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himself away. The war is here, and cannot be helped, and the Cosmopolitan must content itself with the prestige of publishing such a document, and forego the genuine sensation it might have created in piping times of peace.

The August Ladies' Home Journal will be made up almost entirely of fiction. There are promised seven or eight short stories, in addition to Julia Magruder's serial, "A HeavenKissing Hill," which is brought to its conclusion in August. Julian Hawthorne, John Kendrick Bangs, Abbe Carter Goodloe, Clara Morris,

Sewell Ford and others have con

tributed their best short stories, which are to be illustrated by the most popular American artists.

The well-known Philadelphia weekly paper, The Saturday Erening Post, has recently been purchased by the publishers of the Ladies Home Journal, and will continue to be published as a firstclass illustrated weekly journal.

Serials and short stories, editorials and essays on topics of the day by prominent writers will fill its pages and doubtless gain for it many new friends. The Saturday Evening Post is the oldest periodical in America, having been founded in Philadelphia in 1728 under the name of The Pennsylvania Gazette. From lished by Benjamin Franklin. 1729 to 1765 it was printed and pubIts

original title was changed to the

present one in 1821.

To all who are in search of a good French paper, to keep up their knowledge of French, we can recommend L'Echo de la Semaine, which is being published, since the first of January, in Boston. It is a literary and social weekly paper, containing much interesting news of the literary and polite world in France, which is not generally found in American papers, selected with a purpose to interest and please the American reader. Its yearly subscription price is $2.00.* Single numbers 5 cents.

(*)Subscriptions for this as well as all other periodicals received at Siegel-Cooper Co.'s Book Department.



Government by Banks. By Hon. Geo. Fred. Williams.
The Argument with Guns. By Prof. Frank Parsons.

Mr. Godkin and the New Political Economy. By Prof.
H. S. Green.

Government Notes Versus Bank Notes. By A. I. Fonda.
The Superstitions of Science. By Count Leo Tolstoi.
Prayer Who can tell what it is? By Mrs. F. H. Boalt.
Is Feminine Bohemianism a Failure? By Emilie Ruck de

A Paving Philanthropy-The Mills Hotel. By Rev. T. A.

Science and Psychical Research. By B. O. Flower.
Dreamland in Fiction. By Frank Foster.

The Reconquest of the House of Representatives. By
J. C. Ridpath.

THE ARGOSY (and the Peterson Magazine).

Under the Cuban Star. By F. Van Rensselaer-Dey.
Through the Blockade, I. By Col. A. A. Burr.

A Test of Loyalty. By C. C. Sargent, Jr.

By Dint of Valor. (Continued.) By Knarf Elivas.

God's Prisoner. (Continued.) By John Oxenham,

In Spite of Conscience. By Matthew White, Jr.

A Fair Slave to the Mahdi. (Continued.) By Chas. Edw.

The Hermit's Secret, I. By Oliver Optic.
With Cossack and Convict. (Continued.)

Murray Graydon.

By William

The Phantom Army. (Continued.) By Max Pemberton.

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The Wayfarer. By Fiona Macleod.

My Indian Friends. By Right Hon. F. Max Müller.
Crete Under the Concert. By W. Miller.
Current French Literature. By Edmund Gosse.
The Celtic Element in Literature. By W. B. Yeats.
Walt Whitman, Man and Poet. By K. M. Bucke.
The Globe and the Island. By Henry Norman,
Dorine (Suite et fin.) Par André Theuriet.
Le Marechal Canrobert. Par Germain Bapst.

L' Alliance Russe et Napoleon III. Par Emile Ollivier.
La Societe Roumaine I. Par Henry des Rioux.

Les Salons Anglais de 1898. Par Gabriel Mourey.
Les Origines de la Crise Italienne. Par Leopold Mabil-

Revue du Mois. Par Francis de Pressense.
Der alte Prediger. Von Ilse Frapan.


