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chair, has shown that he is able to in- | impartiality; in explaining difficulties struct the wisest, and ready to assist he had ever been clear and satisfactory. the weakest, who in that chair has shown He would not enumerate the particular a mind as independent as his for occasions on which the right hon. gentletune-who in that chair has shown a man had supported, the dignity of the temper not to be ruffled, a firmness not to chair and the honour of the House, and be shaken ; sure presages of rigid uniform the different qualities by which he was impartiality--who in that chair has recommended to their choice. But if he watched over the rights and privileges of had maintained the dignity of the House this House, as over the palladium of the as high as it had ever been carried by liberties of our free constitution, who the most revered of his predecessors—if in that chair- -but I will no longer in no instance he had endeavoured to press upon the delicate feelings of a truly suppress the freedom of opinion—if he great mind, but hasten to make that pro- had never evinced partiality in the exerposal, which I perceive the whole House cise of his functions -if his carriage had are impatient that I should make, namely, been calculated to impress the highest “ That the right hon. Henry Addington respect upon every mind—if his manners be called to the chair of this House to be had gained the esteem and conciliated our Speaker."

the regard, even of those who, unfortuMr. Powys rose to second the motion. nately, were little disposed to agree upon To have such an opportunity of paying a other matters, he would not be thought tribute of just applause, could be no small too sanguine in his hopes of the success gratification to all who entertained those of the motion which he had the honour sentiments of private friendship, and of to second. public respect, which he did for the gen- General Tarleton said, he thought a tleman who was the object of the motion. more eligible person to fill the high office Yet it was not on the ground of personal of Speaker, could not be found within attachment to that gentleman ; it was not the walls of the House of Commons. The merely on the score of his many excellent, right hon. gentleman was liberally enhis distinguished qualities that he stood dowed by nature, and adorned with thus forward in his support'; no; he rested valuable and classical attainments. The on much higher grounds, he rested on the House had had ample experience of collective voice of the Commons of Eng. the urbanity of his manners, his attention land. “ Dignus imperare nisi imperasset, to the business of the House, and his ad. was the character given of a great herence to the principles of the constituRoman emperor. That the reverse of tion. These were powerful recommendathat character was ever applicable to the tions; for in the forms of the House, and right hon. gentleman, he did not mean to in the dignity of the chair, those who sat say, but if there were any, who, before on his side of the House, would find the his elevation, considered it as too sudden best protection against insolent majorities, and premature, the voice of the House and the encroachments of power. was completely justified by his conduct Mr. Addington said, that it would immediately after he had been called to have been peculiarly gratifying to his the chair. The right hon. gentleman mind, if, consistently with that respect soon convinced the House that it was not which he owed the House, he could on one splendid and brilliant display that have suffered the motion to pass without he rested the reputation of his talents, any observation. He could not be but that he had attained a maturity of in- supposed to be deficient in gratitude tellect which could command respect, to the noble mover, and : the hon. seand an extent of information that applied conder ; neither could he be insensible to every occasion. He had uniformly to the literal manner in which the motion displayed an integrity the most unshaken, had been supported by the hon. general ; an understanding the most cultivated, a least of all could he be supposed to be judgment the most enlightened, a know- wanting in respect to the House or to the ledge the most comprehensive; and, in the office. What, indeed, could be more execution of his office, an acquaint- honourable than an office conferred by ance not merely with the rules and the people, through the medium of their forms of this House, but wiú the representatives; what more important constitution of parliament. In all his than an office, whose duties, if well disbehaviour he had displayed the utmost charged, conferred honour on that branch

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of the legislature more immediately con- IN THE EIGHTEENTH PARLIAMENT nected with the people? But the office OF GREAT BRITAIN, WHICH MET AT required a combination of talents rarely

WESTMINSTER, THE 27TH OF Septo be met with. Were he to enumerate them, he was sure that the detail would TEMBER, 1796. present very serious obstacles to the pre

Abingdon, Berkshire. sent motion. When he looked to the

Thomas Theophilus Metcalfe. situation and to the nature of it, he felt a

Agmondesham, Bucks, deep anxiety, not solely on his own ac- Thomas Drake Tyrwhitt. Charles Drake count, but on account of the House

Gerrard. itself. The noble lord and the hon. gen.

St. Alban's, Herts. tleman had been pleased to allude to his Lord Bingham. T. S. D. Bucknall. former conduct. To that conduct it was

Aldborough, Suffolk. impossible for him to advert, without the Sir John Aubrey, bart. M. A. Taylor. most grateful recollections. Since the experience of last parliament had been Aldborough, Yorkshire.

