Psyche: With Other Poems

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Longman, Hurst, Rees, Orme, and Brown, 1812 - 311 strani

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Stran 305 - And watch with patient, cheerful eye; And bear the long, cold wintry night, And bear her own degraded doom ; And wait till Heaven's reviving light, Eternal spring ! shall burst the gloom.
Stran 182 - May wake the impassioned lover's tender dread, And touch the spring that clasps his soul so strong; But ah, beware! the gentle power too long Will not endure the frown of angry strife; He shuns contention, and the gloomy throng Who blast the joys of calm domestic life, And flies when discord shakes her brand with quarrels rife. Oh! he will tell you that these quarrels bring The ruin, not renewal of his flame: If oft repeated, lo! on rapid wing He flies to hide his fair but tender frame; From violence,...
Stran 303 - How withered, perished seems the form Of yon obscure unsightly root ! Yet from the blight of wintry storm, It hides secure the precious fruit. The careless eye can find no grace, No beauty in the scaly folds, Nor see within the dark embrace What latent loveliness it holds. Yet in that bulb, those sapless scales, The lily wraps her silver vest, Till vernal suns and vernal gales Shall kiss once more her fragrant breast. Yes, hide beneath the...
Stran 30 - mid a sky serene, And bids bright lustre sparkle o'er the tide ; The clear blue ocean at a distance seen Bounds the gay landscape on the western side, While closing round it with majestic pride, The lofty rocks 'mid citron groves arise ; " Sure some divinity must here reside," As tranced in some bright vision, Psyche cries, And scarce believes the bliss, or trusts her charmed eyes.
Stran 32 - ... on either side In splendid vista opening to her sight ; And all with precious gems so beautified, And furnished with such exquisite delight, That scarce the beams of heaven emit such lustre bright. The amethyst was there of violet hue, And there the topaz shed its golden ray, The chrysoberyl, and the sapphire blue As the clear azure of a sunny day, Or the mild eyes where amorous glances play ; The...
Stran xi - ... our writers Us'd to obscure their art. Mam. Sir, so I told him — Because the simple idiot should not learn it. And make it vulgar. Sub. Was not all the knowledge Of the Egyptians writ in mystic symbols?
Stran 300 - Languish unrelieved, and die. Lo ! the empty pitcher fails her, Perishing with thirst he lies, Death with deep despair assails her, Piteous as for aid he cries. From the dreadful image flying, Wild she rushes from the sight...
Stran 56 - ... while voices seem With murmuring sound along the roof to sigh; As one just waking from a troublous dream, With palpitating heart and straining eye, Still fix'd with fear remains, still thinks the danger nigh.
Stran 309 - Of terror and regret, To all in life its love would clasp, Clings close and closer yet. Yet why , immortal , vital spark ! Thus mortally opprest? Look up, my soul, through prospects dark And bid thy terrors rest; Forget, forego thy earthly part, Thine heavenly being trust: Ah , vain attempt ! my coward heart Still shuddering clings to dust. Oh ye ! who soothe the pangs of death With love's own patient care, Still , still retain this fleeting breath, Still pour the fervent prayer.
Stran 66 - And on the altar must thou place an urn " Filled from immortal Beauty's sacred spring, " Which foul deformity to grace can turn, " And back to fond affection's eyes can bring " The charms which fleeting fled on transient wing ; " Snatched from the rugged steep where first they rise, " Dark rocks their crystal source o'ershadowing, " Let their clear water sparkle to the skies " Where cloudless lustre beams which happiness supplies ! " To Venus thus for ever reconciled...

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