Slike strani

In order, however, to omit na pre. did not scruple, on fuch an occasion, to caution, I sent up Lieutenant M.Nab, require all' saddlehorses without ex. with a few mounted men, to watch the ceprion to be brought in, which were Bay more narrowly; and from him i va ued by cwo members of the Court of received a report, on Saturday night the Justice, and two officers of the 28th 6th instant, at twelve o'clock, that the Dragoons, and paid for on the spot, to Jame number of thips which had for the entire fatisfaction of the owners. merly been reported had anchored that By these means, Sir, leaving Major. morning in the Bay, and that there was General Doyle in the command of the no doubt of their being enemies. I lost troops at and about Cape Town, amountnot a moment in lending directions to ing to near.4000 men, and Brigadier. Simon's Town, froin whence, by the General Cainpbell in the immediare general willingness and activity which command of the towns l, on the mornprevailed amongst all ranks, five veffets ing of the 16th inst. reached Saldanha were difpatched by nine o'clock, in Bay, at the head of the advanced guard, guest of the Admirals with the infor- conlisting of the Light Infantry, a body mation.

of Huttentots, and fifty of the 25th As it fortunately happened that the Light Dragoons, atsted by Brigadier2 stk and 27th Light Dragoons, with General M'Kenzie, the remainder of part of the 19th and the whole of the whofe corps, conlking of the Grena. 33d regiments, were in Siimon's Bay; diers, the 78th and Soth battalions, I could be under no apprehension for fifty more of the a şth, and one hundred the safety of the colony from any force of the 28th Light Dragoons, in all about which could be landed from nine ships 2900 men, with two howitzers and aide of war. It became, however, an obje&t ficid pieces, arrived there allo in an of infinite importance to the welfare of hour after. the settlement to prevent any body of In the mean time the Ajiniral had the enemy from throwing themtelves returned to False Bay, and there reinto the country.

At the fame time ceiving the first accounts of the enemy the security of the Cape Town became being in Saldanha Bay, had puc to sca an object of particular attention, both again with the utmult expedition ; and from the reasonable expectation that the we had the satisfaction, from the heights çnemy would not have come wiib luch from wbence we defcended to the shores a force without a prospect of a junction of the bay, to see him, with all his with some other armameni, and from fails crowded, advancing with a fair the pollibility of the Admiral being wind directly to the mouth of the har. prevented from doubling the Cape by bour, though still at some distance, ihe north-westerly winds which ulually One of the cnemy's, frigates, which lay prevail at this season, and which would near the shore to cover thşir watering, carry the enemy in fix hours from Sal. cannonaded us very briskly as we de. danha to Table Bay. It was therefore scended the heights, thoagh without with particular satisfaction that I found effect, and we returned their fire with myself possessed of a force adequate to as little,, having at that time only three both these ubjedls.

pounders with us; but a howitzer being Noriine was loft in making the ne- brought up, a few shells were thrown ceslasy arrangements in a country to. with great precision by Captain Ro.. tally unused to a movement of this na. bertson, who would probably igen have ture. The troops began their inarch dtitroyed her ; but perceiving that our on Sunday morning, necessarily by die fieet was then entering the bay, and that visions, on account of subfiitence. The there was no pollibility of her escaping, Earglier Senate was ifiem bied, to whom I defified from firing, thinking it mure I exposed my intentions, to which for his Majetiy's interest that she should they exprelied the inost ready com- Share the face of the remainder of the pliance. Waggons were every where Iquadron, the capture of which appeared demanded by them and furnithed wich to me to be inevitabie, than that we chearfulness. Cavalry was neceflary, , Phould risk the destroying her, from a but the appointments of the 2311a were vain punatilio of obliying her to frike on board a lip.wbich had failed in quest

We then employed ourselves in. of the Admiral. Those of the 13th making the neceflary difpofitions for were also on board ship in Simon's Bay; affording such affittance as might be in and we had not above fifty horses. The our power, in the event of the obfiivacy appoimenreito were brought up and I of the enemy obliging the Adidiral 10

to S.


