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DERELICT, continued.

£ Socio goods, and shall be liable to and charged with dulys accordingly. And if any such goods be such as aren's

entitled to an allowance for damage, such allowance 0 shall be made under such regulations and conditions,

as the Commissioners of Customs shall, from time to

time, think fit to direct. 3 and 4 William IV. c. 52. de $ 50. See also Note under Ships, page 88.

Foreign Goods saved from wrecked vessels and landed,

may be shipped in a coasting vessel from the port at
which they had been so landed to the port of original
destination, a proper account being taken and for.
warded in the usual manner, although such vessel may

have othergoods on board.-Min.Com.Cus. 4 Feb.1834.
DIAGRYDIUM. -See Scammony.

Free.t Diamonds may be imported into the United Kingdom, aud landed without report, entry, or warrant.-3 and 4 Wm. IV.

c. 52, 62. Diaper Tabling, Towelling, or Napkining.–See Linen. Dice, the pair

1 6 2 Dimity.See Cotton Manufactures. Down, the lb.

0 1 3 DRAWINGS.-See Prints. Drugs, ou which specific duties are payable according to the

quantity: -See the several Articles in Alphabetical

not particularly charged, the cwt.....

0 100 No ahatement for damage to be made on Drugs of a certain

description. See p. 25. Duck.-See Sail Cloth, in Linen,

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EARTHENWARE, not otherwise enumerated or described, for every 1001. value

15 00 EAST INDIA Goods, of places within the limits of the East

India Company's Charter, may not be imported into
the United Kingdom, except into such ports as shall
be approved of by the Lords of the Treasury, and de-
clared by Order in Council to be fit and proper for
such importation, on forfeiture thereof.-3 and 4

Wm. IV. c. 52. $ 58.
The Ports already approved for this purpose, are London,
Liverpool, Bristol, Hull, Whitehaven, and Newcastle upon.
Tyne ;-Greenock, Leith, and Port-Glasgow ;-Dublin, Belfast,
Waterford, and Cork.-Order in Council, 30th Jan. 1826, and
17th Sept. 1834, and Min. Com. Cus. 22nd September, 1833.

East India Goods may be removed by land-carriage from the

Warehouses in London to Southampton, for the purposes of Ex. 1372 portation to Guernsey and Jersey, as also to Havre.- Treas. 13 Whitehaven' and Waterford are not at present to be deemed fit and the importation of Tea Min. Com. Cus. 22nd September, 1835... *Ahhough Diamonds are free, if mounted, the mounting or setting will be liable to duty, Treas. Order, 19 April, 1817. tibi nitas Yee bid TRAY

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proper for 10 0 0 Firs, the cwt.*

East India Goods, continued.

£8, d.
Order,31st August, 1826; and Min. Com. Cus. 20th September,
1834. And such East India Goods as pay a rated duty, may be
removed in bond (from any place privileged to trade with India),
to the Port of Londonderry.--Treas. Order, and Min. Com. Cus.
10th March, 1826.

See further, Note respeeting East India Goods, in page 198.
Eau de COLOGNE.-- See Water.
Ebony of all sorts, the ton

5 0 0 the Produce of, and imported from any B. P. the ton.. 0 3 0 Eels, the Ship’s lading. (See Fish)

13 1 3 Eggs, the 120

0 0 10 EMBROIDERY and Needle Work, for every 1001. value 30 0 0 EMERALDS.-See Jewels. EMERY STONES.See Stones. ENAMEL, the lb.....

0 7 2 Essence, viz. of Spruce, for every 1001. value

20 0 0 being Oil. See Essential Oil, in Oil.

not otherwise enumerated or described, the lb..... 0 4 6 Ether, imported from Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney, Sark, or

Man, is to pay 18s. 9d. per gallon, (being equivalent
to the Excise duty on two and one-half gallons of
British proof spirit, the estimated quantity requisite
for the manufacture of one gallon of Ether).- Min.

Com. Cus. 8 May, 1830.
EUPHORBIUM, the cwt.

06 0 EXTRACT, or Preparation of, Cardamoms, Coculus Indicus,

Grains of Paradise, and Guinea Grains, Liquorice, or
Nux Vomica, for every 1001. value

75 00 of Quassia, for every 1001. value...

150 0
of Opium, Guinea Pepper, and Vitriol, for every 1001.

