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REVIEW OF REVIEWS (The American Monthly).

Cartoons-Chiefly Spanish-On the War.

The Battle with Cervera's Fleet off Santiago. By Winston Churchill.

The Siege and Capture of Santiago. By John A. Church. Our Eastern Squadron and its Commodore. By Park Benjamin.

The Present Problems and Politics of France. By Baron Pierre de Coubertin.

Spanish Traits, and the New World. By S. Baxter.


Margery and the Captain. By Anna A. Rogers.

The Lakerim Athletic Club. (Continued.) By Rupert Hughes.

Big Guns and Armor of our Navy. By E. B. Rogers, U.S. N.

Denise and Ned Toodles. (Continued.) By Gabrielle E.

Ocean Storms. By Lieut. Charles M. McCartedey.
The Cradle of Cyclones. By J. M. Ellicott.

Lawn Tennis for School Boys. By J. Parmly Paret.

SCRIBNER'S MAGAZINE. (Fiction Number.)

The Rocking Chair Period of the War. By Richard Harding Davis.

The Chase of Cervera. By John R. Spears.

The Amalgamated Bill. By Charles Warren.
Episodes of the War. By J. F. J. Archibald and John R.

The Landing of the Army. By Richard Harding Davis.
Gormley's Scoop. A Newspaper Story. By E. A. Walcott.
A Saga of the Seas. A Golden Age Story. By Kenneth

John Paul Jones in the Revolution. II. By Captain A. T. Mahan.

The Story of the Revolution.-The South Rises in Defence. By Henry Cabot Lodge.

Red Rock. (Continued.) By Thomas Nelson Page.

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Round the Fire. (Continued.) By A. Conan Doyle.

A North Sea Rescue. By W. Wood.

A Cruise of a Modern Ram. By J. A. Guthrie.

Miss Cayley's Adventures. (Continued.) By Grant Allen.
Picture Writing.

The Christening at Birri Birri. By A. Williams.
On Show. VII. Cats.

Glimpses of Nature. XII. A Foreign Invasion of England. By Grant Allen.

Windmills, Old and New. By Philip Laidlaw.

Prince Egar and the Raven. A Story for Children. From the Russian.

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Gyp. Miquette. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents. Johanet. Autour du Monde Millionaire Américain. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.

Lesueur. Comédienne. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents. Mendés. Le Chercheur de Tares. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.

Mourey. Cœurs en Détresse. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents. Pouvillon. Le Roi de Rome. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents. Theuriet. Lys sauvages. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents. Tinseau. L'Amour est mon Peche 70 cents. By mail

80 cents.

Tinseau. Un Nid dans les Ruines. 70 cents. By mail 80


Wyzewa. Beethoven et Wagner. Essais de Critique. 70 cents. By mail 80 cents.

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Rupert of Hentzau. By Anthony Hope. $1.08.
Penelope's Progress. By Kate Douglas Wiggin. 80 cents.
Hassan, a Fellah. By Henry Gillman. $1.50.
Juleps and Clover. By Marie Vaughan Wilde. 35 cents
The King's Jackal. By Richard Harding Davis 90 cents.
Romance of Zion Chapel. By Richard Le Gallienne. $1.08.
Hugh Wynne. By Dr. S. Weir Mitchell. 2 vols. $1.50.
At-You-All's House. By James Newton Basket. $1.08.
The Duenna of a Genius. By M. E. Frances. $1.08.
The Gadfly. By E. L. Voynich. 90 cents.
Quo Vadis. By Henryk Sienkiewicz. 55 cents.
The Celebrity. By Winston Churchill. $1.08.
Kronstadt. By Max Pemberton. $1.08.

The Making of a Saint. By W. Somerset Maugham. $1.08.
Bird Neighbors. By Neltje Blanchan. $1.50.
The Open Boat. By Stephen Crane. 70 cents.
Choir Invisible. By James Lane Allen. $1.08.
Paris. By Emile Zola. 2 vols. $1.35.
Simon Dale. By Anthony Hope. $1.08.

