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Treaty concluded at Pfora, near Donaueschingen, on the 30th of April

, between the King of Great Britain and the Elector of Mentz.

E it known to all whom it may concern, that as his Electoral

of Mentz, as a member of the Empire, and agreeably to his attachment to its constitution, participates in the war which the German Empire has been forced to declare against France, for defending and maintaining its constitution, and the integrity of its territory; and as his Highness is convinced of the necessity for gaining this salutary purpose, not only of employing all the forces which the laws of the Empire require of every state under the title of contingents, but also of using still greater means, the sooner to procure an honourable and lasting peace, which the occupation of a considerable part of the Electoral territories on the side of France, and the repeated invasion of the remaining territories of his Electoral Highness by the same power, as well as the exhausted state of his resources, effected by his extraordinary exertions for the good of the armies fighting in Germany for the general cause, did not allow his Electoral Highness to do to the extent he might have withed, his Electoral Highness has applied to his Britannic Majesty (likewise en gaged in war with the same enemy, in consequence of the attack made by France), inviting his Majesty to aflift his Electoral Highness in the execution of these measures, in a manner that Vol. X.



might be thought the most effective. As his Britannic Majesty on his part entertains fimilar sentiments with his Electoral Highness, and wilhes to give him a proof of his friendship, and of his defire to promote the just and falutary object he has in view, his Majesty has nominated Mr. Wickham his minister plenipoten-, tiary and commissioner, to adjust the points relating to this important object; and his Electoral Highness, on his part, has nominated Count Spaur his privy counsellor, for the same pur. pose, who, having exchanged their full powers, have agreed on the following articles :

Art. I. His Electoral Highness of Mentz offers to form a corps of 3464 men, infantry as well as cavalry (but so that the latter shall not constitute above one eleventh part of the whole corps), which is to be left at the disposal of his Britannic Majesty, to be employed by him in any part of Europe he should with it; and that for to long as his Majesty fhall take an active share in the war at present carrying on on the continent, and for three years, if after the expiration of that time, or sooner, fortunate events should procure to Europe the enjoyment of a solid and lasting peace. In the latter cale, viz. if'a continental peace should be effected before the expiration of the three years, his Britannic Majesty shall be at liberty to dispense with the service of that corps, having made known to his Electoral Highness his resolution, three months beforehand, during which period the salary and other wages of the troops shall continue to be paid on the same footing, and in the same manner, as stipulated in the fubjoined articles.

II. The whole corps, as well as the general appointed by his Electoral Highness for its command, shall be under the orders of that General in Chief of the united armies whom his Britannic Majesty shall mention for that purpose. They shall, in every particular, be treated upon the same footing as the troops of the power in whose army they shall act. The said corps shall be entirely independent of those troops which his Electoral Highness has besides to furnith to the army of the Empire as a contingent.

III.-XII. To defray the expenses of raising and equipping them, his Britannic Majesty pays for every exercised and equipped horseman 80 dollars banco, and for every equipped and exercised foot soldier 30 dollars banco, the banco dollar at 45.92d. The corps shall march eight days after it thall have been requested.

As from the interrupted communication between England and the continent, the negotiations of the present treaty have been greatly protracted, the pay of the troops shall commence from the 28th of January of the present year. The whole mainteAance of the corps shall be on the same footing as that of the Imperial armies. In case his Britannic Majesty should think it advisable to dispense with the service of this corps, he will pay the subsidies for the remaining time of the duration of the treaty, on the basis of the treaty of subsidies with Hesse-Cassel, of the Ioth of April 1793, and over and above one month's pay and emoluments. The deserters from the troops of Mentz shall be delivered up, and such of the troops as fhall be made prisoners of war are to be exchanged in the same manner as other troops in English pay. His Electoral Highness will always keep the number of the troops complete. The British Commissary may frequently review the troops, and demand reports of their state. His Britannic Majesty pays 30 rix-dollars banco for every recruit, to recomplete the corps, deserters excepted. Artillery, and other warlike ttores, that shall be lost before the enemy, are to be replaced at the expense of his Britannic Majesty.


XIII. His Electoral Highness promises not to enter into negotiations with France, as long as the present treaty shall be in force, unknown to his Britannic Majesty, but shall communicate to his Majesty, or to the commillioners authorized by him for that purpose, all communications and proposals made to him on that head.

In case the present article should not be observed, his Britannic Majesty shall no longer consider himself bound to fulfil such other engagements which would still remain to be executed, and will be fully authorized to consider as null and void every thing, agreed upon in the present treaty. His Britannic Majesty, on his part, promises, during the term of the present treaty,

not to conclude a peace with France, without including in it - his Electoral Highness, and regulating his interest by means of it.