Spanish-Amerikanische Conflikt. Fuenf offenee Schreiben von L. Bamberger, L. von Bar, Theodor Barth, M. von Brandt, A. von Boguslawski.

Das Leben eines Erziehers: Benjamin Jowett. Von Lady Blennerhassett.

Zur Entwickelungsgeschichte des Tagebuchs. Von Richard M. Meyer.

Georg von Bunsen. Von Marie von Bunsen.

Politisches in deutscher Beleuchtung. Von "Ignotus."


How Great Guns are Made. By F. Heath, Jr.
Toilers of the Air. (Marvels of Modern Bridge Building.)
By G. E. Walsh.

Golf's Active Season. By F. W. Crane.

The Mica Country. By John M. Van Dyke.

A Golden Sorrow. (Continued.) By Mária Louise Pool. The City Beyond. By Agnes L. Pratt.


A Prince of Georgia. By Julian Ralph.

The People and their Government. By H. L. Nelson.
Sun-Down Leflare's Money. By Fred. Remington.
The Ethics of a Corrida. By Lucia Purdy.
Notes on Journalism. By Geo. W. Smalley.

A Man and his Knife (James Bowie). By M. McCulloch-

A Colonial Dame. (Margaret Brent). By C. Sherman Bansemer.

Eastern Siberia. By Stephen Bonsal.

Old Chester Tales. IV. The Thief By Margaret Deland. Roden's Corner. (Continued.) By H. S. Merriman.


The Story of the War. By Theodore Waters.

A Horseman in the Sky. By Ambrose Bierce.

A Yankee Hero. (Captain Richard Somers.) By W L.

The Warfare of the Future. By Louis Seemuller.
Electricity in Modern Warfare. By Paul Severing.
Florence Nightingale. By Susan E. Dickinson.
William Ewart Gladstone. By Anna V. R. Morris.


Harold Bradley, Playwright. A Story. By E. S. Van Zile. John C. Calhoun, From a Southern Standpoint. By C. C. Pinkney.

Feathered Friends. By M. A. Tincker.

An Old Virginia Resort. By A. S. Bailey.
The Wagner Cult. By Phil. G. Hubert, Jr.


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Castle Bromwich. By Countess of Bedford.
Mr. Perry's Wooing. By Hal Godfrey.

The Evolution of Comfort in Railway Travelling, II. In
America. (Concluded.) By Angus Sinclair.

Prince Rupert the Buccaneer. (Continued.) By C. J. Cutcliffe Hyne.

Crime, II. By J. Holt Schooling.

The Ship. Her Story. By Clark Russell.

Rupert of Hentzau. Concluded.) By Anthony Hope. Towana Khan and his Master. By Colonel Alfred Harcourt.

From a Cornish Window. By A. T. Quiller-Couch.


The Beginning of the War. Two Articles. By Rich. H.

Manila and the Philippines. By Isaac M. Elliott.
John Paul Jones in the Revolution. By Capt. A. T. Mahan.
Under Graduate Life at Smith College. By A. K. Fallows.
The Story of the Revolution. (Continued.) By H. Cabot

The King's Jackal. (Concluded.) By R. H. Davis.
The Worker's. The West, V. Among the Revolutionaries.
By W. A. Wyckoff.

Red Rock. (Continued.) By Thos. N. Page.

[blocks in formation]

Cherbuliez, V. Jacquine Vanesse. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.

Daudet, Mme. A. Journées de Femmes. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.

Ferrières. Leur Fille. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.

Les Liens factices. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.
Gyp. Miquette. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.
Louys, Pierre. La femme et le Pantin. 70 cents. By
mail 80 cents.

Mael, Pierre. Eva et Lélian. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents. Mauclair. Le Soleil des Morts. 70 cents By mail SO


[blocks in formation]


SIEGEL COOPER CO.'S BOOK DEPARTMENT. Helbeck of Bannisdale. By Mrs. Humphrey Ward. 2 vols. $1.50.

