Slike strani
[blocks in formation]

The Belgian Hare. Illustrated. E. H. Glover.

The Effect of Narcotic Poisons on the Nervous System. Dr. B. H. Boyd. Imperial Régimes in Mexico. Illustrated. Continued. H. M. Skinner.

Irish Ecclesiastical Record.-24, NASSAU STREET, DUBLIN. 15. Oct.

J. D.

The Ethics of Patriotism. Rev. W. H. Kent.
Shakspeare's Idea of Reprobation as formulated in Lady Macbeth.
Sir Cahir O'Doherty's Rebellion; Its Causes and Its Consequences.
Bishop O'Doherty.

The Work of the Feis Ceoil Association. Rev. G. O'Neill.
The Office and Mass for the Dead. Rev. H. Bewerunge.

[blocks in formation]

Jewish Quarterly Review.-MACMILLAN. 3s. 6d. Oct. Notes on Ben Sira, edited by M. E. N. Adler. Prof. I. Lévi. Chinese Jews. M. N. Adler. Fourteenth Chapter of Genesis and Recent Research. Prof. M. Jastrow, Jr. An Ancient Bookseller's Catalogue. E. N. Adler and I. Broydé. Why I do not go to the Synagogue. A. G. Henriques.

The Pesita to the Book of Proverbs. Dr. H. P. Chajes.

An Introduction to the Arabic Literature of the Jews. Continued. Prof. M. Steinschneider.

The Testament of Job and the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs. F. C.


[blocks in formation]

Knowledge.-326, HIGH HOLBORN. 6d. Oct. The Smallest of the Wild Cattle. Illustrated. R. Lydekker. The Borders of the Karst. G. A.J. Cole.

On the Respiration of Certain Dragon-Fly Nymphs. Rev. A. East. The Metamorphosis of Herders into Tillers. Prof. A. C. Haddon. Aurorae. E. Walter Maunder.

Dark Markings in the Solar Corona. Illustrated. W. H. Wesley. Electric Waves. Illustrated. G. W. de Tunzelmann.

Plants and Their Food. Illustrated. Continued. H. H. W. Pearson.

[blocks in formation]

Karl Dziatzko. With Portrait.

The King's Printer at Shrewsbury, 1642-43. W. H. Allnutt.
A London Circulating Library of 1743. W. E. A. Axon.
Archbishop Parker, Collector and Author. S. W. Kershaw.

How Things are done in St. Louis Public Library. Continued. F. M


Some Private Presses of the Nineteenth Century. H. R. Plomer.
Library Journal.-KEGAN PAUL. 2S. Oct.
Photographs and Photoprints in Libraries. C. A. Cutter.
Outline of the Literature of Libraries. F. J. Teggart.
For Library Consolidation in New York City.,

Library World.-4, AVE MARIA LANE. 6d. Oct.
Bristol Meeting of Library Association; Report.

Lippincott's Monthly Magazine.-LIPPINCOTT, PHILADELPHIA. IS. Oct

The Flowers of Fall. Eben E. Rexford.

A Harvest Home in Thrums. M. E. L. Addis.

Afloat in Dixie. A. Hendricks.

Baroness Curzon of Kedleston. With Portrait. Virginia T. Peacock.

London Quarterly Review.-CHARLES H. KELLY. 2s. 6d. Oct. The Union of the Free Church of Scotland and the United Presbyterian Church. Prof. James Orr and Prof. James Denney. Picturesque Yorkshire. John Telford.

The Present Position of the Revised Version of the New Testament. James Hope Moulton.

Pusey as a Devotional Writer. Frederick Platt.
Our Commercial Rivals. Urquhart A. Forbes.

Horace Bushnell. Principal S. D. F. Salmond.
Practical Idealism. Arthur Boutwood.

Friedrich Nietzsche; His Life and Teaching. Bennet Hume.

