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Nottingham, Town of:

Rye, Sussex.
Robert Smith. Daniel Parker Coke. Lord Hawkesbury. Robert Dundas.
Oakhampton, Devonshire.

Ryegate, Surry.
Thomas Tyrwhitt. Bateman Robson. Hon. John Somers Cocks. Joseph Sidney

Orford, Suffolk.
Lord Robert Seymour. Hon. Rob. tewart.

Salop, or Shropshire.

Sir Richard Hill, bart. John Kynaslon. Orfordshire. Lord Charles Spencer. John Fane.

Saltash, Cornwall.

Edward Bearcroft. Lord Macdonald.
Oxford, City of
Francis Burton. Henry Peters.

Sundwich, Kent.
Orford, University of.

Sir Philip Stephens, bart. Sir Horace Mann,

bart. Sir William Dolben, bart. Francis Page.

New Sarum, Wilts.

Wm. Hussey. Hon. Wm. Henry Bouverie. Lord Milford.

Old Sarum, Wilts.
Pembroke, Town of.

George Hardinge. Earl of Mornington. Hugh Barlow.

Scarborough, Yorkshire.
Penryn, Cornwall.

Hon. Edmund Phipps. Lord Charles Henry Thomas Wallace. William Meeke.

Peterborough, City of.

Seaford, Susser.
Hon. Lionel Damer. Richard Benyon. Charles Rose Ellis. George Ellis.
Petersfield, Hants.

Shaftsbury, Dorsetshire.
William Jolliffe. Hilton Jolliffe.

Paul Benfield. Walter Boyd.
Plymouth, Devonshire.

Shoreham, Susser.
Sir F. Leman Rogers, bart. William Elford. Hon. C. Wm. Wyndham. Sir Cecil Bishopp,

Plympton, Devonshire.
William Adams. William Mitchell.

Pontefract, Yorkshire.

Sir Wm. Pulteney, bart. Hon. Wm. Hill. John Smyth. Viscount Galway.

Poole, Dorsetshire.

William Gore Langton. William Dickenson. Hon. Charles Stuart. John Jeffery.

Southampton, Town of.

James Amyatt. George Henry Rose.
Portsmouth, Hants.
Hon. Thomas Erskine. Lord Hugh Seymour.

Southwark, Borough of.

Henry Thornton. G. W. Thellusson.
Preston, Lancashire.
Sir H. P. Hoghton, bart. Lord Stanley.


Earl Gower. Sir Edward Littleton, bart.
Queensborough, Kent.
John Sargent. Evan Nepean.

Stafford, Town of.
Radnor, County of

Hon. Edward Monckton. Richard Brinsley Walter Wilkins.

New Radnor.

Stamford, Lincolnshire. • Viscount Malden.

Sir George Howard, K. B. Earl of Carysfort. Reading, Berkshire.

Steyning, Susser. Francis Annesley. Richard Aldworth Neville. John Henniker Major. James M. Lloyd. East-Redford, Notts.

Stockbridge, Hampshire. William Petrie. Sir Wharton Amcotts, bart. Joseph Foster Barham. George Porter. Richmond, Yorkshire.

Sudbury, Suffolk. Hon. Laurence Dundas. C. G. Beauclerk.

William Smith. Sir James Marriott, kt.. Rippon, Yorkshire.

Suffolk. Wm. Lawrence. Sir G. Allanson Winn, bt. Sir Charles T. Bunbury, bt. Viscount Brome. Rochester, Kent.

Surry. Sir Richard King, bart. Hon. Henry Tufton. Lord Wm. Russell. Sir John Frederick, b:. New Romney, Kent.

Susser. John Fordyce. John Willett Willett. Right Hon. Thomas Pelham. Charles Lenos, Rutlandshire.

Tamworth, Staffordshire, Gerard Noel Edwards. Sir Wm. Lowther, bt. Robert Peel. Thomas Carter, [VOL. XXXII.]

[ 4 F]

Tavistock, Devonshire.

Wilton, Wiltshire.
Right Hon. Richard Fitzpatrick. Lord John Viscount Fitzwilliam. Philip Goldsworthy.

Taunton, Somersetshire.

Ambrose Goddard. H. Penruddock Wynd-
William Morland. Sir Benjamin Hammet. ham.
Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire.

Winchelsea, Susser.
James Martin. William Dowdeswell.

Richard Barwell." William Currie.
Thetford, Norfolk.
Joseph Randyll Burch. John Harrison.