25 0 0 of any article, not being particularly enumerated or

described, nor otherwise charged with duty, for every
1001. value .....

20 0 0
of Peruvian or Jesuit's Bark, or of Radix Rhataniæ,
the lb.....

05 0 or, and in lieu of any of the above duties, at the option of the importer, the lb.

010 0

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FEATHERS, for beds, whether in beds or not, the cwt. 2 4 0 Ostrich, dressed, thelb...

1 10 0 undressed, the lb.

0 10 0 not otherwise enumerated or described, viz. dressed, for every 1001. value.

20 00 undressed, for every 1001. value

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0 15 0 The duty on Figs, deposited in warehouses of special secnrity, when taken out of the warehouse for bome use, shall be charged

* 4 & 5 Wm. IV. c. 89. (15 Ang. 1834.)

Figs, continued.

£ 3id. on the weight actually delivered. -See p. 185. And an allowance will be made, until further directions, for deficiencies on Figs entered for home consumption from the legal quays.--Min. Com. Cus., 12th Sept. 1831.No allowance of the duty on Figs to be made on account of damage.-See p. 25.

Figs, the produce of Europe, may not be imported into the
United Kingdom, to be used therein, except in Britis! Ships, or
in Ships of the country of which they are the produce, or in
Ships of the country from which they are importeil, on forfeit-
ure of the goods, and 1001. by the Master of the Ship.--

3 & 4 Wm. IV. c. 54, 82 & 22.
FILTERING Stones,-See Siones.
FIREWOOD,- See Wood.
Fish*, viz. Eelst, the Ship's lading

13 13 Fresh Fisht, British taken, and imported in Brit. Vessels Free. Fish of Foreign taking or curing, or in Foreign Vessels

(except Turbots and Lobsters, Stock Fish, Live Eels,
Anchovies, Sturgeon, Botargo, and Caviare), may not
be imported into the United Kingdom, on forfeiture

thereof.--3 and 4 Wm. IV. c.52. § 58.
Fish of British taking and curing, imported in British


Free. Oysterst, the bushel

1 6 Stock Fish*, the 120

0 5 0 Sturgeon, the keg containing not more than 5 gallons..o 9 0 Turbotst

Free. FISHING Nets, old. See Rags. FLANNEL.+See Woollen Manufactures. FLASKS.-See Bottles. Flax, and Tow or Codilla, of Hemp or Flax, whether dressed or undressed, the cwt...

0 0 1 Flax, the produce or manufacture of Europe, may not be innported into the United Kingdom, to be used therein, except in British Ships, or in Ships of the country of which it is the prodace, orin Ships of the country from which it is imported, on forfeiture of the goods, and 1001, by the Master of the Ship.

3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 54. § 2 and 22. FLINT STONES, for Potters.-See Stones. Flocks, the cwt..

0 19 0 • Dried and Salted Fish (except Stock Fish) may not be entered to be warehoused.-See Warehousing System.

Fresh Fish of every kind, of British taking, and imported in British Ships ; and fresh Lobsters and Turbots, however taken, or in whatever Ship imported; and cured Fish of every kind, of British taking and curing, imported in British Ships, shall be imported free of all Duties, and shall not be deemed to be ine cluded in any charge of Duty imposed by any Act hereafter to be made on the Importation of Goods generally : Provided always, That before any cured Fish shall be entered free of duty, as being of such taking and caring, the Master of the Ship importing the same shall make and subscribe a Declaration hefore the Col. lector or Comptroller, that such Fish was actually caught and taken in British Ships, and cured by the crews of such Ships, or by His Majesty's subjects.3 & 4 William IV. c. 52. $ 44.-See form of Declaration, in page 38. It has been decided, that fish caught by the natives of India, under British Dominion, is entitled to admission duty free.- Min. Com. Cus. 287 Greerocki

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FLOTSAM-See Derelict.

£ $. d. FLOUR.–See Corn, Flower Roots, for every 1001. value ...

20 0 0 Flowers, Artificial, not made of silk, for every 1001. value's. 25 0 - of Silk.-See Silk Manufactures. Fossils, not otherwise enumerated or described, for every 1001. values

20 0 0 Specimens of.See Specimens. Frames for Pictures, Prints, or Drawings, for every 1001. value ...

