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My Lord,

El Corso, i Ancona, 28th Auguft. IN compliance with your order to destroy the vessels in the harbour, nd make a proper example of the town of Cesenatico, I proceeded with is Majesty's cutter the Pigmy off that port; but finding it impossible to et within grape-lhot of the Mole, was under the necessity of deferring ne attempt till the night of the 26th, when the boats of both vessels inder the order of Lieutenant Yeo, first of El Corso, proceeded to Ceseatico, and soon after daylight I perceived them in possession of the town, uccessfully maintaining a position against fome French troops in the neighbourhood : but about eight, observing a party of horse in full speed rom Cervia, I judged it prudent to call them immediately on board, hough not before we had the satisfaction of seeing that the gallantry of Lieutenant Yeo, aided by Mr. Douglas, master of the Pigmy, had been crowned with the fullest success, the vessels and harbour at that time forming but one flame; and that the intent of this enterprise might not be loft on the coast, I shortly afterwards sent in the attached note.

I have the honour likewise to enclose the report of Lieutenant Yeo, and remain, &c.


To the Inhabitants of Cesenatico. The treachery of your municipality, in causing to be arrested an officer with dispatches, has been long known to the Britilh Admiral in these seas.

That municipality may now fadly know that the severity of judgment, long delayed, is always exemplary.

That the innocent suffer with the guilty, though much to be regretted, is the natural feature of war; and the more terrible the infiction on this occasion, the more striking the example Mould prove to surrouding municipalities.


Report. OF thirteen vessels of different defcriptions lying within the mole of Cesenatico, two were sunk and eleven burnt, one of them deeply laden with copper, money, and bale-goods; the harbour choked by the wreck of four sunk in the mouth of it, and both piers entirely consumed.


Copy of a Letter from Captain Keats, of his Majesty's Ship Boadicea, to

, Earl St. Vincent, My Lord,

Boadicea, at Sea, Otober 4. I HAVE the honour to inform you, that the Fisgard chased from the squadron on the 13th ultimo, and on the day following brought in the Spanish brig (floop of war) El Vivo, as reported in Captain Martin's accompanying letter; and also that Captain Griffiths, of the Diamond, returned to the squadron on the ist instant, with a French brig privateer of 14 guns and 60 men, named La Rancune, taken by that ship on the 27th ultimo.

I have the honour to be, &c.
Right Hon. Admiral Earl St. Vincent, &c. R. G. KEATS.


Fi/gard, at Sea, September 30. I BEG to inform you, that his Majesty's thip Fisgard, under my comand, has captured the Vivo Spanish brig of war, of 14 eighteen-pounder carronades, and 100 men; two days from Ferrol, bound to America wi sealed orders and dispatches, which they threw overboard in the chase.

I have the honour to be, &c. Captain Keats, Boadicea.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, October 18, 1800.

Admiralty Office, October 18. Copy of a Letter from Captain Cockburne, of his Majesty's Ship La Minerat

to Lord Keith, My Lord,

La Minerve, off Vigo, Arril 16. I HAVE the honour to enclofe, for your Lordihip’s information, a letter I have received from Captain Middleton, acquainting me of the capture of the San Autonio y Animes, Spanish private. r, by his Majesty's thip Flora, under his command.

As your Lordthip may not have received my letters on the subject, I fend, per margin, a list of the privateers * taken by his Majesty's trip under my command, fince cruising off this coaft.

I have the honour to be, &c. Lord Keith, K. B. &c.

G. COCKBURNE. Copy of a Letter from Captain Middleton, of his Majesty's Ship Flora, to

Captain Cockburne.

His Majesty's Ship Flora, at Sea, April 9. I HAVE to acquaint you, that this day, at eleven A.M. Vigo bearing E. by S. distance thirty leagues, I discovered a schooner in the act of boarding two brigs; after a chase of five hours I had the satisfaction of capturing her. She proves to be the San Antonio y Animes, alias Aurora, belonging to Vigo, commanded by Don Francisco Fernandez Ferros, mounting 10 guns, three of which the hove overboard during the chafe, manned with 55 meu; has been out three days from Vigo, without making any capture.

I am, &c. George Cockburne, E/9. . (Signed) ROBERT MIDDLETON. Captain of his Majesty's Ship La Minerve.

