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and captured L'Eclair French cutter privateer, commanded by Jacquiere Toussaint le Terrier, carrying three two-pounders, small arms, and 20 men; from Cherbourg two days, and had not taken any thing.

I have the honour fo be, &c. Vice-admiral Lutwidge, &c. &c. &c.

W. WELLS. Downing Street, December 23. A DISPATCH, of which the following is an extract, dated headquarters, Muhldorf on the Inn, Thursday, 4th December 1800, has been received from William Wickham, Esq. by the Right Hon. Lord Grenville, his Majesty's principal Secretary of State for the foreign department.

The army marched in the night of Tuesday, and before daybreak yesterday morning, towards Hohenlinden, in three columns; the centre along the great road to Munich, which passes through Hohenlinden; the right and left in the woods on each side of the great road.

The corps of General Kienmayer, which was destined to take the enemy in ank, niarched froni Dorfen in the direction of Schwaben.

The columns ought all to have arrived at their destination a little before daybreak, or at the latest hetween eight or nine o'clock; but from a heavy fall of snow and sleet, which continued all night, and the greater part of the morning, the centre column only was at its destination at eight o'clock, whilst both the left and right were still considerably behind; and the left, under General Risch, had, besides, lost its way, and marched to the left towards Ebersberg, instead of turning to the right, in the direction of Hohenlinden.

In this state of things, it appears that the division of General Riche. pance pierced between the left and the centre about nine o'clock, got upon the great road behind the centre, and fell upon the left flank and rear of that column at the time that it had formed in front, and had just begun to attack the enemy's position.

Ï have not yet been able to obtain any accurate account of what passed afterwards; but it seems that the disorder soon became irretrievable, and that the retreat towards the heights of Ramsau was made with very heavy loss, particularly in artillery. Generals Spaniorchi and Loppert are prisoners. I have not yet heard of the loss of any other officers of the same rank.

General Kienmayer was attacked on his march by two divisions from Aerding, and suffered very severely in his retreat, which he made upon Isen in good order, on learning the disaster that had befallen the main army.

From the LONDON GAZETTE, December 27, 1800.

Admiralty Office, December 27, Letter from Captain King, of his Majesty's Ship Sirius, to the Earl of

St. Vincent, My Lord, His Majesty's Ship Sirius, at Sen, December 12. I BEG leave to acquaint you, that his Majesty's ship Sirius, under my command, captured on the 11th instant (Sifarga bearing W. by N. three miles), the Spanisl, merchant-brig Melehura, from Corunna, bound to VOL. X.


Monte Video, out of port only twenty-four hours. It may be forte satisfaction to your Lordfhip in hearing it is the only Spanith vessel that has failed from Corunna lince the ihip taken by his Majesty's thip Boadicea in August last.

I have the honour to be, &c. The Right Hon. Earl St. Vincent.


Copy of a Letter from Lieutenant Matthew Smith, commanding kis Majelo Schooner Milbrook, to Evan Nepcan, Esq.; dated Oporto, November 14

Sir, I HAVE the honour to enclose, for their Lordships' information, copy of a letter I have this day written to the Right Hon. Lord Keith.

I am, &c.


His Majesty's Schooner Milbroak, off Oporth, My Lord,

November 14. I HAVE the honour to inform your Lordship, that being off Oporto, in his Majesty's schooner Milbrook, under my command, early on the morning of the 13th inftant, we fell in with a French ship wearing : pendant, apparently a frigate, mounting 36 guns; and as I had at that time two brigs of the Newfoundland convoy under my protection, and several veffels appearing in the offing, which I have every reason to fup. pose part of that convoy also, I determined, as the only means of pre serving them, to give her battle, and made fail to close with her accord ingly; at the same time with a view of increasing our distance from the convoy.

It was nearly calm when the action commenced at eight A. M. and continued till near ten, when the enemy's colours came down ; but the Milbrook at this time having her mafts, yards, fails, and rigging very much cut, and 10 of her guns disabled, 'I could not prevent his taking advantage of a light breeze springing up, assisted by his sweeps, to get away from us.

The bravery and steady conduct of the officers and seamen under my command, against such superior force in the disabled state of the Mil. brook, for a long time with only three guns opposed to the enemy's broadside, and their activity in changing her position with the oars (not a fail set) whilst exposed to his raking us for fifteen minutes, merits my highest commendation, and does them the greatest credit : but I thould fail in my duty if I did not in the strongest manner recommend to your Lordship's notice, Mr. Thomas Fletcher, the nafter, who, wounded in the beginning of the action, continued on deck, exerting himself with the greatest bravery; as did alfo Mr. Thomas Groves, the clerk, and Mr. Jose de Sa, the Portuguese pilot.

I enclofe a list of the wounded, and have the honour to be, &c.
Right Hon. Lord Keith."


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List of wounded. Eight feamen and 1 marine, feverely. Mr. Thomas Fletcher, master; Mr. J. Paster, surgeon's mate; and i seaman, Nightly, Total~-2 petty officers and io seainen.


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Copy of e Letter from Mr. Richard Le Gallais, Commander of the Comus

private Ship of War, to Edar Nepean, Esq., dated at Jersey, the 20th


I HÁVE the honour to inform you, that being on a cruise in the
Comus privateer, I captured, the 7th inftant, a French chasse-marée,
mounting three three-pounders, laden with hides; and the next day, 8th
instant, after a chase of seven hours, boarded and took possession of the
French brig letter of marque Rocou, pierced for 14 guns, and had on
board 12 fix and two two-pounders, but only four fix pounders mounted,
from Cayenne, bound to Bourdeaux, laden with cotton and rice. I am
happy to add the brig is safely arrived in Guernsey, and the chasse-marée
ia this island.

I have the honour to be, &c.


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I N D E X.



the rupture of the armistice in Germany,

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tween the Danith frigate Freya and an Batavian army, 133-Augereau's notice
English frigate, 83

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of America, his specch on the opening of Hamburgh, in pursuance of the requisition
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to accede to anangements proposed by ide
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[ocr errors]

his first audience at the cult of Copenha- Colloredo, the Imperial minifter, his anu et
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to the Pruffian onte, complaining of the
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patie, setpeetmg the aimilline of Steyer,
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plomatic noic, relative to that imposed
Cadiz, letters relative to the pestilential dif- on the city of Railbon, 86--General
femper at chat city, 51---Notice from Sir's antic", ibid.



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