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give in his ultimatum, which expressed,

per thousand on all bricks as the condition of Peace, the reftitu.

made and used in Great tion of all conquests on both sides, with

Britain. the exception of the Cape of Good Hope 9 per lb. on the importation and the Inland of Ceylon being retained

of plantation cocoa nuts. by the English; and that after the de

6 per lb. on the importation livery of this Paper Lord Malmesbury'

of foreign cocoa n'its. received an order to quit the territory

9 per lb. on the importation of the Republic.

of coffee.

10 0 o per cent. on all sea sold by CORRECT ACCOUNT OF THE


pany, (when sold at or 2,132,000l. PER ANNUM.

above the price of 2s. 6d. o ? 6 per cwt. Muscovado,

per Ib. without duty,) brown, from the Britith

allowing a drawback on plantations, or imported

exportation. by the East India Com. Ooi per gallon of wash brewed pany; to commence on

from corn for diftilling the 7th of December.

spirits in England. Sper cwt, on all other sugars os per gallon of wash made imported.

from cyder, &c. for 0 0 I per lb. on pepper, when

ditto. taken out of the ware. è il per gallon of wath made from house for exportation.

molasses, for ditto. 100 per cent. on the amount of

per gallon of wash made from the present duties on

foreign refused wine, pepper, when taken out

for ditto. for home consumption. 2 81 for every 96 gallons of wash • 3 7 per thousand on bricks im

produced by Messrs. ported,

Bishop, of Maidfone, 5 per cent. on the amount of

from a weight of malt. the present Custom du

si per gallon on fpirits import. ties now payable upon

ed from Scoiland, of a all govis imported and

strength 1 to 10 over exported not aftermen

hydiometer proof.-An tioned.

additional Excise duty 19.00 per cent, on the amount of

on all Scots spirits imthe prelent Custom du.

ported, in proportion to ties on the importation

the surplus ftrength, of brimstone, hemp, iron

The same additional in bars, or unwrought,

duties on the Scots spi. common oil of olives and

rits in hand. staves, imported from 0 10 per gallon on foreign single any part of Europe,

brandy imported. Prize goods, wine, and

8 above proof ditco. coals excepted from the

8 rum imported or in ware. two last-mentioned ar.

house on bond. ticles of duty.--Somuch

4 above proof. of the drawback allowed

on other foreign spirits. on the exportation of 8 above proof. Britilh plantation coffee 36 o per gallon additional Excise and cocoa nuts, as ex•

duty upon the contents ceeds the drawback on

of every ftill in the low any other coffee and co.

lands of Scotland used coa nuts to be repealed,

in diftilling worts, wath, and no longer paid.

or low wines from malt, al in the pound to be paid on

corn, grain, or British all sales by auction of

materials. estates, ftock, thips, &c. 600 per gallon upon every ftill oo 3 in the pound to be paid on

used in diftilling worts, all' rales by auction of

wath, or low wines furniture, goods, plate,

from molasses or sugars and merchandize.

in Scotland.

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72 o o per gallon upon the con. Above 30 miles, not exceeding 60, di

tents of every still used and loin proportion, 1 ounce is. 8d.&c.
in diftilling worts, wash, Above 60, not exceeding 100, 6d. I
or low wines from fo- ounce 28. &c.
reign refused wine or Above 100, not exceeding 150, 7d. I
forcign materials:

ounce 25. 4d. 36 o o per gallon upon every ftill All above 150, 8d. &c. 1 ounce 2s. 8d.

ufed in distilling worts Upon every single letter to Scotland, .d.
or low wash from malt, (the rates of postage remaining the
corn, grain, or British fame); on double letters, 2d. &c. I
materials in England ounce 4d. &c.
to be exported to Scot. That the present rates of postage be-

tween London and Portugal, and be36 o o per gailon upou every still tween London and British America,

in England used in rec- do cease.
tifying or compoựnding From any part of Great Britain to Pore
fpirits to be exported to tugal, exclusive of inland poftage,

every single letter is. double 25. every 60 per gallon on fills used in

ounce 4s. difiilling from molasses The same to and from British America. and sugar in England to The inland postage upon said letters

be exported to Scotland. according to the distance. 92 o upon the contents of every 10 per cent. upon the Allefled Taxes

Bill used in diftilling the granted by the 24th of his present same from foreign ma- Majesty, called the Commutation Act, riais in England to be viz.on windows and inhabited houses;

exported to Scotland. aiso on the Act of last Seffion, granı. 4 O O per gallon upon every fill in ing a duty on horses; and also by the the Highlands.

