The Parliamentary Register: Or, History of the Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons [and of the House of Lords] Containing an Account of the Interesting Speeches and Motions ... During the 1st Session of the 14th [-18th] Parliament of Great Britain

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Stran 93 - Indians dwelling on either side of the said boundary line, freely to pass and repass by land or inland navigation, into the respective territories and countries of the two parties, on the continent of America...
Stran 302 - Who but must laugh if such a man there be ? Who would not weep if Atticus were he?
Stran 93 - ... eastern side, to whichsoever of the parties belonging, may freely be resorted to and used by both parties, in as ample a manner as any of the Atlantic ports or places of the United States, or any of the ports or places of His Majesty in Great Britain.
Stran 604 - Majefty, the refolutions which the Committee had directed him to report to the Houfe ; which he read in his place, and afterwards delivered in at the table, where the fame were read, and agreed to by the Houfe, and are as followeth, viz.
Stran 104 - ... the privilege of remaining and continuing their trade so long as they behave peaceably, and commit no offence against the laws ; and in case their conduct should render them suspected, and the respective governments should think proper to order them to remove, the term of twelve months, from the publication of the order, shall be allowed them for that purpose...
Stran 104 - Nothing in this treaty contained shall, however, be construed or operate contrary to former and existing public treaties with other sovereigns or States. But the two parties agree that while they continue in amity neither of them will in future make any treaty that shall be inconsistent with this or the preceding article.
Stran 106 - Instructions are given to the Governors of the different States to use all the means in their power for restoring prizes of this last description found within their ports. Though they will, of course, take...
Stran 94 - ... river from one degree of latitude below the falls of St. Anthony, to the principal source or sources of the said river, and also of the parts adjacent thereto; and that if on the result of such survey, it should appear that the said river, would not be intersected by such a line as is above mentioned, the two parties will thereupon proceed by amicable...
Stran 96 - AB, one of the commissioners appointed in pursuance of the sixth article of the Treaty of Amity, Commerce, and Navigation, between His Britannic Majesty and the United States of America...
Stran 106 - We are bound by our treaties with three of the belligerent nations, by all the means in our power to protect and defend...

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