R. Muilm, Trench Chiswell. Charles Dunmentioned, he could not omit this oppor

combe tunity of expressing his sense of the indulgence he had received from it, and of Benjamin Lethuillier. Hon. Coulson Wallop.

Andover, Hants. the need which he had of that indulgence. On entering upon the office, he brought

Anglesea. with him a firm attachment to the consti- Hon. Arthur Paget. tution of the country, without which no Appleby, Westmoreland. man was worthy to be a member of that John Courtenay. Hon. John Tufton. House; and he was free to say, that he

Arundel, Susser. had never intentionally swerved from that Sir George Thomas, bart. James Greene. integrity which it was so satisfactory, on recollection, to preserved in any Sir Robert Mackreth. Lawrence Palk.

Ashburton, Devonshire. situation, nor from that independence which was so necessary in the distin- Aylesbury, Bucks. guished situation to which he had been Scrope Bernard." Gerard Lake. raised by the voice of that House. He Banbury, Oxfordshire. would not detain the House any longer, Dudley North. but conclude with expressing his sense

Barnstaple, Devonshire. of the honour proposed to be conferred John Cleveland. "Richard Wilson. on him, and his determination to submit himself to the House.

Bath, City of The House then again unanimously

Viscount Weymouth. Sir R. Pepper Arden, calling Mr. Addington to the chair, he Beaumaris, Town of. was taken out of his place by lord

Lord Newborough, Frederic Campbell and Mr. Powys, and Bedfordshire. conducted by them to the chair ; where, Hon. St. Andrew St. John. John Osborn. standing on the upper step, he returned

Bedford, Town of. his humble acknowledgments to the William Colhoun. Samuel Whitbread. House for the great honour they had been pleased to confer upon him, by Hon. Thomas Bruce. John Wodehouse.

Bedwin, Wilts. unanimously choosing him to be again their speaker. And thereupon he sat

Beeralston, Devonshire. down in the chair ; and then the mace

William Mitford. Lord Lovaine. (which before lay under the table) was Berkshire. laid upon the table. Then Mr. Secre- George Vansittart. Charles Dundas. tary Dundas having congratulated Mr. Berwick, Northumberland, Speaker elect, moved that the House do Earl of Tyrconnel. John Callander. adjourn.

Beverley, Yorkshire.

William Tatton. N, C. Burton. List of the House of Commons.] The following is a list of the members of the

Bewdley, Worcestershire.

M. P. Andrews. House of Commons :

Bishop's Castle, Shropshire. A List of the House of COMMONS, William Clive. Henry Strachey.


Blechingley, Surry.

Carmarthen, Town of.
Sir Lionel Copley, bart. John Stein.

Magens Dorien Magens,
Bodmyn, Cornwall.

Sir John Morshead, bart. John Nesbit.

Sir Robert Williams, bart.
Boroughbridge, Yorkshire.

Carnarvon, Town of.
Sir John Scott. Francis Burdett.

Hon. Edward Paget.
Bossiney, Cornwall.
Hon. J. A. Stuart Wortley. J. Lubbock.

Castle-Rising, Norfolk.

Iloratio Churchill. Charles Chester.
Boston, Lincolnshire.
Thomas Fydell. Viscount Milsintown.

Brackley, Northamptonshire.

John Crewe, Thomas Cholmondeley.
John William Egerton. Samuel Haynes.

Chester, City of

Thomas Grosvenor. Viscount Belgrave.
Bramber, Susser.
James Adams. Sir C. W. Rouse Boughton, Chichester, City of.

Right Hon. Thomas Steele. George White
Brecon, County of.

Sir Charles Morgan, bart.

Chippenham, Wilts.
Brecon, Town of.

James Dawkins. George Fludyer.
Charles Gould.

Christchurch, Hampshire.
Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

George Rose. W. Stewart Rose.
Isaac Hawkins Browne. J. Whitmore.

Cirencester, Gloucestershire.
Bridgewater, Somersetshire.

Robert Preston, Michael Hicks Beach,
George Pocock. Jeffrey Allen.

Clitheroe, Lancashire.
Bridport, Dorsetshire.

Lord E. C. Cavendish Bentinck. Hon. Robert
Charles Sturt. George Barclay.

Bristol, City of

Cockermouth, Cumberland.
Lord Sheffield. Charles Bragge.

John Baynes Garforth. Edward Burrows.

Colchester, Esser.
Marquis of Titchfield. James Grenville. Robert Thornton. Lord Muncaster.
Buckingham, Town of.