Hon. Peter Stirling. By Paul Leicester Ford. $1.08


Biographical Edition of W. Makepeace Thackeray's Works, with biographical introductions by his daughter, Annie Ritchie. In 13 vols., of which 5 volumes have been published. 8vo. cloth. Price per volume $1.08. By mail $1.28.

Bowling Green. By Spencer Trask. 8vo. cloth. Illustrated. With maps and plans. Price 55 cents. By mail 65 cents.

The author says "There is no piece of land on Manhattan Island which has retained for a longer period its distinctive name and at the same time fulfilled more thoroughly the purpose of its creation than the small park at the extreme southern end of Broadway known as Bowling Green." A history of the locality from 1621 to the present year. Mr. Trask revives forgotten scenes of the burgher life of New Amsterdam, introducing much personal history. Many old plans and maps are included, notably a plan of New York in 1695. Quaint and characteristic illustrations accompany the text.

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Champion in the Seventies (A). By Edith Barnett. 12mo. cloth. Price $1 08. By mail $1.20.

"A Champion in the Seventies," by Edith Barnett, is a pleasant book, especially for girls, without being at all insipid. It is a little arrière. The author admits that the state of things which left women to "weave ropes of sand rather than taste pure Hell in idleness" is gone for ever. Still it is wholesome to be reminded what that state of things was. If it is not to expect too much in these days when miracles are no longer worked, this might even make women contented with what they have now.-London Saturday Review.

Chase of an Heiress. By Christian Reid. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents. Paper 33 cents. By mail 40 cents.

Child Who Will Never Grow Old (The). By K. Douglas King. 8vo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

Pathetic stories of childlife, written in a charming style and with a true insight into and loving understanding of child nature.

Chord of Life (The). Poems. By C. H. Crandall. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents.

Cuban Amazon (A). By Mrs. Virginia Lyndall Dunbar. 12mo. cloth. Illustrated. Price 75 cents. By mail 87 cents.

An historical novel, founded on the life of Evangelina Cisneros.

Dorothy Day. By Julia M. Lipman. Illustrated by Ida Waugh. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

A charming story for girls, by the author of "Miss Wildfire," which last year was one of the most popular of the girls' stories.

Essays in French Literature. A selection translated by D. Nichol Smith, with a preface by the author specially written for this, the authorized English translation, by F. Brunetiére. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.20.

CONTENTS: The Essential Character of French Literature -The Influence of Women in French Literature-The Philosophy of Moliére-Voltaire and Jean Jacques Rousseau-The Classic and Romantic-Impressionist CriticismAn Apology for Rhetoric.

An epitome of some of the author's best work, selected with the assistance of the author from his collected writings.

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Exiled for Lèse Majesté. By James Travis Whittaker, M. D. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents.

A novel which deals with Russian social life, describing the government, domestic affairs, and civil administration of the empire in the reign of Nicholas I. The scene opens in Moscow. The principal characters are a young student, who was exiled from Russia for political reasons, and his betrothed, who followed her lover to Siberia and contrived his escape. After many perilous adventures the lovers embark on an Arctic whaler, and the story ends in America.

Farm Ballads. By Will Carleton. New edition from new plates. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth. Price 90. By mail $1.02.

A new edition in handier form, printed from entirely new type, and carefully revised and corrected by the author, who has omitted such poems as he does not care to have appear in his collected works.

First Lessons in German. By M. Sigmon Stern. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents.

The first of a series of books to cover the study of modern languages, which are to appear at short intervals. The secret of making a pupil speak a foreign language is to have him hear it from the beginning. The lessons are arranged for the teacher to read aloud, and the same words are then changed around in positive and interrogative sentences until they are wholly familiar to the pupil. The readings and conversations of each volume are followed by a short grammar, condensing the instruction covered in the lessons.

Form and Design in Music. A brief outline of the aesthetic conditions of the art, addressed to general readers. By H. Heathcote Statham. 8vo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents.

French Without a Master. Pitman's Practical French Grammar and Conversation for Self-Instruction, with copious vocabulary and imitated pronunciation. 16mo. cloth. Price 55 cents. By mail 63 cents. Paper edition. Price 35 cents. By mail 40 cents.

