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Additional Artice.

The garrison shall not be sent to Germany, but be allowed to stay in Italy, and thall be amongst the first offered to be exchanged.

Answ. The garrison of Savona fall only remain in Italy until a farther decision of the Commander in Chief on this head is received : concerning their early exchange, I shall interest myself personally.


Count St. JULIEN. On the Walls of Savona, May 15, 1800.

Unlimited Armistice, concluded between his Excellency Mustapha

Pacha, Dey of Algiers, and Citizen Charles François Dubois Thainville, Comm:sary General of commercial Relations, furnished with full Powers by the First Consul of the French Re

public, in order 10 treat for a Peace with ihat Regency. 1. FROM the 19th July, year 8, all hoftilities between the

two nations Thall ceale. II. Orders shall be immediately given by the Dey to the corfairs of that regency to respect the French 'fiag; as Citizen Dubuis Thainville engages that his government shall forbid all armed yelfels of the republic to molelt those of Algiers.

III. 'All vessels taken by the one or the other after the 19th July shall be given up, together with their cargoes and crews.

iv. Until the conclusion of a definitive peace, all Algerine vessels shall be received in the ports of the republic, as shall all French into the ports of the regency. .

V. In case of a rupture of the present armistice, it is agreed, that notice shall be reciprocally given thirty days before the recommencement of hostilities.

Algiers, July 30, 8th Year of the French Republic,
and the 28th of the Moon Sefer, the 1215th
Year of the Hegira.


The above armistice has been followed by a definitive treaty of peace, the principal bases of which are the following:

The political and commercial relations of the French republic with the regency of Algiers are re-established on the same footing as before the late rupture; consequently,

I. All former treaties, conventions, and stipulations, fhall be ratified anew by the fignatures of the Dey, and the agent of the republic,

2. The regency of Algiers restores to the French republic their rights of trade in Africa, in the same manner, and on the same conditions, as France possessed them in virtue of the former treaties, and conformable to that of 1790.

3. The money, effects, and articles of merchandise fequeftrated in the factories, by the agents of the regency, shall be restored, with the deduction of the sums which may have been applied in payment of the customary duties remaining unpaid.

4. The ground-rents shall not be payable but from the day on which the French shall be put in poffefsion of the factories.

5. The French shall not be retained at Algiers as llaves, on any pretext whatever.

6. The Commissary General of the republic shall continue to have a pre-eminence over the agents of all other nations *.

Milan, August 11. Convention agreed upon between the Generals in Chief of the French

and Austrian Armies, to regulate the Position of their advanced Ports, to secure the free Navigation of the River Po, the Communication of Upper Lombardy with Tuscany, and of the Ecclefi

aftical States with the Venetian Territory. 1.

HE posts of the French armies shall extend' on the

river Po, to the mouth of the Panaro in that river. The line shall go up on the left bank of the Panaro, to that part at which commences the canal before Bedano, and which discharges itself into the Pontella di Ferrara. It shall stretch upon the right to Sainte Maria Madelaine, inclusively, and be prolonged by the canal Angelino d'Alorona di Reno, to the mouth of the Tenaro, and thence to the sea.

II. The line of the Austrian posts shall, in front of Ferrara, pass through Saint Blaise, Ospedele, Senetica, Muzzara, Fafsanova, and Coni: it shall extend on the left side of Po-Volano to the sea.

III. The navigation of the Po shall be entirely free.
IV. The line of de narkation between the two armies, on the

• The peace was proclaimed in a full divan on the 30th of September,

On the same day, Citizen Dubois Thainville had an audience of the Dey, and presented his credentials.

This prince received him with every mark of friendfipHe seemed much pleased with the kind expreslions which Citizen Ihainville addrelled to him in the name of the First Conful, and observed, in reply,

.“ Let us forget what has passed. I am anxious that we should be better friends than ever." 4

side Occur.

fide of fonthern Italy, shall begin at the sea between Pesaro and Fano, pass througla the territory of the republic of St. Marino, and thence extend to the frontiers of Tuscany, following the frontiers of the dutchy of Urbiņo. The territory of the republic of St. Marino shall remain neutral. Officers of the staff shall be appointed on each fide, to determine, on the spot, the demarkation for those points concerning which any doubt may

This line shall not, under any pretence, be passed by the troops of the two armies during the tine that the armistice thall continue.

V. The couriers and officers of the Imperial army, which shall be dispatched from the arıny to Ancona, and from Ancona to the army, shall take the route of Ferrara by Ravenna, and afterwards that of Maestra. They may take with them their carriages and baggage, provided they are furnished with passports from the Austrian commandants-general.