Corff-Castle, Dorsetshire.
George Nugent. Thomas Grenville. John Bond. Henry Bankes.
Callington, Cornwall.

Cornwall, County of
Sir John Call, bart. Paul Orchard.

Sir William Lemon, bart. Francis Gregor.
Calne, Wiltshire.

Coventry, Warwickshire.
Joseph Jekyll. Sir Francis Baring, bt.

W. Wilberforce Bird. Nathaniel Jefferys.

Cricklade, Wiltshire.
James W. Adeane. Charles Yorke.

Thomas Estcourt. Lord Porchester.
Cambridge University.

Righ Høn. W. Pitt. Earl of Euston.

Sir Henry Fletcher, bart. John Lowther.
Cambridge, Town of.

Dartmouth, Devonshire.
Robert Manners. Hon. Edward Finch,

Edmund Bastard. Right Hon. J. C. Villiers.
Camelford, Cornwall.

W. J. Denison. John Angerstein.

Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, bart.
Canterbury, City of

Denbigh, Town of.
John Baker. S. E. Sawbridge.

Richard Myddleton.
Cardiff, Town of.

Lord James Evelyn Stuart.

Lord John Cavendish. Edw. Miller Mundy.

Derby, Town of.
Thomas Johnes.

Lord G. A. II. Cavendish. Edward Coke.
Cardigan, Town of.

Devizes, Wiltshire.
Hon. John Vaughan.

Right Hon. Henry Addington. Joshua Smith.
Curlisle, City of.

John Christian Curwen. Sir Frederick Vane. Lawrence Palk. John Pollexfen Bastard.

Sir James llamlyn, bart.

Francis John Browne. William Morton Pitt.

Dorchester, Dorsetshire.

Francis Fane. Hon. Cropley Ashley. Sir William Heathcote, bart. Wm. Chute.
Dover, Kent.

Harwich, Esser.
John Trevanion. Charles Small Pybus. John Robinson. Richard Hopkins.
Downton, Wiltshire.

Haslemere, Surrey.
Hon. Edward Bouverie. Sir William Scott.

James Clarke Satterthwaite. James Lowther. Droitwich, Worcestershire. Hon. Andrew Foley. Sir Edward Winning. Sir James Saunderson, bart.

Hastings, Susser.

N. Vansittart. ton, bart. Dunwich, Suffolk.

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire.
Snowden Barne. Sir Joshua Vanneck, bart.

Lord Kensington.
Durham, County of

Helleston, Cornwall.
Rowland Burdon. Ralph Milbank.

Charles Abbot. Richard Richards.

Durham, City of
William Henry Lambton. Sir Henry Vane Right Hon. Thomas Harley. Rob. Biddulph.
Tempest, bart.

Hereford, City of
East-Looe, Cornwall.

John Scudamoré. James Walwyn.
John Buller. William Graves.


William Plumer. William Baker.
St. Edmondsbury, Suffolk.
Sir Charles Davers, bart. Lord Hervey.

Hertford, Town of

John Calvert. Nathaniel Dimsdale.
Esser, County of
Thomas Burney Bramston. John Bullock.

Heydon, Yorkshire,
Evesham, Worcestershire.

Sir Lionel Darell, bart. Christ. Atkinson. Thomas Thompson, Charles Thellusson.

Heytesbury, Wilts.
Ereter, City of

Viscount Clifden. Sir J. F. Leicester, bart. John Baring. Sir C. W. Bampfylde, bart.

Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire.

James Adair.
Eye, Suffolk.
Ilon. William Cornwallis. Mark Singleton. Hindon, Wilts.

James Wildman. M. G. Lewis.
Sir Roger Mostyn, bart.

Honiton, Devonshire.
Flint, Town of

George Chambers. George Shum.
Watkin Williams.

Horsham, Susser.

Sir John Macpherson, bart. James Fox. Fowey, Cornwall. Philip Rashleigh. Reginald Pole Carew.


Viscount Hinchinbrook. Lord Frederick
Gatton, Surrey:
John Petrie. Sir Gilbert Heathcote, bart.

St. Germans, Cornwall.

Huntingdon, Town of.
Hon. William Elliot. Lord Grey.

W. H. Fellowes. John Calvert, jun.

Hythe, Kent.
Thomas Wyndham.

Sir C. F. Radcliffe, bart. William Evelyn, Gloucestershire.

Ilchester, Somersetshire. Hon. George Cranfield Berkeley. Marquis

Sir Robert Clayton, bart. William Dickinof Worcester,

son, jun. Gloucester, City of.

Ipswich, Suffolk. John Pitt. Henry Howard.