[blocks in formation]

Europe, China, and the Peace Conference. F. de Martens.
The Trans-Siberian-Manchurian Railway. With Maps. A. R. Colquhoun
National Defence. R. Neville.

The Naval Exhibition at the Hague. Illustrated. Prof. J. K. Laughton.
Religio Laici. Rev. H. C. Beeching.

The Modern Study of Gothic Architecture. P. Waterhouse.

The Murder of Pompilia. W. H. Griffin.

Munsey's Magazine.-HORACE MARSHALL AND SON. 6d. Oct.
The Crisis in China. Illustrated. I. T. Headland.
Where American Officers are made. Illustrated. Lieut. W. E. Ellis.
The Ruler of the Turks. Illustrated. W. R. Bradshaw,
The Adirondacks; an American Playground. Illustrated. M. Foster.
Tammany Hall. Illustrated. H. Davis.

Italy and Her Makers. Illustrated. W. Littlefield.
Musical Times.-NOVELLO. 4d. Nov.

St. Michael's College, Tenbury. Illustrated.
Snippets. Joseph Bennett. F. G. E.
Dr. H. Walford Davies.

National Review.-EDWARD ARNOLD.
Reconstruction or Catastrophe. An Englishman.
The Invasion Problem. Capt. W. E. Cairnes.
Universities and National Defence. T. F. C. Huddleston.
The Japanese Navy. Rear-Adm. Fitzgerald.
The History of a Small Estate in Wales. Stanley Leighton.
American Affairs. A. Maurice Low.

Moderates and the London School Board. William C. Bridgeman.
Civil Engineering as a Profession. L. F. Vernon-Harcourt.
War Correspondents; a Suggestion for the Future. H. F. Preval

The Sacrifice of Canada.
Greater Britain.

Ernest E. Williams.

New Century Review.-434, STRAND. Ed. Oct. Flash Lights on the Progress of the Century, or the Scientific Horizon of 1800-1900. J. L. McCarthy.

The Sceptical Spirit of Modern Toleration. E. S. P. Haynes.
Paris and Its Exhibition. One Who was There.

2s. 6d. Nov.

[blocks in formation]

North American Review.-WM. HEINEMANN.
Bryan or McKinley? Symposium.
Buddhism. T. W. Rhys Davids.
China and Russia. J. Quincy.
James Martineau. Rev. A. W. Jackson.
The Decline of British Commerce.
Misunderstood Japan. Y. Ozaki.
Catholic Citizens and Constitutional Rights. Rev. T. H. Malone.

B. Taylor.

Northern Counties Magazine.-ELLIOT STOCK. 6d. Oct Elswick. Illustrated. A. C.

Bewcastle Cross. Illustrated. W. G. Collingwood.

Canon Dixon; the Last Hermit of Warkworth. Miss M. E. Coleridge.

North and South. J. C. Tarver.

With the Border Hounds. Illustrated.

2s. 6d. Oct.


Elswick. Illustrated. Continued. A. C.

Canon Dixon; the Last Hermit of Warkworth. Concluded.

Miss M. E.

[blocks in formation]

Parents' Review.-KEGAN PAUL. 6d. Oct.


Browning's "Childe Roland to the Dark Tower came.' W. B. Odgers. The Early Esthetic Culture of the Child-Mind. Irene Langridge. Abnormal Conditions of Mind in Young Children. Dr. Helen Boyle. Our Girls. Miss Hester P. Theedam.

Pearson's Magazine.-C. A. PEARSON. 6d. Nov. Under-Water Photography:

The Experiments of L. Boutan. Illustrated. R. H. Sherard.
The Experiments of R. W. Shufeldt. Illustrated. H. J. Shepstone.
Mud Baths. Illustrated. Mary Fermor.

In the Days of Duelling. Illustrated. T. Morton.
Pointers from a Porcupine Quill. Illustrated. W. D. Hulbert.
The Way of a Waterspout. Illustrated. E. Harfield.
The Home-Coming of the Nakannies. Illustrated.
Whalebacks. Illustrated. W. Fawcett.

