Slike strani

horn, 294

Contributions, ricmoir respecting thile im. letter from Evan Nepean to Lord

poled on the states of Wittenberx. 1:7 Grenville, dated London, September 4.
Convention between the bench and Aultrian 1800, 180-Copy of the projet. ind.

alines in July, to rezulite the position of And trantlation, 181--Note from last
aw..nced porti, &. vi -Pirliminov, Grenville to M. Olin, dated Downing
be ween Denmork and Great Britain, ix Street, September 5, 1800, 182-Noce
--between American Fine, * ---He. from M. Ono to Mr. Nepean, dated
(werii America and Prufia, X* Bo Thursday evening, September 4, 1800,
tween the French ant Autrian Genera's httletter from M. Oito to Captain
in Chri, relive to an auntie in Go George, darot London, 18 Fructidor, 8
RI..Oj, 48 -- Benen firine and licm. year, ibid. --And erantision, 183-Letter
bouin, *x-Of Blinlind 1, 134 --Bee from M. Otto to Lord Grenville, datce
then the Imperial and French ancials, Hereford Scct, 19 Fructidor, 8th year,
betore the deter toca por elho of Lego ined.--And translation, 184-Note from

Loid Grenville to M. Otto, dated Downing
Coynet mit Monte, French inmulatim. Strece, September 7, 1800,ibid.--Note from

fudin, his letter Sir Robre Baralay, Lord Grenville to M. Otto, dated Dow).
reipicting the wani ol a British geai fur ing Street, September 7, 1800, rvid.
prifoner at that cry, it

Copy of the counter-projet, 187--Letter
Correli undence berween Ciiren Otto and from M. Otto to Lord Grenville, die
Lord Grenville, relative the

Hereford Street, 21 Fructidor, 8th year,
mincement of negotia 109s for piace le 189 And tranNation, rouwLetter from
tu'een France and England, 16;--Con M. Otro to Lord Grenvilie, dated Here
taining, Letter from M. Otto to Lord foni Seroet, 29 Fructidor, 8th year, ibid.
Grenviile, dated Hercto d Sernet, 6 Fruce And tranflation, 191-Note from M.
tidor, 8th year --Ard tranflation, ibid. Otto to Lord G.cnville, dated Hereford
1-tter from M. 0:1) to 1.0rd Girenville, Street, 29 Fructidor, 8th year, ibid.-
dated London, 6 Fructido, Sth year- And translation, 194- Letic from Lond
And I flition, Ion-Lerer from Lord Grenville to M. Otto, dated Downing
Grenville to Comm.iliuner George, dated Street, September 20, 1800, 197-Noce
Downing Se.cct, Aulut 20, 1800, 167 from Lord Grenville to M. Oito, daced
---M. Otto's full powers, dated Paris, 2 Downing Street, September 30, 1800,
Fructidor, 8th year, ibid. ---And tranila 198-Letter from M. Orto to Lord Greg.
tion, 169--1.etter froin Loid Grenville ville, dated London, 4 Complementaire,
to Commissioner George, dated Downing 8th year, 200--And translation, :01
Street, Auguft 28, 1801, ibut.-Minute Copy of the pro ct, 22-And translation,
of Instructions to C.prain George, dated 203-Letter from M. Otto to Lord Gren-
August 28, 1800, 169--Letter from ville, dated Hereford Street, 2 Vende.
Corumiline George to Lord Grenville, miaire, oth year, 205–And tranflacion,
dated Park Place, August 29, 1800, 170 ibid. --Note from M. Otto to Lord Gren.
--Letter from Lord Grenville to Com ville, dated Hereford Strect, Venje-
milioner George, dated Downing Street, miaire, 9th year, 206-And tranflation,
Austi 29, 1800, 171----Letter from 208--Note from Lord Grenville to M.
Lord Grenville to M. Otto, dated Down Otto, dated Downing Stroct, September
ing Street, August 29, 1800, shid.-- 25, 1800, 211---Noe from Lord Grede
Noc from Lord Grenville tn M. Otto, ville to M. Orto, dared Downing Street,
dased Powning Strict, August 29, 18co, September 25, 1800, 212---Note fron
1-2---Leiter from M. Otto to Lord Lord Grenville to M. O:to, dated Down.
Grenville, dated Hereford Street, 12 ing Strect, September 24, 1800, 113-
Fructidoi, 8ih vrar---And translation, Letter from Lord Grenville to Mr. Ham-
173 -- Noc from M. Oito to Lord Gien mond, dated Downing Street, September
ville, daieu Hereford Street, 12 Fructie 24, 1800, ibid.-Letter from Mr. Ham-
dor, 8 h ycar, ibid.---And tranflation, mond to Lord Grenville, dared Downing
174-Later from Lord Grenville to Street, September 25, 1890, 1:1--Leto
Capuain George, dacd Downing Street, ter from M. Otto to Mr. Hammond,
September 2, 1800, 175----Letrer from dated Hereford Street, 4 Vendemiare,
M. Oito to Lord Grenville, dared Here 9th year, 225-And translation, itd.---
ford Street, 17 Fructidor, 8th year, 176 Note of M. Otto, ibid.And tranflation,
-And 11 anslation, 177-Notc' from M. 2:7--Note from Mr. Hammondi to M.
Orto to Lord Grenville, dated Hereford Otro, dated Downing Street, September
Slicct, 19 Fructidor, 8th year, obid. -- 16, 1800, 230--Letter from M. 0:0)
And er.ndation, 178-letier from Lord to Mr. Hammond, dared Hereford Screen,
Grenville to Evan Nepean, Esq. dated 6 Vendemiaire, och year, ibid.--And
Downing Street, September 4, 1830, 179 tranflation, :31--Letter from M. Orro