At-You-All's House. By James Newton Basket. $1.08.
Juleps and Clover. By Marie Vaughan Wilde. 35 cents.
Caleb West. By F. Hopkinson Smith. $1.08.
Rupert of Hentzau. By Anthony Hope. $1.08.
Paris. By Zola. 2 vols. $1.35.

Quo Vadis. By Henry Sienkiewicz. Uniform edition, $1.35.
Popular edition, 55 cents. Paper edition, 15 cents.
The Pride of Jennico. By Agnes and Egerton Castle.

Farthest North. By Dr. Fridtjof Nansen. Popular edition, $2.25.

Hugh Wynne. By Dr. S. Weir Mitchell. 2 vols. $1.50.
Penelope's Progress. By Kate Douglas Wiggin. 90 cents.
The Gadfly. By E. L. Voynich. 90 cents.
Kronstadt. By Max Pemberton. $1.08.

Hassan, a Fellah. By Henry Gillman. $1.50.
The Duenna of a Genius. By M. E. Francis. $1.08.
Hon. Peter Stirling. By Paul Leicester Ford. $1.08.
The King's Jackal. By Richard Harding Davis. 90 cents.
Simon Dale. By Anthony Hope. 95 cents.

From Tonkin to India. By Prince Henri d'Orleans. $4.50.
The Seats of the Mighty. By Gilbert Parker. $1.08.
The Celebrity. By Winston Churchill. $1.08.
Arachne. By George Ebers. 2 vols. $1.08.
The Story of a Play. By Wm. Dean Howells. $1.08.
The Final War. By Louis Tracy. 55 cents.
Gladstone, The Man and His Work. By Pres. Frank W.
Gunsaulus. $1.35.

Jasper Fairfax. By Margaret Holmes. 90 cents.
The Open Boat. By Stephen Crane. 70 cents.
The Choir Invisible. By James Lane Allen. $1.08.
Romance of Zion Chapel. By Richard Le Gallienne. $1.08.
A Voyage of Consolation. By Sara Jeannette Duncan.

Soldiers of Fortune. By Richard Harding Davis. $1.08.


A New Sensation. By Albert Ross. 12mo. paper. Price 33 cents. By mail 43 cents.

When Albert Ross went to the West Indies last winter he had little idea that the islands among which he was to locate the scene of his next novel would be those on which the eyes of all Americans were so soon to be turned. In "A New Sensation," which the Dillingham Company has just issued, making the nineteenth novel in the "Albatross Series," a young New Yorker takes a cruise that brings him to St. Thomas, Martinique, Barbadoes and Jamaica, and the story incidentally gives some valuable pictures of those interesting places.

The plot of the tale is based on the advice given by the hero's physician, that he seek a new sensation of some kind, to rouse him from depression caused by illness. He takes the odd method of advertising in a newspaper for a lady typewriter to assist a literary man who is about to take a tropical voyage, and it is on the adventures of the pair thus brought together that the interest of the narrative hinges.

In the preface the author confesses that a certain part of the story is based on fact, leaving the reader to guess where the invention begins and ends. "Marjorie May,' the pretty typewriter, is a fascinating study, and the confessions of her employer," Donald Camran," are written in a naïve and unconventional manner that stamps them with the impress of reality. "Statia Barton" and the other characters that help along the plot are all well drawn. It must be a shrewd guesser who discovers the denouement in advance of the author's revelations.

Angora Goat (The) and a paper on The Ostrich (reprinted from the "Zoologist" for March, 1897). By S. C. Cronwright Schreiner. With 26 illustrations from photographs. Cloth. Price $2.25. By mail $2.50. "In this book for the first time has the Angora goat been dealt with in a full and practical way. Owing to the growing popularity of mohair-the fleece of the animalas a fashionable and very useful commodity in the production of textile fabrics, the Angora goat has, these last few years, come well to the front, and a good deal of interest has been manifested in the animal. Hence arose the need of further information, and at last it has come. To Angora goat breeders and farmers in America and South Africa, as well as to all users of mohair, does Mr. Schreiner's book appeal for support."-American Wool and Cotton Reporter.

