Naval Documents of the American Revolution, Količina 7

Sprednja platnica
Naval History Division, Department of the Navy, 1964
In the tradition of the preceding volumes - the first of which was published in 1964 - this work synthesizes edited documents, including correspondence, ship logs, muster rolls, orders, and newspaper accounts, that provide a comprehensive understanding of the war at sea in the spring of 1778. The editors organize this wide array of texts chronologically by theater and incorporate French, Italian, and Spanish transcriptions with English translations throughout.

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Stran 345 - Captain and you are also to observe and follow such Orders and Directions as you shall from time to time receive from...
Stran 209 - If you shall do anything contrary to these instructions, or to others hereafter to be given, or willingly suffer such thing to be done, you shall not only forfeit your commission and be liable to an action for breach of the condition of your bond, but be responsible to the party grieved for damages sustained by such malversation.
Stran 385 - Fortunately, Congress, prior to their adjournment, had resolved that " until they should otherwise order, General Washington should be possessed of all power to order and direct all things relative to the department and to the operations of war.
Stran 86 - I am, therefore, inclined to think that it will not be prudent to hazard the men and stores at Mount Washington ; but, as you are on the spot, I leave it to you to give such orders, as to evacuating Mount Washington as you may judge best, and so far revoking the order given to Colonel Magaw to defend it to the last.
Stran 633 - Given under our hands and the seal of the office of admiralty, this 17th of July 1794, in the 34th year of his majesty's reign.
Stran 276 - I the said constituent if present, ought or might personally, although the matter should require more special authority than is herein comprised, I the said constituent ratifying, allowing and holding firm and valid, all and whatsoever my said attorney or his substitutes shall lawfully do, or cause to be done, in and about the premises, by virtue of these presents.
Stran 209 - ... letters, and other documents and writings found on board, proving the said papers by the affidavit of yourself, or of some other person present at the capture, to be produced as they were received, without fraud, addition, subduction or embezzlement.
Stran 800 - I stept forth as a free citizen of the world, in defence of the violated rights of mankind, and not in search of riches, whereof, I thank God, I inherit a sufficiency ; but I should prove my degeneracy were I not in the highest degree tenacious of my rank and seniority. As a gentleman, I can yield this point up only to persons of superior abilities and superior merit; and under such persons it would be my highest ambition to learn.
Stran 209 - Congress written accounts of the captures you shall make, with the number and names of the captives, copies of your journal from time to time, and intelligence of what may occur or be discovered concerning the designs of the enemy and the destination, motions and operations of their fleets and armies.
Stran 611 - France and em lark for St. Domingo from Dunkirk, and by altering their route land in the American States. The same has been proposed from Switzerland, to which I could give no encouragement, but submit it to your consideration in Congress whether, if you can establish a credit, as I have before hinted, it would not be well to purchase at Leghorn five or six stout frigates, which might at once transport some companies of Swiss and a quantity of stores, and the whole be defended by the Swiss soldiers...

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