to Mr. Hammond, dated Hereford Street, Ulm, Ingolstadt, and Philipsburs, 284
14 Vendemiaire, gth year, 232---And Respecting the emigrants, 289
Iranflation, ibid. --Letter from Mr. Ham- Deinacation, line of, of the nirth of Ger.
mond to M. Otto, dated Downing Street, many, Prussian note relative to its viola,
October 8, 1800, ibid. -Letter from M. tion by Austria, 3?!
Otto to Mr. Hammond, dated Hereford Denmark, its treaty with Great Britain, ir
Street, 16 Vendemiaire, gih year, 233 Observations on the dispute with it, re-

--And tranNation, ibid.---Letter from lative to neutral rights, i
Mr. Hammond to M. Otto, dated Duwn. Derfolles, French gener.l, his letter an-
ing Street, October 9, 1800, 234. nouncing ihe armistice of Steyer, 362
Appendix-Extract of a letter from the Dickson, Vice-admiral, proceedings of his
Baron de Thugut 10 M. Tallcyrand, Squadron in support of Lord Whitworth's
dated Vienna, August 11, 1800, 235-

demands fro:n the Danish government,
And translation, ibid. ---Note from Lord 104
Minto to the Baron de Thugut, dated Discourse of the Earl of Liverpool, respecting
Vienna, August 9, 1800, 236---And the rights of neutral Huss, 263
trapslation, 237--Letter from General Dupua, his iet er relative to Dolomicu, 47
Kleber to his Excellency Caimakam of Duponi, his address on introducing the
the Sublime Porte, dared Cairo, 20 Ger French minister to the Consulta at 1'urin, -
minal, 8th year, ibid. --And translation, 100---His letter, complaining of ex-
239—Letter from Baudot to the first in cesses in the territory of Bologna, 158-
terpreter of the Sublime Porte, dated

Ditto to the regency of Ferrara, ibid..
camp of Jaffa, April 11, 1800, 240 His oclamation to the inhabitants of
And translation, ibid.