attack them, as well as such as 'would Government over the wild rystem of be expedient in case they thould run anarchy and confusion from which they cheir ships on thore, neither of which were furnishing the ineans of being however, I thought probable. I was effetually defended. accordingly informed, by a letter from This will be delivered to you, Sir, Sir George the following morning, that by my Aide-de. Camp, Cape. Baynes, the whole had surrendered themselves who has been in this country since to him.

the first arrival of his Majesty's troops The means by which this event has under my comınand, and to whose inbeen accoinplished, Sir, has not afforded telligent' and actire assistance I have any opportunity to his Majesty's troops been, on every occasion, highly indebted, of displaying that bravery in his fer. I beg leave, Sir, must humbly to revide, which I am confident they would commend him to his Majesty's notice. have thewn, had the occasion presented I have the honour to be, itself: but if the utmost alacrity and With the greatest respect; Sir, &c. 'chearfulness, under almost every pri.'

J. H. CRAIG. vacion, except that of meat, during a march of nintry miles, through so barren 'ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, NOV.3, 1796. a country that there exift but Gye houses DISPATCHES, of which the fol. in the whole line. have any merit, I lowing are copies (brought by Capt. can with truth present them to his Ma. Juhn Aylmer, of his Majesty's ship jesty's notice.

Tremendous), were this day received This march, Sir, has never yet I froin the Honourable Vice-Admiral Sir believe been attempted by any body of Gcorge Keith Elphinstone, K.B troops, however small, and, permit me

Monarcb, Saldanha Bay, to assure you, has been attended with

Aug. 19, 1796. such uncommon difficulties, that it never SIR, could have been accomplished but by

I HAVE the honour to inclore a the display of the qualities. I have mena list of a Dutch squadron under the comtioned in the troops, and a union of mand of Rear-Admiral Engelbertus extraordinary exertions in all the de- Lucas, fent hither for the reduction of partments concerned. In there all have this Colony, but which were compelled equal claim to my acknowledgments; to surrender, by capiculation, on the but I cannot dispense with parricu. 17th instant, to the detachment of his larizing the intelligence and activity Majesty's thips under my command, with which, regardlels of the uncommon named in the margin *, on the terms fatigue which attended it, Lieutenant allo enclosed. For further particulars M'Nab, of the 98th 'regiment, with I beg leave to refer you to the accomabout twenty of his mounied men, per-' panying detail of the proceedings of formed the service allotted to him of ine' [quadron from the 4th to the 18th watching the enemy, and preventing instant, and I hope the Lords Comany communication with them, from millioners of the Admiralty will approve the first moment of their coming into the measures I have taken, so effential the bay, till our arrival.

in the British commercial interests in It is, Sir, with very particular satis. the sai. fa&tion that I have further to report, The thips are all coppered, and in that I have received on this occafion good condition, excepring the Castor, every' pollibic atliftance from his Ma- whole ruder is defective. jefty's fubjccts of the colony.

In justice to the Officers and men I The Burgher Senate have discharged have ihe honour to command, it is my the dury imposed upon them with ine dury is observe, thar, in consequence greatelt readiness, impar'iality and ac. of ihe most violent tein pestuous weather erity, whilst their requifitions and or- I ever hehcld, and the very unpleasant ders on the inhabitan:s' for their wag. Situations in wliich the squadron was at gons, cattle, and horses, have been com- times placed, they chearfully, and much plied with with a chearfulness which to their credit, undervent a degree of could, I am fatisfied, only proceed from fatigue hardly credible. a conviction of the preference to be Caprain Aylmer will have the honour given to his Majeily's mild and paternal of prefenting these dispatches. I beg

March, Tremendous, America, Smtely, Ruby, Sceptre, Trident, Jupiter, Çiefert, Sphynx, Moselle, Rettiesnake, Echo, Hope.


leave to mention him to their Lordchips On the 26th the fquadron arrised off as a respectable Gentleman and an Saldanha Bay at lun-fet, and the active Officer.