W. A. Fraser.


Physical Review.-MACMILLAN. 50 cents. The Effect of Temperature, of Colloidal Ferric Hydrate, and of a Magnetic Field on the Hydrolysis of Ferric Chloride. H. M. Goodwin and Frederick W. Grover. Preliminary Note on the Efficiency of the Acetylene Flame. Edward L. Nichols.


The Development of Kathode Rays by Ultra Violet Light. E. Merritt and Oscar M. Stewart. Wm. S.

A New Method of Measuring the Resistance of a Galvanometer.


The Verification of Boyle's Law. N. H. Williams.
Political Science Quarterly.-OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS.

The American Constitution and New Territory. Prof. J. W. Burgess.
Maritime Law in the Spanish War. Prof. J. B. Moore.
Council versus Mayor. Prof. E. D. Durand.

Direct Taxes under the Constitution. Continued. Prof. C. J. Bullock.
Women's Wages.
M. B. Hammond.
The Currency Act of March 14, 1900.

Prof. J. F. Johnson.

Positivist Review.-WM. REEVES. 3d. Oct.

After the Khaki Election. F. Harrison.
What the Imperialists mean by Imperialism. G. Murray.
Bleeding India. A. H. Haggard.

Practical Teacher.-33, PATERNOSTER Row. 6d. Nov. Geography in Elementary Schools. T. G. Rooper. Miss Jenny Andréen; a Practical Teacher of Industrial Art. Illustrated.

Presbyterian and Reformed Review.-MACCALLA AND CO., PHILADELPHIA. 80 cents. Oct. Religion and National Life. H. M. Scott. The Historicity of Ezra. J. O. Boyd. The Dutch Reformed Church in South Africa. J. I. Marais. The Inscriptions of the Psalms. C. Martin.

Public Health.-129, SHAFTESBURY AVENUE. IS. Oct. Plague at Sydney. Dr. J. A. Thompson. Septic Sore Throat apparently caused by Infected Milk.

3s. 6d.

Public School Magazine.-131, TEMPLE CHAMBERS. Repton School. Illustrated. F. C. Hipkins. The Schools in Camp. Illustrated. F. E. Bray. Reading School. Ilustrated.

Public Schools and National Defence.

Dr. J. K. Warry. 6d. Oct.

Puritan.-16, PILGRIM STREET. 6d. Oct. Great Crusades in Birmingham. A. Me. The Immensity of China. A. S. Quick.

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What a Bank Holiday means to London Railways. Illustrated.


The Cape of Good Hop: Government Railways.


Carlisle Citadel Station. Illustrated. H. V. French.
The Midland Scotch Express. Illustrated. W. H. Bracewell.
The Longest British Railway Tunnels. Illustrated. G. A. Wade.
The Port Talbot Railway. Illustrated. J. Rees.

A Pilgrims' Railway in Canada. Illustrated. J. Fairman.
How to Obviate the Cannon Street Complications. H. C. Cooke.
The Inception of the Broad Gauge. Illustrated. H. Rake.
Railway Exhibits at the Paris Exhibition. Illustrated. D. T. Timins.
How Fog Signals are Made. Illustrated. G. Stoker.

The Waterford, Limerick and Western Railway. Illustrated. W. Beddoes.

Reliquary.-BEMROSE. 2s. 6d. Oct.

The Old and New Churches of St. Michael, Barton-le-Street.


J. C. Cox.

An Early Christian Chancel at Rosciolo, Italy. Illustrated. Leader

On Bells. Illustrated. R. Quick.
Bronze Bowl found at Needham Market, Suffolk. Illustrated. J. R. Allen.

Review of Reviews.- AMERICA.
25 cents.
Trusts in England. Robert Donald.
The American Negro at Paris. W. E. Burghardt Du Bois.
The Political Beginnings in Porto Rico. Prof. J. H. Finley.