Gas Engineer's Pocket-book (The). By H. O'Connor. Comprising tables, notes and memoranda relating to the manufacture, distribution and use of 12mo coal gas and the construction of gas-works. flexible leather. Price $2.75. By mail $2.87.

Golden Year (The). “Selections for the year round from the verse and prose of James Whitcomb Riley." Uniform with Mr. Riley's English volumes entitled "Old Fashioned Roses" and "A Child-World." Dainty 16mo., printed on hand-made paper and very tastefully bound in blue and white cloth, gilt top, untrimmed. Price $1.35. By mail $1.45.

"The compiler of this little volume has ventured to see what could be done in the way of making, out of Mr. Riley's ten volumes of writings, one little 'hand-book,' such as might become a favorite and familiar friend to Riley-lovers everywhere."—Extract from Editor's Preface.

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Haunts of Men (The). By Robert W. Chambers. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

The first four stories, dealing with episodes of the American Civil War, 1861-65, are entitled: "The god of battles; "Pickets;""An international affair; ""Smith's battery." The titles of the remaining stories are: "Ambassador extraordinary;" ;" "Yo Espero;"" Collector of the port;""The whisper;""The little misery;" "Enter the Queen;" other goodman." Contains also a poem " To Elsa," and a poem entitled “The haunts of men.'


Hero of Ticonderoga (A). By Rowland E. Robinson. 12mo. cloth. Price 55 cents. By mail 85 cents. A story founded on the capture of Fort Ticonderoga. The hero was Nathan Beman, Ethan Allen's guide on the memorable day on which Ticonderoga was taken. Besides giving events in the life of young Beman, the author describes scenes of pioneer life in the Lake Champlain district over a century ago, and explains the trouble between the Vermonters and New Yorkers.

History of the Commune of 1871. By P. Lis sagaray. From the French by Eleanor Marx, Aveling. 2d edition. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents.

Mrs. Aveling's translation was made in 1876-77, in accordance with the wishes of the author of "Histoire de la Commune" from the text prepared for a second French edition, which was prohibited by the French Government. It contains many emendations, and nearly 100 pages of additional matter written especially for the original English edition by Lissagaray, who was a soldier of the Commune. The present edition is an unchanged version of the original English edition.

History of the Jews. By H. Graetz. In 6 vols. Vol. 6, Index volume; with a memoir of the author, by Philipp Bloch, and a chronological table of Jewish history. Por. Maps. 8vo. cloth. Price $2.25. By mail $2.50.

Hundred; and Other Stories (The). By Gertrude Hall. (Illustrated by Albert E. Sterner and W. H. Hyde.) 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02 . "The Hundred " is a Christmas story. A little girl from the tenements was surreptitiously smuggled into the house of a society woman to see a hundred dolls which had been

[blocks in formation]

Looms of Time (The). By Mrs. Hugh Fraser. (N. Y. Appleton, 1898. No. 245 Town and Country Library.) 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents. Paper. Price 33 cents. By mail 40 cents.

A prologue gives a brief episode from the Spanish invasion of Peru and the attempt to find a gold mine. This mine is still undiscovered when the story, which is quite modern, opens. The search for it is again the cause of a crime with many thrilling and dramatic scenes. The heroine comes all the way from England to Chili to find out what is wrong with her property, and on the long sea voyage meets a young English officer, who falls in love with her and helps her defend her rights. The villain of the story is the steward of the rich farm, the Hacienda de San Miguel, upon which the chief scenes take place.

Moonshiner's Son (A). By Will Allen Dromgoole. Illustrated by F. A. Carter. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

This is a very interesting story for boys, which has rather an unusual setting-that of the Tennessee Mountains, among the illicit distillers. It is a very dramatic and holding story, and will meet with much favor at the hands of the boys. The author has recently come into a great deal of popularity owing to the fact that she has writen several other stories which have met with marked success.

Music Dramas of Richard Wagner (The), and bis Festival Theatre in Bayrouth, By Albert Lavignac, Professor of Harmony at the Conservatoire at Paris. Translated from the French by Esther Singleton, with Illustrations and Diagrams. Portrait. Crown 8vo. cloth. Price $4.10. By mail $4.25.