Act granting a duty on dogs. 36 о per gallon upon stills used sol. on Affefled Taxes, granted by the

for rectifying or com. 24th Geo. III. on horses and car. pounding tpiits ia Scot. riages; and also by the 29th Geo. land.

111. on horses and carriages; and That the several rates of poftage now also by the last Acts on horses and

payable within England,' Wales, and dogs. So that horses and dogs are

Berwick-upor-Tweed, do cease. to be an addition of 20 per cent, on That for every single letter by post the present duties.

within the fame, for any distance not A duty of one-eighth of the toll paid exceediby 15 miles, be charged 3d. by all goods conveyed by inland nari. double letters 6d. triple gd. those of one gation.

ounce weight is. and so in proportion. A duty upon stage coaches, id. per mile Above 15 miles, and not exceeding 30, additional,

for fingle letters 4d. and so in the A stamp duty of 2d. upon all parcels by same' proportion, 1 ounce 15. 4d. &c.

land carriage.

At Amphinton, near Exeter, Benjamin AT Bridgeness, John Macdonald Kingier, Sweetland, efq. many years a commissioner

, at

. Borrowstouness.

Lately at Prees, in the county of Salop, 11. Ac Durham, Sir William Appleby, Richard Jackson, D.D. senior prebendary in his 54th year.

of York, Litchfield, and Chester. 13. Thomas Burgers, esq. the petitioning Lately in the Isle of Wight, R. Wortley, esq. candidate for Bridport.

18. Mr. Joha Crouse, aged 58, upwards Lately d Landovery, Carmarthenshire, of 35 years printer of the Norfolk Chronicle. Arthur Davies, esq. aged 69.

William Bacon, esq. late of Maryland Lately Francis Penrose, of Bicester, Ox- Point, in the county of Effex. fordshire, surgeon, aged 50,

The Rev. William Kendall, rector of Nor. 16. Ac Hackney, in his gift year; Mr. ton, in the county of Suffolk. Bowler Miller, chief clerk in the office of the

Captain Matthew Pites, of the engineers. 3 per cents. at the Bank.

Sir William Dick, bart. at Durham, Ma. 17. Her Imperial Majely the EMPRESS OF Jor of the Mid-Lothian fencible cavalry quarRUSSIA. She was born 1729, and ascended tered there.

19. At Cleveland Row, St. James's, Har- late and for 25 years phyfician to the Royal tison Philip Ainsie, esq.

Hospital at Greenwich, aged 77: Lately Mr. John Dunkerton, master of the Lately at his father's house, in Great [chool at Shepton Mallet.

George-street, Westminster, after a tedious 20. The Hon. Mrs. Southwell.

illness, in his 2 sst year, Richmond Moore, Mrs. North, lady of the Bishop of Wire esq. fellow commoner of Christ College, chefter.

Cambridge, whose amiable virtues and proThe most noble Thomas Thynne, Marquis mising talents, united to elegance of manners, of Bath, knight of the garter, groom of the exdeared him to his relations and numerous stole to his Majesty. He was born Sept. friends, who, together with their own irrepa24, 1734, and married, in 1759, to the rable lors, have to deplore that of the public Lady Elizabeth Cavendish Bentinck, fister to af large, to whom he was likely to become a the Duke of Portland.

useful ornament. 21. In his 84th year, the Rev. Richard 28. Mr. Ambrose Buther, printer and Cordukes, M. A. rector of St. Mary's bookteller, at Lancaster. Bishophill the Elder, rector of St. Saviour's, 29. Ae Haver, in Kent, in his 71st year, and licenced curate of the rectory of All the Rey. Stafford Newe, rector of that parishi. Saints, North-{treet, York,

30. The Rev. John Bree, rector of St. Sir Edmund Head, bart, in Lincoln's Inn Mark's Tay, in the county of Effex. Fields.