XIV. His Britannic Majesty promises to be mindful of the security of the territories and poffeffions of his Electoral' Highness, and as far as depends on him, and the circumstances of the war and the good of the general cause shall allow it, to direct military operations in such a manner that the states of his Electoral Highness, at present occupied by his own troops, or thofe of the united armies, be covered, and, as much as possible, spared. Should, nevertheless, notwithstanding the measures taken for that purpose, any part of the above-mentioned states of his Electoral Highness be attacked by the enemy, in consequence of the present treaty, his Britannic Majesty, conjointly with his allies, will concert measures to procure his Electoral Highness an indemnification proportionate to the loss which one or other of the provinces may have suffered by such attack.

XV. To give to his Électoral Highness a still greater proof of his friendship and of his fincere participation in the welfare


of the electorate, his Britannic Majesty will proceed in the same manner with respect to the other possessions of his Electoral Highness, so as the same shall be reconquered and wrested from the hands of the enemy; and will, conjointly with his allies, actively intercede, on the conclusion of a general peace, that the Electoral House be restored to the possession of the states which it enjoyed at the commencement of the present war, such as they were at that time.

XVI. The corps ftipulated in the present treaty may be increased to 6000 men, by means of an augmentation of the expenses for raising and equipping the troops, as well as the pay and other emoluments, to be calculated on the basis of the present treaty, in proportion to the increase of men which the high contracting powers' may agree upon.

XVII. The conditions and articles of the present convention Thall be communicated to his Imperial and Royal Majesty, the Roman Emperor. He shall be at liberty to join in it, as far as the nature of the different articles agreed upon shall permit, as well as in all alterations and additions that might hereafter be made by the high contracting parties.

XVIII. The ratifications of the prefent treaty shall be exchanged within four weeks, or sooner, if possible. In testimony thereof, the underwritten have signed, and affixed their feals to the present treaty. (Signed)


HENRY Count SPAUR, Done at Pfora, near Donaueschingen, April 30, 1800.

Capitulation between the Imperial Royal General Count Saint Ju

lien, Commander of the Troops blockading Savona, and the French

General of Brigade Buget, Commander of the said Citadel. 1. THE French garrison shall march out of the citadel of

Savona with all honours of war, with arms and baggage, drums beating, and colours flying, and Mall march by the shortest way to France, without being made prisoners of war; they shall be escorted by the Imperial Royal troops to the first posts of the French, and during their march they thall be fupplied with the necessary subsistence.

Answ. The French garrison is to march to-morrow afternoon, the 16th of May, at three o'clock, out of the citadel, with the usual honours of war, arms, baggage, drums beating, and colours flying; but they lhall lay down their arms upon the glacis, and become prisoners of war; they will be conveyed to


the interior of Italy, till the General in Chief of the Imperial army in Italy takes other measures on this point.

Addition to the First Article. The officers of the garrison are to keep their swords or fabres, as well as their horses and baggage ; and the privates their knapsacks: all those who are not amongst the number of combatants shall have permislion, the French to return to France, and the Italians to their own country. The surgeons are excepted, and whoever else belong to the service of the fick, who are to remain to take care of the sick and wounded who may be unable to fola, low the garrison.

II. The officers of the garrison Mall be provided with the necessary means to convey their baggage and property with them.

Answ. Agreed.

III. The fick and wounded thall be transported by sea, and those who cannot be removed thall remain in the hospitals of Savona, and shall be entitled to return to France after their recovery:

Answ. The sick and wounded shall be treated with every attention that humanity requires, but after their recovery they shall remain prisoners of war.

IV. The troops of Liguria (Genoa) shall be at liberty to follow the garrison to France, or to return to their own country, without being molested in any way on that account.

Answ. Every one who belongs to the combatants of the garrison is included in the answer given to the first article.

Additional Article.

The Austrian officer who might be prisoners of war in the citadel are to be considered as exchanged as soon as the Imperial troops shall have taken possession of the place. Immediately after the capitulation is signed, the hostages shall be exchanged, and the gate of the castle shall be put in possession of the Imperial troops.

All plans and writings which have any relation to the place and its fortifications, as well as all cannon and ammunition, are to be delivered faithfully to those who are sent on the part of the Imperialists for that purpofe.

FRA. Count St. JULIEN, Imperial Royal


Buget, French General, Savona, May 15, 1800.


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