Nation's Navy (The); Our Ships and Their Achievements. By C. Morris. 8vo. cloth. Illus trated. Price $1.10. By mail $1.25.

A timely history, which follows the development of the American navy from 1775-1898; comparing its past and present conditions, and showing the part of the Navy in the Revolution, the Mexican War, the Civil War and the present war with Spain, in the naval wars of France, and in the second war with Great Britain, etc. The evolution of the ironclad is also traced, and there are descriptions of the modern warship, the new American monitor, rams, gunboats, torpedo boats, armament, equipment, projectiles, etc. Finally, the present status of the United States Navy is compared with that of other countries.

Old Taverns and Posting Inns. By Elizabeth
Brown Cutting. Half Moon Series.
16mo. paper.
Price 10 cents. By mail 12 cents.

A record of the historic inns of the colonial period of the eighteenth century, which gives a brief account of the first excise law passed in 1644, and also shows the influence of the tavern in the educational, political and social life of New Amsterdam. Beginning in 1643 with the "Stadt Har

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Pearce Amerson's Will. By Richard Malcolm Johnston. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02. "Pearce Amerson's Will" is one of Richard Malcolm Johnston's stories, which is charcterized by quicker action and more incident than some of his work. It is a tale of rural Georgia and of the people with whose homely ways he has made us so familiar. He clings to his old-fashioned belief that vice ought to be punished and virtue rewarded while we are upon the earth. Especially can we commend his lawyer-like construction of plot and management of the legal aspects of his case, for it is so often when our novelists take us into a court house, that romance supplants the usual judicial procedure. The story has appeared in Lippincotts.-Public Opinion.

Peggy of the Bartons. By B. M. Croker. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

Penelve; or Among the Quakers. An American story. By R. H. Thomas, M. D. Illustrated by Osman Thomas. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

Penelve, Pennsylvania, is the scene of a novel written for the purpose of portraying the Quaker home life of that section, also with the intention of showing the spiritual side of the Quaker character. Robert Strongwood, who comes to Penelve hoping to regain physical strength, meets Bessie Bruce, destined to play an important part in the religious life of Strongwood, who, previous to his association with Bessie, was a pronounced agnostic. The novel gives incidents of the heio s life before and after going to Penelve.

Plant Life Considered with Special Refer

ence to Form and Function. By C. Reid Barnes. 8vo. cloth. Ill. Price $1.05. By mail $1.15. An attempt to exhibit the variety and progressive complexity of the vegetable body; to discuss the more important functions; to explain the unity of plan in both the structure and action of the reproductive organs; and to give an outline of the more striking ways in which plants adapt themselves to the world about them. Intended for pupils from 13 to 18 years who are engaged in genuine lab oratory study. The author is professor of plant physiology in the University of Chicago.

Plays, Pleasant and Unpleasant. By Bernard

Shaw. 2 vols. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.90. By mail $2.10.

Queen's Cup (The). By G. A. Henty. 12mo paper. (Appleton's Town and Country Library.) Price 33 cents. By mail 40 cents.

"The Republic ” of Plato; with Studies for Teachers. By W. Lowe Bryan and Charlotte Lowe. 8vo. cloth. Price $1.15. By mail $1.25.

Presents with clearness the relation of state to education, as shown in Plato's conception of the ideal government, also directs attention to the simple and convincing thoughts on education and life contained in "The Republic" of Plato. The work is divided into five parts. Part 1 gives views current in Plato's day on justice, or the right conduct of life; part 2 deals with the good state, the good man, and elementary education; part 3 treats of the good state, the good man, and higher education; part 4 shows the degeneration of the state, and of the individual; part 5 concludes with the eternal issues of education. Notes and introduction.

Revival of English Poetry in the Nineteenth Century (The). Selections from Wordsworth, Coleridge, Shelley, Keats and Byron; with an introduction. By Elinor M. Buckingham. 12mo. cloth. Illustrated. Fac-simile portraits. Price 75 cents. By mail $5 cents.

An attempt to supply material for a systematic study of early nineteenth century poetry. The authors, though differing so widely, really form a group which had a representative part in the development of English literature. Contains bibliography, table of dates, indexes, etc.