Crescent, which had been ordered a-head "I have the honour to be with great to discover information and to report, efteein, Sir,

made the lignal for the enemy, confift. Your mon nbeclient humble servanti ing of three faips of the line, three

G. K. ELPHINSTONE. frigates, and other dips being inoored Evan Nopean, Eji.

in the Bay, Monarch, Salvlanba Bay,

The squadron food an into the Bay

in the order of sailing; but the night Aug. 19, 1796.

coming on, and the rear being cou far SIR,

extended for adjon, I jedged it capeI HAVE the honour to inform you, dient to come to an anchor within thor that intelligence was received at Cape of the enemy's dips, and, perceiving Town, on the 3d inftant, of a number their numbers very incopfiderable in of thips having been seen in the Offing comparison with the force under my at Saldanha Bay, which was confirmed coinmand, I considered it my duty, and on the 5th. In consequence of this,

an incumbent act of huniani$, to addrels every preparation was made for putting the Dutch Officer in comunandi and to lea immediately, trith the squadron confequently forwarded the latter to under my command; but from the Mo. him, of which tbe Inclosure: 0.35 narch's main - mast being cut, and the

a Copy, by Lieutenant Coding of the tempestuous weather, I was not able Monarch, with a Flag of Truce to shis cò quit the anchorage in Simon's Bay I received, a verbal return, that a por until the 6th, when we proceeded to fitive reply should be fent in the morn fed,

ing at day-break. I was fearful the On getting noder way an Officer from

enemy might attempt to injureshe lips, the thore caine on board to inforin ine

and therefore ordered Lieutenant Cofthat a number of fails had been seen the

fin to return immediately with my Let preceding night in the Offiug, near Faisc

ter No. 4, to which he brought back che Bay; linen rcfolved to ftver to the Reply No. 5. Southward and West, in expectation Onth: ifth, aç nine in the morning, of their having taken that course.

a Dutch Officer caine on board seith a The Squadron continued cruizing in

Flag, and presented Propotals of the moft tempestuous weather I have

for Capitulation, which you will obeter experienced, which damaged many serve in the Correspondence, wit5 ny of the ships, and at one time the Rany remarks and definitive betrer; and as had five feet water in her hold. Wc

five P. M. the Terms contained in the were joined at sea by his Majesty's nips inclosed Copy trete ultimately agreed stareiy, Rattlesnaké and Echo loops.upon, but it was impossible to cake pof: On the izth I returned, with a fresh

fetion of the thips until the 18th, on breeze blowing from the South East, account of the formy weather. aad, upon anchoring in Simon's Bay,

It affords me the bigbeft fatisfaction the Master Attendant came off with therefore, to communicate to my Lords information that the thips leen, confift. Commillioners of the Admiralty, that ing of nine lai!, had put into Saldanha

a squadron of thips belonging to the Bay on the 6t1, the same day on which

United States, under the command of I had proceeded to sea; that they re.

bis Excellency Rtar.admiral Engel. mained there by the last advice, and

bertus Lucas, has surrendered to the that four thips had been difpached in

British furce under my command, conquellt of me to communicatc this wel- fisting of Throc Ships of the Line come intelligence.

Two time. Frigates, Two of us guns, inmediately made the fignal to, and a Sloop of 18 guns, alt completely fuit, but the Creicent had got athore ; coppered, stored and vićtuailed, together che wind blew strong and incrcaled on

with a large laden Store-fhip. rlfe nanies ahe following day to a perfect tempeft, of which are described in the factoluire in which the Tremendous parted two

No. 6, and the British ships. To whom of being lot, so that, not with tanding : The confequent' joy of this fortunate

and the every exertion, and the mont anxious event is much augmented from the con, moments of my life, we could not get Solatory relleclign on its accomplifi: our until the isth. "

ment without effusion of not an oloret or injury to either of the enemy's or ftand him right, it is, that a fag of ţruce "Britih ships, not a fiogle for having fubfifts between your Excellency, on been fired.