George Wagner, esq. of Duke-ftreet, Mr. Cocks, banker, of Charing Cross. Westminster, aged 74. Mr. Wm. Holloway, late of Philpot-lane.

Dec. 1.

Mr. John Jullion, of New At Hawkhurst, Kent, the Rev. John Brentford, Middlesex. Chawner.

Lately at Putney, William Jenkyns, esq. Ac St. Andrew's, Scotland, the hon. 2. Mr., Thomas Boulton Pratt, goldsmith, Mrs. Murray, mother of Lord Elibank. of Cheapside.

22. At Swakeley - house, near Ickenham, At Fairford Park, Gloucester dhire, Mr. Middlesex, aged 75, the Rev. Tho. Clarke, Rayinond Barker, near so years rector of that parish.

Lately at Brighton, William Randall, esq. Edward Barnes, esq. at illington, in his barrack-malter. 73d year.

3. Owen Clutton, esq. of Balcombe, Mr. Marshall, barrack master for Glasgow Suffex. and Dunbarton.

At Kilbridge Manse, in Arran, the Rev. John Chalcroft, esq. of Woodhurst, Surry. GerMam Stewart, minister of that parish, in

At Richmond, Lady Wood, relict of Sir the 78th year of his age. Francis Wood, bart.

Lately the Rev. Robert Barker, rector of 23. At Bath, aged 63, Mr. Findall Hickling, in Nottinghamshire, formerly of Rulforth, 37 years in the affay-office, at Queen's College, Cambridge, B. A. 3758, Goldsmiths Hall.

M. A. 1761, and B. D. 1778. Edward Auguftus Murray, esq. Charlotte. 4. Ac Ramsay Lodge, near Edinburgh, ftreet, Rathbone-place.

James Ramsay, esq. general acccuntant of 24. Mr. William Browne, of Kirby• excise, for Scotland. Areet, Hatton-garden, attorney at law. 5. Mr. Charles Colens, of Teddington,

At Falmouth, Thomas Spottiswood, esq. fon of the late Dr. Colens, minister there. of the illand of Tobago.

The Rev. Henry Farr Yeatman, vicar of 25. In Bedford-row, John Smith, esq. East Breat, Somersetshire, prebendary of attorney at law.

Wells. Mr. William Pirnie, architect, in Hano- 8. Peter Perring, esq. of Membland ver-Street.

House, in the county of Devon. 26. Ac Fairy-hill, near Eltham, Joha Lately Philips Glover, esq. late colonel of Naylor, esq. of Bread-treet,

the Royal North Lincolnshire Militia, and Henry Lawrence, efq. Henrietta-street, justice of peace for that county, Covent-garden.

10. At Somers Town, aged 30, James Ifaac Wood, esq. of Winsford, Cheshire. Bannerman, erq. member of Council, and

Lately Wm. Webber, esq. of Vanbrugh- governor of James Fort Acres. house, Blackheath, Kent.

12. Mr. Usborne, father of the Vintners 27. Mary Jefferies, a poor woman, aged company, in his 86th year. 115 years, in Old Pye-(treet, Westminster. Dr. William Buller, Bishop of Exeter, George Wellh, esq. banker of London, 13. Mr. R. Jordan, of Finchley, farmer,

21. In her 22d year, Mrs. White, wita Lately at Exmouth, James Hostack, M.D. of John White, efq. of Soho.square.


aged 80.


7 Sunday
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. 121. gs.

143 Son

57 571 aš 801

735 86165-16 615-16 4 Sunday


57% 58

144 57 733 16

177 578

18 Sunday

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