Winchester, City of

Sir Richard Gamon, bt. Viscount Palmerston. Thirske, Yorkshire. Sir Gregory Page Turner, bart. Sir Thomas Windsor, Berkshire. Frankland, bart.

Hon, Robert Fulke Greville. H. Isherwood. Tiverton, Devonshire.

Woodstock, Oxfordshire.
Right Hon. Dudley Ryder. Hon. Richard Sir H. Watkin Dashwood, bt. Lord Lavington,

Totness, Devonshire.

Hon. Edward Foley. William Lygon.
Lord George Seymour. Lord Arden,

Worcester, City of
Tregony, Cornwall.

Edmund Wigley. Abraham Robarts.
Sir Lionel Copley, bart. John Nicholls.

Woolton-Bassett, Wiltshire.
Truro, Cornwall.

John Dennison. Edward Clarke.
John Levison Gower. John Lemon.

Chipping-Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. Wallingford, Berkshire.

Earl of Wycombe. Sir John Dashwood King, Sir Francis Sykes, bart. Lord Eardley.

bart. Wareham, Dorsetshire.

Yarmouth, Norfolk. Lord Robert Spencer. Charles Rose Ellis.

Stephens Howe.' Lord Charles Townshend. Warwickshire.

Yarmouth, Hampshire.
Sir George Augustus William Shuckburgh Jervoise Clerke Jervoise. Edward Rushout.
Evelyn, bart. Sir John Mordaunt, bart.

Warwick, Town of.

William Wilberforce. Hon. Henry Lascelles. Hon. George Villiers. S. R. Gaussen.

York, City of
Wells, City of

Richard Slater Milnes. Sir W. M. Milner, bt. Clement Tudway. c. W. Taylor,

Wendover, Bucks.
John Hiley Addington. George Canring.

Wenlock, Shropshire.

James Ferguson.
Cecil Forester. Hon. John Simpson.

Weobly, Herefordshire.

Hugh Montgomery.
Lord George Thynne. Lord John Thynne. Argyleshire.
Westbury, Wiltshire.

Lord Frederic Campbell.
Sir H. P. St. John Mildmay, bt. Geo. Ellis.

West Looe, Cornwall.

William Grant.
John Buller. Sitwell Sitwell.

Westminster, City of

George Baillie, jun.
Right Hon. Charles James Fox. Sir Alan

County of Caithness.
Gardner, bart.

Hon. Frederick Stuart.
Sir Mich. Le Fleming, bart. James Lowther. Hon. Frederick Campbell.

County of Cromarty.
Weymouth and Melcombe Regis.

Sir James Pulteney, bart. Andrew Stuart. w.c. Bontine.

Gabriel Tucker Stewart. William Garthshore.


Sir Robert Laurie, bart.
Whitchurch, Hampshire.
Hon. John Thomas Townshend. Hon. Wm. Edinburghshire.

Robert Dundas.
Wigan, Lancashire.

John Cotes. Hon. Orlando Bridgman. James Brodie.


Perth, Dundee, St. Andrews, Forfar, Sir William Erskine, bart.

and Cupar.

David Scott.
Sir David Carnegie, bart.

Anstruther, East and West, Pittenween,

Craill, and Kilrenny.

Johu Anstruther.
Hew Hamilton Dalrymple.

Dysart, Kirkaldy, Bruntisland, and Inverness-shire.

Simon Fraser, jun.

Sir James St. Clair Erskine, bart.

Stirling, Inner kthen, Dumfarmlin, Robert Barclay.

Queensferry, and Culross.

Hon. And. Cochrane Johnstone.
Sir Ralph Abercrombie, K. B.

Glasgow, Dumbarton, Renfrew, and

Kirkcudbright Stewartry.

William Macdowåll.
Patric Heron.

Jedburgh, Haddington, Dunbar, Norik Sir James Stuart Denham, bart.

Berwick, and Lauder.

Robert Baird.

Peebles, Lanerk, Linlithgow, and SelHon. John Hope.

kirk. Orkney and Shetland.

Viscount Stopford. Robert Honeyman.

Dumfries, Sanquhar, Kirkcudbright, Peebleshire.

Lockmaben, and Annan. William Montgomery.

Hon. Alexander Hope.

Wigton, Whitehaven, New Galloway, Perthshire.

and Stranraer. Thomas Graham.

John Spalding.

Ayr, Irvine, Rothsay, Inderary, and Boyd Alexander.


John Campbell.
Sir Charles Ross, bart.


