History of Arizona, Količina 2

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Filmer brothers electrotype Company, 1915
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History of Arizona beginning with the Spanish explorations, connection with the Santa Fe Trail, transition of control from Mexico to United States, American-Indian relations, settlement, and statehood.

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Stran 163 - ... to gather them together little by little, on to a reservation, away from the haunts, and hills, and hiding-places of their country, and then to be kind to them; there teach their children how to read and write, teach them the arts of peace; teach them the truths of Christianity.
Stran 209 - There is only one way to wage war against the Apaches. A steady, persistent campaign must be made, following them to their haunts — hunting them to the " fastnesses of the mountains." They must be surrounded, starved into coming in, surprised or inveigled — by white flags, or any other method, human or divine — and then put to death. If these ideas shock any weak-r5inded individual who thinks himself a philanthropist, I can only say that I pity without respecting his mistaken sympathy.
Stran 324 - Ashley, chairman of the com. in the house, told me how to accomplish the object. He said there were a number of members of the expiring congress, who had been defeated in their own districts for the next term, who wanted to go west and offer their services to the 'galoots...
Stran 217 - Woolsey and his party determined to make a conspicuous mark of the dead chief, from which marauding Indians might take warning. They dragged it to the nearest mesquit tree, and hung it by the neck, leaving the feet to dangle about a yard from the ground.
Stran 67 - The galena of the principal vein contains a small quantity of copper and arsenic. It seemed to me that I detected appearances of zinc, but I had no means to ascertain the fact. An assay of the different ores has given results varying from $80 to $706 in silver per ton, and up to sixty-two per cent, of lead.
Stran 323 - was in Richmond, cooling his heels in the ante-chambers of the confederate congress without gaining admission as a delegate from Arizona. Mowry was a prisoner in Yuma, cooling his head from the political fever which had...
Stran 101 - Union force was their charging in among them. Lieutenant Barrett and two men were killed and three men wounded. These were the first California volunteers killed or wounded during the war. The Rebel loss was two men wounded and three prisoners. The graves of the Union lieutenant and his men may now be seen within 20 feet of the Southern Pacific Railroad as it goes through Picacho Pass.
Stran 32 - s stupidity and ignorance probably cost five thousand American lives and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property.
Stran 163 - They have no government to make treaties ; they are a patriarchal people. One set of families may make promises, but the other set will not heed them. They understand the direct application of force as a law ; if its application be removed, that moment they become lawless. This has been tried over and over again, and at great expense. The purpose now is, never to relax the application of force with a people that can no more be trusted than the wolves that run through the mountains.
Stran 111 - Now, in the present chaotic state in which Arizona is found to be, with no civil officer to administer the laws — indeed, with an utter absence of all civil authority — and with no security of life or property within its borders, it becomes the duty of the undersigned to represent the authority of the United States over the people of Arizona as well as over all those who compose or are connected with the Column from California.

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