Magistrates' Cases Relating to the Poor Law, the Criminal Law, Licensing and Other Subjects Chiefly Connected with the Duties and Office of Magistrates: Decided in the House of Lords, the Court of Appeal, the Queen's Bench Division, and in the Court for Crown Cases Reserved as Reported in the Law Journal Reports, 1894-1910

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Stran 35 - Is any sick among you ? let him call for the elders of the church ; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord : and the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up ; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.
Stran 237 - Every person who, with a view to compel any other person to abstain from doing or to do any act which such other person has a legal right to do or abstain from doing, wrongfully and without legal authority — 1. Uses violence to or intimidates such other person or his wife or children, or injures his property; or 2.
Stran 169 - Person ; every Person pretending or professing to tell Fortunes, or using any subtle Craft, Means, or Device, by Palmistry or otherwise, to deceive and impose on any of His Majesty's Subjects...
Stran 176 - Person as aforesaid, as or for the Consideration for any Assurance, Undertaking, Promise, or Agreement, express or implied, to pay or give thereafter any Money or valuable Thing on any Event or Contingency of or relating to any Horse-race or other Race, Fight, Game, Sport, or Exercise...
Stran 102 - ... or for the purpose of any money or valuable thing being received by or on behalf of such owner, occupier, keeper, or person as aforesaid, as or for the consideration for any assurance, undertaking, promise, or agreement, express or implied, to pay or give thereafter any money or valuable thing on any event or contingency of or relating to any horse race...
Stran 30 - No person shall sell to the prejudice of the purchaser any article of food or any drug which is not of the nature, substance, and quality of the article demanded...
Stran 226 - that the reason why money cannot be followed is, because it has no ear-mark ; " but this is not true. The true reason is upon account of the currency of it ; it cannot be recovered after it has passed in currency. So in case of money stolen, the true owner cannot recover it after it has been paid away fairly and honestly upon a valuable and bona fide consideration ; but before money has passed in currency, an action may be brought for the money itself.
Stran 224 - ... fide taken or received by transfer or delivery, by some person or body corporate, for a just and valuable consideration, without any notice, or without any reasonable cause to suspect that the same had by any felony or misdemeanor been stolen, taken, obtained, extorted, embezzled, converted, or disposed of, in such case the court shall not award or order the restitution of such security...
Stran 176 - No house, office, room, or other place shall be opened, kept, or used for the purpose of the owner, occupier, or keeper thereof, or any person using the same, or...
Stran 237 - It shall be lawful for one or more persons, acting on their own behalf or on behalf of a trade union or of an individual employer or firm in contemplation or furtherance of a trade dispute, to attend at or near a house or place where a person resides or works or carries on business or happens to be, if they so attend merely for the purpose of peacefully obtaining or communicating information, or of peacefully persuading any person to work or abstain from working.

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