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THIS Volume, the Tenth of the Collection of State Papers,

brings them down to the close of the century. Among the articles of the greatest moment in the contents is the Correfpondence, as well French as English, between Lord Grenville and M. Otto relative to the Negotiation with France.

The rights of neutral flags, claimed by the northern powers of Europe, in opposition to the principles maintained by the British government, being also a subject of great interest, all the papers respecting this dispute, and the captures in which it immediately originated, have been carefully collected, and will be found in the present Volume.

The Work was ready for publication before the Armistice of Steyer, and some other important articles, were received. In their insertion, therefore, it became impoflible to place them in their respective classes; but, as the Index is very copious, no inconvenience can arise from this departure from the order generally observed in this compilation.

January 19, 1801.

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