Leghorn, 249--His letter relative to the
Council, Fiench, of Prizes, its decision re dibanding of the Tuscan levies, 256

lative to the American fhip Pigou, 8 His deeree upo? the capture of Florence,
Cuxhaven, diplomatic correspondence rela 258---Report of his proccedings in Tuf-

tive to its poffeffion by the King of Prullia, cany, 259

[blocks in formation]

Danish frigate, letter from Mr. Merry to Evier of the King of Naples, respecting the

Count Bernstorf, relative to its capture noblefli, 19-Russian, sequellering Eng-
by the Engliih, 22- -Consul, at Hain lith property, 106
burgh, his letter relative to the above, 79 Egypt, afficial details from Menou relative
Proceedings of the English fleei, in fup to it, 32-40, 42
port of Lord Whitworth's demands upon Ehrenaheini, F. Von, Swedith minister, his''
the Danish government, 104--- Norice answer to the Spanish minister on the sub-
issued by the Chamber of Commerce to ject of a complaint of a Saedih veífet be-
merchants, &c. 132

ing employed in an bottile enterprise at
Declaration of the stares of Bavaria, 1--Of Barcelwn.1, 289--His n'ute to the Prussian

the Emperor of Ruliia, relative to an arm minifter on the same siibjet!, 330
od neutrality, 334--Of the Pruffian Embargo, laid by the Emperor of Russia on

commander on entering Ritzhuttel, ibid. English Thips, letter announcing its re-
Decree of the Fiili Consul, relative to neu moval, 132—Another cmbargo by the

tral flags, 48-Oi the Consuls, allowing fame on the same. 337
the Piedmontese, Cisalpine, and Tuscan Emigrants, act of the Consulate relative to
citizens to return home, 66---- Of the them, 56 -The report of the minister of
Consuls, relative to passports granted by police respecting them, 28---Decree re-
diplomatic agents, &c. 82--Rclative to specting them, 289----Fouche's let'er to
foreign seafaring men in the French service, the prefects on the fame subjcct, 135
107-Appointing Joseph Bonaparte mini- Emile Gaudin, bis view of the political state
Iter on the part of France, to treat for peace of France, in its foreign relations, &..
with the Emperor of Germany, 1:4-. 345
Appointing Citizen La Forest secretary of Enupxror of Germany, his general orders
Legation, ibiu.--Appointing Luneville for after his arrisa, at head-quarters at Al-
the seat of congress, 159—-of the same, Oettingen, 123
pniling the Navarele territory in the Cis- England, iis treaty with the Elector of
alpine, 249-Appointing a new govern Menz, i--Withi [scnmark, ix
ment Piedmont, 252--Of G eral English committee at Paris, report of the
Dupont, on the capture of Florence, 258 committee of police relative to it, 292
Of General Moreau, fos proceeding Expolé, official, in French, of the state of
upon the demolition of the fortresses of the repuliç, 296


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his Imperial Majeily, on his arrival

the head-quarters at Alt-Oerlingen, 12}
Fahnenbriz, Buron, Austrian miniile at the George, Commissioner, his intructions, reg

Diet of Routbon), inweiterial recript, - lis letter to Lord Grenvilic, 170
communaleid iy him, oculise to the German princes, their convention will
Fienchi norition of the rupture of the France, xxi
armittice, 122

Grand Vizier, his proclamation relative to
Ferrara, Dupuis leuter to its regency, 158 the aflallination of General Kleber. 29
Ferrol, Irenada account of the itempt of Grenier, his proclamation to the late*

the hylith upon it, yo- lienchi ambal- of the country occupied by the 17***
fadors detount of the lanc, fiom the of bis an my, complaining of afletindoto ng
Spanith Guene, 108

and ordaiming measures of PCI****,
Florence, its caprue by the Fieneb, 256-a. 99

General Dupont's account of that event, Grenville, Lord, his note to the mi.

niftcr respecting the capture of the Fre,
Forcigners, Aululan notification, guarding fiigile, 70 ---His correspondence .d**.

agamit their fical concowe At Vienna, to the conciencement of negotiations ***
100 Sataning men in the French leivice, pedic with France, 165 - This kiter to
d creciclative to thun, 107

Commissioner George, 107 --Husduttor
Fouche, French matter of police, his re- the same, 168.From the same to 1!