Revolutionary Love Story (A). By Ellen Olney Kirk 16mo. cloth. Price 90 cents.. By mail $1.00.

Riley Child-Rhymes. With Hoosier Pictures. A collection of the favorites of Mr. Riley s delightful Child-Rhymes, with pictures drawn from studies in Hoosierdom. By William Vawter. The volume is beautifully printed on fine paper, and contains over fifty pictures. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

Among the poems illustrated are "The Rider of the Knee," "Waiting for the Cat to Die," "The Boy Lives on Our Farm," "The Runaway Boy,' "The Little Coat,' "The Squirtgun Uncle Maked Me," "Little Orphant Annie," "The Old Tramp," "An Impetuous Resolve,' "The Ragged Man," "The Pixy People," "The Happy Little Cripple," "On the Sunny Side,"" The Funny Little Fellow," Nine Little Goblins," "Who Santy Claus Wuz," and many other of his most popular child-rhymes.

Romance of a Midshipman. By W. Clark Russell. 12mo. Price $1.08. By mail $1.20.


Romance of Summer Seas (A). A novel. Varina Anne Jefferson Davis. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

An American traveler is first introduced in the smokingroom of a country house, where he tells the guests of an unconventional episode which happened on the outward voyage of the P. and O. steamer Sultana. At Penang, Minerva Primrose and Malcolm Ralstone boarded the Sultana, Owing to the apparent mystery surrounding them, and the maliciousness of a fellow-passenger, Minerva's morality is questioned. The traveler espoused the cause of Miss Primrose and fought a duel in Yokohama. An old-fashioned love story.

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A Study of English Prose Writers: a Laboratory Method, By J. Scott Clark. 8vo. cloth. Price $1.80. By mail $1.95.

The method consists in determining the particular and distinctive features of a writer's style (using the term style in its wide sense), in sustaining that analysis by a very wide consensus of critical opinion, in illustrating the particular characteristics of each writer by voluminous and carefully selected extracts from his works, and in then requiring the pupil to find in the works of the writer parallel illustrations. The method has grown out of dissatisfaction with results obtained under the old methods of teaching English, and out of the conviction that such a revolution as has taken place in the study of all branches of natural science during the last quarter of a century is both possible and necessary in the study of English.-Preface Bibliographies of works and magazine articles criticising

War Atlas. 16 pages of colored maps. Cuba and Havana Harbor (21 x 14 ins.); Philippine Islands and China (21 x 14 ins.); West Indies (21 x 14 ins.); Spain and Portugal (21 x 14 ins.); North America (21 x 14 ins.); United States (11 x 14 ins); Europe. (21 x 14 ins.); Flags of all Nations (11 x 14 ins.). Folio Pamphlet. Price 18 cents. By mail 23 cents.

Washington After the Revolution, 17841799. By W. Spohn Baker. 8vo. cloth. Price $1.90. By mail $2.05.

This is a sequel to "The itinerary of the Revolution (1775-1783)," published in 1892 The compiler has followed Washington during the last years of his life, keeping his notes as closely as possible to his personal movenients, although at times it was difficult to separate Washington's public acts from those of more private nature. Mr. Baker

died suddenly while this work was in progress, and it has been seen through the press by his son in-law, Henry Whelen, Jr. The work has been compiled chiefly from the papers now owned by the national government, which purchased them from the descendants of Washington in 1834.

Waters of Caney Fork (The). A Romance of Tennessee. By Opie Read. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 87 cents.

Wedlock. By John Strange Winter. 16mo. cloth. Price 38 cents. By mail 43 cents.

What is Art! By Count Lyoff Nikolaievich Tolstoi. From the Russian original, by Aylmer Maude; embodying the author's last alterations and revisions. With portrait. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 87 cents.

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"Art is," says Tolstoi," a human activity consisting in this, that one man consciously, by means of certain external signs, hands on to others feelings he has lived through, and that other people are infected by these feelings and also experience them." He begins with a critical analysis of the term art, as defined by English, German, and French philosophers, showing how the inestimable quality of art is often marred, and sometimes rendered meaningless, by the misapplied term, beauty. The art of industry, science, literature, and religion is also defined Tolstoi's conception. He contends that the mission of the Christian religion is to establish unity of thought and peace. According to author's preface," "What is Art? appears now for the first time in its true form," the Russian edition having been rewritten and materially changed by the censor.

