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throw a flood of light upon the last years of Burns' life, and indicate among other things that a serious effort was made to secure for him a position as a professor in the University of Edinburgh. They likewise state Burns' views upon religion with a precision which is not to be found in his letters that have hitherto been published. They also put in a new and unexpected light the "desertion" of Burns by his correspondent.

Romance of Zion Chapel, The. By Richard Lee Gallienne. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23. "The Quest of the Golden Girl" was Mr. Le Gallienne's last novel "The Romance of Zion Chapel" is the title of the new one. The author read two chapters from it at a recent appearance at the Lyceum Theatre of which Mr. John D. Barry said in the Literary World, Boston:

"Those scenes contained some of the best work he has done; and if the whole work is executed with the skill and feeling which they displayed, it will be far in advance of The Quest of the Golden Girl.'"

The cover design by Will Bradley, is very beautiful. The book is printed by the University Press.

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Since Rousseau stands in history for the principle of subjectivism," Dr. Davidson begins by making clear the current ideas and aspirations which gave form and direction to the philosopher's thought; then, having carefully analyzed his character, he proceeds to show how his philosophy affected his educational teachings and the farreaching effect these have had upon later pedagogics. Semitic Influence in Hellenic Mythology.

With special reference to the recent mythological
works of Prof. F. Max Muller and Mr. Andrew Lang.
By Robert Brown, Jr., F.S.A., M.R.A.S. 8vo. 228 pp.
Price $2.25. By mail $2.40.

Seven Months a Prisoner.

By J. V. Hadley,

Judge of the Circuit Court of Indiana. (Ivory Series.) 16mo. Price 55 cents.

This true account of the adventures attending the author's escape from a Southern prison in 1865 is thrilling in its interest and reality, and gives a striking picture of the wilder portions of Georgia and the Carolinas during those troublous times.

Silence and Other Stories. By Mary E. Wilkens. 16mo, cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02. Social Pictorial Satire. By George Du Maurier. 12mo. linen. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

Sons of Adversity. A Romance of Queen Elizabeth's time by L. Cope Cornford, author of "Captain Jacobus," "Master Beggars," etc. Illustrated by J. W. Kennedy. Cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23. Standard Bearer, The. An Historical Romance. By S, R. Crockett, author of "The Lilac Sunbonnet," 'Cleg Kelly," Lads' Love," etc. Uniform edition. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

Mr. Crockett stands on ground that he has made his own in this romance of the Scottish Covenanters. The story opens in 1685, "the Terrible Year," with a vivid picture of the pursuit of fugitive Covenanters by the dragoons. The hero, who becomes a Covenanting minister, sees many strange and stirring adventures. The charming love story which runs through the book is varied by much excellent fighting and many picturesque incidents. "The Standard Bearer is likely to be ranked by readers with Mr. Crockett's most successful work.

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Stolen Fiddle, The. By G. H. Mayson. 12mo, cloth. Price 90. By mail $1.02.

The scene lies principally in the English Lake district, and centers round a sensational trial in connection with a violin. The author is well known in musical circles, and has imparted much technical information in the course of this readable story.

Stories from Dante. By Norley Chester. With portrait and illustrations. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

An attempt to present the poems of Dante in a manner to awaken an interest in their beauties, much in the manner that Lamb familiarized Shakespeare.

Tales of Trail and Town. By Bret Harte. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.00.

Tales of the Home Folks in Peace and in War. By Joel Chandler Harris. 8vo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

Terror, The. A Romance of the French Revolution. By Felix Gras. Author of "The Reds of the Midi." Translated by Mrs. Catharine A. Janvier. 12mo. cloth. Price $1 08. By mail $1 23.

It is possible now to gratify the many inquirers for another romance by M. Gras with the announcement of the early publication of his new novel called in French La Terreur. Although the story stands by itself, and may be read independently with no loss, certain characters of "The Reds" reappear in the new book, La Terreur, of which the French version as well as the English has been copyrighted in the United States by the Messrs. Appleton. The Reds of the Midi," as explained, is complete as it is. La Terreur describes "The Red Terror" in France. The new romance relates the history of the year for which Pascalet was absent, and of some years more. It describes the sufferings and persecution of the heroine Adeline as an "aristocrat, thus furnishing a point of view of the Revolution which is the opposite of that presented in "The Reds of the Midi." The central motive of the romance, developed with singular sympathy by the author, is the picture of a young girl's feelings, when thrown into the vortex of the French Revolution. The action passes for a time in Paris and then in Avignon.

Thirty Strange Stories. By H G. Wells. 8vo. cloth. Price $1 08. By mail $1.23.

Translation of a Savage, The. By Gilbert Parker. Author of "The Seats of the Mighty," "The Trail of the Sword," "The Trespassers," etc. New uniform edition, enlarged. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

Interest, pith, force and charm. Mr. Parker's story possesses all these qualities. Almost bare of synthetical decoration, his paragraphs are stirring because they are real. We read at times-as we have read the great masters of romance-breathlessiv."-The Critic.