Charles Alexander Crickett. Sir Andrew

Snape Hammond, bart.
Grampound, Cornwall.
Bryan Edwards. Robert Sewell.

St. Ives, Cornwall.

William Praed. Sir R. Carr Glynn, kt.
Grantham, Lincolnshire.

George Sutton. Simon Yorke.


Edward Knatchbull, bart. Sir William Great Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

Geary, bart.
Ascough Boucheret. William Mellish.

King's Lynn, Norfolk.
East Grinstead, Susser.

Hon. Horatio Walpole. Sir Martin Browno Nathaniel Dance. James Strange.

Folkes, bart.
Guildford, Surry.

Kingston-upon-Hull, Yorkshire.
Hon. Thomas Onslow. Hon. Chapple Norton. Samuel Thornton, Sir Charles Turner, bart,

Knaresborough, Yorkshire.

St. Michael, Cornwall. James Hare. Lord Jobn Towpshend. Sir Christopher Hawkins, bart. Sir S. Lush

ington, bart. Lancashire. Thomas Stanley, John Blackburne.


Sir Rob. Williams Vaughan, bart.
Lancaster, Town of
John Dent. Richard Penn.

Midhurst, Susser.

Right Hon. Sylvester Douglas. Chas. Long. Launceston, Cornwall. Hon. John Rawdon. James Brogden.


William Mainwaring. George Byng.
William Pochin. Hon. Penn Asheton Curzon.

Milbourne-Port, Somersetshire.
Leicester, Town of.

Lord Paget. Sir Robert Ainslie, bart.
Lord Rancliffe. Samuel Smith.

Minehead, Somersetshire.
Leominster, Herefordshire.

John Fownes Luttrell. John Langston.
John Hunter. G. A. Pollen,

Leskeard, Cornwall.

James Rooke. Charles Morgan.
Ilon. Edw. James Eliot. Hon. John Eliot.

Monmouth, Town of.
Lestwithicl, Cornwall.

Charles Thompson.
Hans Sloane. William Drummond.

Lewes, Susser.

Francis Lloyd.
Hon. J. C. Pelham. Thomas Kemp.

Montgomery, Town of.

Whitshed Keene.
Robert Vyner, jun. Sir Gilb. Heathcote, bt.

Morpeth, Northumberland.
Lincoln, City of

Viscount Morpeth. William Huskisson. Hon. George Rawdon. Richard Ellison.

Newark, Nottinghamshire.
Litchfield, City of

John Manners Sutton, Mark Wood.
Thomas Anson. Lord Granville Leveson

Newcastle-under-Line, Staffordshire. Gower.

William Egerton. E. Wilbraham Bootle. Liverpool, Lancashire. Isaac Gascoyne. Banastre Tarleton.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland.

Sir Matthew White, Ridley, bart. Charles London, City of

Brandling William Curtis, John William Anderson,

Newport, Cornwall.
William Lushington, H. C. Combe.

William Northey. Joseph Richardson.
Ludlow, Shropshire.
Richard Payne Knight. Hon. Robert Clive.

Newport, Hants.

J. C. Jervoise. E. Rushworth.
Luggershall, Wiltshire.
Earl of Dalkeith, Robert Everett.

Newton, Lancashire.

Thomas Peter Legh. Thomas Brooke.
Lyme Regis, Dorsetshire.
Hon. Henry Fane. Hon. Thomas Fane.

Newton, Hants.

Sir Richard Worsley, bart. C. Shaw Le Fevre.
Lymington, Hants.
Sir Harry Burrard Neale, bt. Wm. Manning. Sir John Wodehouse, bt. Thomas W. Coke.

Maidstone, Kent.
Matthew Bloxham. Oliver De Lancey.

Northallerton, Yorkshire.

Henry Peirse. Hon. Edward Lascelles.
Malden, Esser.
Jos. Holden Strutt. Charles Callis Western.


Thomas Powys. Francis Dickins.
Malmsbury, Wilts.
P. I. Thellusson. Samuel Smith.

Northampton, Town of.

Hon. Edw. Bouverie. Hon. Spencer Perceval. Multon, Yorkshire. Viscount Milton. William Baldwin.


Charles Grey. Thomas Richard Ecaumont. Marlborough, Wilts. Hon. James Bruce. Lord Bruce.

Norwich, City of

Right IIon, William Windham. Hon. Henry Marlow, Bucks.

Thomas Williams. Owen Williams.

St. Maw's, Cornwall.

Lord Wm. Cavendish Bentinek. Hon. Evelyn Sir William Young, bart. George Nugent. Pierrepont.

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