01 or

the part of the Staces General, and myI muk, however, beg leave to observe, felf, on behalf of his Britannick Ma. that any refiftance on the part of the jefty, and as was demonstrated by my enemy could only have occafioned the displaying a flag of cruce before I git wanton facrifice of a few lives; and I patched the firit letter delivered to you doubt not, that had their numbers been by Lieutenant Coffin, and which truce adequate to contention, their conduct is to continue until day-light in the would have confirmed the acknowledged morning. It is, therefore, my duty to merit at all times recorded to the mar. require a positive assurance, that no tial fpirit of subjects of the United damage thall be done to any of the ships States; and I can with fimilar confi- or vessels of war, public ttores, or dence affute you, that the Officers and effects, that may be placed under your men under my command would have command; otherwife' I thall not con, exhibited a conduct equally creditable sider myself in dury bound to reftrain an to themselves.

immediate attack, or to trear such pri. The repeated advices communicated soners as may fall into my hands in a in your letters respecting the enemy's manner suitable to my general inclin forces destined to this quarter, agreed nation or his Majesty's orders in fimilar to correctly with the intelligence I ob. cafes. tained by other means, that I have long I have the honour to bę, &c. been expecting this arrival, and was (Signed) G. K. ELPHINSTONE, thereby enabled to be perfcally prepared His Majesty's Ship Monarcb, to receive them, and constantly to keep Saldanba Bay, August 16, 1746. a vigilant look-out.

( No. s. ) I have the honour to be with great To bis Excellency Admirál G. K. Elpbineftcem, Sir,

Stone, commander in Chief of bis Bri. Your moft obedient, humble servant, tannick Majesty's Squadrox.


THE ewa letters delivered to me by (No. 3.)

your Officer, from want of an intero 90 bis Excellency tbe Adeniral or the preter, have taken a long time to translate,

Officer commanding the Soups of the Your Excellency may reft asured of .. United States now lying in SaldanbaBay, receiving punitive answer to-morrow SIR,

morning, and that during this time no IT is unneceffary for me to detail the damage, whatever thall be done to the force I have the honour to command, vefleis of my squadron, which I prom because it is in your view and speaks mise you upon niy bonuur. for itself; but it is for you to confider This time is neceffary to call to my the efficacy of a residance with the force aid the Captains of the frigases detached under your command.

at the bottom of the Bay, in order to Humanity is an incumbent duty on hold a Council of War, whom I am all men ; therefore, to spare an effufion obliged to assemble on account of reof human blood, ! request a surrender {ponibility. of the ships. under your command,

I have the honour to be, &c. otherwise it will be my duty to embrace (Signed) ENGELBERTUS LUCAS. the earliest moment of making a serivus On toard the Dortrecht, attack on them, the iffue of which is August 16, 1796. not difficult for you to guess.

To bis Excellency Vice-Admiral Sir G, I have the honour to be, &c.

K. Elphinstone, &c. &c. &c. (Signed) G. K. ELPHINSTONE, EXCELLENCY, His Majesty's Ship Monarch,

AGREEABLE to my promise, I Saldanba Bay, Aug. 16, 1796.

send you copy of terms of Capitulation, (No. 4.

which I doubt not you will grant, To bis Excellency ihe Rear Admiral, Come In this hope I am

mander in Chief of tbe Dutch Sbips lying Your Excellency's obedient servants in Suldanba Bay,


Dortrecht, at anchor in I AM this inftánt honoured with Saldanha Bay, August your verbal answer to my letter of this 17, 1796, second year date, and delivered to me by Licutenant of the Batavian Repub, Coffin, of the Moparch. Ii I under.

lican Liberty, VOL. XXX. Dec, 1796.