port respecting the, 285 --llis fame, 171---Bis letter to M. Otto, che

letter to the puckets cloching them, 315 llis note to the fame, 172. 11. Ireter
Franconia, Moreau's onde, infoling a con- to Captain George, 179---His letter to
tribution on il, -7

Mr. Nepean, 179-His note to M. Otton,
Frankfort, Senate of the French general 182-----His ditto to the Camue, 184 --Hus

demando il contribution), 40-1.fter from fame to the same, ibid. His letter to N.
General Auzereau, piomiling its merchants Oito, 199-His note to the fame, 198-
protection, 79 - Antwer of its Senate to His ditto to the same, 211-His dico io
the above letter, and French general's the same, 212--Ilis ditto to the fame,
oder iespecting merchants frequenting the :13-His letter to Mr. Hammond, .
fair, 1:1

Gucnard, French genefal, his proclamarun,
Franquetot Coigny, llcgrd gent of an al confirmed by the Duke of Parma, 45

bench British committee at Patis, report

in his favoui, 116
French Council of Prizes, it decision relative

to the Anicican thip l'igot, S
French minutter, for foreign affitis, liscireu. Il a folto, Batavian Director, his other it

har letter to all the powers in amily with coinmunication of the signing of prelato
Fiance on the attempt to alli Minate Bonn naries of peace between France and A-
parte, 345 --- ()1 police, his report, re- Mia, 78
Ipecting the coming ants, 285 -- At war, his Hamburgh, the editors of the Cenfeur are
leitor, relative to the armies, 40---His Telted in that city, at the requisition of
letter, relative to the treatment of the the French minifler, 80
Rullian prisoners in Ponce, (2

Hammond, Mr. his letter to I ord Grenville,
Frooch coolul at Amicitur, his letter ic- 221-llis note to M. Otto, a 30-ellis

lative to the wint of a Biuth agent for letter to the same, 232-His ditto to the
prifones in that city, ir

(ame, 234
French republic, its unlimitel armike with Helvetic lxecutive Council, its circular let

Alycrs, 11 des armilla p with Tunis, X ter to the national prefeets, 117
els treuty with Americit, ibid. --alts Helvetic republic, meitage from its Frecuente
convention with the Prince of Ilembourg, Committee, recommending a change in
*Y-Is ditto with fournal other German the legillative and executive authoritis,
prines, xxi-Expole, oflici id, in French,
of its lituition, 299--Ditto, in English, Hohenladen, convention of, 134


Of the army

Imperial infcript, relative to a general informe
General orders, announcing a general armi- rection in Hungary, 125 •Norit*100
stice on the continent, in

of the removal of Baron Trust, 254
of Italy, published at .11!!an, l'or certain Ingoltadt, order of Mercan for the destrue.
regulations in the Chaline, Ligurian, tinu of its fortifications, 95-- Decree of
aud Piedmontcle uoveraments, 115 - 08 the late on the came fubjedl, 284


nsurrection in Hungary, Imperial rescript

relative to it, 125,
sembourg, Prince of, his convention with

France, xx

Jenkinson, Earl of Liverpool, his discourse

on the rights of neutral Mags, 263
Jourdan, General, the French minister at
Turin, his speech to the Con:ulta, 101

His ditto to the Piedmontese govern-
ment, 102---His decree, appointing a

new government in Piedmont, 252
Judgment of Sir William Scott, in the case

of the Swedish convoy, 241
Justification of the invasion of Tuscany,

from the French official paper, 253


Keith, Lord, and General Abercromby,

their letter to the governor of Cadiz, 262
Keller, Prussian minister, his note, com-

plaining of the violation of the northern
line of demarcation of Germany by Au-

Aria, 331
Kleber, General, his letter to the Caimakam

of the Sublime Porte, 237
Krabbe, Danish captain, his account of the

engagement between the Danish frigate
the Freya, and an English frigate, 83
Kray, General, his notification on his re-

figning the command of the Imperial
Krudener, Russian ambassador at Berlin, his

letter, announcing the tạking off the em-
bargo laid by Rullia on Englith vessels,

army, 116

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Larsdorf, convention figned at it by the