Twentieth Century Cook Book, The, By Mrs. C. F. Mortz and Miss Adele Kahn. Bound in oil cloth, for kitchen use. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23. A modern and complete household cook book, such as this is, since cooking has come to be a science no less than an art, must find a welcome and become the most popular cook book, of all the many now published.

Two Prisoners. By Thomas Nelson Page. Cover design by C. W. Traver. With frontispiece and photogravure by E. W. Kemble. Bound in green and gold, cloth. 16mo. 96 pages. Price 75 cents. By mail 85


This is one of the most delightful stories for children that Mr. Page has ever written, and will without doubt be even more popular than his "Two Confederates" or "Among the Camps."

By Helen Watterson Moody. By mail $1.02.

Unquiet Sex, The.
12mo. Price 90 cents.
Contents: The Woman Collegian -Women's Clubs
Women and Reforms - The Evolution of Woman- The
Case of Maria.

These entertaining papers, for all their humor and their lightness, are worthy of the serious consideration of all interested in the "eternal woman question." Mrs. Moody has an incisive way of getting to the heart of her subject, and her essays have been pronounced by Dr. Edward Everett Hale and others to be the sanest and wittiest contribution yet made upon this subject.


Valuable Life, A. By Adeline Sargent. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 90 cents. Venice of To-day. Beautifully illustrated. By F. Hopkinson Smith. Popular edition, bound in green buckram, with morocco back, gilt top, 13x17. Price $22.50. By mail $23.00.

One of the most beautiful examples of artistic book making ever produced; the outcome of long and faithful study of the wondrous city of the sea.

Voyage of Consolation, A. By Mrs. E. C. Cotes (Sara Jeannette Duncan), author of "A Social Departure," "An American Girl in London," "His Honor and a Lady," etc. Illustrated. 12mo. cloth. Price $1.08. By mail $1.23.

"Any one who has met the touring American will appreciate his picture as painted by Mrs. Cotes. He is amusing, seldom uninteresting."-Chicago Tribune.

Walt Whitman The Man. By Thomas Donaldson. Illustrated by (13) portraits and fac-similes of rare documents, letters and manuscripts. Elegantly printed on fine deckle-edge book paper, and tastefully bound in cloth, gilt, gilt top, post 8vo. 300 pages. Price $1.35. By mail $1.50.

What Is Art! By Count Lyof N. Tolstoi. Author

ized edition. Translated from the Russian by Aylmer Maude. 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02. Advance notice from the London Daily Chronicle: "Of all the essays in criticism, morals or social economics which Tolstoi has given us since he gave up the production of his

own great works of art, this is as characteristic and farreaching as any It is a great theory, such as we should have expected from the great living prophet." Whoso Findeth a Wife. By William Le Queux. 12mo. cloth. Price 75 cents. By mail 85 cents. Wild Carpathians, The. By Maurus Jokai, author of "Black Diamonds," "The Lion of Janina," illustrated. Cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02. Wisdom and Destiny. Essays. By Maurice Maeterlinck, author of "The Treasure of the Humble," etc. Translated from the French. 8vo. cloth. Price $1.35. By mail $1.50.

A year ago, when Americans were well acquainted with Maeterlinc as a dramatist, they were almost totally ignorant of him as an essayist. His first volume of essays, however, had only to be brought out to achieve a genuine


With the Conquering Turk, By G. W. Steevens, author of "The Land of the Dollar." 8vo. cloth, with maps.

Price $1.50. By mail $1.65.

Written in this author's well-known style, concerning the late war between Greece and Turkey. The author was on the ground as correspondent of the Daily Mail (London). "The most entertaining of the volumes we have had about the Ten Weeks Campaign in the Spring It gives brightly, and without any desperate striving alter realism, a vivid idea of what a correspondent with the Turkish forces in Thessaly went through."-London Times. Woman in Grey, A. By Mrs. C. N. Williamson. 12mo. cloth. Price 95 cents. By mail $1.05.

World's Coarse Thumb, The. By Caroline Masters. With illustrations by Lancelot Speed 12mo. cloth. Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

This is a vigorously told story of a youth who, holding his father in more than filial veneration, discovers that his wealth has been amassed by wrongful means. His efforts to right the wrong end in an interesting romance. This author's books are admirably adapted for Sunday-school and workman's club library use.

"Holds the attention well. The character-drawing is very good, and the tone of the book is high."-Congregationalist, Boston.


Gladstone; The Man and His Work.
Great memorial volume. By Rev. Frank W. Gunsau-
lus, president of Armour Institute, Chicago. 8vo. cloth.
Price $1.35. By mail $1.50.

Thoughts. From writings and speeches of Right
Hon. William Ewart Gladstone. Compiled by special
permission and edited by G. Barnett Smith. 8vo. cloth.
Price 90 cents. By mail $1.02.

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A Short Life of W. E. Gladstone. By C. H. Jones. 12mo. paper. Price 25 cents By mail 30


The Vatican Decrees in their Bearing on Civil Allegiance. By Hon. W. E. Gladstone. 8vo. paper. Price 18 cents. By mail 23 cents.

Homeric Synchronism. Gladstone. 8vo. cloth, gilt top. mail $1.65.

