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into the ports of that country, and to give a proper receipt for the fame, and have them comprised in the exchange.

On my arrival in this city, some months back, I took the earliest opportunity of getting informed whether there was here or at the Hague any person appointed in the capacity alluded to. I learnt there was none; and to that circumstance is to be imputed the protracted detention of fifty or fixty British prisoners, whom it has not hitherto been in my power to get exchanged. i do not pretend, nor am I anxious to know whether the British will think proper to appoint such an agent ; or whether, in cafe such an agent were appointed, he would be received by the Batavian government, as I wish to keep within the limits of my own powers.

As to the packet-boat itself, which you imagine may be ran. fomed, and for the ransom of which you offer your security, I have the honour to observe to you, that the mode of proceeding which I am obliged to adopt, and which is pointed out to me by the French laws, is to attend to the sentence of our courts in such cases; and, if they declare the present capture a lawful prize, it will immediately be exposed to public sale.

I have done every thing in my power to recover and restore to you the two parcels which you claim as yours; but was last night affured by the captain, that, notwithstanding his most diligent inquiries, he could come to no knowledge of them; nor does there appear to be any doubt of his alacrity to oblige you, when we confider the scrupulous exactness with which he returned you your private property, and, agreeably to your earnest requelt, that of the other passengers.

I have the honour to falute you most respectfully, and to assure you of my highest consideration.

(Signed) COQUEBERT MONTBRET. Sir Robert Barclay, &c. &f.

Army of the East.Menou, provisional General in Chief, to Citizen

Bonaparte, First Conful of the Republic.

Head-quarters at Cairo, 141h Messidor (July 3). CITIZEN Conful, a horrible event, of which there are few

examples in history, has provisionally raised me to the command of the army of the East. General Kleber was assassinated on the 25th of last month (June 14). A wretch, sent by the Aga of the Janissaries of the Ottoman army, gave the General in Chief four stabs with a poniard, while he was walking with Citizen Protain, the architect, on the terrace which looks from the garden of the head-quarters into the square of Esbekier.

Citizen Protain, in endeavouring to defend the General, received himself fix.wounds, ., The first wound which Kleber received was mortal. He fell-Protain ftill" lives. The General, who was giving orders for repairing the head-quarters and the garden ", had no aide-de-camp with him, nor any individual of the corps of guides : he had desired to be alone: he was found expiring. The assallin, who was discovered in the midst of a heap of ruins, being brought to the head-quarters, confefled that he was solicited' to commit this crime by the Aga of the Janiffaries of the Ottoman army, commanded by the Grand Vizier in person. This Vizier, ụnable to vanquish the French in open warfare, has, sought to avenge himself by the dagger,' a weapon which belongs only to cowards. The ailassin is named Soleyman el Alepi. He came from Aleppo, and had arrived at Caiso, after crossing the Desert on a dromedary. He took up his lodging at the grand mosque Eleafer, whence he proceeded every day to watch a favourable opportunity for committing his criine. He had intrusted his secret to four petty cheiks of the law, who wished to diffuade him from his projoet, but who, not having denounced him, have been arrested, in consequence of the depositions of the alla fin, condemned to death, and executed on the 28th of last month (June 17). I appointed to conduct the trial, a commillion ad hoc. The commislion, after .conducting the trial with the utmost folemnity, thought it proper to follow the customs of Egypt in the application of the punishment. They condemned the affallin to be impaled, after having had his right hand burnt; and three of the guilty. cheiks, to be beheaded, and their bodies burnt. The fourth, not having been arrested, was outlawed. Citizen Consul, the different papers relative to the trial.

At present, Citizen Consul, it would be proper to make you acquainted with the events, almost incredible, that have occurred in Egypt ; but I must first have the honour of informing you, that General Kleber's papers not being yet in order, I can only inform you of those events by a fimple reference to the date of the transactions. When circumstances are more favourable, I shall send you the details ; but it is so necessary that you should know our situation, that I am determined to address to you the following simple journal : Date of the Events which have occurred in Egypt from the Treaty of 949 from Dist. El-Arifch, inclusive.

1: Treaty concluded at El-Arisch, on the 5th Pluviose, and ratified by the General in Chief on the 8th of the same month, at the camp of Salahich, 462. Conferences of Sebille Hallem, near Matharich. They continued from the 22d of Ventose to the 27th of the same month.

I annex,



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3. The letter of Lord Keith printed and announced to the army on the 27th, with the proclamation of the General in Chief Kleber.

4. The rupture officially notified to the Vizier on the 28th of Ventose.

5. The battle of Matharich, or Heliopolis, gained on the 27th Ventose, over the army of the Grand Vizier, 60,000 strong-20 pieces of cannon taken.

6. The Aid-de-Camp Beaudot sent on a parley during the aco' tion, was maltreated, and detained a prisoner, contrary to the rights of nations.

7. Insurrection of Cairo on the 29th, fix hours after the departure of the army. It was fomented by some Osmanlis, who had introduced themselves into Cairo after the convention of ElArisch.

8. Arrival of Nasif Pacha in this city on the 30th. He had escaped from the defeated army, and, making a great detour, entered Cairo by the gate Bab-el-Nafs, called the Gate of Victories.

9. Arrival of the French army at Balbys on the 30th. The enemy, constantly pursued, kept flying before it.

10. Surrender of the fort of Balbys on the ist of Germinal -600 Turks prisoners of war--eight pieces of cannon taken.

11. The affair of Coreid on the 2d Germinal.

12. Arrival of the army at Salahich on the 3d. Taking of 12 pieces of cannon belonging to the Grand Vizier's camp, and an immense quantity of baggage abandoned by the enemy in his precipitate retreat across the Defert, which he strewed with dead bodies. The number of men that perilhed from Salahich to Gaza is estimated at 18,000 --Departure of the General in Chief, Kleber, on the same day for Cairo.

