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CHAP. XXVI. Arrival of more Ships-Movements of the
Phoenix and the Rose-Panic in the City-Hostile Ships
up the Hudson-Stir of War along the River-General
George Clinton, and the Militia of Ulster County-Fresh
Agitation of New York-Arrival of Lord Howe,
CHAP. XXVII. Precautions against Tories-Secret Com-
mittces-Declaration of Lord Howe-His Letter to the
Colonial Governors-His Letter to Washington rejected
-Interview between the British Adjutant-General and
Colonel Reed-Reception of the Adjutant-General_by
Washington-The Phonix and Roso in the Tappan Sea,
and Haverstraw Bay-Arming of the River Yeomanry

-George Clinton at the Gates of the Highlands, 247

CHAP. XXVIII. Question of Command between Gates

and Schuyler-Condition of the Army at Crown Point-

Discontent and Departure of Sullivan-Fortifications at

Ticonderoga-The Question of Command adjusted-Se-

cret Discontents-Sectional Jealousies in the Army-

Southern Troops-Smallwood's Macaroni Battalion-

Connecticut Light-Horse,

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CHAP. XXIX. Southern Cruise of Sir Henry Clinton-
Fortifications at Charleston-Arrival there of General
Lee-Battle at Sullivan's Island-Washington announces
the result to the Army,
CHAP. XXX. Putnam's Military Projects-Chevaux-de-
frise at Fort Washington-Meditated Attack on Staten
Island-Arrival of Ships-Hessian Reinforcements-
Scotch Highlanders-Sir Henry Clinton and Lord Corn-
wallis-Putnam's Obstructions of the Hudson-The
Phoenix and Rose attacked by Row Galleys at Tarry.
town-General Order of Washington on the subject of
Sectional Jealousies-Profano Swearing prohibited in
the Camp-Preparations against Attack-Levies of Yeo-
manry-George Clinton in Command of the Levies along
the Hudson-Alarms of the People of New York-Be-
nevolent Sympathy of Washington-The Phoenix Grap-
pled by a Fire-Ship-Tho Ships Evacuate the Hud-

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CHAP. XXXV. Fortified Camp at King's Bridge-Amer-

ican and British Lines-The Morris House-Alexander

Hamilton-The Enemy advance-Successful Skirmish

-Death of Knowlton-Great Fire in New York-Ro-

organization of the Army-Exchange of Prisoners-

Daniel Morgan regained-Delancey's Tory Brigade-

Robert_Rogers, the Partisan-His Rangers-The Roo-

buck, Phonix, and Tartar in the Hudson-Military

Movements by Land and Water-Letter of John



CHAP. XXXVI. Lee expected in Camp-His Letter of
Advice to the President of Congress-The Enemy at
Throg's Neck-Washington's Arrangements-Rides to
Throg's Neck-The Enemy brought to a Stand-Military
Movements-Arrival of Lee-A Command assigned to
him-Criticizes the conduct of Congress and the Army-
Council of War-The Army to move to the Mainland-
Fort Washington to be kept up,

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CHAPTER I. Burke on the State of Affairs in America-
New Jersey roused to Arms-Washington grants Safe
Conduct to Hessian Convoys-Encampment at Morris-
town-Putnam at Princeton-His Stratagem to Conceal
the Weakness of his Camp-Exploit of General Dick-
inson near Somerset Court House-Washington's Coun-
ter Proclamation-Prevalence of the Smallpox-Inocu-
lation of the Army-Contrast of the British and Ameri-
can Commanders and their Camps,
CHAP. II. Negotiations for Exchange of Prisoners-Case
of Colonel Ethan Allen-Of General Lee-Correspond-
ence of Washington with Sir William Howe about
Exchanges of Prisoners-Referees appointed-Letters
of Lee from New York-Case of Colonel Campbell-
Washington's Advice to Congress on the Subject of Re-
taliation-His Correspondence with Lord Howe about
the Treatment of Prisoners-The Horrors of the Jersey
Prison-Ship and the Sugar-House,.

