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Stran 33 - The dawn is overcast, the morning lowers, And heavily in clouds brings on the day, The great, the important day, big with the fate Of Cato and of Rome.
Stran 175 - Here are schools of divers sorts To which our youth daily resorts, Good women, who do very well Bring little ones to read and spell, Which fits them for writing ; and then Here's men to bring them to their pen, And to instruct and make them quick In all sorts of Arithmetick.
Stran 6 - Villages, and it hath been generally observed, that where the English come to settle, a Divine Hand makes way for them, by removing or cutting off the Indians either by Wars one with the other, or by some raging mortal Disease.
Stran 14 - I may say, and say truly, that if there be any terrestrial happiness to be had by people of all ranks, especially of an inferior rank, it must certainly be here...
Stran xxxvii - I am sorry to inform you that, in this day's engagement, we have been obliged to leave the enemy masters of the field. Unfortunately, the intelligence received, of the enemy's advancing up the Brandywine and crossing at a ford about six miles above us, was uncertain and contradictory, notwithstanding all my pains to get the best.
Stran 170 - Here dwelt a printer and I find That he can both print books and bind ; He wants not paper, ink nor skill He's owner of a paper mill. The paper mill is here hard by And makes good paper frequently, But the printer, as I do here tell, Is gone into New York to dwell.
Stran 45 - General's aid-de-camp informed me. I beg Congress to see it, and then judge whether I could have been excused for withholding that intelligence, merely because my opinion did not coincide with the declaration. ,Had the General crossed over...
Stran 1 - Some account of the British army under the command of General Howe, and of the battle of Brandywine, on the memorable September 11, 1777, and the adventures of that day, which came to the knowledge and observation of Joseph Townsend.
Stran 52 - Flatbush to reconnoitre, and with a picket of four hundred men was surrounded by the enemy, who had advanced by the very road I had foretold, and which I had paid horsemen fifty dollars for patrolling by night, while I had the command, as I had no foot for the purpose.
Stran 10 - ... about their middle, hangs with a flap on each side : They wear no Hats, but commonly wear about their Heads a Snake's skin, or a belt of their money, or a kind of a Ruff made with Deer's hair & died of a scarlet colour, which they esteem very rich.

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