ARTICLES of CAPITULATION -Art, IV. They hall be provided - agreed upon in Saldanha Bay this with such quantities of provisions aš may 17th of August, 1796, between his be necessary for those who embark on Excellency Rear-AdmiralEngelbertus board the two frigates, and to be fo Lucas, Commander in Chief of the provided from the Dutch Chips. Squadron of ships of the United States Answer. Answered by the Sixth dow lying in Saldanha Bay, and the Article. i Hon. Šir George Keith Elphinstone, Art, V. These cartel thips, on their Knight of the Moft Honourable and arrival in Holland, Ihall be sent to Military Order of the Bath, Vice- England, and there delivered, to his Admiral of the Blue, and Commander Britannick Majelty. in Chief of his Britannic Majesty's Answer. Already answered by the Ihips and vessels in the Indian feas, at Second Article. the Cape of Good Hope, and of those Art. VI. The crew shall be per. now lying in Saldanha Bay.

mitted to go on fhore, for refreshment Article 1. Rear-Admiral Lucas wili after their long voyage. deliver up to Vice-Admiral Elphinstone Answer. This mult depend upon the squadron under bis command, upon the Major-General commavding the the conditions of the capitulation under.' troops on Shore ; but the Commander written.

in Chief will use his utmoft exertions to Answer. The Vice-Admiral is ac. , render the fituation of every individual tuated by principles of humanity to as comfortable as poffible as covictualling, prevent the effufion 'of human blood, lodging, and every accommodation, and considers the sorrender of the Dutch either on board or on fhore, 2s can be squadron as a matter of necessity and procured or reasonably expected; and not of choice.

he will dific of such as become prie Art. II. The British Admiral shall foners as fimilarly to their inclinations appoint two ships as cartels, the frigates as his duty to his Sovereign and the the Braave and Sirene, in which the interests of his country will admit. Rear-Admiral, his Officers and Mid- The fick fall de received into his Ma. shipmen, and thip's crews, shall be per. jefty's hospitals, and taken care of mitted to proceed, without hindrance, equally with the British fick. to Holland, and the Officers fall keep it is furthermore the Commander in their fide arms.

Chief's duty and inclination to send such Answer. Inadmissible, by reason that to Europe as become prisoners, ty che the cartel thips fent from Toulon and most speedy and convenientconveyances, various other places, under fimilar cir. Art. vii. The National flags of Ba. cumstances, have been detained, and tavia Thall continue to be displayed on their crews imprisoned, contrary to the the Dutch ships so long as theic crews Jaws and usage of war, and the general remain on board. good faith of nations; but Officers be- Answer.-The Batavian colours moft coming prisoners fhall be allowed to be struck so soon as the fhips are taken keep and wear their swords and fide poffeffion of by his Britannick Majefty's arms, so long as they behave with be- officers. coming propriety, and shall be treated (L. S.) G. K. ELPHINSTONE. with the respe&t due to their ranks.

ENGELBERTUS LUCAS. Art. III.' The Dutch Admiral, his

Jobs Jackson, Secretary to the Officers and crew, thall retain their

British Commander in Chief, private property without being searched, Clemens Benedi&us, Secretary to and the remainder of the crew who can.

the Commander in Chief of not be received on board the frigates are

the Dutch Squadros. to be sent to Holland in such manner as the British Admiral shall judge proper.

To bis Excellency Rear-Admiral Engela Answer. Private propery of every

bertus Lucas, Commander in Chief of denomination will be accured to the the Squadron of tbe Unitea Slalts, notu * proprietors to the fullest extent, in lying in Saldanba Bay. o consequence of British Acts of Parlia.

SIR, ment and hie Britannic Majesty's pof- I HAVE had the honour to receive tive orders, as well as from the general your Letter with the proposals of Ca. known disposition of British Officers to pitulation, and I have now the honour treat with the utmost liberality those to inclose you my letters and answers who become their prisoners,

thereunto, which I hope will be ac


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