The couriers and officers which shall pass from the Imperial army into Tuscany, and from Tuscany to the army, shall take the road of Ferrara by Bologna, and thence that of Maestra. They may, in like manner, take with them their carriages and baggage, provided they are furạished with passports from the Austrian commandants-general.

VI. As often as the General in Chief of the Imperial army fhall cause troops to pass into Tuscany, to replace those that are there, the General in Chief of the French army shall grant them passports for a free passage, both in going and returning.

VII. The inhabitants of the countries occupied by one of the two armies who shall wish to pass into the countries occupied by the 'other, shall go by the four following roads--Ferrara, St. Benedetto, Bozzolo and Golio, Montechiaro and Vallegio. The advanced posts of the two armies thall suffer them to pass at the points determined, provided they are furnished with passports from the General in Chief of the army occupying the country which they leave, or one of his lieutenants.

The coinmunication between the inhabitants of Tuscany and those of the countries occupied by the French armies, shall be established by the road from Florence to Bologna, and froin Pila to Maffa; but they must be furnished with passports from the generals commanding in those places. As to ihe communication between the inhabitants of the countries occupied by the two armies of southern Italy, it shall take place by Fano and Pesaro, provided passengers have passports, as stated above.


Preliminary Preliminary Convention between the Courts of Copenhagen and

London, Ngned at Copenhagen, August 29, 1800*. THEIR Danish and Britannic Majestics, animated with an

equal desire, by a friendly accommodation, to prevent any disagreeable consequences from following the difference which has arisen between the crowns, from the result of the rencounter between the Danish frigate La Freya and some English thips of war, and to re-establith, in all their extent, the ties of friendship and confidence which have long united them, have, for that purpose, named and appointed, as their plenipotentiaries, his Danish Majcity, the Count de Bernstorff, his chamberlain and secretary of State for foreign affairs; and his Britannic Majesty, Lord Whitworth, knight of the order of the Bath; who, after having interchanged their credentials, have agreed on the following articles :

Art. I. The question, with regard to the right of searching neutral ships, failing under convoy, Thall be referred to a future discussion.

II. The Danish frigate La Freya, and the vessels which were under her convoy, shall be instantly released, and the said frigate shall find, in the ports of his Britannic Majesty, every thing necessary for her repair, according to the usage followed among friendly and allied powers.

II. To prevent similar rencounters from breeding disputes of a similar nature, his Danith Majesty shall suspend his cona voys fill the ulterior explanation upon this point shall have given rise to a definitive treaty.

IV. If it should come to pass, however, that any rencounters of the same kind should take place before the instructions to prevent them shall have had their effect, they shall not be productive of any serious consequences; and the arrangement of whatever may result from them shall be considered as coinprehended in the object of the present convention,

V. This convention shall be ratified in three weeks, to be counted from the day on which it is ligned, or sooner, if posa fible.

In faith of which, we the undersigned plenipotentiaries of their Danish and Britannic Majestics, have signed, in their

* This document is extracted from the German papers, in which it was inserted as official, Vol. X.



names, and in virtue of our powers, the present convention,
and have affixed to it seals bearing our arms.
Done at Copenhagen, this 29th day of August 1800.


Armistice concluded between his Excellency Hamonda Pacha, Bey of

Tunis, and Citizen Devoise, Chargé d'Affaires, &c. of the French Republic, in order to facilitate the Negotiations which are

about to commence. I. ALL

LL hostilities are to cease from the 27th of August be

tween the two nations. II. The Bey will immediately give orders to the commanders of his corsairs, and those of his subjects, to respect the French flag; and if they should capture any enemy's ships, on board of whịch shall be any French property, it shall be immediately restored.

Citizen Devoise engages, on the part of the French republic, to a similar article.

III. All vessels taken after the 27th of August shall be restored, with their crews and cargo.

IV. Until a definitive peace is signed, all the vessels of the two nations shall be reciprocally received into each other's ports.

V. In case of the rupture of the present armistice, there shall be reciprocally given two months notice of the recommencement of hostilities. At Tunis, 27 Aug. 1800. (Signed)


Convention between the French Republic and the United States of

America. THE Chief Consul of the French republic, in the name of

the French people, and the President of the United States of America, equally animated with a desire to put an end is the differences which have arifen between the two states, have respectively named their plenipotentiaries, and have given them full powers to negotiate concerning these differences, and to terminate them ; that is to say, the Chief Consul of the French republic, in the name of the French people, has nominated, as plenipotentiaries of the said republic, Citizens Joseph Bona


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