From the LONDON GAZETTE, Oétober 25, 1800.

Admiralty Office, October 25. Letter from the Earl of St. Vincent, to Mr. Nepean; dated the 15th

inftant, BY the Lord Nelson cutter I have this day received the enclosed letter from Captain Knight, of his Majesty's fhip Montague, detailing a very

* La Mouche, of Bourdeaux, of 20 guns and 145 men.
Noftra Signora del Carmo, of Mures, of a gun and 34 men.


meritorious piece of service performed by the boats of that ship and of the Magnificent; and Lieutenant Percy informs me, that on the ist instant, in the Lord Nelson, he captured and burnt a loop from Camaret, bound to Bourdeaux, laden with empty casks; and on Monday last drove on fhore, under a battery, three brigs and three floops, apparently empty, which had made their escape from within the Penmarks during the late gales of wind.

I am, &c.


My Lord,

Montague, at Sea, October 13. ON returning westward yesterday before L'Orient, I saw at noon a small convoy , ,

of brigs, loops, &c. taking refuge in Port Danenne, which I approached, and prepared the armed boats of the two ships to attack, and while placing this thip to cover them, dispatched the Montague's boats, under the direction of Lieutenants Bysett and Knight, who were followed and ably fupported by those of the Magnificent, in which were Lieutenants Dunlop and Griffiths, who, notwithstanding the fire kept up

from two of the veflels, who were armed; and a battery firing round and grape (under which the vessels lay touching the ground), they boarded, took posleflion, and brought out eleven vessels, and burnt one; another had been funk' by the enemy's shot, leaving only one, whose. situation in the creek would not admit of getting her out. This little piece of service, completely and expeditiously performed, with the loss only of one seamen killed and two wounded of the Montague, and one of the latter of the Magnificent, has won my approbation, and I trust will merit your Lordship's. On this duty Lieutenants Alexander, Montgomerie, Mitchell, and Jordan, of the marines, were employed, as well as Lieutenant Samarin, of the Russian navy, who volunteered his service, all entitied to applause, as were the seamen and marines for their regular and spirited conduct,

I have the honour to be, &c. Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent.


List of Veflelse
Three sloops (one of them funk), three brigs, and five luggers.
Letter from Captain Skinsey, of his Majesty's Sloop Termagant, reporting the

Interception of a French national Vellel destined with supplies for Egypt, to
Lord Keith,
My Lord,

Termagant, Leghorn, 6th September. I HAVE to acquaint your Lordship, that on the ist instant, in his Majesty's floop under any command, thirty leagues to the westward of Corsica, after a chase of two hours, I captured a French national polacre called La Capricieuse, commanded by Citizen Gandferrand, Enseigne de VailTeau, mounting fix guns, manned with 68 men, was victual’ed for two months, had left Toulon three days, and was bound to Egypt:

She had on board 350 stand of arms, a quantity of thot, a French general, and a chef de battalion ; but the dispatches (except the two letters I have the honour to enclose) were destroyed before I boarded her.

I have also to add, that on the 4th instant, after a short chase, ten leagues from this place, I took the General Holtz French privateer, with two guns and 26 men, which I scuttled and funk. Right Hon. Lord Keith,



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Letter from Captain Durban, of the Weazel Sloop, to Admiral Milbanke.

His MajeAy's Sloop Wenzel, Spithead, October 21.
I BEG to inform you of my arrival here, and that on the 19th instant
I captured of Portland the small French cutter privateer Petit Chasseur,
of Granville, Pierre Antonare master, armed with one carriage gun,
mulkets, and fabres, &c. : the lrad taken a brig belonging to Sunderland,
which I recaptured; her name unknown, it being late when we boarded
Almiral Milbanke, &c.


Letter from Captain Cunningham, Commander of the Clyde, to Mr. Nepean;

dated Plymouth Sound, October 22. I DEG you will be pleased to acquaint my Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty of the arrival of his Majetty's fhip Clyde, under my command, having towed in the Dick Guineaman, which was made quite a wreck in a very galiant resistance against a French privateer before she was captured.

I enclose for their Lord ships' further information, a copy of a letter addressed to the Earl of St. Vincent, upon my arrival.