George Hay, Marquis of Tweedale.
Sir George Douglas, bart.

George James Hay, Earl of Errol.

Alexander Kennedy, Farl of Cassilis.

John Bowes Lyon, Earl of Strathmore.
Mark Pringle.

Patrick Creechton, Earl of Dumfries.

Thomas Bruce, Earl of Elgin and Kincardine. Hon. Sir G. Keith Elphinstone, K. B.

George Ramsay, Earl of Dalhousie.

William Carnegie, Earl of Northesk.

George Gordon, Earl of Aboyne.
James Grant.

John Campbell, Earl of Breadalbane.

George Boyle, Earl of Glasgow.
Hon. William Stewart.

John Dalrymple, Earl of Stair
James Somerville, Lord Somerville.

William Shaw Cathcart, Lord Cathcart.

James Sandilands, Lord Torphichen.
Edinburgh City.

Francis Napier, Lord Napier.
Right. Hon. Henry Dundas.
Tain, Dingwall, Dornock, Wick, and sion.] October 6. His Majesty opened

The King's Speech on Opening the SesKirkwall. William Dundas.

the Session with the following Speech to

both Houses : Fortrose, Inderness, Nairn, and Forres, “My Lords and Gentlemen; Sir Hector Monro, K. B.

“ It is a peculiar satisfaction to me, in Elgin, Banff, Cullen, Kintore, and In the present conjuncture of affairs, to reverrourie,

cur to your advice, after the recent oppor. Alexander Brodie.

tunity which has been given for collecting Aberdeen, Aber brothock, Montrose, Bre the sense of my people, engaged in å thin, und Inverbercie,

difficult and arduous contest, for the preAlexander Allardyce.

servation of all that is most dear to us.

“I have omitted no endeavours for been given to the course of the war, as setting on foot negotiations to restore may inspire a well-grounded confidence peace to Europe, and to secure for the that the final result of the campaign will future the general tranquillity. The steps prove more disastrous to the enemy, than which I have taken for this purpose, have its commencement and progress for a time at length opened the way to an immediate were favourable to their hopes. and direct negotiation, the issue of which “ The apparently hostile dispositions must either produce the desirable end of and conduct of the court of Madrid have a just, honourable, and solid peace for led to discussions of which I anı not yet us, and for our allies, or must prove, be enabled to acquaint you with the final reyond dispute, to what cause alone the pro- sult; but I am confident that, whatever longation of the calamities of war must be may be their issue, I shall have given to ascribed.

Europe a further proof of my moderation " I shall immediately send a person to and forbearance; and I can have no doubt Paris, with full powers to treat for this of your determination to defend, against object; and it is my anxious wish that every aggression, the dignity, rights, and this measure may lead to the restoration interests of the British empire. of general peace; but you must be sensi- “Gentlemen of the House of Commons; ble that nothing can so much contribute “I rely on your zeal and public spirit to give effect to this desire, as your ma- for such supplies as you may think neces. nifesting that we possess both the deter- sary for the service of the year. It is a mination and the resources to oppose, great satisfaction to me to observe that, with increased activity and energy, the notwithstanding the temporary embarrassfurther efforts with which we may have to ments which have been experienced, the contend.

state of the commerce, manufactures, and “ You will feel this peculiarly neces- revenue, of the country, proves the real sary at a moment when the enemy has extent and solidity of our resources, and openly manifested the intention of at- furnishes you such means as must be tempting a descent on these kingdoms. equal to any exertions which the present It cannot be doubted what would be the crisis may require. issue of such an enterprise; but it be- “ My Lords, and Gentlemen ; fits your wisdom to neglect no precautions « The distresses which were in the last that may either preclude the attempt, or year experienced from the scarcity of secure the speediest means of turning it to corn, are now, by the blessing of God, the confusion and ruin of the enemy. happily removed ; and an abundant harvest

“ In reviewing the events of the year, affords the pleasing prospect of relief in that you will have observed that, by the skill important article to the labouring classes and exertions of my navy, our extensive of the community.--Our internal tranand increasing commerce has been pro- quillity has also continued undisturbed.-tected to a degree almost beyond exam- The general attachment of my people to ple; and the fleets of the enemy have, the British constitution has appeared on for the greatest part of the year, been every occasion; and the endeavours of blocked up in their own ports.