20 00
Fresco PAINTINGS, taken off Walls of Buildings and pre-

served upon Canvass, are to be classed as Water Co.
loured Drawings, and to be charged with duty as

such.-Treas. Order, 8th Aug. 1825.See Prints.
Fruit, raw, not otherwise enumerated, for every 1001. value. 5 0 0
FURS,- See Skins.
Fustic, the ton.

0 4 6
imported from any B. P. the ton

3 0

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GALLS, the cwt..

0 2 0 GAMBOGE, the cwt.

04 0 GARNETS, the 1b..

0 10 0 cut, the lb.

1 10 0 Gauze of Thread, for every 1001. value.

30 0 0 of Silk.–See Silk. Geneva.—See Spirits. GENTIAN, the cwt......

0 4 0 German Silver.—Metal in bars, termed “ German Silver,

is to be taken at 20 per cent, ad valorem.-Min.

Com. Cus, 3 Jan. 1832. GINGER, the cwt.

2 13 0
preserved, the lb...

0 3
the produce of, and imported from, any British Posses-
sion, the cwt...

011 0
preserved, the lb..

0 0 - 1 Ginseng, the cwt. ......

0 4 0 Glass, viz. bottles. See Bottles.

Crown Glass, or any kind of Window Glass, not beiog

Plate, or German Sheet Glass, the cwt.. 8 6 8
German Sheet Glass, the cwt.,
Jars.-See Bottles.
Plate Glass, superficial measure, viz. not containing
more than 9 square feet, the square foot

06 0
containing more than 9 square feet and not more
than 14 square feet, the square foot......

0 8 0
-containing more than 14 and not more than 36
square feet, the square foot..

09 6
containing more than 36 sq. feet, the sq. foot 011 0
C: * No 11,1 cm Sakq 96 fangstruedd fy ng


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Glass, continued.

+£ 19. d. Manufactures of, not otherwise enumerated or described, -") i and old broken Glass fit only to be remanufactured, for every 1001. value o ó'.

o 20 0 0 and further, the cwt..

4 0 Paintings on Glass..See Paintings. Glass in the dressing or medicine cases of travellers ar.

riving from abroad.See Page 32. Gloves (of Leather), viz., Habit Gloves, the-dozen pair 04 0 Men's Gloves, ditto..

0 5 0 Women's Gloves or Mitts, ditto

0 7 0 Leather Gloves must be imported in packages, each of which shall contain 100 doz. pairs of such gloves at least; and in ships of 70 tons birthen or upwards, under penalty of forfeiture, 3 and 4 Wm. IV. c. 52. § 53. *

Woollen and Linen Gloves are to be admitted to entry at the ad valorem duties chargeable on cotton, woollen, and linen manu.

factures respectively. - Treas. Order, 3 Dec. 1830. Glue or Gelatine, the cwt. .

0 1 2 0 Clippings, or Waste of any kind, fit only for making Glue, for every 1001. value..

1 0 0 Gold Coin.-See Bullion. Goods from China.–See China, under letter C. in thisTable.

from places within the limits of the East India Com

pany's Charter. -See East India Goods, under letter

E. in this table.
GRÁIN,“ See Corn.
GRAINS, viz., Guinea Grains, the lh......

0 2 0 Extract or Preparation of.-See Grains, in

No abatement of the duty on Guinea Grains to be made on
account of damage. -See p. 25.
of Paradise, the lb...

0 2 0 ym.... Extract or Preparation of.-See Grains, in

Extract. GRANILLA, the lb..

0 0 2 Grapes, for every 1001. valuet

5 0 0 to Pressed Grapes are liable to an ad valorem duty of 20

per cent.--Privy Council Office, 10 Feb. 1835. For

Rape of Grapes, see page 85.
GREASE, the cwton'.

0 1
The packages containing this article are to be carefully exa.
mined, and should it not appear to be the fat of animals, but
deteriorated butter, it must not be delivered out of the custody
of the officers as grease, until a sufficient quantity of tar, or
other ingredient be mixed therewith, at the expense of the im.
porter, so as to render it unsaleable as butter; and should the
otherwise, they may cause the same to be viewed by some re-
spectable person in the trade; and, prior to delivery, suhmit his
opinion for the directions of the Commissioners of Customs.
Treas. Order, 22 Sep. 1821.
Horse-grease is to pay the same duty as Palm and Cocoa

Nut Oils.” L. Privy Council Office, Dec. 12. 1832.
See passengers' baggage, page

32. + 4 & 5 Wm. IV. c. 89. (15 Au g. 1834


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