whose imprudence officers, ayd isigode down in the ship occasioned the distalter, has halsd in in consequence of which the Overyitel the melancholy fate of his companions." is in mourning the melancholy event. 29. A Court of Common Coupcil It is allo feat, Whar 'the second and was held at Guildhall; preseni, cilet ehird Eie dit midtjof the Amphion have "Lord Mayor, Lórd Mayur Ele&, 11 shared a limilar fate. Captain Pellew Aldermen, wo Sheriff, Common Sero hade queryo nitraçúlous eitape-t is jeant, and a confiderable bubber ok faidihantara sa kittet of rumbling indifeCommoners. immediately preceding the blowing up. After the docquets of cases were


irers which 4rafmea himnity and the dire Etly tan attro

pétitions and into the quinteto gallery Heatere the con stated to the Court, chat tris


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sing been pleased to express, in his This was much opposed by a few cseh Parliament, his intention of Memorrs, and supported by the Alder ndirga petten to Paris for negociarga men Sanderson, Giyn, Le Mefurier, Peace, he did not feel himlelf ivclined and the Lord Mayor Elcct; as allo the - bring, forward his intended, morion, Cormoners Kemble, Sucherland, Dix3 r an Addiefs to his Majesty to dismiss : on, Leckey, Powell, Neunberg, Syms,

. » prefcat Minigers.

and Pearkes.ili Oa which Mr, Deputy Leckey, in The question being put, the amend. Jerilat it might receive a complete ment was agreed to by a majorisy.of 127 zatire, propold the question himielf; Members : there being only one Aldera claring his intencion of oppohing its man and 13 Commoners against it. endency.

A Committee was then appointed to Mr. Kemble seconded it, in order draw up thic Address; which vcing nar the public might be in possession of done, it was unanimoudy agreed to, be truc sepse of the Court.

and ordered to be presented by the whole Mr. Barch, after a long and appro. Court. riate Speech, proposed the following Lord Camelford, since his retura i mendment : - To leave, out all the home, has challenged Capt. Vancouver, cords of the mocion except the word late of the Discovery, for alleuged ilk? That' and the fullowing, to be fübe treatment in the South Scas

. Tha Cap ruted in their stead A dutiful and tain affects that his Lordihip brought

al Address be presented to his Ma- the disagreeable circumstances ke como edy, mol humbly te express our grate, plains of on himself, by his own'ill-be, al thanks for bris molt gracious com- haviour, and that whai he did was ne.' municacion to both Houles of Parlia: cessary for the preservation of disci. Kept, of his Roval intention to send pline; under this conviétinn, he offered mmediately a person to Paris, with full to submit the matter to any one Flag posers to negociare for the restoration Officer, and if he was of opinion the fa general Peace ;-and to express our Captain was liable, by the laws of homut fanguine hopes, that the measure nour, to be called on, he would chearna? lead to a juft, honourable, and fully give his Lordship satisfaction, folid Peace for Britain and her Allies : Lord C. declined submitting to this ap. o congratulate his Majesty on the gene- peal, and threatened personally to insula ral attachment of his people to the Brie Captain Vancouver, which he attempted rih Conftitution; and on the energy and to execute last Wednesday, when

Cape wisdom of the laws, which have re- tain Vancouver was walking in Bond. prefied the endeavours of chofe who Atreet, but was prevented by the Capwished to introduce anarchy and confu- tain's brother warding off the blows. Son into the country :-o assure his Capr. V. has since applied to the laws Majesty, that thould the event of new for protection, and the matter will be in gociation prove ineffectual, and frustrare veftigated by the Court of King's Berich. his endeavours to secure, for the future, By a letter from Belfaft, dited Friday the general tranquillity, this Court the 8th inft. we learn, that eight mek will, to the utmoft of its power, support were caken up in that town for High and affit his Majesty, to oppose, with Treason, and conveyed to Dublin, under Encreased ađivity and energy, the fure a strong escort of dragoons. The town ther efforts with which this country may was surrounded by a troop of cavalry. have to contend; as the only means of and another of infantry. 'Among the obtaining, at a future period, the sub- number taken up are two or three of tantial Peace we have a right to expect." the Proprietors of the Northern Star. MONTHLY OBIT U AR Y. AUGUST 14.

Ac Homerton, Thomas Led lam, efq. AT Cibraltar, Delves Droughệon, efq. elden 13. At Maidītone, Ms. Henry Hodgins,

son of the Rev. Sir Thomas Broughton; scene paunter to the Theatre Royal Covent bart . of Dodington-hall, Chelhire.

Garden, Sirt. 9. At Álva, near Stirling, in his 14. At Coul, in the county of Ross, Sic gach year, Mr. Robert Morris, late of Park, Alexander Mackenfis, majcr-general in the in the parish of Kells ..

East India Company s 11. At Greenhill, Alexander Wright, young, At Chelica, Jofeph. Malpas, esq. aged 14 et lon of Thomas Wrigbla

formerly of Wood Street, Cheaplide :..

