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Jones, Albert Foster 296

Jones, George F 296

Knowlton, A. L 297

Lewis, J. E. N 193

Lott, Charles Fayette 192

McClure, William '. 298

Miller, Dr. P. B. M 298

Mindermann, John 298

Mullen, Joseph B 299

Musholt, Barney 299

Norman, George H 299

Ogden, Samuel 300

Pence, M 251

Pollock, John 300

Rabe, Charles 300

Reed, Charles N ' 300

Riley, George H 301

Rose, Laughlin McB '301

Sexton, Warren T 101

Sherwood, W. S , 191

Shipley, R 301

Smith, D. F. and J. B 301

Smith, George Adams 153

Smith, J. McKinstry 302

Stone, L. C 302

Taylor, Edward G. . 303

Vanderhoof, John M .■ 303

Wagoner, Louis 303

Wells, Michael H 304

Wood, Jesse 304

Young, John C 305


Butte County Infirmary Frontispiece.

Anthony Brothers, barber-shop Before page 41

Biiiwell, Hon. John, portrait ""129

Big Bend Tunnel, map ""209

Biggs Public School ""281

Boston Ranch "" 33

Burnett, Hon. Peter H., portrait "" 89

Campbell, Wm. & R, ranch "" 49

Capitol Building at Sacramento "•>

Caruduff, Frank F, portrait. "" 73

Cherokee Mine ""209

Crossette, Hon. George H., portrait ""193

Dick, Alexander, residence ""305

Dustin, C. M., residence ""225

Eyrie Villa •. ""177

Freer, Leon D., residence ""145

portrait ""145 Friesleben, D. N., hotel Before page 41

Fryer, D. F., drug-store "" 41

Gray, James C, residence ""

Gray, John C, residence ""241

"" "portrait ""241

Green, Dr. James, residence ""233

Gridley, Hon. George W., portrait ""225

Gridley Hotel ""225

Hurles, S. H, ranch "Je 23

Jones, Albert F., portrait ""^7

Lassen, Peter, portrait """

Marshall, James W., portrait '""^

Mathews & Co., C. C, store "41

Meek, Stephen H, portrait "" 97

Miller, Dr. P. B. M., portrait ""281

Mindermann, John, residence"

Mullen, J. B., residence and hotel ""I37

Musholt, Barney, residence ""297

Newhard & Heintz, saloon "11

Norman, George H., residence ""22''

Pence's Ranch • ""257

Perkins & Co., store ""161

Perkins, D. K., residence ""1^1

Pollock, John, residence ""2^7

"portrait ""169

« Mrs., « "u J69

Rabe, Charles, residence ""

Pveading, Maj. P. B., portrait ""153

Reed, C. N., portrait ""265

Remains of Sutter's Fort in 1880 ""105

Rideout, Smith & Co., bank ""233

Rose, Laughlin McB., residence ""2^1

Smith Brothers, ranch • • ■ • " " 2^

Smith, J. McK., residence ""201

Spence, M. & T., store and residence o ""289

Spring Valley H. G. Co.'s Mine ""209

State Capitol at Sacramento

Stone, L. C, residence ""249

Stone's Block, Gridley ""249

"buildings, Gridley ""22S

Sutter, Gen. John A., portrait "" "5

Sutter's Fort in 1847 :"" 81

« "1880 ""105

Sutter's Mill in 1851 ""113

Taylor, Mrs. Amelia, hotel ""22^

Union Hotel, Oroville "" 4^

Vanderhoof, J. M., stock-ranch ""265

Wagner, S., store

Weber, Capt. Charles M., portrait "" ^7

Wells, M. H., store and residence ""297

Wood, Rev. Jesse, residence ""^77

ii it ■>7'}

"" "portrait - ■"

• Mrs.," "273 PREFATORY.

To give the citizens of Butte county a history complete in every department and reliable in every detail, a full, accurate and concise statement of facts and events, has been the conscientious aim of the publisher. How well he has succeeded in his purpose the reader can gather from the following pages.

The history of California in her primitive days, that appears in the first volume, by Frank T. Gilbert , and the articles on the Fur Companies, Settlement of the Sacramento Valley, and Discovery of Gold, by Harry L. Wells, are the result of three years of careful investigation and study by their authors, based largely upon personal interviews with the individual actors in the scenes portrayed, and are, in consequence, the most authentic and reliable yet given to the public.

• In the second volume, devoted to the history of the organization known as Butte county, will be found as complete a chronicle of its past as it is possible now to gather from the fragments left to us, as well as a statement of its resources and present condition. An idea of the great scope of the work is best obtained by a glance at the table of contents.

Accompanying the history are illustrations of historical spots in California, and residences and industries in Butte county, as well as portraits of prominent pioneers of the state and citizens of the county, all executed in an artistic manner.

The publisher acknowledges his thankful appreciation of the assistance and encouragement given to all connected with the work, and especially are thanks due to Rev. Jesse Wood for his splendid history of the schools and churches; to Hon. George H. Crossette, for his article on the press; to Mr. A. L. Knowlton, for his contribution on the geological formation; and to the editors and county officers and their deputies, for their valuable assistance and courteous treatment.

H. L. W.

San Francisco, February 3, 1882.

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