The Hall of Fame at New York. Illustrated. Chancellor H. M. Mac-

The Management of the Democratic Campaign. Illustrated. W. J. Abbot. How the Republican National Committee works for Votes. Illustrated. Review of Reviews.-AUSTRALASIA). QUEEN STREET, Melbourne.

Rev. J. Berry.

9d. Sept. Why the Englishman succeeds. Continued. Dr. W H. Fitchett. The Fighting of the Month in China and South Africa. The Revolt against the Paleface. Illustrated. The War in South Africa; Side-Lights on the Battlefield. The Great Queensland Winter Pleasure Trip. Illustrated. Royal Magazine.-C. A. PEARSON. 4d. Nov. The Art of the Camera. Illustrated. R. Grey Fighting the Plague in India. Illustrated. C. Lipsett. The Private Life of Lord Roberts. Illustrated. R. Maingay. Four-Footed Patients and Their Doctors. Illustrated. A. Maude and

E. M. Baker.

Saint George.-ELLIOT STOCK. IS. Oct. An Apology for St. Paul's Cathedral. Canon H. Scott Holland. Thoughts on a Recent Visit to Tolstoy. J. C. Kenworthy. The Moralization of Money-Lending. H. C. Devine. Ruskiniana; Unpublished Letters.

An Artist in Smoke and Sand. Illustrated. H. J. Holmes.
Paint, Pay, and Promotion in the Navy. Illustrated. A. S. Hurd.
When an Army Encamps. Illustrated. H. Grainger.
Tangier; a City of Queer Contrasts. Illustrated. G. Rhodes.

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Indian Hymnology, A Hindu Student. Counsels of Perfection. Miss Hardcastle.

Temple Magazine.-HORACE MARSHALL. 6d. Nov. Albert Edward, Millionaire; the Prince of Wales and His Money. A. Mee. The Royal Caledonians. Illustrated. Katherine Carson. Model Villages. Illustrated. G. A. Wade.

The Mission to Lepers in India and the Far East. Illustrated,


Mont St. Michel; the Palace of the Angels. Illustrated.

Some Famous Lady Farmers. Illustrated. Mrs. D. A. Fletcher.

Theosophical Review.-3, LANGHAM PLACE. IS. Oct. On Pre-Existence. V. Rydberg.

A Child's Tragedy. Eremita.

The Secret of Evolution. Mrs. Annie Besant.
Society and Solitude as Means for Training Character.
The Reasonableness of Reincarnation. W. G. John.
Druidic Amulets and Other Symbols. Mrs. Hooper.
The Wise Men of the Chilkats. H. H. P.

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J. A.

Mrs. Corbett.

Travel.-HORACE MARSHALL. 3d. Oct. Baghchiserai and Its Environs. Illustrated. Dr. H. Lansdell. San Gemignano and Early Tuscan Art. Illustrated. Rev. H. T. Knight. The New Year in the High Alps. Illustrated. W. J. Dawson.

United Service Magazine.-W. CLOWES. 25. Nov. Notes on the Evolution of Cavalry. Continued. Lieut.-Col. F. N. Maude. Frederick the Great. Continued. William O'Connor Morris. Our Own Mandarins. T. Miller Maguire.

The Peace Constitution of the Volunteer Force. Balfour.

Some Remarks on This Year's Special Training of the Volunteers.

Mounted Infantry. Major R. H. Carr-Ellison.

The Artillery in Colenso. Capt. C. Holmes-Wilson.
Notes on Artillery Fire. Regimental Officer.

The Art of War before and after the Renaissance Period. Henry Ellis

Field Engineering for Home Defence. Continued.

Capt. F. Sorsbie.