CHAP. III. Exertions to form a New Army-Calls on

the Different States-Insufficiency of the Militia-Wash-

ington's Care for the Yeomanry-Dangers in the North-

ern Department-Winter Attack on Ticonderoga ap-

prehended-Exertions to reinforce Schuyler-Precarious

State of Washington's Army-Conjectures as to the

Designs of the Enemy-Expedition of the British

against Peekskill,

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CHAP. VL Schuyler on the Point of Resigning-Com-

mittee of Inquiry Report in his Favor-His Memorial to

Congress proves Satisfactory - Discussions regarding

the Northern Departinent-Gates mistaken as to his

Position-He prompts his Friends in Congress-His

Petulant Letter to Washington-Dignified Reply of the

Latter-Position of Gates defined-Schuyler reinstated
in Command of the Department-Gates appears on the
Floor of Congress-His Proceedings there,
CHAP. VIL The Highland Passes of the Hudson-George
Clinton in Command of the Forts-His Measures for
Defence-Generals Greene and Knox examine the State
of the Forts-Their Report-The General Command of
the Hudson offered to Arnold-Declined by him-Given
to Putnam-Appointment of Dr. Craik in the Medical
Department-Expedition planned against Fort Independ-
ence-But relinquished.-Washington shifts his Camp
to Middlebrook-State of his Army-General Howe
crosses into the Jerseys-Position of the two Armies at
Middlebrook and behind the Raritan-Correspondence
between Washington and Colonel Reed,

CHAP. VIII. Feigned Movements of Sir William Howe-

Baffling Caution of Washington-Rumored Inroads from

the North-Schuyler applies for Reinforcements-Re-

newed Schemes of Howe to draw Washington from his

Stronghold-Skirmish between Cornwallis and Lord

Stirling-The Enemy evacuate the Jerseys-Perplexity

as to their next Movement-A Hostile Fleet on Lake

Champlain-Burgoyne approaching Ticonderoga-Spec-

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CHAP. X. Particulars of the Evacuation-Indian Scouts in
the Vicinity of the Forte-Outposts abandoned by St.
Clair-Burgoyne secures Mount Hope-Invests the For-
tress-Seizes and occupies Sugar Hill-The Forts over-
looked and in Imminent Peril-Determination to evacu-
ate-Plan of Retreat-Part of the Garrison depart for
Skenesborough in the Flotilla-St. Clair crosses with the
rest to Fort Independence-A Conflagration reveals his
Retreat-The British Camp aroused-Fraser pursues St.
Clair-Burgoyne with his Squadron makes after the Flo-
tilla-Part of the Fugitives overtaken-Flight of the Re-
mainder to Fort Anne-Skirmish of Colonel Long-Re-
treat to Fort Edward-St. Clair at Castleton-Attack of
his Rear-Guard-Fall of Colonel Francis-Desertion of
Colonel Hale-St. Clair reaches Fort Edward-Conster-
nation of the Country-Exultation of the British, 362

CHAP. XI. Capture of General Prescott-Proffered in

Exchange for Lee-Reinforcements to Schuyler-Arnold

sent to the North-Eastern Militia to repair to Saratoga

-Further Reinforcements-Generals Lincoln and Arnold

recommended for Particular Services-Washington's

Measures and Suggestions for the Northern Compaign-

British Fleet puts to Sea-Conjectures as to its Destina

tion-A Feigned Letter-Appearance and Disappearance

of the Fleet-Orders and Counter Orders of Washington

-Encamps at Germantown-Anxiety for the Security

of the Highlands-George Clinton on Guard-Call on


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CHAP. XXII. Scarcity in the British Camp-Gates bides
his Time-Foraging Movement of Burgoyne-Battle of
the 7th October-Rout of the British and Hessians-Sit-
uation of the Baroness do Riedesel and Lady Harriet
Ackland during the Battle-Death of Gon. Fraser-His
Funeral-Night Retreat of the British-Expedition of
Lady Harriet Ackland-Desperate Situation of Bur-
goyne at Saratoga-Capitulation-Surrender-Conduct
of the American troops-Scenes in the Camp-Gallant
Courtesy of Schuyler to the Baroness de Riodesel-His
Magnanimous Conduct towards Burgoyne-Return of
the British Ships down the Hudson,

CHAP. XXIII. Washington advances to Skippack Creek

-The British Fleet in the Delaware-Foris and Ob-

structions in the River-Washington meditates an At-

tack on the British Camp-Battle of Germantown, 417

CHAP. XXIV. Washington at White Marsh-Measures

to cut off the Enemy's Supplies-The Forts on the Del-

aware reinforced-Colonel Greene of Rhode Island at

Fort Mercer-Attack and Defence of that Fort-Death of

Count Donop,


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CHAP. XXVIII. Gates on the Ascendant-The Conway
Letter Suspicions-Consequent Correspondenco be-
tween Gates and Washington-Warning Letter from Dr.
Craik-Anonymous Letters-Projected Expedition to
Canada-Lafayette, Gates, and the Board of War,