By William Ewart Price $1.50. By

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L. C. PAGE & CO.'S Announcement List of New Fiction.

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In Kings' Houses, a Romance of the
Reign of Queen Anne by Julia C. R. Dorr,
author of "A Cathedral Pilgrimage," etc.
Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. 1 vol. cloth. 1.50

Bobby McDuff, by Clinton Ross, author of

"The Scarlet Coat," "Zuleika," etc. Illustrated by B. West Clinedinst. (Ready May 15th.) 1 vol. cloth....

Sons of Adversity, a Romance of Queen Elizabeth's time by L. Cope Cornford, author of "Captain Jacobus," "Master Beggars," etc. Illustrated by J. W. Kennedy. (Ready May 15.) 1 vol. cloth.......



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1 vol. cloth.......
Cross Trails, by Victor Waite.
(In press.) 1 vol. cloth....



The Wild Carpathians, by Maurus Jokai,
author of "Black Diamonds," "The Lion of
Janina,' etc. Illustrated. (In press.) 1 vol.

The Rejuvenation of Miss Sema-
phore, a farcial novel by Hal Godfrey.
Illustrated. (In press.) 1 vol. cloth.....
The Road to Paris, by R. N. Stephens,
author of "An Enemy to the King, "The
Continental Dragoon," etc. Illustrated by
H. C. Edwards. (In press.) 1 vol. cloth....
Omar, the Tent Maker, a Romance of
Ancient Persia, by Nathan Haskell Dole.
Illustrated. (In press.) 1 vol. cloth........




Rose A Charlitte, an Acadian Romance by Marshall Saunders, author of "Beautiful Joe," etc. Illustrated by Frank T. Merrill. (Ready June 1st.) 1 vol. cloth............... For sale by all booksellers or sent delivery prepaid by the publishers on receipt of the advertised price.


L. C. PAGE & COMPANY (INC.), Publishers,


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At this Department there is a full line of Artistic Paper Work, such as Lamp, Candle and Electric Light Shades, Flowers of every variety, German and Dinner Favors, Lace Mats, Ice and Patti Cups, Chop Frills, and no end of Novelties. Private designs planned and all orders promptly filled on short notice.

Lamp Shades from 75 cts. to $6.00.

A guarantee of satisfactory work is assured as the manufacturing of all these beautiful articles is under the personal supervision of the artists Misses Meldrum and Stevens.





The fact that the play of "An American Citizen" has had the most successful run of any modern drama should guarantee a wide sale of this book. The talented and successful writer has displayed a wonderful skill in developing the plot, all the outlines of the play are artistically rounded into a complete novel, which the reader will find intensely interesting from the first line to the end. Cloth bound, $1.50.


By ARTHUR HENRY VEYSEY Author of "A Cheque for Three Thousand," which has run into its seventh edition. Original bright, sparkling fun runs all through "A Pedigree in Pawn." It will be talked about and laughed over more than any other book of the year. Illustrated with 14 character drawings. Cloth bound, $1.25. TWO ODD GIRLS, A Charming Novel,


This well-known writer, in this book, surpasses all his past successes as a story writer. Cloth bound, $1.50. THE TWENTIETH CENTURY COOK BOOK, By Mrs. C. F. MORITZ and Miss ADELE KAHN A modern and complete household cook book, such as this is, since cooking has come to be a science no less than an art, must find a welcome and become the most popular cook book of all the many now published. Bound in oil cloth, for kitchen use, $1.50.



This book is unusual in as much as it treats of middle-aged lovers. The sensible man tells the tale of his love for a woman, Elizabeth, who has spent years regretting a love of her youth for an ungrateful scapegrace. Beautifully illustrated, and artistically bound in cloth, $1.50.


Author of "Thou Shalt Not," etc., etc. Cloth, $1.00; paper, 50 cents.


G. W. DILLINGHAM CO., Publishers,

119 and 121 West 23d Street, New York.

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Publishers and Booksellers,



Love in Friendship


With a Preface in Fragments from Stendhal



1 vol. in 8vo, bound in cloth, price $1.50.

FRANCISQUE SARCEY says in Le Figaro: "Here is a book which is talked of a great deal, for it is one of the prettiest dramas of real life ever related to the public. Must I say that well-informed people affirm that the letters of the man, true, or almost true, hardly arranged, were written by Guy de Maupassant?. I like the book, and it seems to me it will have a place in the collection, so voluminous already, of modern ways of love."

"This correspondence is all powdered with exquisite things, and is instinct with a subtlety leading one on and on."-N. Y. Evening Post.

"The device is not new; but seldom has it been carried out more effectively and powerfully than in this case... Cannot this be called a rather remarkable story?"-Boston Literary World.



Lucis Red and Black



12MO, CLOTH, $1.50.

This novel, although written in English, is by a young Italian who has not yet completed her twenty-first year. The attention of the publisher was called to it by Signor d'Annunzio, who predicts for it a great success.


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This famous novel, by the author of "La Chartreuse de Parme," has already taken its place among the great French classics of the century, and is sure of a large audience in this country.



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