Annual report of the Indiana State Board of Medical Registration and Examination. 1901

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Wm. B. Burford, 1902

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Stran 2 - Returned by the Auditor of State, with above certificate, and transmitted to Secretary of State for publication, upon the order of the Board of Commissioners of Public Printing and Binding.
Stran 8 - October of each year, and as often in addition as may be necessary for the transaction of such business as may properly come before it under the provisions of this act, and shall have power to make all necessary rules and regulations for the transaction of its business.
Stran 8 - Chairman, and three additional persons appointed by the President of the United States by and with the advice and consent of the Senate. Of the five members of the Board, not more than three shall be members of any one political party.
Stran 8 - The Governor shall have power to remove any member of said Board for incompetency, gross immorality, for any abuse of his official power, or for other good cause, and may fill any vacancy thus occasioned by appointment. Any person appointed to fill any vacancy on such Board, whether occasioned by death, resignation, removal or otherwise, shall hold for the unexpired term of the member whose place he is appointed to fill.
Stran 9 - ... medicine, surgery and obstetrics, before they shall be entitled to receive such license. The said Board shall also, in like manner, establish and cause to be recorded in such record a schedule of the minimum requirements and rules for the recognition of medical colleges, so as to keep these requirements up to the average standard of medical education in other States.
Stran 69 - ... a diploma issued by some legally chartered medical school, the requirements of which shall have been at the time of granting such diploma in no particular less than those prescribed by the Association of American Medical Colleges for that year...
Stran 19 - When an application for a certificate is made, and a diploma submitted, as herein provided, it shall be the duty of the State Board of Medical Registration and Examination to determine, upon the evidence presented, whether such diploma rightfully belongs to and was issued to the person making application for a certificate, and whether the medical college that issued the diploma maintains a standard of medical education conforming to that fixed by the State Board of Medical...
Stran 23 - Examination his diploma, with an affidavit setting forth the time and under what circumstances said diploma was received, and that the affiant is the person to whom such diploma was issued. Such application shall be accompanied by the affidavits of two freeholders resident in the same county in which the applicant resides, stating that the applicant is the person named in the accompanying diploma and application for a certificate. All diplomas received by the Board shall be returned to the person...
Stran 12 - ... that such practitioner shall not open an office or appoint a place to meet patients or receive calls within the limits of...
Stran 8 - Indianapolis within thirty days after their appointment, and organize by the election of a President, Secretary and Treasurer, who shall serve until the second Tuesday in January following, and their successors shall be elected on the second Tuesday in January annually thereafter. The said Board shall hold regular meetings on the second Tuesday in January...

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