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OBITUARY. 7,11 Seinda Faith-Street, Soho, David Gcorge, Sir John's real estates in Leicenethire Jarmaba sfg of the Auditor's office. other counties amount in old rents lo near

16. Mr. Edward Cox, of Bow.lanc, 10,ocol per ann. in which the property of Clarideway

timber is immense : the personal estate conills, Mr. George Lancaiter, Abchurch Jane, of ncar 200,oool in funded money, cath, and CAL Kurniaglon, Mr. , Peler: Clauyet, of bank bills. By a former will, che of Geneva,

the male branch of the Danvers were made 2,19%) Mr. J. W. Dodd, of, Drury-lane fole heirs; but this was lately revoked look Theatre, an excellent actor. He began hiq after the birth of his daughter's son cheatrical career in the North of England, 22. At Farcham, the Right Hon. Lord kterwards was the principal performer, on Cranftun. He was lately appointed Governor

bilde Norwich Mage, and on 3d October 1765 of Grenada, to which place he was about to appeared the first time at Drury lane in the take his departure. chrasackref Faddle, in The Founoling. Since Ai Aberdeen, Captain James Skene, in his that pericd be ha:: unifurnily been engaged at 69th year., vahe fame Theatre..

23. Ai Eromley, in Kent, Mrs. Hawke Samuel Wuely, clą. of Weely hall, Ed-x. worth, releet of the late Dr. Hawkesworth

LatelyAl Faunam, Surry, Sieplien At Hackney, John Beach, elq. director Elmet 114, one of the older meinbera oi thie the Roya Exchange Afurance Company Royal Academy.

At D.ngwa!!, Russire, Andrew Roburilor, Laicly, William Johnson Temple, LL. B. esq. of Blackwells, formeriy redor of Manhead, in the county Lady Gunston, reli& of Sir John Guntion, of Devon, to which he was presented by the knt. aged 8. Earl of Lilburne, and exchanged it for St. Mr. John Mayer, attorney at Law, Wilbee Gluvias. He was formerly of Trinity-ball, At Dundee, Captain Mugs Campbell. a Cambridge. He was the Author of An the ad battalios of the 4th Fencible regimen. Elay on the Clergy. 8vo. 1774. Historical

Lately, at Bath, aged 79, Cartain William mod Memoirs. Svo. And the Cha Watson, who signalized humfelf in ile Ames railer of Mr. Gray, adopted by Mr. Malon rican war, and took from the encen no lla and Dr. Johnson, in their respeive Lives of than 127 prizes. ,

F10790 chat Author.

24. Ac Coates, near Edinburgh, the Rer. 18. Mr. Stephen Flctcher, formerly booke and Right Hon. John East of Glencairn, in Sther in Oxford, in huis &zd year,

the 46th year of his age,

T03 al 'l be Rev. Sair.ucl Bouine, furnicr!y miniser Lately, at Colchester, Ms. Powele matron of the Oaogon Chapti, in-St. George's, Nor. of Chelsea Hospital, sister of the late Dr. wich.

Powel, matter of St. Johns Colless Game Samuel Rotten, esq. High Wycombe, bucks. bridge. het Mrs. Stedirian, wife of the Rev. Thomas Lately, at Duncnte, in the county of Nor. Stedman, vicar of St. Chad's, Shiewsbury. thampton, the Rev. Thomas Elethstayiçar

Lalely, at Wyke, near Bath, in his 70th year, of Blakeny. David Saunders, of West Lavington, Wilts.

Lately, at Kinfale, Lieutenant Ryder, of tic 19. Mr. Eryant, trurik maker, the corner Sligo Militia, ion of Mr. Ryaer late of Coysit of S. Paul's Church yardar

Garden Theatre His death was, occafioned At Peckham, in Surry, aged 88, Richard by a wound received fome time since in Jackson, D. Darretor of Donhead St. Mary, duel.,


teaza, JÁ in Wilts, for more than half a century, and Lately, at Inington, in his usth year, Mr. formerly of Magdalen College, Oxford. Edward Harding, eldest

son of Mr. Sylvefter Putar Kilmarncok, Mrs William Morris, lur. Harding, an artist cf merit. geen and man.n.idwife, aged 85.

26. At Irwin in Scotland, James Montgoor 2014. Binchester, aged 85, the Hon. Tho. merie, esq. of Knockewart, one of the magiíLyon, of Hetton Hous, in lbo county of trates of that place.

$19-21.30 90 Darhany Lnother to the late gand uncle to the 27. Mrs. Fenhoulet, wife of James Fen

picient, Lord Stratanlursa 27320300 301 boulety efg. of Dean-freet, Soho, rawat Baff Chodelon, Hangs, Charles Gre- Miss Emilia Lawson, fister of Sir Wilired geriyelqut sista 2011 TOH

Lawson, bart. 21. At Bath, Sir Joliy Danyçes st Swith- At Cro, don. Nicholas Donnahorne, elq. wsparty the coursey ut duen taller at art. He has no se register your john

county of Cornwall. bequeathed his immenfe landesi quates, and

At Edinburgh, to perfonal properti ito luis.pply child, the Meduns dimpet, grunden to Sir John Medi

Mrs Baller, Wasglof the Hot Japguftus But-' na, an eminent historical and portrait painter ler (recondutas the Countefs of Lanclaos of Scotland in the latt and beginning of this cough) wlow taken the names of Dany is century. His peculiar talont was the rescu


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