[blocks in formation]

By Dr. Georg An Egyptian

Ebers, author of "Uarda," "Joshua,"
Princess," etc. Uniform Edition. In 2 volumes.
16mo. Cloth. Price $1.08 By mail $1.23. Paper 55
cents. By mail 65 cents.

In Arachne" Dr. Ebers returns to the Egyptian field in which he has gained such wide popularity. The story opens in 274 B. C.

At-You-A]l's House. A Missouri Nature Story. By James Newton Basket. Price $1.08. By mail $1.20. Beautiful Life of Frances E. Willard (The). By Anna A. Gordon, for twenty-one years her private secretary and most intimate friend. Official memorial volume endorsed by the W. C. T. U. Price $1.50. By mail $1.65.

Birdcraft. A Field Book of Two Hundred Song, Game and Water Birds. By Mabel Osgood Wright, Author of "The Friendship of Nature," etc. With 80 full-page plates by Louis Agassiz Fuertes. Svo. cloth. Price $1.90. By mail $2.05. "This is the third edition of Birdcraft,' and its excellencies have already won the commendation of all natur

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Golfing Pilgrim on Many Links (The). By Horace G. Hutchinson. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

By the author of the volume on Golf in the Badminton Library. Contains many interesting anecdotes and reminiscences of golfing scenes, of a humorous, descriptive and practical character, including detailed accounts of St. Andrews' and other gulf links of England, Scotland, the Channel Islands and the continent of Europe, realistic sketches of life on the links, reminiscences of great games and noted players, a discussion of the golfer in art-all of which topics are treated in a style of unusual interest and vivacity.

Gospel of Freedom (The). By Robert Herrick. Svo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1 23.

[blocks in formation]

How to Name the Birds. A pocket guide to all the land birds and to the principal water fowl found in the New England States, New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, for the use of field ornithologists. By H. E. Parkhurst, author of "Song Birds and WaterFowl" and "The Birds' Calendar." 16mo, leather. Price 90 cents. By mail 97 cents.

This little pocket manual is an entirely new departure, the birds being classified according to color and season. The untrained observor can, with its aid, immediately identify the birds met during a stroll in the country, since the system is as simple as it is effectual.

In Kings' Houses. By Julia C. R. Dorr. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

"Mrs. Dorr has chosen the days of good Queen Anneor rather she begins before Anne ascended the throne, and ends with the accession of the first George. Her hero is an imaginary youth whose friendship with the hapless little Gloster makes a pretty picture. When our romancers go back two centuries for love material, they usually make the lowly born swain love above his station, and attain his desire-but we shall not mar the pleasure of Mrs. Dorr's readers by indicating the course of her story. She is no lover of William III., and draws him in unflattering colors, although he does not appear in person on her pages. Anne is shown in correct lights and shadows, and the story is not only true to history, so far as history is used, but makes entertaining reading."-Public Opinion.

In Old Narragansett. Romances and Realities. By Alice Morse Earle. (Ivory Series.) 16mo. cloth. Price 55 cents. By mail 61 cents.

In the Swim. A Story of Currents and Under-Currents in Gayest New York. By Col. Richard Henry Savage. (Rialto Series, No. 82.) 12mo. paper. Price 33 cents. By mail 40 cents.

One of the most interesting stories of this clever story teller, full of life and " go."

Ionia, By Alexander Craig. Cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

"A wealthy,philanthropic young Englishman,after giving much money and time to the amelioration of the condition of the residents of the east end of London, has a visitor from Ionia, a country in the recesses of the Himalayas, accessible only by airships. It is a pure republic, with all the advantages of a monarchy, where the problem of human living has been solved. It is the recital of what the young squire saw in this country, where the men and women die only in the fulness of their years, which make

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