Universal Magazine.-HORACE MARSHALL. 6d. Nov.. The Earl of Hopetoun. Illustrated. Australian. Peeps into Women's Clubs. Illustrated. Mrs. L. Bingen. Picturesque Travancore. Illustrated. A Travancorean. Ceylon; Great Britain's Paradise. Nellie Bruton. Italian Anarchists. Illustrated. G. M. Fiamingo. Bridal Crowns. Illustrated. G. Norge.

Werner's Magazine.-43, EAST 19TH STREET, NEW YOR Oct.

25 cents.

Stuttering. H. G. Haun.
Practical Vocal Physiology, Illustrated. C. Lunn.
Goethe. Illustrated. Stanley Schell.

Lieut.-Col. Eustare

Wesleyan Methodist Magazine.-CHARLES KELLY. 6d. Oct.
Toledo; the City of the Seven Hills.
The Subjects of the Sultan. Illustrated.

Illustrated. F. G. Smith.



Westminster Review.-F. WARNE.

China; a Plea for Justice. A. Edmund Spender. Tariff Information.

Charles Wesley and Alfred Tennyson.

Some Aspects of Settlement Life. Illustrated. Continued.
Chaucer. H. E. Bannard.

Miss Lucy M. J. Continued. I

W. H. Hunt

2s. 6d.

Philanthropy versus Legislation. A. Ogilvie.
Churchmen in the Liberal Party. H. C. Garrod.
Napoleon in the Near East. W. Miller.
The Actor's Value. A. Laidlaw.
Khakimania: Its Effects upon Our Dress, R. Shuddick.
The Plays of Hermann Sudermann. Dora M. Jones.
Wagner and Legends of the Grail. Jennette Pryce.
Friendship between the Sexes. L. K. Stibbard.


Imperialism in extremis, alias Shabby Imperialism. J. M. K... Administrative Reform. W, E. Snell.

Wide World Magazine.-GEORGE NEWNES. 6d. Nov. What a Foreigner saw in China. Illustrated. W. H. Rees. Alligator-Hunting in Florida. Illustrated. A. Maude. A Church on Wheels. Illustrated. A. Inkersley. Where Dogs are used as Policemen, Illustrated. J. E. Whitby. The Great Festival of Jeyasu at Nikko. Illustrated. Yei Theodo


A Religious Fair in Burma. Illustrated. M. C. Conway-Poole.
Cloud-Bursts in Arizona. Illustrated. J. J. E. Lindberg.
How the Mecca Pilgrimage is conducted. Illustrated. A. E. Wort
Life in Mendiland. Illustrated. T. E. L. ldridge.
The Sugar Cane Industry in Natal. J. Cassidy.

[blocks in formation]
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Alte und Neue Welt.-BENZIGER AND Co., EINSIEDELN. 50 Pf. Oct.
Paris and the Exhibition. Illustrated. G. Baumberger.
Luis Coloma. With Portrait. Ola Hansson.

China. Illustrated. G. M. Stenz.

Rome in the Jubilee Year. Illustrated. Eremos.
King Humbert. Illustrated. A. B.

Daheim.-VELHAGEN UND KLASING, Leipzig. 20 Pf. Oct. 6. Friedrich August von Kaulbach. Illustrated. Dr. A. Rosenberg. Oct. 13. The New Bavarian National Museum at Munich. Illustrated. Ostini.

Count von Moltke. Illustrated. Canton, J. Wilda.

Oct. 20.
W. von Bremen.

Oct. 27.

Gabriel Seidl. With Portrait.
Prince Hohenlohe and Schloss Weiki. Illustrated. E. Zabel.
Fire, Accident, and Burglary Insurance. O. Klaussmann.
Deutscher Hausschatz.-F. PUSTET, REGENSBURG.
Michael Denis. With Portrait.

40 Pf.

Salt. A. J. Cüppers.

The Libreria of the Dome at Siena. Illustrated. G. von Graevenitz.
The St. Ottilia Mission Institution in Bavaria. Illustrated. Dr. L. Steuert.
Johannes Schrott. With Portrait. J. H.

Deutsche Rundschau.-GEBRÜDER PAETEI., Berlin.