13. His arrival at Cairo on the 6th Germinal.

14. First capitulation of Cairo agreed to on the 14th Germinal.—The Turks refuse to leave the place, and continue to fight.

15. Arrival of Osman Bey el Oscar, and an officer of Nafif Pacha, on the 29th Germinal, on a parley.--A mine dug by the French, blew up a large house, in which there were between 4 and

16. Definitive capitulation for the evacuation of Cairo by the Turks, agreed to on the ift Floreal (April 21).

17. On the 2d, Adjutant-general René, and Citizen Tioch, officer of the staff, fent hostages for the execution of the capitulation, and exchanged in the square of Esbekier, against Osman Bey el Oscar and the Kiaya of Nasif Pacha. The Turks and the Osmanlis insult them in the city, and they are obliged to take refuge in a mosque, where Elfy Bey, who was intrusted to


500 Osmanlis.

guard them, defended them against the attempts of the furious multitude.

18. Departure of the Turks, to the number of 5000, on the 5th Floreal.

19. Ailaffination of General Kleber on the 25th Prairial (June 14).

20. Execution of the assassin and his accomplices, on the 28th of Prairial (June 17).

Peace was concluded with Mourad Bey during the fiege of Cairo. The province of Girge and Aftuan were ceded to him. He enjoys them under the title of Prince Governor for the French republic. It should be remarked, that during the battle of Heliopolis, Mourad Bey kept constantly on a height near the field of battle. He had said that he would make no movement, and he kept his word. The tails of several Pachas have been taken at Matharich, Balbys, and Salahich. After the battle of Helio. polis the troops marched to retake Damietta, which had been given up to the Turks in consequence of the convention. Twelve hundred Osmanlis were killed there. The remainder fied by the Lake of Menzale and the Desert.

Present Situation of the French Army. Ten millions have been imposed upon the city of Cairo to punish the revolt; all the arrears due to the army have been paid, and for the future their pay will be secured. The fortifications of Cairo are completing ; twelve forts surround the city at present ; in fifteen days the whole will be completed ; the arches of the grand aqueduct have been stopped, so that it is now impossible to pass from the bank of the river to the citadel ; on the other side, the ramparts of the city are raised, and all the space between Fort Camin behind the head-quarters to Boulac is to be enclosed by a wall. The fortifications of Salahich are much increased ; they will be finished before three weeks. Lesbe, near Damietta, is finished, and towers are building on the different passes that go from the sea to the Lake Menzale. The fort of Burlos will

soon be finished, that of Rosetta is completed ; Aboukir is entirely repaired ; they are working with diligence at Alexandria. Our artillery is in the best condition, the works in the arsenal of Gizeh are in the greatest activity. I have established a depot of 500 horses at Gizeh, and also a park of reserve of 500 camels; many thousand Greeks have enrolled themselves in our service, and also 500 Cophts and Syrians. Seventy Turkish and Greek vessels have, since the rupture, of which they were ignorant, entered the ports of Alexandria and Damietta ; they came after the evacuation ; they have been retained as prisoners ; the merchandise which they brought has served to pay the troops.

A caravan

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A caravan of 10,000 flaves and 15,000 camels is arrived from Darfurth and the Niger : it is at Syouth, which we have kept in our treaty with Mourad Bey. A caravan from Tor, and another from Yambo, are arrived here by Suez. I have given, and thall continue to give themi, every fupport for the encouragement of commerce, which I wish to re-establish, and to endeavour to fupply Arabia by way of Suez. I am organizing there a caravan, which will leave this every fifteen days; another caravan, coming from Tazanna, from Beled and Geçid, in fifty days, is also arrived at Cairo. The Institute-is going to resume its fittings. The Grand Vizier is at Jaffa with about 5 or 8000 men ; he has 2000 at Gaza, and 1000 at El-Atisch ; Catieh is destroyed. If he should be able to recruit his army, and thall again attempt to pass the Desert, we will go to receive him at Salahich; the troops are determined to beat him. The Captain Pacha is with twenty-four sail before Alexandria, Rosetta, and Damietta; they 'cruise from one port to the other: we reckon in this fquadron eight Turkish ships of the line and two Englifh; every where we are prepared, the army will combat till they die-happy if we can preserve to the republie a great colony, of which you have been the founder. I cannot send you the names of those who have distinguished themselves, I may say they are the whole army: I shall not enter into these details until the papers General Kleber' are arranged. I shall confine myself to request of you, Citizen Conful, to confirm the promotions that have been made these are the generals of division, generals of brigade, and all the subordinate ranks, Many brave men have been killed and many wounded; they are all worthy of your attention. Yon know my respect and devotion : both the one and the other are unbounded.

ABD: J. Menou. "15png .

Por 11 Abd. J. Menori, General of Division, Commander in Chief, for the 2. Interim,' of the Army of the East, to the Army.

12 , 70 mm pvc

Head-quarters at Cairo, 26 Prairial, June 19, a?jalna 1

8th Year of the French Republic. SOLDIERS, a horrible attack has cut off a General whom you loved and efteemed; an enemy, who is entitled only to the con tempt and indignation of the whole world, an enemy who was unable to conquer the French commanded by the brave Kleber, has had the cowardice to send an assaffin to him. I denounce to you, I denounce to the whole world, the Grand Vizier, the chief of that army which you have routed in the plains of Matharich and Heliopolis; it is he who, in concert, with his Aga of Janisla+ ries, has put a poniard into the hand of a man named Soleyman el Alepi, whọ İcaviog Gaza thirty-two days ago, has yesterday,



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