French and Imperial Generals in Chief

for an armistice, 48
Launay, French general, commanding in

Tuscany, his letter to the Auftrian gene-
ral, complaining of the conduct of the
national troops of Tuscany, 103
Leghorn, its capture by the French, 256%

the Senate of Frankfort, demanding a
contribution, 40—-From Carnot, che
French minister at war, to the prefects, re-
lative to the armies, ibid.-- From Maffena,
complaining of insurrectional movements
in Piedmont, 45–From Dugua, relative
to Dolomieu, 47–From the British con.
sul at Gibraltar to Lord Grenville, relative
to the peftilential distemper at Cadiz, 51
--Froin General O'Hara to the Duke of
Portland, on the same subject, ibid.
From the Admiralty to the commanders
of all British vessels, relative to French
and Dutch fishermen, 55--From St.
Priest to M. Thauvenay, minister of
Louis XVIII. 52---From Bonaparte to
the extraordinary committee of the Ligue
rian government, 61--From Carnot to
the Firft Consul, approving the conduct of
certain districts, on the appearance of the,
English on the coast, 65-Of the French
General Monnier, complaining of Tuscan
insurgents, 66-From the French General
Colaud to the Austrian General Simb-
schen, refusing to comply with certain
arrangements proposed by the latter, 67
-From General Augereau, promising the
merchants of Frankfort protection, 79-
From General Massena to the government
commission of Genoa, 81---From the
French minister of marine, announcing
the conclusion of preliminaries of peace
between France and the Dey of Algiers,
ibid. --Of Monnier, complaining of ex-
cefies committed in the communes of
Civitella, &c. 98-—-From General Lau.
nay, complaining of the conduct of the
national troops of Tuscany, 103-Circu.
lar, from the Helvetic Executive Council
to the national prefets, 117--Circular,
from the Spanilh minister to the foreign
ministers at the court of Madrid, relative
to she alleged violation of the right of
neutral Aags by the Englith at Barcelona,
129—-From the same to the Swedish
minister, on the lame fibject, ibid. - From
the Russian officers, prisoners at Paris, to
Bonaparte, 131---From General Moreau
to Bonaparte, anvouncing the conclusion

if new armistice, and the cession of Ulm,
Ingolftadt, and Philipsburg, 132–From
the Russian ambassador at Berlin, an..
nouncing that the Emperor had taken off
the embargo laid on the Englith fhipsa.
ibid. From Moreau to the Archduke
John, consenting to a renewal of the ar-
mistice, on certain conditions, 133—OF
Toussaint Louverture to the inhabitants of
the south of St. Domingo, 146 --Of
General Dupont, complaining of excelles
in the territory of Bologna, 158-Of the
same to the regency of Ferrara, ibid.
From M. Otto to Lord Grenville, 165-
From fame to the fame, 166.From

i Lord

Convention between the Im; erial and
French generals, before the latter took

possession of that city, 291
Letter from Mr. Merry, the British chargé

des affaires, to Count Bernstorf, relative to
a Danish frigate taken by the English, 22
From the French consul ar Amsterdam,
relative to the want of a British agent for
prisoners in that city, 31–From Menou
to Bonaparte, announcing the assassination
of Kleber, 32-Of the French general to

Vol. X.

Lord Grenville to Commissioner George, Maitland, General, his proclamation on
167—- From Commissioner George to arrival at Port au Prince, 294-
Lord Grenville, 170_From Lord Gren- ditto, disavowing any defign to evacs:
ville to Commissioner George, 171-- that town, 295
From Lord Grenville to M. Otto, ibid., Malta, its capitulation, 152_Official peper
From M. Otto to Lord Grenville, 173 relative to its fiege and surrender, 35
From Lord Grenville to Captain George, Auswer of the commander General Vz
175--From M. Oito to Lord Grenville, bois to the Englith and Portuguese, 4
176-Frum Lord Grenville to Evan Ne- --Summons of Lord Nelson, it-
pean, 179--Fron Evan Nepean to Lord