6 Mks. per qr.


Reform of Women's Dress.

Prof Eulenburg.
Sailors' Homes. Vice-Adm. R. Werner.
Count von Moltke. Illustrated. E. Montanus.

The Paris Exhibition. Illustrated. Continued. J. C. Heer.
Ex-Libris. Illustrated. K. Rosner.


Berlin in October-November, 1806; Diary of a Diplomatist.
Lafcadio Hearn on the Folk-Lore, etc., of Japan. M. von Brandt.
Psychology in the Healing Art. O. Binswanger.
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach and Louise von François. A. Bettelheim.
The Characteristics of the Chinese. Lady Blennerhassett.

1 Kr.

Deutsche Worte.-LANGEGASSE, 15, VIENNA VIII./1. August-Sept. Equal Electoral Rights. A. Friedrich. Prostitution and Marriage. Statistician and Frau T. Schlesinger-Eckstein. Heft 11. 50 Pf.


[blocks in formation]

F. 103

Heft 18.

Oct. 4.

Oct. 25.

Corn Duties and Commercial Treaties.
Kunstgewerbeblatt.-E. A. SEEMANN, Leipzig.
Baden Art at the Paris Exhibition. Illustrated.
Monatsschrift für Stadt und Land.-E. UNGLEICH, LEIPZIG.
1 Mk. 25 Pf. Oct.

1 Mk.


Moltke. U. von Hassell.
Russia and England in Asia at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.
Continued. C. von Zepelin.

Burial and Cremation. Dr. A. Freybe.
German Missions in the Protectorates. U. von Hassell."
The Woman Movement. Pfarrer Boeckh.
Travel Reminiscences. R. O. von Natzmer.

Neue Deutsche Rundschau.-S. FISCHER, BERLIN. 1 Mk. 50 Pf.


The Problem of Love. L. A. Salomé.
The Correspondence of Liszt and Fürstin Wittgenstein. Continued. A. von


[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Oct. 27.

The Fourth German Chancellor. H. von Gerlach.

The Vatican, Austria-Hungary, and the Slavs. Roman Clerical.

Zeitschrift für Bildende Kunst.-E. A. SEEMANN, Berlin. 26 Mks. per ann. Oct. Friedrich Kallmorgen. Illustrated. M. Dressler. C. Moest's Statue of the Empress Augusta. Illustrated. H. Grimm. Otto Wagner. Illustrated. L. Hevesi. Albrecht Dürer's "St. Hieronymus." Illustrated. M. G. Zimmermann. Zeitschrift für Bücherfreunde.-VELHAGEN UND KLASING, LEIPZIG. 24 Mks. per ann. Oct.

The History of German Caricature to the Time of Napoleon. Illustrated. G. Hermann.

John Bellingham Inglis. O, von Schleinitz.

Writings on the Gutenberg Celebration. F. von Zobeltitz.



Zeitschrift der Internationalen Musikgesellschaft.-BREITKOPF
UND HAERTEL, LEIPZIG. 1o Mks. per ann.
Concerts in Russia. N. Findeisen.
Music in Stockholm. A. Lindgren.

Paris Impressions. H. van de Velde. Nietzsche and His Work. A. Riehl.


2 Mks.

[blocks in formation]

50 Pf. Oct. 6.

At Pekin. H. Delorme.

The Catholic International Scientific Congress at Munich. P. Fisani.
The Touat and the Occupation of Southern Algeria.

Père Chocarne and Lacordaire. L. de Lanzac de Laborie.
The Arms of Paris, C. de La Roncière.

The International Railway Congress at Paris. H. de Cardonné.
Oct. 25.

The Condemnation of the Republican Régime. P. L. Target.
The Abbé de Rancé and James II. of England. F. M. L. Serrant.
The Reorganisation of St. Cyr. G. Bourelly.

The International Congress on Sunday Rest. F. Gibon.

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