CHAP. XXIX. Gates undertakes to explain the Conway

Correspondence-Washington's Searching Analysis of

the Explanation-Close of the Correspondence-Spuri-
ous Letters published-Lafayette and the Canada Expe-
dition-His Perplexities-Counsels of Washington, 440

CHAP. XXX. More Trouble about the Conway Letter-

Correspondence between Lord Stirling and Wilkinson-

Wilkinson's Honor wounded-His Passage at Arms

with General Gates-His Seat at the Board of War un-

comfortable-Determines that Lord Stirling shall bleed

-His Wounded Honor healed-His Interviews with

Washington-Sees the Correspondence of Gates-De-

nounces Gates and gives up the Secretaryship-Is

thrown out of Employ-Closing Remarks on the Conway


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CHAP. XXXVIII. Winter Cantonments of the American
Army-Washington at Middlebrook-Plan of Alarm
Signals for the Jerseys-Lafayette's Project for an Inva-

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CHAP. XVI. Hostile Embarkations to the South-Arnold
in Command-Necessitous State of the Country-Wash-
ington urges a Foreign Loan-Mission of Colonel Lau-
rens in France to seek Aid in Men and Money-Griev-
auces of the Pennsylvania Line-Mutiny-Negotiations
with the Mutineers-Articles of Accommodation-Policy
doubted by Washington-Rigorous Course adopted by
him with other Malcontents-Successful-Ratification
of the Articles of Confederation of the States,

CHAP. XVII. Expedition of Arnold into Virginia-Buc-

caneering Ravages-Checked by Steuben-Arnold_at

Portsmouth-Congress resolves to form Heads of Do-

partments-Hamilton suggested by Sullivan for Depart-

ment of Finance-High Opinion of him expressed by

Washington-Misunderstanding between Hamilton and

the Commander-in-chief, .

CHAP. XVIII. Cornwallis prepares to invade North

Carolina-Tarleton sent against Morgan-Battle at Cow.

pens-Morgan pushes for the Catawba with Spoils and

Prisoners-Cornwallis endeavors to intercept him-The

Rising of the River-Cornwallis at Ramsour's Mills, 571

CHAP. XIX. Greene joins Morgan on the Catawba-

Adopts the Fabian Policy-Movement of Cornwalli- to

cross the Catawba-Affair at McGowan's Ford-Militia

surprised by Tarleton at Tarrant's Tavern-Cornwallis

checked by the Rising of the Yadkin-Contest of Skill

and Speed of the two Armies in a March to the Banks

of the Dan,.


CHAP. XX. Cornwallis takes Post at Hillsborough-His

Proclamation--Greene recrosses the Dan--Country

Scoured by Lee and Pickens-Affair with Colonel Pyle

-Manoeuvres of Cornwallis to bring Greene to Action-

Battle of Guilford Court-House-Greene Retreats to

Troublesome Creek-Cornwallis marches towards Cape

Fear-Greene pursues him-Is brought to a Stand at

Deep River-Determines to face about and carry the

War into South Carolina-Cornwallis Marches for Vir-



CHAP. XXI. Arnold at Portsmouth, in Virginia-Expe-
ditions sent against him-Instructions to Lafayette-
Washington at Newport-Consultations with De Ro-

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CHAP. XXXI. Discontents of the Army at Nowburg
Memorial of the Officers to Congress-Anonymous
pers circulated in the Camp-Meeting of Officers called
-Address of Washington-Resolutions in Consequence
-Lotters of Washington to the President-His Opinion
of the Anonymous Addresses and their Author,

CHAP. XXXII. News of Peace-Letter of Washington in

Behalf of the Army-Cessation of Hostilities proclaimed

-Order of the Cincinnati formed-Letter of Washing.

ton to the State Governors-Mutiny in the Pennsylvania

Line-Letter of Washington on the Subject-Tour to the

Northern Posts,


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CHAP. X. Lafayette at the Head of the Revolution in
France-Hls Letter to Washington-Gouverneur Mor-

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