those, who wished to introduce anarchy “ The operations in the East and and confusion into this country, have West Indies have been highly honourable been repressed by the energy and wisdom to the British arms, and productive of of the laws. great national advantage; and the valour “ To defeat all the designs of our ene. and good conduct of my forces, both mies, to restore to my people the blessby sea and land, have been eminently con- ings of a secure and honourable peace, to spicuous.

maintain in violate their religion, laws, and “ The fortune of war on the continent liberty, and to deliver down unimpaired has been more various, and the progress to the latest posterity the glory and hapof the French armies threatened at one piness of these kingdoms, is the constant period, the utmost danger to all Europe ; wish of my heart, and the uniform end of but, from the honourable and dignified all my actions.- In every measure that perseverance of my ally the Emperor, can conduce to these objects, I am confiand from the intrepidity, discipline, and dent of receiving the firm, zealous, and invincible spirit, of the Austrian forces, affectionate support of my parliament.” under the auspicious conduct of the archduke Charles, such a turn has lately Debate in the Lords on the Address of Thanks.] His Majesty and the House | threatened at one time to overturn the of Commons having retired, the Speech whole long-tried and well-poised system was read by the Lord Chancellor, and of the Germanic empire ; successes which by the Clerk at the table. After which, threatened our great and good ally the

Earl Bathurst, in rising to move an Ad. Emperor even in his very capital ; and dress of Thanks, intreated their lordships which have, at the same time, given him indulgence, as he found, that in addition

opportunity of displaying a greatness to the embarrassments he laboured under of courage and constancy of mind under from a diffidence of his own abilities, the the most dispiriting circumstances, which subject on which he was about to offer a redound in the highest degree to his homotion to their lordships was of such nour, as a faithful ally, and which have magnitude as to impose a much heavier proved, beyond a doubt, that his magnaweight on him than he feared he should nimity in the hour of danger, aided by be able to sustain in the manner he could the unexampled bravery, zeal, and actiHouse would be unanimous in returning the blessing of Heaven, been the means their humble and sincere thanks for the of saving the liberties and rights of the gracious communication his majesty had Germanicbody. With regard to the hostile been pleased to make them; but before he preparations of a certain court, he had no moved it, he begged to offer a few reasons doubt, that whatever steps his majesty which induced him to form this conclu might hereafter take in that business, would sion. His lordship then took notice of convey to all Europe additional proofs of the arduous contest in which this country moderation and forbearance, and of his had, for so many years, been involved determination to defend the rights of Eng. with the French. Various, he said, had lishmen and the dignity of his crown been the turns of fortune and the vicissi- against every enemy. He congratulated tudes of war since it first began; and as their lordships on the flourishing state of he was certain every one who heard him the manufactures, revenues, commerce, was convinced that a safe and honourable and general resources of the country, peace was essential to the repose, not which he doubted not would be found only of this country, but of all Europe, fully adequate to every necessary exerhe had not the smallest doubt but every tion; and also on the abundance of the noble lord present would heartily join in late harvest. It was also matter of conreturning thanks to his majesty for his most gratulation that the tranquillity of the gracious information, that he had omitted country had been preserved and the views no endeavours for setting on foot nego- of those who wished to stir up anarchy and tiations for restoring peace to Europe. At confusion, had been completely frustrated the same time, he was sure it would be by the wisdom and energy of the laws. totally unnecessary for him to press upon His lordship then moved an address, their lordships the necessity there would which was an echo of the Speech from be, in case this negotiation should fail in the throne. its effect, from the baughty demeanour, The Earl of Upper Ossory, in rising to or extravagant terms which might be de- second the address, informed their lordmanded by the French Directory, to unite ships that he should engross but a small as one man; and by combining the great portion of their time. If he had previresources of this country with that zeal, ously been inclined to occupy more, he activity, and unanimity, which such a si- should have found it almost impossible to tuation would call forth, he had no doubt have done so, after the clear and comprebut we should be able to repel every hos hensive manner in which the noble lord tile attempt, in as brave and gallant a had just expatiated on the same topics. manner as we had heretofore done. - The The few observations he had to make were noble earl then entered into a spirited merely designed to impress some of the eulogium on the skill and courage of our principal parts of his majesty's speech naval commanders, and the great exer- upon their lordships attention. If his tions which had been made by them in majesty had come down on the preceding every quarter of the globe. He next day he suspected that an opportunity touched upon scene of the war on the would not have then been afforded for continent, and the astonishing successes communicating the information that a neof the enemy at the commencement of gotiation had been set on foot for the rethe present campaign.-Successes which storation of peace. He hoped and trusted,


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