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NOVEMBER 1889 to APRIL 1890

"To the solid ground
Of Nature trusts the mind which builds for aye."-WORDSWORTH

London and New York



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ABBE (Prof. Cleveland), the "Rollers" of Ascension and St.
Helena, 585

Abel (Sir Frederick, F.R.S.), Smokeless Explosives, 328, 352
Abercromby (Hon. John), a Trip through the Eastern Caucasus,

Abercromby (Hon. R.), the Motion of Dust, 406

Abney (Captain W. de W., F. R.S.), Photo-nephograph, 491
Abnormal Shoots of Ivy, W. F. R. Weldon, 464
Aborigine, a Surviving Tasmanian, Hy. Ling Roth, 105
Acetic Acid Solutions, Vapour-pressure of, Raoult and Recoura,

Accumulations of Capital in the United Kingdom in 1875-85,
Robert Giffen, 211

Achlya, Prof. Marcus M. Hartog, 298
Acoustics: Melde's Vibrating Strings, Rev. W. Sidgreaves,
355; Propagation of Sound, Violle and Vautier, 359; the
Testing of Tuning-forks, Dr. Lehmann, 383
Acquired Characters, Paleontological Evidence for the Trans-
mission of, Henry Fairfield Osborn, 227

Acquired Characters and Congenital Variation: the Duke of
Argyll, F.R.S., 173, 294, 366; W. T. Thiselton Dyer,
F.R.S., 315; F. V. Dickins, 316; Right Rev. Bishop R.
Courtenay, 367; Dr. J. Cowper, 368; Herbert Spencer, 414;
Prof. E. Ray Lankester, F. R.S., 415.
See also Panmixia

Actinometric Observations at Kiev, 1888-89, R. Savelief, 359
Acworth (W. M.): Railways of England, 434; Railways of
Scotland, 434

Adams (Prof. J. C., F. R.S.), on certain Approximate Formulæ
for Calculating the Trajectories of Shot, 258

Adamson (Daniel): Death of, 256; Obituary Notice of, 279
Advancement of Science, Australasian Association for the, Prof.
Orme Masson, 441

Africa H. M. Stanley's Exploration of, 20, 73; Reported
Massacre of Dr. Peters's Party, 21; South African Gold-fields,
the, G. D. Cocorda, 164; the Land of an African Sultan,
Walter B. Harris, 270; East Africa and its Big Game, Cap-
tain Sir J. Willoughby, 298; African Monkeys in the West
Indies, Dr. P. L. Sclater, F. R. S., 368; Meteorology of
the Gold and Slave Coast, Dr. Danckelmann, 479
Agriculture: Sheep Farming in Australia, Prof. Wallace, 113;
Practical Observations on Agricultural Grasses and other
Pasture Plants, William Wilson, 196; Field Experiments on
Wheat in Italy, Prof. Giglioli, 404

Ahrens's Polarizing Binocular Microscope, 93

Aitken (John, F.R.S.), On the Number of Dust Particles in
the Atmosphere of Certain Places in Great Britain and on
the Continent, with remarks on the relation between the
Amount of Dust and Meteorological Phenomena, 382, 394
Aitkens (Sir William), Animal Alkaloids, Second Edition, 161
Aka Expedition of 1883, Colonel Woodthorpe, 86
Algæ, a New Atlas of, Dr. J. Reinke, 127

Algebra: an Elementary Text-book for the Higher Classes of
Secondary Schools and for Colleges, Prof. G. Chrystal, 338
Algebraic Equations, Roots of, Prof. A. Cayley, F.R.S., 335
Algeria, Earthquake in, 113

Algol, Satellite of, W. H. S. Monck, 198

Algol, Spectroscopic Observations of, Prof. Vogel, 164, 285.
Alpine Chain, a Geological Map of the, Prof. T. G. Bonney,
F.R.S., 483

Alpine Expeditions of Dr. Emil Zsigmondy, 291
Aluminium and Nitric Acid, A. Ditte, 599
Amber, Mexican, G. F. Kunz, 372
America: Sir Daniel Wilson on the Recent Toronto Meeting of
the American Association for the Advancement of Science, 17;
European Weeds in, 18; American Journal of Mathematics, 71,
332, 525; American Resorts, with Notes upon their Climate,
Dr. Bushrod W. James, 79; American Journal of Science,
46, 92, 309, 405, 500, 598; American Meteorological Journal,
92, 357, 501; American Meteorological Society, 324; Ameri-
can Ethnological Reports, J. W. Powell, 99; American
Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, 136; American Naturalist,


Among Cannibals, Carl Lumholtz, 200

Amsterdam, Royal Academy of Sciences, 24, 96, 216, 383, 552,

Analytical Tables, Coloured, H. W. Hake, 29

Anatomy: a Glossary of Anatomical, Physiological, and Bio-
logical Terms, T. Dunman, 173; a Text-book of Human
Anatomy, Prof. Alex. MacAlister, F. R.S., 269

Anchovies on the South Coast of England, J. T. Cunningham,

Anderson (Joseph), Sugar losing its Attractions for Lepidoptera,

André (Ch.), Jupiter's Satellites, 94
Anemometers, W. H. Dines, 212

Angot (Alfred): Wind-Velocity at Top of Eiffel Tower, 48, 67;
the Observations of Temperature on Top of Eiffel Tower,
167; on the Eiffel Tower Observations, 181; Diurnal Range
of Barometer, 449

Animal Life, Glimpses of, W. Jones, 409

Animals and Plants, Distribution of, by Ocean Currents,
Rev. Paul Camboué, 103

Animals, Effects of Music on, A. E. C. Stearns, 470
Animaux, Les Industries des, F. Houssay, 409

Annuario Meteorologico of the Italian Meteorological Society,

Anomalies, Temperature, Dr. R. Spitaler, 303
Anoura, the Metamorphosis of, E. Bataillon, 23
Anthropology: the Malay People, Dr. B. Hagen, 21; the Last
Living Aboriginal of Tasmania, 43 ; Prehistoric Burial-ground
discovered in Caucasus by Beyern, 43; Anthropological
Institute, 119, 256, 406; Journal of the Anthropological In-
stitute, 594; Inheritance of Acquired Mental Peculiarity,
Handtmann, 209; L'Anthropologie, 300; the Veddahs of
Ceylon, Dr. Arthur Thomson, 303; Classification of Races,
Based on Physical Characters only, M. Denniker, 332;
Modern Crania in Montpellier, De Lapouge, 357; the
Cephalic Index of Corsican Population, Dr. A. Fallot, 357;
the Chin Tribes of North Burma, G. B. Sacchiero, 375;
Characteristic Survivals of Celts in Hampshire, T. W. Shore,
406; Charlotte Corday's Skull, Dr. Topinard, 500; Jacques
Bertillon on the Identification of Criminals by Measurement,
Anthropometry, Cambridge: Dr. John Venn, F.R.S., 450, 560;
Francis Galton, F. R.S., 454

Antilles, the Lesser, Owen T. Bulkeley, 268

Antiparallel, the Use of the Word, W. J. James, 10; E. M.
Langley, 104


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