Answer thereto, 325-Another fume
Grenville, 180---From M. Otto to Cap- of the English commander, ibid.
tain George, 182---From M. Otto to (wer of General Vaubois, 3264 Asuk
Lord Grenville, 183–From the same to summons, ibid. --Letter from Vaubes,
the same, 190.-From Lord Grenville to announcing the ceffation of hoftilice,
M. Otto, 197---From M. Oito to Lord

Grenville, 200—. From the same to the Massena, his order impofing a contributie
fame, 205--From Lord Grenville to Mr. on Lucca, 44--His letter to the inha
Hammond, 213--From Mr. Hammond hitants of Piedmont, complaining
to Lord Grenville, 221-From M. Otto fymptoms of insurrection in that country,
to Mr. Hammond, 225–From the same 45-His proclamation, published at -
to the same, 230-From the same to the lan, 66-His letter to the governmek
same, 232-From Mr. Hammond to M. commiffion of Genoa, 81–His proclama
Otto, ibid.-From M. Otto to Mr. Ham. tion on resiguing the command of the
mond, 233–From Mr. Hammond to M. army of Italy to General Brune, 88
Otto, 234-From the Baron de Thugut Menou, his letter to the First Conful, annou-
to M. Talleyrand, 235–From Kleber to cing the assassination of Gen. Kleber, 3
the Caimakam of the Ottoman Porte, --His proclamation to the French are
237—From Baudot to the first interpreter upon that event, 36—--His ditto 12
of the Ottoman Porte, 2404From Ge- the same, announcing his determination
neral Dupont, relative to the dirbanding not to abide by the treaty entered into
the Tuscan levies, 256—-From the fame with Kleber, unless it thould be ratibed 1
to General Brune, giving an account of by the French government, 38—His leo
the capture of Florence, 257—-From the ter to Bonaparte, 342
governor of Cadiz to Lord Keith and Mentz, Elector of, his treaty with Great
General Abercromby, 262---From Lord Britain, i
Keith and General Abercromby to the go- Merry, Mr. British chargé des affaires at the
vernor of Cadiz, ibid.--From the gover- court of Denmark, his letter to Count
nor, in reply, 263–Substance of a letter Bernstorf, relative to the capture of a
from Stock holm, 296—- Circular, from Davish frigate by the English, 23
Mr. Shairp, relative to the British pri- Message from the Executive Committee of
foners in Russia, 337--From General the Helvetic republic to the Councis
Menou to the Firft Consul, giving an ac- recommending a change of the conftitu-
count of the state of the French in Egypt,
342-Circular, from the French minifter Milan, proclamation of its provisional you
respecting the attempt on the life of Bona- vernment, 24
parte, 348

Minister of marine, his letter, announcing
Ligurian government, letter from Bonaparte the conclusion of preliminaries of práce

to its ex traordinary committee, 61-Ge- bet ween France and Algiers, 81
neral orders, published by the General in Ministerial rescript, communicated to the
Chief of the army of Italy, relative to Diet of Ratisbon by the Auftrian minifter,
the Ligurian republic, 115

relative to the French notification of the
Liverpool, Earl of, his discourse on the rupture of the armiftice, and the renewal
rights of neutral flags, 263

of hoftilities, 122
Lomhardy, Bonaparte's address to its provi- Minto, Lord, English ambaffador, his pre-
fional government, 46

pofitions to the Emperor, 81-His note
Lucca, order imposing a contribution on it, 44 to Baron Thugut, 236
Luneville, Consular decree, appointing a Monnier, French general of division, his
congress to be held there, 159

letter to the Imperial general, complaining
of Tuscan insurgents, 66–-His letter,

complaining of excelles committed in the

communes of Civitella, &c. 98

Moravia, proclamation of the Archduke
Madrid gazette, its account of the English Charles for raising a military force in the
afterupt on Ferrol, 10$

country, 293


tion, 72

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