Letter from Captain Cunningham, of his Majesty's Ship Clyde, to Earl St,

My Lord,

Clyde, Plymouth Sound, 22d Osober.
I HAVE the honour to transmit, for your Lordship’s information, a
list of vesseis destroyed, captured, and recaptured during the late cruise of
his Majesty's fhip under my command.

Deux Amis Spanish letter of marque, 4 guns and 27 men, from Vera Cruz to St. Andero, burnt in the harbour of St. Vincent.

Captured El Beloz Spanish packet, from the Havannah, bound to Corunna, 4 guns and 30 men.

La Rose French fchooner, from Bourdeaux to Guadaloupe, and La Magicienne French fchooner, from Senegal to Bourdeaux.

Recaptured the Dick Guineaman, of Liverpool, taken by the Grand Decidé French privateer; at this time the Fitgard was in fight, who, I apprehend, captured the latter about two hours after.

I have the honour to be, &c.
Admiral the Earl of St. Vincent.


Copy of a Letter from Captain Cockburne, of his Majesty's Ship La Minerve,

to Captain Halfed. Sir,

La Minerve, at Sea, September 28.
I HAVE the honour to inform you that I this day captured, off
Cape Finisterre, L'Active French letter of marque, from Guadaloupe,
bound to Bourdeaux, loaded with sugar and coffee. I beg leave to add,
that, on the 26th, I captured the Vi&orieux French merchant brig, from

Cayenne, bound to Bourdeaux, laden with cotton, coffee, and sugar;
and, on the 16th, I recaptured, in company with the Doris, El Rey
Carlos Spanish packet, loaded with sugar, indigo, and cochineal.
Captain Halled, of his Majesty's GEORGE COCKBURNE,
Ship Pionis,


Letter from Captain Fowke, of the Profelyte, to Evan Nepean, Esq., dated

off Havre, the 19th inftant. I BEG also to inform their Lordships, that the Victor Natalie, a small French cutter, from Dieppe, bound to Caricelle, in ballast, was captured by his Majesty's ship under my command this morning,

From the LONDON GAZETTE, November 1, 1800.

Admiralty Ofice, November 1.
Letter from the Honourable Captain Stopford, of his Majesty's Ship Excellent,

10 Earl St. Vincent.
My Lord,

Excellent, off Abreverak, October 21, I HAVE the honour to acquaint your Lordship, that I sent the boats of his Majesty's ship under my command last night, under the direction of Lieutenant Bain, to cut out three large brigs, which I had observed in a creek to the eastward of Abreverak.

The service was very dexterously and completely executed, and they were all brought out through a very intricate navigation.

One of the brigs mounts three carriage guns, and her crew being in a great measure prepared for the attack, made some resistance, which was, however, soon overcome by boarding; but, I am sorry to add, with the lofs of one seaman (a quarter-master), who was mortally wounded.

One of the vessels is loaded with biscuit for Brest; another with wood for the same place; and the third is in ballast.

I have the honour to be, &c. Right Hon, the Earl of St. Vincent.


From the LONDON GAZETTE, November 4, 18oo.

Admiralty Office, November 4.
Copy of a Letter from Mr. Stephert Butcher, Moster of his Majesty's hired.

Lugger Nile, to Admiral S. Lutwidge.

Nile Lugger (3d), Downs, November 2. LIEUTENANT Whitehead being fick on shore, I beg leave to acquaint you, that at nine o'clock last night, while in the execution of your orders, I iell in with and captured, off Folkstone, the Renard French cutter privateer, of Calais, Michael Bernard Hamelin commander, carrying two three-pounders and 13 men, at the time she was alongside a laden merchant-lip standing in for the Downs. The privateer left Calais at four o'clock yesterday afternoon.

I am, Sir, &c.



From the LONDON GAZETTE, Noveniber 8, 1800,

Admiralty Office, November 7.
Extract of a Letter from Captain Knight, of his Majesty's Ship Montague, to
Arlmiral the Earl of St. Vincent, K. B. &c. dated at Sea, October 21.

My Lord,
SINCE my letter of the 13th instant, informing your Lordíhip of
having cut eleven vessels out of the port of Danerne, the boats of the
Vol. X.



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