(See also review in August number, page 116.)


When Knighthood was in Flower. By Edwin Gaskoden. 12mo. cloth. Illustrated. Price $1.10. By mail $1 25.

A love story of Charles Brandon and Mary Tudor, sister of the King, and happening during the reign of His August Majesty, Henry VIII.

This romance peals with a pathetic and frequently recurring fact in history--the enforced marriage of princesses. We read of these marriages, and pass them over as mere matters of fact, failing to comprehend the lingering years of agony they have caused some throbbing human heart.

The author has attempted to handle this subject from its personal side, and at the same time give a partial view of English royal private life in the sixteenth century, written in modern English, for it certainly would not be read in the language of its time. This is evident by the quotations used in it from a chronicler of that period.

To write of knighthood and leave out knighthood's clanking symbols may seem almost incongruous, but, after all, the best and most neglected part of knighthood is its noncombative side. The only virtue in that most absurd of human institutions, medieval chivalry, was, that out of it there now and then came a man who tempered its absurdities with a leaven of brains, and practiced its virtues without its follies.

An unusually attractive book; a well written, interesting and entertaining story.

Wild Neighbors. Out-door Studies in the United States. By Ernest Ingersoll. Author of "Country Cousins," etc. With 20 full-page illustrations and other cuts in the text. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

"The book is full of curious information. An exceedingly interesting chapter is devoted to animal training and animal intelligence, and no reader, however well up in natural history, will lay down the book without having learned something from it."-Boston Evening Transcript.

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George Brandes. Translated from the Norwegian by
William Archer. In two volumes. Demy 8vo. cloth.
Price $7.50. By mail $7.80.

Dr. George Brandes' "William Shakespeare" may be best called, perhaps, an exhaustive critical biography. Keeping fully abreast of the latest English and German researches and criticism, Dr. Brandes preserves that breadth and sanity of view which is apt to be sacrificed by the mere Shakespeareologist. He places the poet in his political and literary environment, and studies each play, not as an isolated phenomenon, but as the record of a stage in Shakespeare's spiritual history. Dr. Brandes has achieved German thoroughness without German heaviness, and has produced what must be regarded at a standard work.

With Dewey at Manila. Being the plain story of the glorious victory of the United States squadron over the Spanish fleet, Sunday morning, May 1, 1898 as related in the notes and correspondence of an officer on board the flagship Olympia. Edited by Thomas J. Vivian 12mo. pamphlet. Illustrated. Price 20 cents. By mail 25 cents.

(See Review in August number, page 97.)

Works of Charles Dickens (The). Gadshill Edition. To be completed in 32 vols. New volume: Hard Times. Containing, also Hunted Down, Holiday Romance, and George Silverman's Explanation, with Introduction by Andrew Lang, and seven illustrations. 12mo. Price $1.08. By mail $1 23.

Ye Lyttle Salem Maide. A Story of Witchcraft. By Pauline Bradford Mackie. Illustrated by E. W. D. Hamilton. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.10. By mail $1.24.

Yesterdays in the Philippines. By Joseph Earl Stevens. With 32 full-page illustrations from phot graphs by the author. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

This volume is especially timely, yet the author's clever descriptions would interest and entertain at any time. Mr. Stevens is an American, who spent two years in Manila, and he has written this book from letters and journals during that time. He gives with much vivacity a typical foreign experience in the capital of the Philippines, and so tells just what every one now wants to know about the life there.

Informal, yet keen, to the point, and with an eye for the deeper matters as well as the daily routine, the book is thoroughly readable; and the author's frequent trips to the interior of Luzon as well as to the other islands give his report a weight and comprehensiveness of information difficult to equal in America.

The illustrations are taken largely from photographs made by Mr. Stevens himself and are especially illuminating and closely bound to the text. A perusal of the volume gives the reader a really adequate idea of what our soldiers are now in the midst of.

Zuleka. By Clinton Ross. 12mo. cloth. Price $1 10By mail $1.22.

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